Microsoft updates Photos app for Windows 10 Preview with requested changes

Microsoft has quietly pushed out an update for their new Photos app on Windows 10 Technical Preview. The update actually went out on Friday, meaning most of you likely already have it installed. The difference is now the app's improvements have been detailed via the Insider Hub app, which keeps users updated on OS happenings.

Version 15.130.1615.0 of Photos should either be already on your system or the update ready in the Store (beta). As to what's new, Microsoft has given some detail.

Photos Version 15.130.1615.0

  • One of the top 3 suggestions for us was improving AutoEnhance, with specific comments around some photos turning out a little grainy.  We've fine tuned the noise removal algorithm and it is ready for you to try!  (your collection will automatically get the new version of AutoEnhancements, to see the noise reduction you should zoom in on a photo). 
  • We've been working hard on perf, specifically around drawing thumbnails in list view.  Most people should see significant improvements in how fast their page of thumbnails is drawn. 
  • And we've collected some data that some customers were experiencing crashes, we've been through those reports and have fixes that should greatly improve stability for the customers that hit them. 

Although these are not earth shattering changes, it is a larger demonstration of how quickly Microsoft can react – and fix – core OS apps like Photos through backend app updates. This ability to update various aspects of the OS should make Windows 10 a much more dynamic operating system going forward.

To see if you have the latest version, open up Photos and select Settings and scroll down until you see 'About this app'. There you should see 15.130.1615.0 as the version number.

Let us know in comments what you think of the changes and don't forget to give Microsoft feedback as well!

Source: @GabeAul

Daniel Rubino

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