Microsoft Teams apps will soon be supported inside Outlook

Outlook vs Windows Mail
Outlook vs Windows Mail (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams continues to expand its turf.
  • Soon, Teams apps will be runnable inside of Outlook, meaning even in Outlook, you'll be able to partake in the Teams experience.
  • The feature is expected to hit general availability in December 2022, though that's an estimated delivery date, not a guarantee.

You can run but you can't hide: Microsoft Teams is going to find a way to inject itself into every Microsoft app in time, it's just a matter of "when." And in Outlook's case, the "when" is (possibly) sometime in December 2022.

As spotted on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, where all good Microsoft service and product updates can be found with the right filters, there exists feature ID 88909 (opens in new tab). The feature is titled "Outlook: Add apps and use them inside Outlook." Here's how Microsoft describes it: "Apps built for Teams can also run in Outlook now. Outlook users will be able to acquire and use these updated Teams apps (with personal tabs and/or search-based message extensions) without leaving Outlook."

It's slated for a December 2022 general availability release, though that's more of a tentative estimate by Microsoft, so don't hold your breath. Especially when it's a date as far out as this one, which means the delivery schedule can change to a drastic degree if the team behind the feature realizes what's cooking needs more time in the oven.

This isn't the only upcoming feature to spotlight Teams synergy. LinkedIn is about to get inserted into the communications platform, a development that could reach general availability as soon as March 2022. And speaking of LinkedIn, recent news has made the rounds that the social network has a "no politics" setting a lot of people didn't even know existed.

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  • Bloaty electron delivered apps now shoved inside archaic 1970s Win32 style app. Rejoice …..(not)
  • Office is not archaic. It's by far the best MS product. You could never reproduce all office functions in a "modern app".
  • Teams is being rewritten as we speak. The version in Win 11 is the start, Outlook is also being redone pretty much from scratch. I suspect that it will be the new apps that get this. So no Electron and no Win 32.
  • Please let it be Flutter, at least for the core UX, will run like a dream on Win.
  • Anything is better than the current Electron based Teams.
    I've heard of the Outlook revamp - project "Monarch". We'll see how good it is when it turns up.
  • Both Outlook and Teams are being re-writte n