Microsoft outlines end of support plans for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has updated its FAQ page regarding the end of support date for Windows 10 Mobile, which has been known for sometime now as December 10, 2019. A few days ago, the company added further detail (opens in new tab) explaining why Windows 10 Mobile support is being ended, what customers can do, and what will happen to those who do not move from Windows 10 Mobile once support officially ends.

According to Microsoft, those who are planning on sticking with a Windows 10 Mobile device can continue to use their handset as normal, but after December 10, those devices will no longer be serviced by Microsoft with security updates and bug fixes. Users will still be able to create automatic or manual backups of apps and settings until March 10, 2020. After that, there is no guarantee that those features will continue to work.

In addition, features such as automatic photo upload and restoring from a backup may stop working within 12 months after March 10, 2020. In regards to app updates, Microsoft says app support may end at anytime, as it is up to the discretion of the developer building apps that still support Windows 10 Mobile. It sounds like the Microsoft Store will continue to function after the end of support date on December 10, but there's no guarantee as to how long that will last.

If you're a Windows 10 Mobile user currently, Microsoft says you should switch ton an iOS or Android device to continue using Microsoft's mobile software and services. Microsoft's says the reason it is ending support for Windows 10 Mobile is because other mobile platforms have evolved further, meaning Windows 10 Mobile no longer meets the expectations of many:

Technology has evolved along with the needs and expectations of your customers and partners who have already adopted Android or iOS platforms and devices. Microsoft's mission statement to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more, compels us to support our Mobile apps on the supported Android and iOS devices.

Anyone who has been following Windows 10 Mobile over the last year should already been well accustomed to the end of support date, and what it means for Windows 10 Mobile as a whole. 2019 is the last year of official "support" for Microsoft's abandoned Mobile platform, as the company has focused its mobile efforts entirely over to iOS and Android, as well as Windows 10 on laptops and tablets.

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  • So sad this time is coming 😥
  • My best fone windows 10 mobile my all family 8 fone used Microsoft Lumia 1520 540 532 650 640 950 xl used
  • Looking forward to the editorial explaining how this is actually the best strategy for W10M. :)
  • He just switched to android you know :)
  • :,D Everything MS did was the best! It's unclear who was it best for? :D
  • I'm plan on keeping my 950 until it falls to pieces, then I'm buying a used one. I plan to keep doing this until the surface phone\Andromeda comes out. Android are going to need to do something pretty special to tempt me away from my Windows phone, and I can't see them doing what I want any time soon. I'm not a fanatic, I just have a phone that does everything that I need with an interface that suits me.
  • Why not use an Android phone with a W10M theme?
  • Because they lack most of the features that keep us hooked on Windows Mobile. Like live tiles, integration with our other Windows 10 devices, and the highly customizable tiles interface. IOS and Android are not aimed at professionals. They are a riot of colors and flashy gizmos, and the interface looks like a game of candy crush. You're also kept at arms length from the OS, particularly with IOS. IOS locks you out of screen mirroring on a lot of apps, which limits what you can do with a wireless projector, and sideloading your own apps … well … you don't want to know what you have to do for that.
  • I don't understand why people care too much about the W10M home screen. In reality you are inside an app the majority of the time. To me at least, live tiles are redundant since you can just swipe down to get all your notifications anyways. To each their own I guess.
  • Tapatio_00, that's only true if you think like an Android or iOS user. Unlike those OSs, Windows allowed you to do basic checking on everything FROM THE START SCREEN (or home screen, as other OSs call it). I can see all ToDo's, message summaries, weather, upcoming meetings including room, Skype messages, scrolling family photos or Facebook notices, etc. all without ever opening an app. That means, as I'm walking down the hall between meetings, I can get a full update on what's going on with just holding the phone in 1 hand, and what I need to do next. To see more, I'd just scroll the Start screen to see more Live Tiles, no need to open anything, unless I wanted to drill into these or take action, respond to a message, read details, etc. It was PERFECT and there's nothing else like it.
  • You said that so much better. :-D
  • I see what you mean, but you can do that in Android or iOS by just swiping down. Heck, you don't even need to login. Just wake the phone and it's all there. No need to open an app. You can even reply to a text without opening the app. I guess you just prefer the way it is presented in W10M. Not trying to sell you on Android or iOS. Just letting you know that these 2 alternatives do the same thing just presented in a different way.
  • You can do those exact same things in W10M (in fact they have existed in Windows longer than they have on iOS), but the point of the live tiles is that you can see ALL current information rather than just the stuff that comes in toast notifications, and it's always posted on your start screen rather than being a temporary thing that you dismiss and never see again. Apple and Google have both tried to implement an alternative to Live Tiles in their respective mobile OSes, and both are clunky and awkward and don't really provide the same functionality.
  • Android has actual widgets. You can do everything you listed and they are interactive so you don't even have to leave the home screen for simple tasks. Anything Live Tiles can do, widgets do better.
  • You're still copy/pasting your opinion disguised as fact. Cool.
  • Dudes lost it a long time ago..
  • Widgets are not the same as live tiles. Live tiles are managed by the OS very performance and power efficiently, actually, they can be updated without app's code run, either by push notifications or by polling a URL. Also, live tiles have consistent look as they are based on OS's predefined templates.
  • Exactly. Live Tiles aren't as useful as widgets because Microsoft has them heavily locked down. Widgets are far superior. Battery life is the only thing you might be able to point to, but it isn't a big difference if it has any effect at all. Notification center is also better than Live Tiles. It is accessible from anywhere, gives more information, and are interactive. You don't even need to leave the app to access them. If you remember, Microsoft actually tried to use Live Tiles instead of a notification center. It didn't work because they are too random and an unexpected. It is time for Microsoft to kill Live Tiles completely.
