Microsoft Teams for Windows 10 S is dead

Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper
Windows 10 Cloud Wallpaper (Image credit: Microsoft)

For some reason, the Microsoft Teams app on Windows 10 S is separate from the normal app for Windows 10. Because of this, Microsoft has to maintain two separate apps, one for Windows 10 without S mode, and the other for Windows 10 S. Or rather, that used to be the case.

Spotted by Petri, starting November 29 Microsoft is killings its separate Microsoft Teams app for Windows 10 S. This means that Windows 10 S users will have no choice but to use the web client from then onwards, as there will be no dedicated app for Windows 10 S users to use.

Why Windows 10 S can't just use a packaged version of Microsoft Teams for desktop is unknown. Regardless, if you're one of the few users using Windows 10 S and Microsoft Teams, you're going to have to either turn off S mode, or use the web client instead.

Many Windows 10 S naysayers will call this a big sign that S mode is dead, and I don't blame them. Yet again, Microsoft is failing in a unified message for Windows 10 S. Why should anyone else support Windows 10 S if Microsoft doesn't?

Are you using Windows 10 S and Microsoft Teams? Let us know in the comments.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Is the website a PWA??
    If it is, and people are gonna open the website anyways, why don't they release the app as a PWA in the Store??
    Of course all that assuming it is a PWA :)
  • Regardless - the Teams web app does not support desktop sharing and video calls. Likely this move is due to the ending of support for the UWP version on Windows Mobile. Microsoft needs an internal mandate that all first party products are required to be supported fully on first party platforms.
  • That's actually not correct, the web app can support desktop sharing, just like the web app for Skype for business which it is replacing
  • Confirmed. It works perfect on MS Edge and Vivaldi.
  • It is a sign that UWP is dead. Microsoft is switching to Google's Trojan horse, PWA.
  • Dude, enough with the "UWP is dead" thing already 😅
  • Except it kinda is.
  • If you want my opinion, it's just getting started.
  • This is how Microsoft "gets it started"? By not even supporting it through their own apps? It is dead, won't be surprising if they remove the app store completely in the next couple years.
  • Then at this rate it'll really take off sometime around 2032
  • I don't see Office 2019 being released as a UWP app.
  • Then they are doing it wrong. Microsoft should have shown their dedication and the power of the platform by changing all future development to UWP. They had no serious chance otherwise.
  • You're clearly not a developer, Armchair CEO. Don't converse about things you have zero clue about, unless you're actually trying to be educated.
  • I'm a CEO of a company and he is telling the truth at least in terms of what Apple and Lenovo are doing.
  • Which is a masterful move on Satyas part. As hard a pill as it is to swallow MS’ hard charge into Android and iOS is part of what’s lifting revenues and the stock price, and at the end of the day the bottom line is the only thing that matters. ;O)
  • This isn't on satya's part though. Ms is ran by ml & ai. That's why you have instances of senior leadership and different product groups having no ideas what's going on with status or development of different products and services. Only human beings can see hope thus the decision to build two different versions in the first place and now kill it.
  • Masterful?
    No, far from it as they left UWP and jumped into PWA. By letting UWP flounder they are putting all the unification work done for Windows at risk. PWA should be an extension for UWP, it's not a viable replacement simply because it cannot handle complex applications.
  • PWA makes more sense because there is more industry support. UWP only made sense if they went all in on Windows Mobile, cause no one gives a frick about mobile apps on their desktop.
  • Should I be concerned? I plan on buying the Galaxy Book 2 and I know that you can opt to go full windows, but if ARM is optimized to work best with 10 S, I'm not sure if I"m going to be in the same loop issue as I was with R/T moving forward. Looking for some informative knowledge as I'm finally looking to replace my Surface 3 LTE. Thx.
  • So windows 10 on arm is full windows 10. No need to concern yourself about s mode or you reaching a dead end with no upgrade path like rt. Put it this way, if no one told you that it was running on an arm processor, you would not notice the difference
  • Thanks for the insight.
  • No problem.
  • Yes you would. There are certainly compatibility issues you would run into. Many apps and devices will not work. Might as well get a Chromebook, they have actual apps available unlike Windows S and ARM.
