Microsoft Teams surges to 115 million daily active users, up from 75 million in April

Microsoft Teams PC
Microsoft Teams PC (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams now has 115 million daily active users.
  • That's a rise of more than 50 percent since April, when Microsoft reported 75 million DAUs.
  • Teams use is also bolstering Microsoft 365 overall, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Microsoft Teams is now at 115 million daily active users, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Nadella shared the numbers during the company's Q1 2021 earnings call today, noting the surge in growth Teams has seen since more people began working primarily from home earlier this year.

Microsoft Teams has seen rapid growth over the past seven months. In March, the service onyl totalled around 44 million daily active users, up from 20 million in November of 2019. That figure quickly shot up to 75 million daily active users in April.

The current 115 million daily active users represent a more than 50 percent increase over the past six months.

During the conference call, Nadella noted that Teams' growth is also having knock-on effects for Microsoft 365 as a whole. "That reinforcing effect of Teams by itself, and then Microsoft 365 in conjunction with Teams is where you'll see a significant amount of usage growth moreso than individual tools of the past, even," Nadella said.

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In response to the global health crisis earlier this year, Microsoft has accelerated its pace of new Teams features to accommodate the increase in users. Big features like Spotlight mode, breakout rooms, and live transcription were introduced to make managing calls easier. Tailored specifically for people working from home, the Together Mode makes you feel like you're in the same room as your colleagues.

With more companies extending their work-from-home periods, it's likely we'll continue to see Teams grow in the coming quarters. Whether Microsoft will sustain the current pace of daily active user growth, however, remains an open question.

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  • We're still using Skype for Business. But all of us want Teams. I've personally piloted it at work and it's great. One thing that bugs me though is that there is no Desktop version of Teams for consumer. There's and iOS version, and and Android version, but seriously Microsoft? No desktop version? That's just dirty and wrong. Why? A desktop version exists for enterprise? Why not for Consumer 365?
  • I want the consumer version for desktop too, but their main customers are enterprise first. Hopefully it comes soon
  • I agree they seem to be pulling the enterprise first thing. But it just seems so doable. In our pilot I used the desktop version for enterprise. And maybe I'm oversimplifying it, but how hard could it really be to mod that version for consumer use? The code exists. Not like they're starting from scratch.
  • Is it possible they don't want to outright kill Skype for consumer?
    If you look at one of their newer endeavors called "Meet Now" It is easy to use, no complicated login into anything and it gently with no fuss no moss launches Skype.
    I would have love to see that with a MSFT dial up app on Android.
  • A consumer version has been announced a while ago, but I haven't heard or seen a timetable for a release
  • No version of Teams is in the Store either!
  • How do these numbers compare with Slack and other competitors?
  • As Of March or April 2020, Slack only had something like 10 million daily active users. Then for strictly meetings, Teams has exceeded 290 million meeting participants in a day, while Zoom has exceeded 300 million and Google Meet is only over 100 million. For the Meeting Participants numbers, Zoom (and possibly the others, as well) counts meeting participants more than once if the user is joining multiple meetings per day, so the meeting participants numbers are somewhat fuzzy.
  • Thanks - that was useful. The article could have used this info. You don't have a link, do you? Everything about Zoom is fuzzy. It's the flakiest of them all.
  • I think I found the Slack figures here when I checked earlier - The Zoom numbers came from here -
  • My organization lets departments use whatever tools they want. I have to use Teams, Zoom, and WebEx depending on which department I'm talking to; it's infuriatingly complicated and inefficient. Teams is by far the best solution, I wish they would just mandate it across the company.
  • Time to make it less bloated.
  • the company I work for uses it, but only managers at the moment, there is talk about us using it, but i do not see the point to be honest, Yammer is available to us and to be honest that is more than enough. not that I use it myself.
  • Yammer is a different use case. Yammer is not really intended for real time communication and collaboration in the way that Teams is.
  • I feel as though those numbers are going to shoot up next year as it gets closer to July 31st and the death of SFB online.