  • I disagree. As I said, I love power efficiency and UI consistency of Live Tiles. I can compare several win mobile devices with a couple ones on android, and battery life on android devices is much less while they have better batteries. Only iPhone is good competitor here with regards to battery life (its widgets are more close to live tiles). And when you need interactivity and more features, you launch an app. Also, AFAIK Microsoft had some prototypes of more interactive live tiles with saving same principles of power efficiency. If Windows Mobile continued to develop, we would see those features. And on desktop that interactivity is much less needed, as well as live tiles as such (but they're still nice to have).
  • I personally have both a pixel 2xl and an iPhone 7. The pixel mops the floor with the iPhone when it comes to battery life. Really, this thing lasts forever. As for widgets, I've found them far more useful than tiles. The tiles just flip without any ability to control them. I personally only use a calendar widget (I've never felt the need for anything else... Android's notification system is a decade ahead of the competition, and the competition, including Apple and Microsoft, really just copied Android's very early notification system practically verbatim and then just left it alone.) So let's compare Android's calendar widget with Microsoft's calendar live tile: - The widget I can shape vertically long so that I can see many events at once, whereas the tile either goes too small, too big, or a horizontal rectangle, and it only shows one event at a time
    - The widget I can scroll through as fast or as slow as I want. The tile flips at an interval that you can't control, and by the time your eyes focus on it after looking at something else, you don't know if the event you're looking at is the very next event on your calendar, not can you flip backwards.
    - With the widget, I often avoid the need to open the app because most of the information I need is right there. Live tile, if it's not on the event you're looking for, or worse, already flipped past it, you pretty much have to open the app, or just waste time waiting for it to flip back around like an old Rolodex, only much worse.
    - The widget allows me to tap on an event I see, and it opens the app directly to the event where I can see more details or even tap on the event location to get navigation to it. The tile, no matter which calendar event it shows, just launches the app...which really is a giant buzzkill if you use your phone for work. Speak of which, I don't know what basis windows phone people use to claim that the OS is better for's really not. What little claim there was to that end was based on MS office being available for it as an app. The problem with that theory is that office for mobile is total crap. It doesn't have anywhere near the same features, and it breaks even worse than third party mobile office apps on Android and iOS. And yes, a few of those third party ones were indeed superior to the windows phone version, which is probably why Microsoft bought them out instead of writing their own. And I gotta say...while office for desktop is uneatable, office 365 for web and mobile feel very beta compared to google docs. Really, Google did a good job with that, plus I like how many of us can very seamlessly work on the same document at the same time. O365 does that, but not as well, and it costs an arm and a leg for a business to get that feature. And it's incredibly annoying how when you have an Excel sheet open in one tab and you're doing something else in another, if you're working for more than 5 minutes or so without touching the Excel tab, it forces you to reload the entire page, whereas Google sheets doesn't do that at all. Worse, is that the web version of Excel is really slow to reload compared to google sheets, and and it's pretty rare to actually need to reload a google sheets page.
  • Agree. Live Tiles was too rigid, not flexible enough. I hate the tile look on my desktop Start menu, I cant imagine using that on phones. MS should have made that an option on 1 screen of a multi screen home screen. Kind of like Google Now, I know its not called Google Now anymore. I think its a launcher now.
  • For me, widgets are a classic example of the worst of Android. They are all designed differently, with different sizes etc... your phone ends up looking a complete visual mess. Having switched to Android I'm shocked at how messy, inefficient and inconsistent the UI is.
  • Dude, I use the notification center for only one thing, to clear them and move one. I get all my important notifications on my smartwatch.
  • Well, they did until they, like Cortana, where deprecated. :(
  • I won the bet on when the retard was going to chime in.
  • Ah, nope, unless you like pages and pages of widgets you have to swipe left and right for. Might as well just open the app at that point.
  • I can agree with that.
    I found, that is can (almost) replicate this with the MS Launcher on my S8. I set the default to the screen you get when you swipe left and am back to get all my info without opening an app. It isn't a live tile, but it works fairly well.
  • You can't possibly explain to somebody that didn't have a Windows Phone how much better the experience was! Personally after a lot of trial and error I personally got my Windows Phone back though, because of Android's versatility. First download Launcher 10; there's a trial version for the live tiles. Download Blackberry Hub to replace People Hub. Download DailyPic for Bing Wallpapers. Download Machapp transparent clock weather the best weather app IMO, with Windows Mobile like widgets. Download 3cats clock (not Windows like, but I like the seconds counter nonetheless). Download Custom Search Bar Widget. Download Replaio Radio for the icon/tile. Download the New York Times app for the news widget. Download Inoreader for the news widget. Optionally download Curiosity for its widget. In Launcher 10 choose between the Windows Phone 8 and the 10 version. Customize, customize, customize the tiles (size, transparency, color etc) and the widgets and add or remove whatever you want. Also if you have Oreo or later (that works at least for Samsung phones) go to your devices' Settings > Lock screen and security > Screen lock type to reset a new PIN. You should see the “Confirm PIN without tapping OK” option and remove the crappy OK confirmation tap like in the Windows Phones. Choose Kiwi browser for that adress bar at the bottom of the screen. Choose Whicons icon pack if you use white icons and need more icon variety. Finally click at all those notification bells in various apps to be getting the live tile feature. Use Twitter's mobile website for better notifications.
  • This is my plan B. Which samsung do you have @leanton?
  • "Also if you have Oreo or later (that works at least for Samsung phones) go to your devices' Settings > Lock screen and security > Screen lock type to reset a new PIN. You should see the “Confirm PIN without tapping OK” option and remove the crappy OK confirmation tap like in the Windows Phones. " I have an Essential phone with OS 9 installed. I am not able to get that to happen, any ideas? Thanks.
