Microsoft takes a dig at the MacBook Air in latest Yoga 3 Pro commercial

Microsoft is promoting Lenovo's Yoga 3 Pro aggressively, and has even launched a microsite (opens in new tab) that pits the convertible against the MacBook Air, the stalwart of the portable notebook segment. The site features a new video that highlights the differences between the two notebooks, focusing on the thickness, the 360-degree hinge and the touchscreen display offered by the Yoga 3 Pro.

This isn't the first time Microsoft created commercials of this nature, although the brand's previous efforts have focused on the benefits of the Surface Pro 3 against the MacBook Air. Take a look at the video above, and do let us know what you think of Microsoft's efforts in promoting the Yoga 3 Pro in the comments.

Interested in buying the Yoga 3 Pro? Check out our unboxing video:

Source: YouTube

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Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

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  • You're a fanboy if you are watching those ads.
    Who wants to watch ads except fanboys?
  • You came here to comment, so ...
  • Pour cold water on the burnt area..
  • Lol
  • You won the award for dumbest comment 2014.
  • I'd say more like You're a fanboy of you're angry over an ad that shows superior features. Obviously the ad is biased, you're a fool if you think otherwise, but when you're shopping for a device like this it's only smart to watch as much on it as possible. So I guess if you don't check out ads, you're not smart.
  • I actually prefer this one to the Surface ads. The Surface ones are accurate but a bit too cocky -- this is subtle and funky.
  • Microsoft need to be positive in their adverts. Trashing the competition just makes you seem like a sore loser.
  • Even in this one? I thought it was quite well done.
  • Agree
  • Well, that's what Apple used to do earlier.
  • nobody complained about the "i'm a mac, i'm a pc" ads back in the day. they were hilarious, but mostly arrogant and untrue
  • Exactly! With Microsoft WORKING with OEMs and showcasing their products vs the competition, it just goes to show how behind Apple is.
  • I honestly believe that this is one of their very well done advertisements. Its not bashing competition..but showing why yoga 3 pro is superior to MacBook Air.
  • Actually i think MSFT is doing good with these ads. People are being too one-sided and ill-informed nowadays. they will usually just follow the bandwagon and buy whatever others buy because 'there must be a reason' for MBA to be popular - when the reason is just because there's this 'Apple's marketing team'. These ads should shake these people up in some way (hopefully) and let them make a more informed decision.
  • It's only a snaffu if you're the market leader as that would lend credibility to smaller challengers. Here, MS is the challenger, so it's gloves off... the golden rule is to make sure you "speak with facts". Highlights USPs that can't be argued with. This ad does that in spades. Good one in my opinion
  • basically I agree with you, but not for this one: it looks fluffy and self confident
  • The average person on the street would just assume the Macbook is the better device. So this clearly shows a strong alternative. Microsoft can't rely on a salesperson to do the job as we've seen with Windows phones. Keep Going Microsoft, this type of advertising worked with Surface too as we seen from the recent sales figures results.
  • I'm not sure where you see the "Sore loser" here. If anything, they are a sore winner. They still hold the majority market share for OS's installed in desktops and laptops
  • Yoga 3 pro has a lot of problems
  • Like?
  • Build quality.
  • Apparently the Core M is sub par in performance
  • I own the Yoga 2 Pro (core i7) and the Yoga 3 Pro.  The Y3P is far superior in almost every way except if you run very intensive CPU tasks. I bought the Y3P for its weight, form factor, screen quality, and build quality - all of which it beats the Y2P by a mile.  It also runs IE11 and windows faster for me real world (maybe due to a more fresh windows install?).  In my usage the Y3P is equivalent to the Y2P in battery life and keyboard (unless you need dedicated function keys).  Only buy the Y2P if you dont have the money for a Y3P, if you do heavy intensive computing (who would buy an ultrabook for that anyway, that's what a desktop or desktop replacent laptop are for), or if you need dedicated fuction keys.  For everybody else buying an ultrabook for daily light usage, the Y3P is by far my favorite form factor (at least of those on the market right now). 
  • Stop comparing to mac air. Make your market, be different and be proud. Like this you only show that you envy apple. Again, to me microsoft marketing dept look miles away from an effective strategy. Convertibles are a new breed of products like nothing else tell everybody about it. Do you agree?
  • Agree!
  • agree... we have a great product, here is why type of ad
  • How can they not compare to Macbook Air?  Thanks to the tech media, the Air has become the de-facto supreme laptop which all other laptops are compared to, at least in peoples perception.  So MS is trying to challenge that.  I think this ad is spot on and shows the Yoga is a solid alternative.
  • The MBA market is their target market so it makes perfect sense to direct specifically at that market. If done properly, you simultaneously promote your product different. Your pitch doesn't matter if your market isn't listening.
