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Microsoft updates Photos app for Windows 10 Preview with requested changes

Microsoft has quietly pushed out an update for their new Photos app on Windows 10 Technical Preview. The update actually went out on Friday, meaning most of you likely already have it installed. The difference is now the app's improvements have been detailed via the Insider Hub app, which keeps users updated on OS happenings.

Version 15.130.1615.0 of Photos should either be already on your system or the update ready in the Store (beta). As to what's new, Microsoft has given some detail.

Photos Version 15.130.1615.0

  • One of the top 3 suggestions for us was improving AutoEnhance, with specific comments around some photos turning out a little grainy.  We've fine tuned the noise removal algorithm and it is ready for you to try!  (your collection will automatically get the new version of AutoEnhancements, to see the noise reduction you should zoom in on a photo). 
  • We've been working hard on perf, specifically around drawing thumbnails in list view.  Most people should see significant improvements in how fast their page of thumbnails is drawn. 
  • And we've collected some data that some customers were experiencing crashes, we've been through those reports and have fixes that should greatly improve stability for the customers that hit them. 

Although these are not earth shattering changes, it is a larger demonstration of how quickly Microsoft can react – and fix – core OS apps like Photos through backend app updates. This ability to update various aspects of the OS should make Windows 10 a much more dynamic operating system going forward.

To see if you have the latest version, open up Photos and select Settings and scroll down until you see 'About this app'. There you should see 15.130.1615.0 as the version number.

Let us know in comments what you think of the changes and don't forget to give Microsoft feedback as well!

