Microsoft Translator gains regional accent functionality, improved language picker

Translator (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Translator just received a useful update.
  • It now supports accent selection via Speech Regions.
  • This will allow you to hear specific variations of a language.

Tired of hearing American English when what you're really after is Australian English since the two are completely different (don't believe me? Say "rise up lights" in American English. You just said "razor blades" in Australian English.)? Microsoft Translator understands your frustrations and has released an update to address that very concern!

"Today we are adding regional accents to the Microsoft Translator app on iOS and Android," Microsoft's blog post reads. "Known as Speech Regions, you can now select the accent of text-to-speech audio output you would like to hear while using the app."

Much like the Australian/American example listed above, Microsoft's blog post delves into the difference between Spain's Spanish and Mexico's Spanish and how regional accents can drastically change the experience of hearing a language. Now, when you want to hear your translation, you can select which accent you get, allowing for an optimal translating experience.

Microsoft has provided steps for how to access the new feature:

  1. Select the language of your choice, the example below uses Spanish
  2. Select "Speech Region"
  3. Choose the region
  4. Choose from the available voices from that region

Translator Walkthrough

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft Translator's also been updated to more easily reflect which languages are supported for the app's various features. If either of these two items were something you were waiting for MS Translator to include, now's the time to jump back into the app.

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