  • No thanks, I prefer Surface Pro 3 instead of Yoga 3 Pro.
  • Agree!
  • So Surface 3 Pro > Yoga >>> Mac Barbie Air!
  • I want the surface pro 3
  • Me too
  • Good ad, Bad Device (the yoga3)
  • Haha, inferior performance compared to the MacBook Air and Surface Pro 3, inferior specs compared to the Surface Pro 3...overpriced like the MacBook. Not worth the ad...
  • wat the surface pro 3, with the same 512gb configuration runs at nearly 2k$, which is $500 more than the highest model Yoga Pro 3. Not to mention, the Yoga has a better screen, better graphics card, more ports, better speakers, newer energy efficient processor, etc etc
  • Uhm, the highest model of the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro costs $1800 with 512GB of SSD. The performance of both the Core M processor and the 802.11 N WiFi card lags behind the Surface Pro 3. Not to talk of it lacking a digitizer pen input and being heavier. As for the speakers, how's a down-facing speaker better than front-facing speakers? As for graphics card, it uses Intel HD 5300, which is weaker than the HD 5000 ( according to benchmarks. As for the "energy efficient" processor, doesn't seem to make much difference in the battery test Windows Central performed. Only advantage it has is more ports, and a USB hub fixes that on the Surface Pro 3.
  • lol
  • Nice add..haha
  • So they think that Lenovo is a real competitor to Apple.
  • There is no competition, Lenovo is the market leader, Apple is fighting Acer for market share.
  • The only problem is everyone thinks Apple owns the market. As a IT consultant I have to be careful how I speak about apple as alot of my clients have gotten rich off the stock and think apple is king. Just explaining how a PC is better for business can be devastating to my income. Its sad so many people believe the one sided press.
  • so true. It took 20 yrs for apple to be in this position.
  • Not sure what you are all talking about macbooks have a tiny share of global sales of PCs. Get a grip people, lets just enjoy the fun of competition with ads. It's not like apple haven't tried to make fun at Microsoft for years!
  • Nice ad, but the Yoga 3 Pro is flawed based on trusted reviews. It appears Lenovo made some questionable design choices .
  • The choice of hardware by iSheep is based on the presence of the Apple logo only. Nevertheless it doesn't hurt to show the rest of the world that Apple's products aren't always the best.
  • Very true!
  • + 720. its mainky just ot show logo. my friend's mind is fucked up just bcoz his macs apple logo isnt glowing.
  • Funny and sensible
  • I still prefer the MacBook Pro
  • When it comes to teasing Apple and Samsung, Microsoft is the god! lol// 
  • I've had my Yoga laptop for almost a year now and I love it! No complaints what so ever.
  • Is that a gold yoga pro 3?
  • They need to stop with these comparison ads. It just angers iSheep (they'll be quick to defend the MacBook in the comments) and makes Microsoft look silly and childish. They shouldn't be like the old Apple with their Mac vs. PC ads and just sell their products best on their own. If they were confident in their products they wouldn't have to do this.
  • I completely disagree.  Real people need to see that you can get cool hardware for Windows just like you can for Mac OS X.  That wasn't true 18 months ago.
  • Not that I would ever buy an air, but these sorts of commercials are bound to prompt a commercial from apple where its the exact commercial but advertizing battery life, price, and some feature of OSX (since I couldn't think of a third thing...maybe aluminum/nice-build-quality or touchpad?). Tbh I would care about 12 hour battery life over 4mm of thickness. Given the choice, I would buy the yoga, but these sorts of comercials don't really hold up well. I like the cortana ones because they seem more irrefutable.
  • The fact that Apple would feel the need to respond and acknowledge the existence of a real competitor to the Macbook Air would be a huge win for Microsoft/Lenovo.  Which is why I doubt they would respond.
  • No mention of the price, and don't forget battery life too. User reviews are starting to stream in and they're not very encouraging.
  • 6 reviews from Best Buy is your idea of stream in?  
  • I'm still amazed that apple and apple users don't think touch screens are inevitable. I'm guessing that they know they can't raise the price because it's already high on apple products and they want to keep their profit margin so they say customers don't want them. It's kinda funny, when i see someone with a macbook i automatically think of it as an antique. Every once in a while i'll use my old spare laptop that is not touch, feels like it's 15 years old.
  • Apple is resisting going to touchscreens on laptops for two reasons: * Microsoft thought of it first, or at least was the first to go "all-in" on touch for desktop/laptop computers. * Steve Jobs said laptops and desktops don't need touch because you get "gorilla arms" trying to use it.  He might have had a point for desktops.  Not for laptops.  
  • Lol brilliant advert
  • The cool part is: "Let's Dance!"
  • It's interesting that if you are a manufacturer MSFT will foot your advertising bill if you come up with an innovative product challenging competitiors.
  • And you can pit the Yoga 3 again almost any WINDOWS laptop with the same results.
  • Very nice ad, Microsoft. 
  • This is a great ad. It's not arrogant or even bias, it's just showcasing the Yoga's features compared the the Air.