Microsoft to premiere 15 new games at E3 2018 conference

E3 2018 is officially underway, kicking off a week of announcements and trailers from the world's biggest game publishers. Microsoft is set to host its media briefing on June 10, where the firm is expected to outline upcoming games, hardware, and other Xbox-related products.

Preparations are underway ahead of its showcase, with the final rehearsal now wrapped according to Xbox head, Phil Spencer. Posting to Twitter from the E3 stage, Spencer has confirmed 15 new games will be premiered during the show, alongside "much, much more."

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While leaks are common practice leading up to E3 press conferences, Microsoft has kept details on this year's show locked down. While in previous years, entire show schedules have surfaced online, we're yet reliable information on any major announcements.

The Microsoft press conference is set for 4 PM ET / 9 PM BST on June 10, through the official Xbox Mixer channel. For those unable to watch, timely written coverage can also be found at Windows Central.

E3 2018 Xbox predictions: Everything we expect to see from Microsoft

Matt Brown

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  • The question is how many of them will actually be MS exclusives and not just multi-plats that they have marketing rights to or are just timed exclusives
  • And how many of those are not tiny indie games..
  • Or even worse... Mobile Games *gag*
  • Honestly I don't give a horse's 4ss if they are exclusive. Just hope they are great games for my Xbox one.
  • 15 games total, or 15 that haven't been announced? I have no interest in watching Battlefield 5 content or the typical partnering with Ubisoft for trash I'm not buying. Are we going to have ANY exclusives in this show? Is it going to be 2 Ubi games, 2 EA games, 10 indie games, and Crackdown? I don't care about quantity, I care about quality, and Microsoft's failed to provide both to this platform for the past 2 years.
  • That's because a year prior to Phil Spencer getting to promoted to the SLT around the end of 2017. There were massive cuts and studios were shut down. So prior to his promotion, Xbox and Gaming didn't have a real voice in the senior leadership team. So yeah time is needed to develop new IP and to bring in new studios.
  • Sadly that was the situation and that affects Xbox in regards to contents. They really need to develop new IP, that also not just another FPS or multiplayer titles. They have to diversify and really bring new studios nor make a deal with some big studios to make one. Like the Xbox One is a multimedia console but I'm really more now into PS4 because of their contents over there. It doesn't matter if they are exclusives or not, Xbox at least needs better content. If they have to make Xbox exclusive only (or not tell its also available on PC through Microsoft Store), then do that just to make Xbox little more attractive. What I wish is they partner up with Japanese studios which makes some compelling and unique games, but not just some another Final Fantasy, but another IP. Some RPG/JRPG would be a great addition to have on Xbox portfolio with the likes of Persona and platformers like Nier:Automata. Basically what I'm wishing are something more unique IP. Cuphead were great and we need more diverse IPs.
  • Might of not been a JRPG but damnit Scalebound looked great
  • Gotta agree but sadly it was unreleased. Why we can't have nice things?!
  • They screw up so often ( cortana being the most recent) , i wonder what they screw today ..ill be watching.
  • They're going to show Below, Gears 5, Forza Horizon 4, Halo 6, possibly a new Fable, Ori and Will of the Wasp and Crackdown 3, that's for sure. So from those "new 15 games", 3 are the typical Microsoft exclusives. And all titles will be available on PC as well.
  • If we’re talking 15 games with even some level of exclusivity, then that’s awesome. If it’s just the new Assassin’s Creed and stuff like that, then that isn’t doing much of anything to build confidence with the userbase.
  • Yeah, that's what I'm really hoping for. Those 15 games better are not just some popular mainstream IP that is going to be available on all platforms anyway. And hopefully that the games are more compelling and something more unique. The portfolios are getting stale with same series, same IPs, same western FPS games. They sell, sure, but I don't think that's healthy for the platform alone.
  • So it's exclusivity that makes a game great. What is it with exclusive games. If they want to make their game available on all platform, it's their choice. Stop whining about exclusive games as if that's what makes a game great.
  • This. 100%. Being exclusive - especially for Xbox - has never guaranteed greatness. Far from it. The whole console war thing is just...bizarre.
