Microsoft Surface Duo passes through Japanese regulator ahead of launch

Surface Duo
Surface Duo (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Surface Duo has made an appearance in certification documents at a Japanese regulator.
  • This follows similar certifications for Canada and at the FCC in the U.S.
  • Microsoft hasn't announced a release date for Duo, but we're largely expecting it to launch in late August.

With the launch of the Surface Duo expected any time now, the device has been making its way around regulators to receive certifications. We've seen it land at the FCC in the U.S., along with a global certification company to receive certifications for Canada. Now, the Duo has stopped by Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, suggesting it will see a launch there within the coming weeks or months.

Spotted Japanese publications, the certification filings list Microsoft Corporation as their owner. The model number listed is 1930, which is the same model number we've seen in other documents in relation to the Surface Duo. From

From the authentication information published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, we have obtained 2.4 and 5.xGHz and Bluetooth authentication for 2.4 and 5.xGHz of W-CDMA-based Band I and VIII in 41 and 3G, as well as Band 39 (sXGP) and 41 and 3G of the FDD-LTE band 1 and 3, 8, 18, 19, 26, 28, TD-LTE type Band 39 (sXGP), 4G, and wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) in 4G.

Surface Duo Japan Ministry Internal Affairs Communication Doc

Source: Surface Duo listings in Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications database. (Image credit: Source:

The latest official word on teh Surface Duo's launch is that it's headed for a holiday 2020 launch. However, rumors have been circulating for months that Microsoft will launch the Duo earlier, aiming for this summer. We've heard that Surface Duo production has already started, and it's expected to arrive later in August.

These filings don't guarantee that Duo will see an international debut at launch, but they hint that it could arrive outside of the U.S. in short order.

Everything we know about the Microsoft Surface Duo so far

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  • this phone is going to be great
  • Duo incoming.. The question is how will the production version be revealed. (a possibility)
    Will it simply pop up on MS's website ready to ship,, with an update to the Duo's page? That could work well enough, because the media will advertise it just enough to the niche market I'm sure MS wants to keep this initial version secluded to. (most likely)
    Will MS spontaneously post an online event, and post a pre produced marketing video online outlining Duo's merits, with pre orders beginning that day? (least likely)
    Will MS do a live online reveal with early access "invitations" being sent out to the media as we've seen with a lot of auto manufacturers reveals post C19? You'd think if this device was to be available before September media outlets like Windows Central would have gotten an invite by now. And, I don't see what the big secret would be, so I doubt that has happened. When & how is the question now. 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • My prediction is a post about it, they hit the email lists, and a shortlist of Microsoft enthusiast centric tech press, basically the same list they let get the interviews and to touch it at the announcement last year to promote it.. Mkbhd, inbox therapy, windows central, tom Warren, Michael fisher, Windows central just got the paperwork and already signed the nda to send back. Just waiting for the duo to arrive in the mail. Dan is hoping it arrives in the next few days but realistically won't be surprised if it arrives at the beginning of next week.
  • My mom sent me to the store last night to pick up a few things so she could finish dinner. It would have been done sooner but I accidentally spilled the beans. Oops 😏😎
  • It will obviously be a pre-produced marketing video online (probably next week). Microsoft better make the stream available everyone. It would be a huge slap in the face to Microsoft fans otherwise. This thing has been teased for years. Pre-orders starting next week with a release the week of Aug. 24th? It’s really happening!
  • Any chance they release it together with Project xCloud (september 15th)?
  • Meh, Dan has one in his possession like a host of tubers (Mr. Mobile)... They can't day a word because of press embargo.. Or they will get test models they day of said event... Brian
  • My guess actually is that Zak has had one for several weeks.
  • We still don't know whether it'll be waterproof, right?
  • I want this, but i also don't really want to go back to Android. I bought the Go 2 with LTE and that might see me through in the short term.