  • I agree completely @GraniteStateColin. I am in a similar boat with my HP X3. As far as I know the only android equivalent for the features I need is the overly expensive Samsungs. Dual Sims, check, all day battery life check. desktop pc interface check, wireless charging check. I paid 200 bucks brand new with all of the accessories. I plan on buying another one if I can find a similar deal to hold in reserve. I hate the android interface and I hate the walled off apple approach.
  • That's just it. I don't have to be in an APP all the time. I can see from my home screen live weather radar because of live tiles. I can see how many e-mails I have since i last actually did open my mail with the live tile rolling the latest e-mails and the subjects to let me decide if I do need to open it. Other programs do similar things so i don't have to swipe down, left, right or whatever. Simply login, look. put it away. But to your point, to each their own.
  • I literally just turn on the screen and see every thing about any app without even login in.
  • You see all that on a widget too, and you can even scroll through emails, access them directly, and reply directly from the widget. Live Tiles are random and do nothing other than launch the email app. A glorified icon.
  • Battery hogs. I only use one widget...for weather.
  • That is simply ridiculous and I bet you can't even elaborate on your position. You're ignorant and have obviously never even used an Android device. There are way more customization options. There's more integration with Microsoft services at this point too. My phone app, continue on PC, synced notifications/messages, timeline etc. etc. You sound like a Microsoft bot at this point.
  • A Microsoft bot would throw his Windows Phone in the trash, because Microsoft made a business decision to abandon Windows Phone customers.
  • Highly customizable if all you want is icons and gimped widgets in a grid. Just like Ford said with the Model T, "You can have any color as long as it's black.".
  • bleached Dude, seriously, in a world full of great unlucrative but emotionally fulfilling hobbies, you chose WC comment trolling. Even you could do better.
  • Lol. It's pretty pathetic. Sad that people like him even exist. Showers, I seriously doubt🙄
  • You guys say this stuff as if you aren't here too.
  • No one seems to exist just to be a contrary troll, but you.
  • Bleached has been trolling this site for years, probably because nothing exciting ever happens on lagdroid central.
  • I have said exactly this in the past.
  • That doesn't even make sense.. Smdh Your parents gave up probably around year 3, or 5.
  • Makes perfect sense. You are here posting regularly too. If it is lame for me, is it for you too.
  • bleached is a dip**it and this coming from an android use
  • "They are a riot of colors and flashy gizmos, and the interface looks like a game of candy crush." You just described Windows Mobile home screen... Android is very customizable and now far more integrated with Windows 10 devices.
  • Exactly. I get it ppl have their preferences but The fact you can change any Android phone's home screen to the many options out there....that was a strange take. New launcher and my kids thought I had a new phone, lol.
  • The os on both suck out loud as well.
  • I switched to the Google Pixel XL two years ago when I saw this coming, and had done research on W10M launchers on Android. I've been using Launcher 10 since day 1 on my Pixel and the experience is literally 1:1 compared. Live tiles, customizable tiles, icon pack support, app listing, everything. I strongly advise you to invest time looking into that launcher. Just FYI.
  • Same here, got S9+ when I saw the end coming. Got launcher10, and the live tiles actually work, plus you have way more size options than with W10M.
  • I have tried it but it does nothing compared to real tiles , there's nothing important about it u can always swipe to your notification panel and control panel so there's nothing special about it it lacks what the WOS has
  • Launcher10 on android is more customizable than windows phone, and has less buggy live tiles...
  • Because you totally can't use Microsoft services on Android and can't install a launcher that looks like Windows. Oh wait a second...
  • No live tile home screen. Still the best thing about this OS over the other two which I have no interest in..
  • as a former W10M user and now an Android user, I can say that the W10M theme, launchers suck out loud.
  • What do you want an Android phone to do?
  • Not have the #1 hoarder of data about anyone in the world developing the operating system, perhaps?
  • Incorrect, that is only the scroogle business model, that is the ONLY place they make any money. Microsoft and Apple are using your data as their primary source of revenue..
  • Mircosoft is never ever ever ever releasing Andromeda. Ever. Microsoft isn't dumb. They wouldn't be giving the foldable/duel screen pocketable market to Samsung and others if they thought there was a moderate chance Andromeda would do OK in the wild. But they've done their homework and determined that foldable/duel screen pocketable devices is not "the next wave." They don't see it as the technological advancement that'll disrupt the mobile market, so they're going to bow out early and give it a miss. How do we know this? Well, according to Windows Central, MS power user, Thurrott, Brad Sam's, Mary Jo Foley and just about every other Microsoft watcher, they had the device pretty much done and dusted 4 months ago. It was there. All it needed was someone to pull it out on stage and say "This is it. We're still refining it, but this is what we're working on." But they didn't. They buried it. They panicked and backed away. Samsung had the balls. They hopped on stage with a half-finished thing, obscured by darkness and said "it's coming, fans. It's not done yet, but soon it will be. And then you can give us lots of money." I'm not trolling. I'm a fan. I'm all tooled up with surface devices, Xbox console and Microsoft services. And I wish MS would grow a pair of nuts and launch a pocketable telephony-enabled, duel/foldable screen, windows-on-arm device as much as the next guy. But it's never going to happen.
  • agree.
    foldable are great idea but do not make business sense for now.
    (By business sense I mean millions of people using it)
  • And yet they still came out with a Surface Studio & Surface hub.