  • Agreed, consoles wars are really ridiculous. However, nonetheless you cannot ignore the work Microsoft managed to undo regarding the Xbox this gen. Sure the services were great, backwards compatibility too. However, they should be an added benefit on top of Microsoft providing great 1st party support I do think though, the seeds which they are planting now will give them rewards for next gen for sure. This has been my least favourite Xbox Generation by far.
  • @Daniel Rubino
    It's not about console war, it's about how MS are committed into making games for their customers.
    If it's all about paying money to 3rd party studios so that their trailers are first on their E3 conference. Then how is it good for XB customers?
    If MS shows tones of exclusives it shows that they back into making games for their customers so great.
  • >Then how is it good for XB customers? How is it not good? If a game comes out on PS4 and Xbox, how is that NOT good for MS customers
  • Because 3rd party games comes on both consoles regardless. If MS is not investing in making games for their customers and instead depend on 3rd party games how is it good for XB customers? To put it simply. What's better?
    1) 3rd party games + loads MS's games or 2) just 3rd party games.
  • 3rd party games don't come regardless. Kingdom Hearts was literally just announced for the first time on Xbox. So I'll ask again, why are 3rd party announcements bad?
  • This is hilarious. Just because Spencer made deals with Japanese studio so they can port a game on XB, it means XB and MS should not invest in making games.
    Most of the 3rd party games would come on XB regardless.
    It's amazing how much damage control people will do for MS not making enough games...
  • Wait, who said MS shouldn't be making games? I'm asking you why 3rd party announcements are bad, and you have yet to explain that.
  • Its really not, and its not much different than rooting for a sports team. Ive never seen jerseys with ALL the teams on it, ive never seen those guys that paint their face with ALL the teams' colors. This has been going since the 80s,when we would go head to head, back and forth over how many colors the super nintendo could paint on the screen at once versus how many the Sega genesis could, 8bit vs 16bit, 8 channel pcm vs 16, so on and so forth, school year after school year, from middle school well into high school, new console after new console and well before PC had a foot to stand on. And there was ALWAYS that one kid whos parents may have been military which which meant he got his hands on a super famicom or a turbographx 16, which would briefly kickstart the 3-way console war.. Its more surprising i still see comments like this when this has been going on for well over 40 years.... Btw, I was team sega, team amiga, and then team xbox. It will end once nintendo, sony, and microsoft join together to make one console... Dont hold your breath! lol...
  • No, but if you want to sell a platform, you have to get the games there. Being an Xbox exclusive (especially published by Microsoft) gives you a MUCH better chance of things like W10 Store publishing, Play Anywhere (single-license purchases), cross-platform play, and pushing the MS ecosystem as a whole.
  • Not really. I own a PS4 Pro, 2 XboxOnes, Switch, and a high-end gaming PC. I have been playing God of War and Kingdom Hearts games on the PS4. I've been playing a lot of First-Party games on the Switch. Everything else on my PC. Why do I own these Xboxes again? I'm not sure, and if this E3 doesn't impress, they're being traded in. They haven't been used in over a year.
  • @moislopez
    You know it's not about games being exclusive or not. It's about how much MS as a console maker are interested into making games for it's customers. How much they are willing to invest for their customers. If it's all about paying money to 3rd party studios so that their trailers are first on their E3 conference. Then how is it good for XB customers?
  • You just have to look at their 'biggest sale of the year' for the games on their xbox platform going on at the moment. It's the same games, pushed again and again. I'm just expecting some timed exclusives and a load of rehashed guff. I don't really care for exclusives myself, but the way they market the games means it feels more than ever that the console only has a select few titles to pickfrom, assassins creed, call of duty, battle front etc. While it maybe that they're the most popular it is the same game rehashed for years now, everyone knows it'll be on their plat form, they're on the other platforms too and it's just causing the xbox platform to just feel like a generic console that you can get the generic rehashed games on it rather than something exciting that you may find a hidden gem in the xbox id games or something that larger indie studios may gravitate towards, trying to push what the console gamers/devs can do and aim for.
