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What you need to know

  • SwiftKey Beta recently received an update that brings a redesigned emoji panel.
  • The new panel makes it easier to add GIFs and Stickers.
  • Web search is also removed from the SwiftKey Beta toolbar in its latest update.

Microsoft has a new update available for anyone testing SwiftKey Beta. The update brings a redesigned emoji panel that makes it easier to access GIFs and stickers. It also fixes some bugs and removes web search from the keyboard's toolbar.

Here's the complete changelog from Microsoft:

  • We've redesigned the emoji panel for easier access to other categories and features such as GIFs and Stickers.
  • We fixed a blank emoji panel issue when switching between different emoji categories.
  • We've removed web search from your toolbar.

Swiftkey New Emoji PanelThe new SwiftKey emoji panel (right) is a bit less crowded than the previous panel (left)Source: Windows Central

The change is relatively small, but it does seem to make the emoji panel a bit less crowded. There are fewer icons to click when you're in the emoji panel, but you can access the content that's been moved through other parts of SwiftKey Beta's interface.

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The update brings the app to version It started rolling out at the start of the weekend, so it should be available for anyone now.

You can grab SwiftKey Beta for free from the Google Play Store. You can have the beta and non-beta versions of SwiftKey installed on the same phone.

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SwiftKey Beta

SwiftKey is designed to let you type faster on your Android device. Its latest beta update should make it even easier to add GIFs and send stickers.