  • While I would be first in line for and Andromeda device, I agree with you. That said, while it would be a full (Windows on ARM) PC which, with Continuum would make it the only device I would need to own, they apparently don't believe that it is enough to be the next stage. I am hoping that Hololens is it because I can't believe that walking around staring at rectangles in our hands is anything but a transitional step in technology but unfortunately there isn't much about Hololens that can't be copied and delivered by Google and/or Apple (with the full force of their vast ecosystems behind them) to prevent Hololens from being the Windows Mobile of the next evolution. Cortana could have been part of that advantage but that is apparently no longer the plan either. First to market and corporate adoption is not enough to save it if you remember the Windows CE devices. It was the ecosystems that the others developed that killed Windows Mobile. Why develop 3 versions of an app when >95% of users are on 2?
  • Samsung also has a huge customer base. If they can convince a tiny portion of their customer base, it might be a successful device. Microsoft has a tiny customer base in mobile. They'd have to convince a significant number of people who are not already their customers (in mobile/phone hardware) to change from one of two recognized platforms to a different perspective on mobile. Apples and oranges, in my view. Microsoft also has built up an ugly reputation of throwing hardware out there (Windows Phone, Band, several other smaller projects) and abandoning it relatively quickly. I do think people remember that, and Microsoft knows they need a very big hit to gain people's money in this space. If they can wait until a sufficient number of customers sees a new market, they may be seen as a credible entry with less shadow from the Windows Phone debacle.
  • Don't agree... Well I do if we are talking about phone... But pretty sure Andromeda was never supposed to be a phone.... But a pocketable PC with 5G/phone capacity... And that is coming and MS is in the best position for such a device and has been for almost 3 decades with close to no competition so far....
  • Now you're just being stubborn. Have fun with your insecure and unsupported device.
  • Andromeda does not exist my friend. They’re already backtracking with some equally mythical Centaurus device. Neither of which will see the light of day. There are no apps for such a device and there NEVER will be. Microsoft themselves is targeting iOS and Android. They said so above. I’m not saying this as a troll. I too am a fan. I’m even a developer who drank the whole UWP Koolaid. But I see no hope whatsoever for the MS operating system in devices under 10 inches. Don’t think I can ever willingly marry myself to the whole Apple ecosystem. Those ppl creep me out. But I do see a future where every consumer device is an Android device. I also see a future where most devices in the enterprise... office workers, front line workers, and traveling workers are sporting Android devices. This whole notion of Windows Lite is a pipe dream. No apps. No devs. No trust. No name brand recognition. It’s a non starter.
  • Exactly my thoughts. Unfortunately.
  • To be frank apps are already obsolete... It's a thing for mass consumption... And will be there for little while... But it's completely obsolete from a technological stand point... It has been for a while...
  • I can totally understand your sentiment.
    The only thing that made me a bit nervous when I got my WoA device was the knowledge of not having a large amount of apps.
    To my surprise though, I'm not using many apps.
    Maybe MS is onto something here and we will get past the point when we judge a device based on the app store.
    I really don't know.
    All I know is that if my envy x2 was foldable and could text and make phone calls, I'd be good.
  • Zombies, you are me, I agree wholeheartedly
  • Hello! I understand and share your love for the tile interface and w10 in general. I resisted changing my lumia 950 xl for that reason. See the icons of Android or Ios gives me the feeling of being a "return to the past."
    I recently acquired a Mi mix 2s white because it is a phone that I like a lot. I install the "launcher 10" software, and thanks to it the home screen I have IDENTICAL as I had it in my windows 10. Same rafts, same colors, the operation is identical, and live notifications works! Also change your icons as contacts, calendar etc to the same as windows 10. In the end I was surprised and I have not regretted the change. Everything is much more agile and stable. Android P also fits much better with the launcher 10, the interface feels more consistent. A greeting! :)
  • Same applies to. I can't throw away my windows 10 device... The tile, the apps and everything it's unique
  • Seriously very disappointing. I've deployed enough Windows 10 Mobile Continuum workstations to fill a school computer lab and this effectively ends my ability to do so.
  • No worries, we have a backup plan. Everyone chant with me...Andromeda, Andromeda, Androm.....oh wait, they cancelled it. Because apparently foldable isn't a thing Apparently, there's no use-case scenario for foldable devices Someone should tell Samsung that, before they go onto sell billions of them.
  • I appreciate sarcasm as much as anyone and I understand feeling jaded. I'm right there with you, clutching my 950XL, but you're incorrect on a couple things: 1) It's not canceled (yet...) but more importantly 2) The delay isn't b/c they don't see use a use-case. It's b/c the OS isn't ready and there's no app support for it even if it was. Can #2 be overcome in time to avoid #1? Color me doubtful, too, but hopefully the Windows and Surface teams are aligned as well as MS wants us to believe which would make me believe they can pull off a pocket-device running full Windows and capable of being a true 3-in-1 (phone/tablet/PC). That's really their only chance in the mobile hardware space. If not, well, that's why they're so committed to bringing their apps and services to other platforms and they're simply speaking the truth: we'll all be using Android one day.
  • I was going to ask Dan if you all have heard what the plans were for the Store involving Mobile. Is Microsoft going to be removing Mobile compatible items (or at least the compatibility icon) from the store at some point or how does that work? As long as the old as hell SmartThings app continues to work, I'm cool. But I wonder if Cortana will stop responding at some point if Mobile is truly deprecated in their systems.
  • Yes. Both mobile apps will be removed.
  • Ugh! The only 2 phones my company allows for use are iOS and Windows phones. I hate iOS.
  • That seriously blows, because at least you can somwhat simmulate WP on Android
  • I'm in the same situation. I was an Android person until my company said we could not use them in our environment any more. I went to Windows Mobile because I don't want an iPhone. I have an iPad. I am not anti-apple, just don't like the iOS for my phone. I was really mad to have to go off of Android. Within a week I was absolutely loving the Windows phone and have not wanted to go back to go back. Now, not only do I have to eventually get off the Windows phone, I will have to get an iPhone. :-|
  • Something the lagdroid fanboys trolling here don't want to admit, some enterprise companies have banned lagdroid due to lack of security.
