Microsoft testing new icons for Your Phone Companion app

The Your Phone Companion app is getting a new icon design, and it might look a little familiar if you've been paying attention to some other icon redesigns Microsoft has introduced over the previous months. All told, Microsoft is testing three new designs (seen above), each of which resembles the treatment Microsoft recently gave to its Office icons.

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The Your Phone Companion app for Android is, as the name suggests, the app that allows Your Phone on your PC to connect with, well, your phone. The two apps work in concert to allow you to dig into your phone for files, texts, and photos, right from your PC.

The new icons certainly look more modern, following on from the same sort of styling that Microsoft's new Office icons sport. The next time you update the app, you should see one of the three new icons above, but Microsoft will eventually settle on whichever design conquers the others as the favorite.

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  • The phone and PC icon is the best of the 3.
  • Agreed, I like that one most.
  • Don't you love those "tiles" on the phone screen in the last one?
  • I'm happy to see this, the current one on Android is super ugly with that black gradient.
  • I'd like it if the color distinguished between the phone (light blue) and the PC (dark blue), instead of a drop shadow.
  • They need to update all Windows 10 icons to this style (third one) and lose all backgrounds, tiles, squares and squircles.
  • The actual Android icon looks fake anyway
  • Maybe Ms should make the windows 10 UI more consistent.
  • Today I discovered that in the beta of this app the second icon is used as a picture within android play store. Personally I do think also that the third one utter right is the best. Kind regards,
  • Prefer the 3rd
  • I want to see an improvements on the app. Still feels clunky, unfinished…
    Also it needs new functions.
  • Because their time is better spent on how a stupid icon looks than on the program itself. Sheesh, the fluff.
  • Because their programmers are designing the icons. Sheesh, the ignorance.
  • Looks like they finally hire people that can design well.
  • How many outside the tech community would even find this app?
    What is the estimated lifecyle for this app? I finally broke down and got an Android over the weekend, and while trying to set up Your Phone companion on the newest Win10 insider preview, the link that got texted to me was a link for the MS Launcher. The MS Launcher doesn't currently handle the functionality this app does.
    Are MS planning on merging the two in the future? Why would they put effort toward redesigning an icon for an app that will likely disappear?
  • Third one works best on Android.
  • Why is it always blue?!?!! Are they completely oblivious to how many other bigtime developers are using blue, including their own services?!