  • Bleached is a Google shill. Ignore his comments. To be fair, it is true that there are some apps that will suffer performance problems on ARM
    if not re-compiled for ARM (a zero effort choice any publisher could make), but that would not materially affect your basic productivity apps, including Teams.
  • Calling him a shill? I guess you are one of the early adopters of Windows RT and now you think Windows has a future on this ARM thing.
  • HassanAdam, never used RT, but I do think Windows has a potential future on ARM. Depends how Intel responds and ARM develops. At current technology development rates, ARM is improving so much faster generation over generation than Intel and AMD, it will. However, Intel could conceivably unveil something amazing that erases the benefits in moving to ARM.
  • There are more than performance issues. There are compatibility issues as well. Not all drivers are available on ARM and 64 bit apps are not supported.
  • "performance problems" isn't a problem. That's like saying an atom chip has performance problems. It doesn't. It's just a slow chip so no, it's not fair to say "to be fair"
  • Win32 apps are also a non starter on ARM. You need a new version, which more than likely doesn't exist. Most programs won't work. Even most F/OSS applications will not have a Windows on ARM version. ARM is not worth the investment, right now. Wait a couple/few years. For now, save money and get a Chromebook or iPad. If you're getting Windows on ARM, its likely not for anything those devices can't do at a lower price and with better ecosystems backing them.
  • Ahahahah they have apps. Let me lol on what you can really achieve using a chromebook
  • Didier3001 = Bleached???
  • What can you achieve with WoA? Same things you can do on a Chromebook. Linux app support and the Play Store have greatly increased the capabilities of Chromebooks. They are now far superior to Windows S Mode and ARM devices.
  • Tried both, calling BS
  • Exactly
  • Tried both and its still crap as compared to windows 10 S. Try harder again.
  • Considering I returned my Chromebook 2 days after buying I'm pretty sure I'd prefer Win 10 S over Chromebook any day
  • Excuse me but he was specifically concerned about performance and upgrade path. THAT'S WHAT I REPLIED TO and I'm correct about.
  • Chromebooks are **** as compared to windows 10 S. Go trolling elsewhere like I can do more work in windows 95 than your shitier Chromebooks. And windows 10 S is actually a real OS that can do a lot more than your shitier Chromebooks. (except legacy part). It can actually run hyper-v and we can run another os inside it (even pirated ones and some supported linux distros like ubuntu).
  • Unfortunately, the "legacy part" is the only reason to use Windows over ChromeOS, macOS, or even iOS or Android in this day and age. Without access to it, the platform is useless except as a bad internet appliance with awful app support and developer momentum.
  • But S mode also has Full Office suite (which ios,android,chromeOS lacks)and thats what most of the users need anyways. Edge is great now so no need to depend on chrome or firefox.
  • Did they put in 64 bit windows program emulation? I thought it only did 32 bit windows programs, UWP apps, and ARM compiled(32 or 64)
  • Well, except if you try to run more power hungry apps or non-store-games. But for daily office work, the ARM-Version is more than enough.
  • I have currently owned a Lenovo Miix 630 Snapdragon for 4 months. Hearing all of the commentary from pseudo technology journalist about how the system is so underpowered I decided to TEST the trash talking of people who should have stuck with their day job instead of trying to be a journalist. I started off by downloading a window 32-bit DVD ripping Software and preceded to rip 8 DVDs. Then there was all the trash talk about how it could not play games, so I decided to download 2 beautiful graphics intensive games from the windows store and could successfully play them in a window while watching a YouTube video. As someone who started writing software code in 1981 I am here to confirm that many issues I often thought were related to windows turn out to be a issue related to the implementation of an Intel chip. There are aspects of this that are simply amazing. The idea of getting 100% CPU is completely different on a Snapdragon then it is on an Intel processor. Additionally, getting to 100% of 4 gigabytes of ram on a Snapdragon is completely Different then on an Intel processor. Something that the pseudo tech journalist will not tell you about is that the Snapdragon video chipset and Snapdragon audio chipset absolutely humiliated what are in PC's at this current time. Sure they probably could have got around to telling all of us this level of detail but since they drink the Intel Kool aid they are clueless. Finally, I get 22 hours of battery life from my Lenovo running at 100% brightness. One additional fact that the pseudo journalist will never share with anyone is that you can completely charge the laptop from 0% battery to 100% battery in a mere 2 hours. One additional comment is that I uninstalled the copy of Microsoft Office that was provided and downloaded the windows 32 bit version of Microsoft Office and have successfully articulated this post using the dictation that is built into office 2019. (Quite a clean use of the Microsoft office ribbons if you haven't seen it yet )
  • Wow. You ripped a DVD and played a mobile game. Amazing what the platform is capable of.