  • Why would someone who counts on being productive (true MS customers) count on something like a phone to truly be productive? Imagine a mobile future of ARM powered Surface devices and LTE watches. No phone. Wouldn't a portable Surface combined with a truly smart and connected watch be more productive? Just a thought.
  • Simple. Your phone is always in your pocket. Your computer/tablet may not be. That's from someone whose Surface is practically glued to his hands all day.
  • Some of despise wearing watches as well, I find them annoying.
  • We were a Windows Phone shop for years, and have had about 75 of the deployed, mostly without issue. Now we're in the process of switching to Andorid and t has beena non-stop PITA. I've been carrying a Nokia 8 as my personal daily driver for about 6 months, and I hate the thing. My wife hates her Android as well. We're tired of having conversation in the evening at home, and then getting on our phones and seeing our Facebook feeds filled with ads about what we were talking about. Or getting on our computers and finding articles pertaining to what we were talking about showing up front and center. The things are just spy tools. And buggy as hell. Freezes, no sound on incoming calls and texts, apps crashes, etc. Getting the ones for the company set up through an MDM solution has proved frustrating and inconsistent.
  • wow, there's no way to keep Facebook from listening to you?
  • It's not just Facebook, it seems Amazon and other apps do as well. You can turn off background activity, but of you use one of the apps and forget you've left it open...
  • December 2019 is a very generous amount of support so I have no complaints there. I was already looking into Android devices late last year, but it seems I can hang onto my quite capable 950 a bit longer.
  • End of life be damned!! I'm buying back my Alcatel IDOL 4s (bastards stole mine and HP lapdock!) And getting an Elite x3 for the hell of it. I loved those devices and will cherish what they represented for the industry as a whole. A platform that dared to be different.
  • What was different about them? They put squares around the icons? Courageous.
  • They're different because they can be used, to some extent, as desktop PCs. Android and iOS phones don't have that functionality and probably never will, unless Microsoft manages to create a successful 3-in-1 device, in which case Apple and Google will make their own versions that don't actually meaningfully replicate the functionality of Continuum but nevertheless appear to do so from the perspective of ignorant consumers. Just like the iPad "Pro" and, uh, whatever that dumb Chromebook Surface "competitor" is called-- neither of them actually have the fundamental hardware and software elements that make the Surface a legitimate computer, which is why they're still just glorified iPods. But since they were marketed as "alternatives" to the Surface line, consumers who don't understand much about computers just assume everything with "Pro" in the name is comparable. But I digress. The point is that Windows phones are in fact very different from iOS and Android, albeit not as much as they once were.
  • My HP Elite still my DD, and best phone ever! Nothing comes close to it. I wish HP had of kept going with the 2nd iteration, but that was MS's fault.
  • I used to LOVE Microsoft. I was a big big fan of everything made by Microsoft for consumers. I was an Insider ! And convinced a lot of people to buy Windows Phones and Surface.
    But then :
    - Groove Music Pass -> removed,
    - Movies and TV: it's a shame if you want to manage your own movies library,
    - Photos : soooooo bad !!!
    - Cortana : still not available natively in my country (Belgium), and no evolution,
    - Skype : is used by professionals only,
    - the dark mode of Windows : so ugly,
    - Microsoft Band ? Gone,
    - Contacts app ? Impossible to create a group of contacts,
    - ... I loved my Lumia that I used for 5 years ! But then I tried the iPhone and... it's fantastic ! Nearly everything I was exptecting from Microsoft is available and works perfect on my iPhone ! So, now I'm thinking of buying a Mac to replace my Surface Pro ;-) It is very disappointing, but Microsoft has become a B2B company, making very nice products for companies, but not for the "home / family consumer"... :-(
  • Same. All the way down to the Microsoft Band. Only thing was I live in US, and Cortana I found to be very useful...
  • My best fone windows 10 mobile my all family 9 fone used Lumia 1520 532 540 640 650 950 xl used fone
  • And stop bothering with the same I'm not going to go and continue using my Lumia, I just sold a Nokia Lumia 900 and the store still worked and a lot of apps like WhatsApp were left but others like Netflix and many more other than the same my mom has 10 Years with a Lumia 1020 and still working well and the store still works and some apps are still updated.
  • Typo in the article "Microsoft says you should switch ton" obviously that should be "to".
    As for me, the novelty of live tiles has worn out, whatever live tiles I normally used (mostly weather and text) could be accommodate on android via widget/cards. Actually 90% of my home screen is just white app icons. But I'm not fully ready to switch yet, plus sadly I have had a really bad last two and a half months at work, so buying a replacement device that I would be happy with is not even in the cards right now.
  • Either way, if Windows 10 Mobile experiences what the Windows Phone 8.1 customers are experiencing (go 1020!), you won't have many living Live Tiles before long. They're gradually going dark. Also, just a few days ago, the News app stopped showing the subject in the notification center and only says "New Message" or something like that. Weather Channel no longer has an active live tile, and many others haven't had one in a while. Then, there are the apps that simply get pulled (I'm looking at you Skype by Microsoft!).
  • You can get SquareHome2 on Android if you want the tiles interface. Check out the videos of it (preferably the recens ones), see if you like it.
  • Hopefully i would be able to afford an iPhone within that time, and I'll never use any Microsoft apps or services after that., I'm done with them.
  • Kudos. I went the same route. It's not worth it. They kill them all off as soon as you start getting in the groove of using them. This company isnt worth it anymore. I hear people say they should sell of Xbox. In reality they should sell off everything BUT Xbox because it's the only thing worth a cheap long term.
