Microsoft updates Terms of Service [Part Two]

Just a quick follow up on an earlier story about Microsoft updating it's EULA on the Marketplace.  If you are in the Windows Phone Marketplace Online shopping for an app and see a warning message that reads,

"It looks like there's a problem with your Zune Account or you haven't created one yet. You need a working Zune account to get apps from Marketplace."

Microsoft hasn't necessarily revoked your Zune Account.  You just need to accept the new terms before you can resume your online Marketplace activities.  Just scanning the rather lengthy and wordy Terms of Service document, it appears the changes concentrate on XBox Live services, legal terms and dispute resolution.

If you hit the "Edit or Create Zune Account" link you are sent to a summary of the update where you can review the changes and accept them. Once you accept the changes, your Marketplace account is restored and you can return to buying your app.  You can find the full TOS from Microsoft here (opens in new tab).

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  • Wrong picture at the top
  • The picture at the top is to show the "Edit or Create Account" link on the lower left hand side.  It is one of the first things that alerted me to this situtation as well.  Normally there would be an install link there.
  • I did that but I couldn't update because of parental control (I'm 17). there's a bug which makes it so that when your "parents" accept, it keeps telling you to choose an option for movies, even though you have. I ended up going on and confirming there and it worked, if anyone else is having the same problem, try that.
  • wow jaja , how does a 17 year old get put on parental control?
  • I did accept the new term of service on my phone. And I'm screwed.
    Now, if I go to, every app shows "Edit or create Zune account". But clicking the link doesn't lead me to the new ToS page. Both my Zune and Xbox accounts are working well. Just I cannot make any purchase on
  • Well, problem solved.
    I did sign out my account, so I could see the "Get App" button. Clicking the button lead me to the login page. Then, everything is working now.