Microsoft is making big changes to Bing Rewards, including its name

Microsoft is emailing members of Bing Rewards, informing them of some major changes to the program that offers a way to earn points towards purchasing gift cards. One of those changes is that the program will now be called Microsoft Rewards.

The old Bing Rewards let users earn points for gift cards, sweepstakes entries and more by searching on Bing. The new Microsoft Rewards will retain earning points via Bing searches, but users will also be able to earn points by purchasing items in both the Windows Store and Microsoft Store. Yes, that even includes buying items in physical Microsoft Store locations. In addition, points can be earned by using the Microsoft Edge web browser:

You'll earn points when you're actively browsing. Active browsing means the Microsoft Edge browser is in view on your desktop and the icon is highlighted on the taskbar AND you're actively engaging with the browser (mouse movements, clicks, touch gestures, keyboard presses, or presentation mode - like watching a full-screen video).

Bing Rewards used a "credit" system, but Microsoft Rewards will convert them to "points". In the new system, one Bing Rewards credit will be turned into 10 Microsoft Points. Finally, the levels of membership will change as well. Bing Rewards has three levels (Member, Silver and Gold), but Microsoft Rewards will just have Tier 1 and Tier 2 levels. If users earn 500 Microsoft Points a month, they will be a Tier 2 member and will be able to get a 10% discount on rewards from Microsoft brands. All current Bing Rewards members who signed up prior to August 15 will be upgraded to Tier 2 which will last until October 31.

Microsoft's email stated the change from Bing Rewards to Microsoft Rewards will be made automatically in the next few weeks. As with Bing Rewards, Microsoft Rewards will be limited to U.S. users

Check out the official FAQ page for Microsoft Rewards{.cta .large}

Thanks to Kyle for the tip!