  • Bahahaha.... You do realize you are talking about the company in the race with Amazon to have the world biggest market capitalization IN THE WORLD EVER.... MS will still be there and dominating when my grand children will be grand parents.... Get a clue
  • Switch to an Android or IOS device but refrain from using "Microsoft's mobile software and services." That will be my 2019 resolution. MS does not deserve my business.... MS hurry up and become an enterprise company, like BlackBerry/RIM and die already...
  • I sadly switched to in iPhone back in 2017, but man, do I wish Microsoft would have been able to pull this off. I miss my Windows Phone so much still.
  • So frustrated. There is just nothing to me that is compelling to switch to. Whelp, guess I'll hang in there till the bitter end with my Lumia 950. Unless Androm…..
  • Same here, I actually have some Android 'flagships' at their time: LGv20, LGv30, Essential PH1, Galaxy S8, some older HTCs, Alcatels and some lesser known brand phones. And they are all just idle in my drawers. I instead carry my 950 XL or Elite X3. I feel so lost now. I can't stand Android, it's just a hot mess as far as I'm concerned, no matter what they do, it never seems coherent to me, like just a bunch of put together apps. Maybe I'll finally get an iPhone and just call it a day while I'm feeling miserable. I guess I won't use my phone as much anyways, which is nothing new, I'm mainly on my PC most of the time anyways.
    Feels so sad. This is frustrating.
    Anyways, we still have like 11 months, so enjoy it while it's there...
  • I can't believe MS is not continuing with windows mobile. Such a shame.
    Loved all my windows phone and can't even think about going to iOS or android.
    Will there be a surface device to replace?
  • I'm just as lost. Even if I want to move on, the alternatives are just not it imho. So upsetting, it's probably going to be some iPhone, and I'll just stick to phone calls, sms and the occasional banking app or uber.
  • Mate, we asked ourselves that question back in 2017. Save yourself the trouble and just move on to a platform with an actual future already.
  • That's very sad. I really loved all my Windows phone and then Windows Mobile and I hope we will soon again see something from MS that we can carry everywhere with us
  • Come, Andromeda, come.
  • Right after it rains frogs
  • Well, last I heard we're supposed to get that C... device first that folds but doesn't fit in your pocket. Still haven't figured out why I wouldn't just carry my Surface if it won't fit into my pocket anyways.
  • ...and this is what Nnutella has brought you all. This guy is a complete clown. Company may be making its quick buck but is becoming more and more irrelevant. Companies are leaving office for Google Suite left and right. What happens when he has destroys that cash cow?
  • Obviously, Microsoft is complex, but... Windows is declining, not Office. Office 365 and associated income is actually one of the major money makers, in my recollection. I don't like everything that has happened but Nadella has made a number of solid decisions that have been in the best interest of the company - short-term as well as long-term. I have a hunch that most neutral observers (and I'm definitely not one of those) would pick Microsoft as the most well-managed company at this time between Apple, Google, and Microsoft. And things might really get interesting with Amazon, if Bezos had to give his wife enough shares that her selling them leads to different control of the company...
  • Agree about Apple being mismanaged. And agree that Bezos' ego and family problems will spell trouble for Amazon. But Google is a very well managed company and will kick Nadella's flat @$$ in the upcoming years, not only in consumer, and Education, but eventually in enterprise too. Google and their OEMs are about the only companies I see innovating these days. And in tech innovation is everything. MS now finds themselves in the impossible situation of trying with Windows Lite to replicate/plagiarize Chrome OS. It can't be done.
  • Yeah, I mean he has only trebled the Microsoft Share price under his tenure. He is a businessman who realises that Microsoft future is in Enterprise cloud service, not in Consumer, and certainly not to keep you happy.
  • I switched over to android a few years back but I'm still using my Microsoft Lumia 950XL ( for business use ) until the end it's a shame what happened to windows 10 mobile it was a brilliant platform in its time.
  • This really sucks. Looks like I'm going to have to move over sometime this year. Really a shame as I found Microsoft/Windows phones always better hardware and features (not incl apps) than other phones.
  • ... what have you been waiting for all this time? Didn't you see the writing on the wall some time in 2017?
  • Do you have personal issues dude?
  • I'll likely still use a Windows Phone past that date.
  • I have Note 9 and iPhone 6S but Lumia 950xl goes with me everywhere....
  • Microsoft does not respect our choice
  • I use 950xl I fit in this days the screen, 119€ , changed the battery and ordered a new cover. I'll try to use it until 2020.
    I love it my 200 apps I use still work. The phone my company gave me is a Samsung, slow, strange, ugly. I installed the Microsoft launcher, but I liked something better a way to have tiles and sms. I'd like to charge my lumia backup and have the same apps, sms, OneDrive, outlook, contacts in the same way. I don t want a lot a google apps that want all my days.
  • And then we will take the bend and Msft will show us what new they have in store to go crazy about.
  • Yes, like how quickly they can abandon projects like androme-dead.
  • Sounds like you are bitter.
  • Even with, 'No Support' from MS for updates and security the platform is still better supported than Android and iOS. I've got an Android phone and it's ho hum, my wife has an iPhone X and it's boring and delicate. My daily drivers are still HP Elite X3, 950xl and 950. I just gave my 640xl (still in amazing condition, and running perfect!!!!) to a family member, and another 950xl to someone else as they are still amazing phones running beautifully!!!!!! Let's see what happens.
  • I been hanging on to my 950XL but I guess the time is getting near to leave windows mobile for good. The worst news is that I will probably not be using anything Microsoft on android or IOS. If I am going to switch to another Mobile OS I going to stick with that OS total experience with out any MS stuff in it. Good bye and farewell Lumia it was fun while it lasted R.I.P. .
  • Truthfully I'm still waiting for that mythical "bend" around the corner. I remember rooting for Elop to become the CEO of Microsoft so bad. If only.
