Microsoft teams with Finnish design firm Marimekko for new Surface skins and sleeves

If you're planning on picking up the new Surface Pro, it looks like you'll soon be able to add a little Finnish flair to it as well. Microsoft has now teamed up with Finnish design firm Marimekko for a collection of skins and sleeves for Surface devices that will be sold at Microsoft Stores starting in May.

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From Marimekko:

The collection kicks off in May, with four Marimekko-patterned skins. The collection will expand in the fall and include two Marimekko-patterned sleeves. The accessories offer Surface users an opportunity to customize the look of their devices and add a pop of Marimekko's joyful design language into their everyday lives. The collection will be available at Microsoft stores worldwide and

While they won't appeal to everyone, Marimekko says its sleeves and skins will sport some of the firm's "most iconic prints and modern classics." The skins, for example, will be available in the firm's "Unikko" (opens in new tab) (seen above), "Siirtolapuutarha" (opens in new tab) and "Räsymatto" (opens in new tab) patterns. Sleeves, on the other hand, will come in "Unikko" and "Räsymatto" patterns.

In any case, if Marimekko's designs have your interest piqued, you'll be able to get your hands on Surface skins at Microsoft Stores starting later in May.

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  • Ooh, amazing! Not that I'm a huge fan of Marimekko, but their designs are classic and worthy of some world-wide fame!
  • Dbrand absolutely destroys these.
  • You have no idea what Marimekko is, have you. Dbrand vs. Marimekko is like comparing fine wine with beer.
  • Being Marimekko the beer, obviously.
  • Haha, says no one.
  • Says pretty much everyone who has used dbrand.
  • Just had a look at them and besides 2 - 4 nice looking cover designs (wood and leather) they actually promote those ugly carbon viber looking covers and the plastic ones on their front page. Dafuq?
  • Sorry, but a vinyl skin mimicking a real material (carbon fiber, wood, stone, etc) is extremely tacky. A vinyl skin with an art print is not. Dbrand loses handily, and I don't even like the Marimekko prints.
  • Gf will love these. Hope they make sleeves for Surface Laptop too.
  • G, I wish they would have teamed with an old Finnish company to make...phones........Wait....
  • 😅
  • You mean NOKIA ?
  • Too bad Nokia screwed it all up by focusing on non-profitable low-end phones that ended up tainting the Windows name...
  • yeah,  sort of the other way around there....Microsoft tainted the NOKIA name!
  • Unikko means poppy FYI