  • I see his point flew over your head
  • so true dude.
  • And Office. Let's be real, that what many people would do. His point perfectly shows that the few legacy programs that people want to use, work fine (forgetting the overrated Chrome browser). And it can only improve with each new gen of WoA (/new snapdragon procs and possibly improvement of the translation process).
  • Office is available everywhere, it isn't a differentiator.
  • Full Office is not available on the Google Play Store...
  • he is an *******..don't feed the troll. he knows nothing about how windows OS works. hack i know more about android in few months than him knowing android in his whole life.
  • Why do you spend so many hours a day posting stupid stuff on this site?
  • hmmm you should try to rip DVD in your favourite android,ios and chromeOS then let me know.
  • hmmm let me know if you can rip DVD in your favourite Android,ios and chromebook devices. i'm waiting.
    i will give you the hint. and you still need PC or Windows 10 S for that and ofcourse other desktop class OS can do that too like linux,mac.
  • The nerfed Windows versions are the gift that keeps on giving.
  • You say nerfed, others say more secure and better battery life.
    Its not like these devices existing stop you buying or using full fat Windows on Intel. Your comment is dumb, and your hate is irrational.
  • "For some reason, the Microsoft Teams app on Windows 10 S is separate from the normal app for Windows 10. Because of this, Microsoft has to maintain two separate apps, one for Windows 10 without S mode, and the other for Windows 10 S. Or rather, that used to be the case." Ms knew this building the damn things. They may have had a huge culture change but there is still A LOT of work to be done. I think the experience team needs someone new... And I don't mean whoever there is doing a bad job or promoting someone. I mean a new hire from outside of the company who can tell them how the everyone else views them they created their own reality in Redmond
  • Keeping Joe Belfiore around is a mistake.
  • What about Dona Sarkar?
  • Yeah, they should probably replace the whole group. Get some fresh minds in there.
  • I'm convinced ml and ai are running ms. They are just faces so other ppl don't freak out
  • as an old man who started with MS/DOS way back when, I have watched as Microsoft shot it self in the foot many times there was an opportunity to dominate. now with the latest group at the top, if results don't happen quickly (i.e. is it profitable immediately?) the project is scrapped or half assed out of existence.
  • Micromind...
  • This is really stupid, I'd like to know the technical reasons: Teams is a web app running in electron (chrome) Teams for windows s is a web app (PWA) running as UWP in Edge they share basically all the code
  • Falling into the same trap that Skype fell into over and over again. Redesign, refactor, resign :(
  • Microsoft has already announced that they will be releasing a PWA version of Teams, so with that coming (maybe now quite soon) there is no need for an S version. So, this is hardly as sinister as it seems.
  • Dropping their own development platform for Google's Trojan horse is a great move by Microsoft.
  • Or they may make the timeless mistake of scrapping a product before the replacement is ready. Or once again convinced developers to ignore them bc they don't pay attention to their own vision themselves...
  • LOL
  • The website is more then likely the PWA version with will be in the Store.
  • Sounds a heck lot like the WP situation...
  • yep, right after MS announced that Teams was replacing Skype for Business they removed Teams from the Store. nice game plan!!
  • I am not using Windows 10 S and I never will. Windows 10 S mode is the same crap as Windows RT, Windows Phone 7/8/10:
    Better do not touch it.
    I did, and I continue to suffer from deeply felt buyer's remorse. -
  • Depends on your point of view. I bought an RT tablet for my kids.
    The thing litterally got used for soccer practice.
    It ran YouTube and it surfed the web. It never got a virus, and I never had to "support" it. For me, RT was great.
    UWPs failure is more the issue than RT itself.