    It almost feels like Microsoft for a little more than burned with the Kinect response and are too wary of trying something different. Imagine for a moment if they did do something a little bit crazy, added system wide keyboard and mouse support for example. What kind of games would we see, ignoring the initial backlash of gamepad only gamers kicking up a fuss. What if Microsoft brought forth, Mixed reality headset support. Would it be exclusive enough with VR games or do we really really need a wireless headset before that happens...
  • Great games are great games regardless of the platform you can play them on. That's it. End of story. Stop feeding the needless console wars trolls. I played some pretty great games on my TI-83 graphic calculator back in the day.
  • @Richard Devine
    It's amazing how you guys can't understand the point here.
    It's NOT about console war.
    It's about how committed MS are into making games for their customers. If it's all about paying money to 3rd party studios so that their trailers are first on their E3 conference. Then how is it good for XB customers?
    If MS shows tones of exclusives it shows that they back into making games for their customers so great. It looks like you guys are trying to make this a console war thing. It's a MS making games for their customers thing. It's a 1st/2nd party vs hyping 3rd party games.
  • Considering you usually comment trolling or saying how awesome the PS4 is why would anyone believe you're having a serious discussion? Sure, Sony has a handful of solid first-party games. Big deal. If you like those, go buy a PlayStation. The Xbox ecosystem is more than just "ZOMG WE HAVE ALL THESE EXCLUSIVES YOU GUYS CANT PLAY HAHAHAHA" You also clearly don't understand how much time, money and effort goes into making games. You can't flip a switch and have Halo 6.
  • Yeh it takes planning and time and money. MS has had time. They've got money too. What they failed to do was plan. Look back at previous gens, MS did alot to invest in exclusives. If it wasn't for exclusive games we wouldn't have the likes of Halo, Forza, Fable, PGR, GOW, etc reach the heights they did and do. I give them full credit for the services they built up. But when it comes to MS actually investing and making games for their OWN system this gen, they've fallen well short.
  • LOL So can you provide a link where I was trolling and when I called PS4 awesome? Now when you're talking of me, it looks like you're just trying to move the discussion away from the actual point. MS's commitment into making games for their customers. For you and me and all other gamers who own their platforms. What I can understand is that MS is a much bigger company than Sony and Nintendo, but produce a LOT less games for their customers. You want to talk about time and money? How is it that Sony has the time and money to make these games? I want MS to compete with Sony when it comes to making games. This constant damage controlling and defending MS/XB isn't good.
    Things needs to be said if we want changes.
    Look at EA, if there wasn't any noise about lootboxes last year, do you seriously think they wouldn't be there in Anthem and Battelfield V? It almost looks like you don't want MS to make games for their customers. So the question is what's your priority here? Do you want more games or is defending MS/XB no matter what?
  • Fully agree.
  • @devine ,Console wars been going on before(or since) youve been born, why are they gonna stop now?
  • The thing is that this is not about console war. It's just about how much MS/XB are putting into making games for their customers. That's it.
    A gaming company and console maker making games for the people who invested in their ecosystem.
    It is just that. Its gamers asking and wanting games.
    When people want a company to make more games, there are some people who are "fans" of that company who sees it as a personal attack and trolling in some weird war.
    No. It's just gamer wanting games.
    I want more Quantum break, Ori, Recore. When they announced Ori's sequel last year it was one of my highlight of E3 2017. I'm hoping for more of that...
    I don't care about damage controlling for any company. For me, it's products over company.
  • I actually felt sad that we just want better contents and yet being accused of being a troll, despite coming from the same camp. Troll are trolls, they never make a sane discussion with you. There's a difference. But yeah, so far the announcement so far is good, mostly a promise and upcoming titles but at least maybe this is a new start. We just want better and more diverse contents, it's not about just for the sake of console war, it's about commitment to their own customers.