  • I think we can all agree there isn't gonna be a mythical "bend" anywhere. Save yourself the trouble and just move on to a working platform with an actual future.
  • Well, I didn't think I needed to end my sentence with the word - sarcasm. Oh well.
  • Uh... yes, you do. Remember, it's Windows Central. It's full of people who genuinely believe in a magical unicorn. It sounded like you were one of them.
  • Nope, just you.
  • It still hurts...
  • thanks ******* /s
  • Microsoft Launcher on Android with all the Microsoft apps and services on it is the future! After I busted my Lumia 950XL I went to the Samsung Galaxy S8+. It took some getting used to but I'm digging it now running Microsoft Launcher with a dark theme and Wicons for my icons because they look the closest to the Win10 icons. Baked in Cortana assistant in the launcher. One Drive photo auto upload. Outlook app for email and calendar. Microsoft To-Do build in and the app as well. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office Lens and more! Between Edge as my browser, Microsoft Launcher and the Microsoft Your Phone Companion Everything is sinked across all my Windows Devices. Continue on PC works great!
  • What about hands free voice text?
  • You do not need the launcher to do all those things. Also, where is the dark theme for Outlook? Cortana on Android is terrible, I have tried it multiple times.
  • Satya Nadella needs to retire on that date as well!
  • Android sucks....iOS sucks.....and now?
  • i feel the same way . the others are so complicated to use . i have the same lumia 640 since it came it out .it works better now then the first day. everything works perfect.
    i trust it for text calls maps weather news etc . android google maps sucks
  • Well I won't be getting rid of any of my Windows Phones, they will just be kept in their boxes and replaced with Android, my primary device is a Nokia 8 and I'll be replacing the 950XL, my backup device, with a Nokia 6.1
  • This happened years ago, I had 7 or 8 windows phones before I realized Microsoft had blotched their whole mobile effort. My first smart phone was a Nokia 820. Loved that phone and stayed with Windows phones for several years but finally realized the effort by Microsoft just was not there. I use Android now even though I dont trust them at all. Who knows what the future holds.
  • So disappointed in Microsoft! This was the best mobile phone platform by far. Just recently got a Galaxy S9. It's a good phone but even with Launcher it is not the same and Bixby is no Cortana! RIP Windows Phone.
  • Oh no, Sad to see WINDOWS 10 MOBILE to end soon. Actually it's not the Microsoft responsible for the ending the support for WPs or W10M , it's because the customers never understood the User Interface on how to use the Windows OS on phones and also poor support from app developers. Windows 10 Mobile was and is really Slickest, fastest and sexiest looking Mobile OS in any Mobile OS platform in the world, Hands Down! For Some it was not practical or something like that. However, Windows 10 looks good on PCs and tablets too.
  • No, Microsoft was responsible for the fall of WM. You can't expect developer support if you change the api every time a new version ships. You can't expect users to keep using a product with such an appalling browser as Edge, which on the mobile can't even block popups or rearrange tabs. Also, hell no, it doesn't look good on PCs. Windows 7 and Vista slay it any day.
  • Good riddance. Windows 10 Mobile will not be missed
  • Neither will you...
  • He's right though. The world has moved on, WM will not be missed.
  • Exactly if it was so good like fanboys claim then how come hardly anyone bought windows based mobile phones?
  • I love Windows 10 Mobile but like Jason, I moved on to an Android.....a Moto E4.
    Installed MS Launcher & few MS programs and it's not bad. Plenty of stuff works fine.
    It's a feature packed mid range phone that I really can't complain about.
    But I think Microsoft made a big mistake giving up on Windows Phone and flipping the bird to those of us who like their OS.
    You see, Nadella thinks the world doesn't need a third OS.
    I disagree and believe that it badly needs a third OS. It needs the Microsoft ecosystem for those who simply want something different and trustworthy.
    It's hard for me to believe that it was a business decision that was in the long term best interest of Microsoft.
    If you were to take out emotions, would another CEO make the same business decision?
  • I do completely agree with you Garry, the world NEEDS a third OS, mostly because one of the 2 remaining operating systems - iOS - is a really expensive software. I hope Microsoft sees this area of opportunity and one day, it will return (with Andromeda) to the smartphone, or future mobile computers, market.
  • Thank you.
    I've made many comments on here about MS abandoning the cell phone market and like you mentioned, cost and value of a cell phone is very important to most of us.
    I think the early business model of selling budget priced phones that were awesome was still the way to go. They could have also offered higher end phones for those who wanted them.
    Sure, they didn't succeed in marketing but a great product will survive. They could have been sold in the MS Store.
    They could have ridden out low sales because they would have been expanding the Windows & Office experience. They should have stayed the course and they eventually would have won over many who think 800-1000 bucks is way too much to pay for a phone.
    My Android isn't bad and I can't really criticize it with MS Launcher.
    But, working within 2 different and competing environments stinks.
    Microsoft develops good stuff. It's a doggone shame that they often fail in marketing it.
    I'd really like to know whether another CEO who didn't have the internal culture/politics/emotions would have made the same decision.
    I doubt it.
    Long live Windows Phone
  • We have seen today a Lumia 950 XL running Windows 10 quite well (despite only 3 GB RAM and Qualcomm 810). With advances in chips and so forth, what's to stop new gadgets (not necessarily only smartphones) to run a full fledged OS? I think the end of Windows Mobile is irrelevant and the time for Windows 10 everywhere is finally arriving.
  • Giving new life to old phones? It'd be pretty sweet if we got a phone from OEMs that did this.