  • It gives me some great security for my parents devices (they tend to install toolbars, system optimiziers and stuff) ... with S-Mode, no more issues.
  • Long live Win32!
    Not putting UWP on Windows 7 was a big mistake...
  • asinine! When announced, UWP, was going to be awesome. Then MS refused to fortify the groundwork to support all the "cool" things that developers wanted to do, and refused to chip-in to bolster the market with most-wanted apps. now, it's dead. :(
    Why would I want a "surface-Phone"/Andromeda now?
  • Yup, the UI widget kit is awful for UWP.
    They have to compensate with community toolkits, that change and break your code. Microsoft are still a mess internally.
  • That's exactly y MS in not releasing andromeda, its probably already dead. Except for Jason Ward's fantasy pieces noone else talks abt it anyways
  • I have a question... if you have office 365 for business, you can install, it directly from the Store, which installs the DESKTOP apps of Office onto the computer... INCLUDING teams (the desktop version)... Knowing that, what's the problem?
  • Because devices running in 10S mode out of the box cannot run Win32 applications. Thus they will have to maintain legacy code for a lot longer and it also damages WoA progression.
  • Except the desktop installer for office doesn't include teams like it does Skype. It has a separate desktop installer that puts the entire program in C:\Users\[username]\AppData. Every single user that logs on has to install their own copy of the entire program. Makes RDS/VDI deployments an issue. It also uses different certificates each time. It installs to slightly different folder structures each time it updates. All this makes corporate deployment an issue for those that lock down their environment (SRP or AppLocker). I'm hoping they finally release a UWP so I can at least allow that easier. Since they simple won't address this deployment issue.
  • It is unreliable. I guess this is just anecdotal, but I got a surface laptop earlier this year with 10 S and tried to give it a go. I wanted to use the laptop like it was meant to, or whatever. Then with the first Windows update I got, everything broke. Namely... I couldn't launch the Microsoft Store. I couldn't download any apps. Microsoft support didn't even know what 10 S was. I HAD TO EXPLAIN TO A MICROSOFT SUPPORT AGENT WINDOWS 10 S. Oh, and two separate ones. Not just one. After a couple weeks, they finally just reinstalled 10 Home for me. What shambles.
  • What the ****?
  • I have been running the desktop version of Team on my Envy X2 snapdragon since day one. Enabled Pro and just installed it from my O365 portal, just as I did with all Office apps as I use my device to be productive on the go. No performance issue, all good.
  • Anyone who has ever owned a Zune, Windows Phone, Band, or used Groove can tell you this is how Microsoft kills a product without actually announcing it. Good bye S mode, I never knew ya.
  • Typo in the article title, first 3 words are unnecessary.
  • I'm sure it'll all be better in the future. Like it always seems to be with Microsoft, it's all going to be the coming years. And yet every new year....
  • So what abt all the support tools that ms advertises to help developers quickly migrate their applications to uwp, n windows central kept highlighting those without understanding the nitty gritties
  • Developers are not so stupid to jump on UWP bandwagon just because this site says UWP is the best thing to ever happen to Microsoft just like what they must have said about Windows RT, S mode and Windows 10 mobile while Microsoft on the other hand keeps giving great examples by abandoning it and showing how much confidence they have in UWP by not using it in their own first party apps (Skype, Office 2019)
  • That's why its a dangerous thing to support Microsoft today. They basically screw the OEMs. Teams was anyways a useless software and a piece of crap. It is installed on every PC in my office and no one uses it. The bigger question is are they outsourcing Windows 10 support?
  • To be quite honestly fair this should have been brought up prior the launch of Windows 10 before this was developed as a free upgrade from a purchase of a pc or even a purchase of Windows 8 CD. To be quite frank with ya this should of been issued well before 64 bit even came out in which I'm comfortable using a 32 bit.. We already knew there was compatibility issues with apps or software anyhow when the 64 bit encryption came into play. Ya either ditch windows 10 and get back to Microsoft experience hence which is also known as xp or dont complain what Microsoft does. If it's dead who cares as long your able to develop apps then that's fine by me.
  • There is a Microsoft Teams for Windows 10 S (Preview) app in the Store, and it doesn't say anything about it not working after a certain date.