Microsoft Wallet for Windows Phone to be retired in February

Support is set to end for all Windows 10 Mobile devices by the end of this year, and Microsoft is already beginning to retire apps in anticipation. In an update to the Microsoft Wallet website (opens in new tab), Microsoft has noted that the app will be "officially retired" on February 28, 2019.

Microsoft Wallet is the official tap-to-pay method for Windows Phones, similar to Apple Pay and Google Pay on iPhones and Android devices. The app also allows users to load up their loyalty and membership cards, allowing them all to be stored in one place.

As Microsoft continues to wind down Windows 10 Mobile, it's likely we'll see end dates applied to more official services and apps. Windows 10 Mobile itself will be retired on December 10, 2019. After that date, devices will no longer receive security updates and bug fixes. Automatic and manual backups of apps and settings, along with automatic photo uploads will remain available through March 10, 2020, but aren't guaranteed to work after that date.

For now, Microsoft recommends that Windows 10 Mobile users make the jump to an iOS or Android device, where Microsoft continues to support its services and apps.

Thanks, Luke, for the tip!

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  • Another app that won't exist when the Unicorn appears.
  • The way I understand this is that it is just for Windows Phone proper. The wallet in Windows is not going anywhere, any honestly works quite well for me when shopping online.
  • I hope that's true in the case of Andromeda.
  • This is correct.
  • It was never even for Windows Phone proper either. It never got started as far as I can see, it just hung around as an uncompleted feature with no use. Perhaps it did a little more in the US but I never saw any reports of anyone ever managing to successfully pay for anything with it so I doubt it. You can't cancel support for something that was never supported in the first place. Fake news.
  • Tap to pay worked for me in the US, though only one of my cards worked, and not the card I use daily, so I only got to use it when the merchant did not accept Amex. To be clear though, it didn't work near as well as Apple pay. Apple pay works in or out of cellular network, Windows Phone did/does not.
  • Yeah and for those in Canada we never got it on our Lumia 950 or HP Elite x3 so good riddance for a useless app that was US only.
  • And it was not even meant to work with HP Elite x3 because the NFC of the phone is not certified for EMV payments. I have only been able to pay in stores with the apps Mobile Pay and SEQR.
  • Tap to pay worked for me as well, even when I travelled to Canada and Australia. Sad to see it go.
  • for PCs, laptops, Surface, etc. it is called Microsoft Pay.
    It was just Microsoft Wallet for Windows phone :(
  • How do you use Tap to pay with it?
  • You take your laptop and try like to nfc pay with it while looking like freakin' clown :)))
  • I don't think the Windows wallet is capable of Tap to Pay at this time.
  • Not a feature that I was aware even existed on the PC. which retailers support it?
  • I think all of them. It is built into Edge. Anytime I am on a site that asks for my credit card, I click on the box and it offers me all of my payment methods I have stored in my Microsoft Account. All I have to do it verify my CCV.
  • It's a good thing they have Microsoft pay ^_-
  • And you do what with it? :)))
  • Unfortunately, my bank never supported it...
  • My PHONE never fully supported it, let alone bank.
  • Yep. MS have cancelled support for this before even starting to support it. Nice one Nads, very funny.
  • I jumped ship a little over a year ago, but this still makes me sad. Accessing my bank and credit cards just got harder and harder with their mobile sites just not working properly on Edge. If MS kept REAL Windows Phone support going, I'd probably still be on it, but alas, it is not to be... considering I've been on a windows phone/mobile device since the Samsung Blackjack until the Lumia 950 (with 5 or 6 other Windows phones between) and it's just an ecosystem I enjoyed much better.
  • Never mind winding down most of us didn't see it wind up. Wallet was announced in 2012 with WindowsPhone 8.1. It was ahead of Apple and Google. In 2016 it came out to the "masses" with Windows 10 Mobile only on the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 excel. It was only available in the USA. Only available to a limited set of banks. For the rest of the world the wallet app did absolutely nothing. No one could ever figure out what it was supposed to do. For the majority of WindowsPhone users wallet just took up space and had no purpose. The feedback pages were filled with people around the globe pleading for a functional product. I hope the US users that had wallet made use of it. Most of us didn't ever get a chance.
  • Just waiting for the Nokia 9 pure view and then my 950XL goes next to my 1020 in a drawer for dust keeping.
  • Pretty sure the moment official supports end Spotify, WhatsApp and all the others drop support as well. And the first minor API change to things like OneDrive will probably kill that too cause they don't need to do backwards compatibility anymore
  • I'm done using anything Microsoft. I've always been a die hard fan but they just don't care. I wish business didn't become so secret.
  • When wallet first came out, you had to have a secure sim. I got one from Verizon. It used softbank. Google bought it and quickly dropped support. I hope wallet is supported on 950xl until December. Another pisser is they are dropping the automatic upload of photos to OneDrive (from what i understand.)
  • It sounds like the app is going to stop working next month. So no more tap to pay after that.
  • Stop saying retired! It's not as if it had a long and distinguished career and is deserving a well earned rest! It's cancelled/scrapped/withdrawn/ or should we just call it Microsofed. The new name for something they make that sounds great, is ahead of its time and then is swiftly out done by a competitor and eventually cancelled!
  • The wallet in proper is edge powered even android edge on chromium has one. All they would need to do is make that a tap to pay app....
  • The Microsoft Wallet is a prime example of what not to do when it comes to mobile payments. The first iteration involved using secure elements on the sim, which at launch was only supported by Orange in France. Then the secure element was moved to the phone but carriers got involved and messed that one up as they were given too much control. The third iteration was solely locked to the US.. so it never got momentum.
  • :))) lol. Let the fanboy rage start now.
  • Was this a US only feature? I didn't even know that it existed.
  • If only they'd open source the OS, and let supporter make their own updated builds. Not gonna happen, but we can dream.
  • There's still a lot of us out here that love Windows Phone of one sort or another. It's a real shame that instead of closing it down and punishing users, Microsoft can't open source it and drop the lot on GitHub so we can try and make something of it
  • dang, first news app stops sending notifications correctly, now wallet is dead
  • I hate this world that we live in, where did the timeliness go wrong, BARRY ALLEN?!
  • I can't blame him, he just wanted to see his Mom again. But, yeah, he F'd our timeline up pretty bad. haha
  • The phones already been retired this isn't surprising