  • Well, this is gonna be a tough year, the last one using a Windows phone. Right now I'm using - and still enjoying - a Lumia 650 and I still don't know which platform I will switch to; I don't like Android nor iOS, cause for me both UI look like a computer desktop but in the phone, while WP and WM really doesn't look like. I'm really disappointed to Microsoft cause they didn't stand along a very good product. We, smartphone consumers, have lost, cause right now, if you aren't well paid to buy a 800-1000 dollar phone, cof cof iPhone, you can't choose between other OS, but Android phones. Such a pity.
  • Android is the OS that will feel and look the most like W10M with a Launcher 10 installed. Or you could use the Microsoft Launcher installed. Not gonna fool you though, it will not be like using a Lumia phone. Beside using a Lumia 95p XL I also use a Samsung galaxy S8 and the screens feel very different. I prefer the Lumia screen and also the Outlook app. Android Outlook sucks big time. Expect some changes...
  • Sad to hear but ultimately inevitable. I was an avid Windows Phone user with the LG Optimus 7 being my 1st Windows phone. I then got the Lumia 900, Lumia 925 and then the 950XL but I jumped to Android a few months after the release of the 950XL and have been surprised by how good it is. Currently using a Galaxy S9 Plus. I loved the Xbox games integration and the Halo Waypoint app with the in game map display was ahead if its time. RIP Windows Mobile/Phone.
  • I just wanted to thank Microsoft for supporting my phone for over 3 years. Seriously, is there any mobile phone makers who would do that? I think most of them give their customers a year and that's it.
  • Apple does 5 years.
  • Can it make phone calls? Check ✅ Can it text and receive sms'ses? Check ✅ Can it take pictures? Check ✅ Can it uses Microsoft apps like to do? Check ✅ Can it surf mobile web sites? Check ✅ Can it send and read mails? Check ✅ Okay my Lumia 950 XL is still useable 😀 No panic here. And for other apps I have a Samsung Galaxy S8. Lumina phones with win 10 mobile on might be useful for quiet some time after Microsoft decides to end the support if all one wants is a phone without heavy app use Sent from my Lumia 950 XL phone where the Windows central app is so much better than on Android.
  • I switched from Windows 10 to an Android because my carrier stopped supporting windows 10. I did not care about the app gap and still don't. What I cared about was functionality. Since I got to Android I lost the ability to simply swipe left or right in a web page to go back and forth across pages(I do this a lot, lots of online reading). I lost simple text management such as forwarding a text. In Windows if I wanted to forward a text, it assumed I wanted to forward it as a text message to another person and went to my contacts. Android wants be to select from every single app on my phone where to forward it to, and a text msg is have way through the list of 100+ apps. My windows phone had my phone dialer, recent calls, visual voicemail, and phone book all in one simple to access spot with again a simple swipe to go through them. My Android has a recent callers, frequently called, and phone book to swipe to with a button for the dialer that I am always hitting when I don't want to and voicemail is in another app entirely. Why?
    So now I am sure that someone is going to say I can download a new app that can customize all this. Yup, went looking through the possibilities, thousands of them. Trial and error for the next 6 months till I find something....
    As for widgets vs live tiles... No comparison. Widgets are a pain in the ass to set and waste way too much. I had live tiles for 4 different email accounts, my phone calls, texts, weather, photos, couple webpages I keep an eye on and a few other random apps. All those widgets cut my battery life down to nothing and I still don't get anywhere near the amount of info that live tiles provided. I would go back to windows in a heartbeat if my phone carrier would support it again. Instead I am forced to Apple or Android and I hate them both. The only thing they have is more apps. But actual functionality, Windows trounces them.
    Then there is the drop down screen. Windows had everything in a simple to read orderly fashion with phone calls, texts, and emails at top and would ask as you install apps if you want to receive notifications on installing the app. My Android I had to tell it like 6-10 times to stop the different Facebook notifications. No I don't want friend notifications, like notifications, potential new friends... One app and u had to tell it over and over stop.... It was maddening. And the phone call notifications I need would get pushed to the bottom. It's a shame Microsoft screwed the pooch on its mobile platform. It really is/was superior.
  • You and a few others nailed my feelings on this exactly. I'm not a child who needs or wants all the Snapchat-like BS flash and bling. I just want a device that has the main features of communicating available, and done really, really well, with productivity extras that make you go, "Yeah, that was well thought out" and allow me to put AWAY that device and get back to my actual life in the real world. The other thing I need is to not worry about where all my data is going to be if I have an inevitable hardware failure. My Idol 4S just died. I simply got one of the last remaining 950XLs out there, logged in to my account, and (after the initial round of updates that took an hour), in a few minutes the XL looked just like the Idol. All my texts, all my pictures, all my contacts, all my apps, all my emails, all my music. No interaction on my part. All while I was actually living my life. That's what a mobile device should be like. Hopefully, the Windows on ARM experiment will lead to a happy place where any manufacturer will be able to have devices that will support that OS and we can stop all this childish ranting. Devices are an integral part of our days, I get it. But they should be useful and simple, and then put away.
  • So... They want as all to become android users?... Hell no androids suck, they have zero security and of course android makes things easier but most of the things androids makes easy to do are not suppose to done... I'd rather shift to apple not not androids
  • Good time for some mega price drops for windows mobile phones.
  • I just bought a zenfone 5q. Switched to android from Alcatel one s Windows 10. My battery drains very fast after last update. And Edge brousing on Windows phone has gotten really bad. Everything works better on android. I do miss live tiles though. I'm using the Microsoft home page for the next best thing. It's time to move on and not look back.
  • Using Windows phones since 2013, with one regretible step aside in 2015 with Android BB Priv. My Lumia 950 XL just got stolen and brand new 950 XL is coming from Amazon instead. Cant wait to receive it :)
  • I feel this article needs a durge playing in the background while reading
  • Just think, we will get to read thru all of this again in December.
  • Haha ya that's true.
  • Well never mind man