Source: @GabeAul

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Although welcomed, this app is still unstable on my Dell XPS 13 (2014) :/
  • That's quite expected, no?
  • Yes and no. Yes, as this is a preview of the OS. No, as they are trying to make the apps stable, with some high priority, so they can focus on OS bugs, stability and new features.
  • Wouldn't ever open for me
  • Are you having the same problem I am? I can open a file and it will show for a second and then the window will become black with a message indicated the filename and "Can't open this file. It might be damaged." This happens with all of my pictures in any folder and this is with a clean install of Windows 10 on desktop I built myself. For now, I set Adobe Photoshop Express as my default viewer as a workaround.
  • Before the update, it crashes after one minute. It now works fine on my rig.
  • Welcome back, hope you had a good break.
  • I can't even get Windows 10 to play nice with the broadwell drivers on my XPS 13 (2015), so I had to rollback to W8.1. On the bright side, I am enjoying 13+ hrs of battery life on this beauty!
  • "how quickly MS can react".LOL! Insert all Zune comments below:
  • Zune it's so 2011. So Balmer. So past.
  • Exactly my point. 2011 and we still don't have a decent desktop app regular folks can use. Lots of family members cancelled their music memberships and moved in to Apple as it stopped being a drag and drop affair.
  • But light years ahead of what we have nowadays....
  • So what Microsoft could do is decouple Messenger and make it a standalone app and go back and add Facebook messaging back in.
  • Messenger (for SMS and Skype) is an app in Windows 10, we wrote about it. As far as FB, that is likely more complicated.
  • facebook chat is not even available anymore through apps, they created Messenger for a reason, it's expected to think they will make it universal because in the end it's their app, and they want it to be popular. and adding facebook to messenger would be a waste of resources and problems because it wouldn't be supported by Facebook. better let Facebook get a nice app for WP and messenger app for Windows desktop and be happy with it, and then good instagram universal app.
  • isn't Facebook trying or already to monetize off of messenger? that was one of the main reasons they wanted to decouple from messaging apps that combined more services
  • c:
  • People b*tch abound hamburger menus, but I think this looks rather nice.
  • The whole app is beautifully designed. It's like a mature version of their Xbox Music and Video apps with the side menu and content on right. This looks very nice.
  • It really looks good!
  • most people here have a very narrow and fanboyish mindset regarding design. the mere notion of Microsoft borrowing elements from (effective) modern mobile standards used by other os' sends them into a pathetic rage. thank goodness Microsoft doesn't pay them any attention
  • I must say I do though miss the old windows 8 like metro design of most core apps but that's only cause I'm a real fan of the metro design language. This app is mighty fine though and I can't wait to try it out on both my computer and phone.
  • Tagging, face recognition, captioning & all the great features from Windows Live Photo Gallery would be nice....
  • This demands 3 articles and WSJ video review!
  • That's a Verge reference right lol
  • GIF support?
  • Please make that happen.
  • Living images support please!
  • This is what I want to see natively. I take those on my Lumia 1520. I should be able to view those on all of my devices via the native photo viewer and all first party alls that handle images.
  • I noticed that there is a little mp4 file created for living images, but thats not uploaded to Onedrive. So maybe a small change to Onedrive's upload capability and a code copy from Lumia Story teller and voilà :D    
  • All we need is Technical Preview for phones so I can try it out on my 1520!
  • I wish Microsoft will make WP10 stand alone app so they can update it faster :)
  • Now if they could only bring back online only folder viewing in Onedrive......
  • I just wish you could select which OneDrive folders show in this Photos app.  I don't want my wallpaper folder or my old lab scans showing up in the Photos app.
  • True. I'll send a feedback. And a Tweet too ...
  • Already have sent the feedback, on Onedrive's uservoice (for its Photos feature), and in the Photos section of the Feedback app.  But yeah, the more people who agree, the better.
  • Actually He just replied my tweet: :D
  • I've been trying to get them to implement the same time behavior as we have on our Windows Phones--tile slide shows that only show photos from the Favorites folder.
  • It needs to be perfect, for me this type of apps is what will attract the consumers and keep them in the ecosystem (onedrive, w10), right now it's bare bones compared to let's say iPhoto, so I really hope they work on this
  • It would be perfect if there was a way to install some of these Windows 10 preview apps on Windows 8.1 I wouldn't mind the fact that the apps can be unstable. Windows 10 as a whole was just too unstable for me so that's a no-go. But a stable OS like 8.1 with a few unstable apps I can handle that.
  • I got that update two days ago
  • Still got the damn burger button though
  • I often wonder, why do things often look better on photo than in reality. I mean look at this leading picture. The light on it gives the UI some kind of gradient look in the left column. Somehow that makes the app looks sexy as hell. When you look at the screenshots you'll see it is an ordinary grey column. Am I the only one who thinks like this sometimes? Maybe it would be great UI idea to implement these effects. Then I don't mean ordinary gradients, but replications of external light effects that give gradients with more sexy curves and depths, while still appearing flat.
  • I've installed the preview last week and so far hasn't been able to update. I'm always getting the 080072edf error if not mistaken, HELP!
  • Although these are not earth shattering changes, it is a larger demonstration of how quickly Microsoft can react – and fix – core OS apps like Photos through backend app updates. This ability to update various aspects of the OS should make Windows 10 a much more dynamic operating system going forward.
    This exactly.  We used to have to wait for a patch via windows update or a SERVICE PACK.........   This universal app / core apps thing is welcome.  It feels a lot like *nix systems behind the scenes package updates (apt-get). but much more user friendly and simple.
  • the most important change hasnt been done, that is instead of showing "..." in the top right next to icons without descriptions they should actually name those icons by default so that people dont make changes to original pictures and then not offer an undo to reverse those changes! also, since when is "..." only meant to expose description of icons and not offer any other options. if youre confused aboutwhat im talking about try to edit a picture within the app. haha never mind they removed the "save as original option" now its "save as". gah! too littleto late for a cool picture i had taken that i lost. itswhat happens when you want to try all these beta software.
  • So schizophrenic.
  • The one app i'm really intreasted in is the new music desktop app. I hope we finally have a app that can do all the stuff zune MKP use to do. Like the most important thing which is syncing content to our WP devices.
  • Updating core apps through the store is not a new feature of Windows 10.
    Just because they can update them doesn't mean they will update them. Remember that after 2 years we are still not able to sort files in the OneDrive app or see shared files. Many core apps of Windows 8 never got significant updates. Best example is the Maps Preview app. Longest preview in history :p
  • Some feature still coming soon?
  • The Photo App now opens and stays open for me now, I would like to see Camera Raw Support. The Windows 8.1camera raw update does not work for me. Anyone have a work-around?
  • Lets hope that technical preview for phones doesn't get this bug !
  • How did it get updated? I didn't get any notification about the update!
  • My system can't update store apps and windows update after installing windows 10 TP
  • Wow this version is great.... i'm using it on my MSI All in One PC AE2280
  • I feel almost ashamed to say this but I don't see/notice the improvements made according to the list. It could be a good thing but some things I found get me worried. 1. as far as I can tell on my surface pro the image listing works just as well as before on my surface pro. 2. I noticed no grainyness with auto-enhance before and after the update. Even more so I found a serious bug where stitched panorama images are zoomed, cropped and blurred after auto-enhance. So important that everyone test this feature, because this makes the photos worse, not better! 3. with editing large file panormas the app crashes frrequently.   I am very sceptical if the algorhytm actually improved grainyness. I get the impression my images are agressively getting oversaturated, image brighness is toned down and perhaps a slight change in contrast or hue is applied. With many high res. images, especially of landscape pictures, on closer inspection I find some detail is lost because of darkening. With dark images, there is still a great amount of graininess (offcourse expected). As ar as I can tell, the only thing the algorhytm does is crank up the brightness and perhaps some changes in hue, but I don't see sofetning or significant graininess improvements come. I suspect that if massive feedback is given on this point, it would be interesting for microsoft to also be able to recieve original images from users for testing purposes. I suspect that in the tested images there could be already be some graininess in them. An algorhythm can only improve basics so much and probably graininess just popped out. It's a nice try by microsoft but I don't think much has been improved on that part, nore is it the question if its even possible. It remains a subjective matter.
  • So this is the update I installed last Friday. Note I know what it was.
  • Windows 10 for phone is coming on 11/2/15 because 1+1+2+1+5 = 10.
  • Another pointless article, I mean, have you even checked to which tweet Gabriel was responding? The guy asked for the next PC build. Please check your sources before writing this kind of buzz articles ;)
  • Sorry, wong article,this applies to the Gabe Aul ridde ^^
  • Give support
  • I do not like this new version of the Photos app.  I noticed that in some of the pictures of the Photos app for WIndows 10 that there is a Folders option.  I do not have that option on my tablet or phone.  I'm not worried about it as much on my laptop side.   The Windows 8.1 version of Photos was way better than this on, so far.
  • new photo app is awful. no PREVIEW in context menu. WTF?