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What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams for ARM64 is apparently live.
  • This new version is optimized to run natively on Windows on ARM PCs.
  • We have confirmed it runs as 64-bit on Surface Pro X.

It was only yesterday that Microsoft announced that its Microsoft Teams app was nearly ready to get an ARM64 compiled version for Snapdragon-based PCs. Today, a working version has been found on Microsoft's website for download.

First noticed on reddit, the app lives under Microsoft's Teams Office repository under production releases. The file is labeled "Teams_windows_arm64.exe", but the truth becomes a reality when installing it. Not only does this version install, but checking under Task Manager > Details > Platform, you can see Microsoft Teams running as 64-bit.

Microsoft Teams ArmMicrosoft Teams running natively at 64-bit on our Surface Pro X.Source: Windows Central

Previously, running Teams on a device like Surface Pro X would show it as 32-bit because it runs in emulation.

The version number of the app appears to be

It's a bit too early for us to put it through its paces for performance, but for those with Windows 10 on ARM PC, you can try the file yourself. You'll need an existing Microsoft Teams account to get started or sign up for a free account.

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Microsoft Teams (ARM64)

Microsoft Teams allows you to collaborate with colleagues, upload files, send messages, and chat through video. It integrates with Office 365 and several other cloud services. This version is made for AMR64 devices like Surface Pro X and Samsung Galaxy Book S.

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