Microsoft testing new icons for Your Phone Companion app

The Your Phone Companion app is getting a new icon design, and it might look a little familiar if you've been paying attention to some other icon redesigns Microsoft has introduced over the previous months. All told, Microsoft is testing three new designs (seen above), each of which resembles the treatment Microsoft recently gave to its Office icons.

The Your Phone Companion app for Android is, as the name suggests, the app that allows Your Phone on your PC to connect with, well, your phone. The two apps work in concert to allow you to dig into your phone for files, texts, and photos, right from your PC.

The new icons certainly look more modern, following on from the same sort of styling that Microsoft's new Office icons sport. The next time you update the app, you should see one of the three new icons above, but Microsoft will eventually settle on whichever design conquers the others as the favorite.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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