  • Yeah, but Microsoft isn't in a the business of just selling games. They're not EA or Ubisoft or anything of the sort. They're selling an ecosystem. I have a PS4 Pro, an Xbox One S, and a gaming PC. The Xbox has the least amount of use because most multiplatform stuff goes to PC, leaving exclusives for the consoles. I was dying to see Forza in VR with the XB1X. I was going to buy into the console and WMR platform hard for that. Instead, they made a poor excuse of "need wireless VR," and I skipped the game, console, and headset for now. Great games are great games, yeah. We're not here to just talk about great games though, we're here for Microsoft. Microsoft has an ecosystem, Windows 10, to sell to gamers. They need to hook people in with the W10 Store to sell PC gaming better for their consumer/fan base. Exclusives do that, where as generically multi-platform releases are going to more likely end up on Steam with no cross-buy or cross-play, which also means no Play Anywhere single-license and linked saves.
  • @PMPW7
    Some level of exclusivity?? You mean even timed exclusivity? For me that's the worst!
  • Microsoft can’t simply rely on third parties to keep their platforms afloat with content. The call for exclusive content is about Microsoft showing that they have a vested interest not just in selling hardware and services, but in pleasing their fan base. What incentive is there to buy a console if it has no exclusive content? Because the X has better graphics than a Pro? What’s that matter if I can own a PC and have the best graphics, as well as not missing a single game available for the platform? Microsoft needs to give people incentive to buy their platform, which means experiences that can’t be gotten elsewhere. I’m a loyalist, but I’m not totally mindless. I’ve been a supporter of the Xbox brand since the original replaced Sega and their platforms as my must owns. I want to see Microsoft return to the success that they had with the 360, and that means being real and calling them out on their faults. If some of you wanna call that trolling, then maybe you need thicker skin. As Xbox gamers, we should all want the best from them, and that means being vocal and letting them know when they’re not delivering for us, not just mindlessly bobbing our heads in agreement with any move they make, no matter how bad it is for them in the minds of gamers. Xbox needs exclusives to sell the platform. I can play Just Cause 4 and every other upcoming major third party game on every current gen platform, as well as PC, if not more, because there are more than a few devs that don’t even consider the Xbox fan base right now. What’s Microsoft doing to make everyone need their console?
  • 4k 4k 4K 120Hz 120Hz 60FPS 4K 4K
  • Super Mario like games, please !!!
  • yeah I hope they do more with the Super Lucky Franchise. The game had its flaws but there's potential.
  • Personally this doesn't really sound good. World premier can mean anything 3rd party, 1st party, new unseen gameplay, new trailer... For reference, last year's "world premier" were
    1) Forza 7
    2) Metro Exodus (3rd party)
    3) Assassin's creed Origins (3rd party)
    4) Assassin's creed Origins gameplay (3rd party)
    5) DragonBall fighterZ (3rd party)
    6) Super Lucky's Tale
    7) Life is Strange Before the storm (3rd party)
    8) Ori and the will of the wisps
    9) Anthem (3rd party) So for me, I'm a bit worried that he is hyping the world premier and not actual FP or true exclusives. We can almost guess what some of these are new Forza, possibly new Fable or Halo, Assassin's greed, Battlefield V.
    It doesn't sound good because it looks like it's going to be more of the same...
  • For those wondering here are the 15 "world premiere"
    10 are 3rd party
    1 is a mobile game
    1 is Ori announced last year.
    3 are Battletoads, Forza and Gears sequels Ori sequel (console exclusive and "world premiere")
    Sekiro- Shadow Die twice (3rd party and "world premiere")
    Fallout 76 (3rd party and "world premiere")
    Captain Spirit(3rd party and "world premiere")
    Forza Horizon 4 (console exclusive and "world premiere")
    Tales of Vesperia (3rd party and "world premiere")
    Division 2 (3rd party and "world premiere")
    Devil May Cry 5 (3rd party and "world premiere")
    Jump Force (3rd party and "world premiere")
    Dying light 2 (3rd party and "world premiere")
    Battletoads (console exclusive and "world premiere")
    Just cause 4 (3rd party and "world premiere")
    Gears (mobile and "world premiere")
    Gears 5 (Console exclusive and "world premiere")
    Cyberpunk 2077 (3rd party and "world premiere")