John Callaham
  • My question why don't they include the xbox store as well
  • Xbox has its own reward program already.
  • Which begs the question... why not unify the rewards structure since they are making "big changes".
  • Sort of like a UWP for Rewards?
  • It does not beg the question.  Perhaps you mean, "Raises the question?"
  • Pretty sure they mean begs the question.
  • he's referring to the extremely common misuse of "begs the question" which doesn't mean what 99% of the people who use it think it means. however, most folks tend to just let it go at this point since language evolves with how people use it. the original "beg the question" is a logical fallacy similar in concept to circular reasoning.
  • Besides Xbox live rewards are crap most of the time
  • I bet this is one step towards just that
  • If you are talking about the actual Xbox Store, then you can use Bing Rewards to make purchases in the Xbox Store by redeeming Windows Store/Xbox gift cards which simply adds real money to your Microsoft Account. Example, if I redeem a $5 Windows Store gift card, my Account Balance would be $5 USD or increase by $5. I could then spend those $5 actual dollars (just like a credit or debit card purchase) in any Store that accepts payment via a Microsoft Account, whether it is the Windows Store on PC or phone or the Xbox Store online or on console or the Microsoft Store online or at a location. I only redeem Windows Store credit as it is basically free money for searches that I would do anyway. My Microsoft Account currently has around $70 after buying apps and movies last week. Google doesn't pay me to search and even if they did, a Google account is far less valuable in comparison to a Microsoft Account (considering device types, ecosystem scope, and products and services and even Windows logins) and that is why I search exclusively with Bing everywhere I am. I'll be buying Forza Horizon 3 with Binge Rewards money!
  • Cool. I got bored of Bing Rewards (I just kind of stopped doing my daily searches) but if I can get points just by using Edge I'll probably check it out.
  • It's gonna take longer to get those free Amazon cards now...
  • That's what I realized too. I'm on a Mac and won't be able to use Edge to earn points. No discounted Starbucks cards is sad. I kinda took pride in the fact that I was Gold status. #firstworldproblems
  • If you use Firefox then try user agent switcher to spoof Bing that you are using edge.
  • It looks like the reward structure is just about the same, except for the Gold discount on third-party purchases, which is going away. So I guess you're right about the Amazon cards... :-)
  • So instead of 475 credits it'll cost 500. That's an extra 25 points, which is about an extra days worth of browsing. Sad but at least we can still earn Amazon gift cards!
  •  They'll cost more points but since there are now more ways to earn points you'll get the cards faster.
  • Looks like I need to permanently change my Firefox user agent to edge to take some of mentioned benefits.
  • Firefox was the default browser on my laptop (and Opera on my desktop), but now that Edge supports extensions and has fixed the main bugs of the prior version, Edge does a great job as my main browser on both systems.
  • I get your point. But what I mean here is to not change my default browser but spoof Firefox as edge to take advantage if these rewards.
  • I actually used edge prior to extension support a lot but I have now stopped and won't come back until they implement an easy way to organise and browse your favourites just like ANY OTHER BROWSER ...
  • @CrazyQwert, I agree that Edge doesn't provide a good separte management tool, though drag and drop within the folders works. But there is a really good third party tool that I think beats what's built in to Chrome, IE, and Firefox. It's called Edge Manage is available here:
  • Yeah, found that, too. It is a pretty nice tool, indeed. However it is quite sad, that there even needs to be a third party tool and in my opinion it shows just how broken edge's bookmark management is.   Thanks for your help, though!
  • I was hoping that at least one of these changes were to be they were expanding to their other majority of users in other countries. Seems I was wrong. We're just missing out on more stuff instead :P Edit: On their FAQ for the changes (this seems to be an updated FAQ which they linked on the email sent) it says they have plans to expand to other international countries soon, however currently the date, time and list of countries is unavailable. So hey, maybe there is still a chance after all. Only time will tell. Quote:
    "Microsoft Rewards is currently limited to the United States. We plan to expand the program to international markets but don’t have a specific date or list of countries at this time."
  • Nice, this is the information I was l looking for, otherwise this information is useless for me on the UK!!!!
  • Same. As a UK resident, we don't even have a MS store. UK needs some love lol. Hopefully UK will end upon that list and it will be in the soon future. Of course it would be good if most countries would be on the list, but I doubt they'll add all countries at once sadly. All anyone can do is hope :P
  • Sign up now through a VPN. You can keep collecting points even if you don't use a VPN after signing up. Then if they ever do extend this to the UK you'll have a tonne of points already. Should be interesting...
  • Yeah I already do. You don't need a VPN to collect points, just change your location on settings to US. Although Vpn would allow it to work on Cortana, so both work but yeah Vpn better
  • Wow. Enough with the name changes.
  • I think with how they're making changes to how the points/credits are earned, it makes sense to change the name *this time*. As its now not restricted to just Bing, but most of MS services
  • Honestly, sometimes I don't know what exists, what just changed by name, what changed name and service... So much pointless swapping of everything and I don't even know what you are selling anymore.
  • Yeah I agree it can get very pointless with the name changes they do sometimes. Like I said, I only think *this* name change has a valid reason behind it haha. Even then, its not really a huge issue compared to other issues lurking around at times :P
  • Name changes are a "hot button" issue for some people? Who knew...
  • How about no? It doesn't make sense to call it Bing rewards if you're getting reward points from using other Microsoft services too.
  • This is great
  • They should just make sure this stays US only as the marketshare of Microsoft doesnt seem to bother them somewhere else 
  • Shame, they have no love with outside stores, including India and even my own country, Indonesia.
  • "As will Bing Rewards, Microsoft Rewards will be limited to U.S. users" -> As with Bing Rewards, Microsoft Rewards will be limited to U.S. users
  • Yes. A bit sad about it being limited to U.S. only. Oh well. That's how the buck rolls.
  • That's because no-one much in the US likes to buy MS products. If the rest of us non-US types stop buying them too, MS will come chasing us with nice loyalty offers. Keep buying anyway and they'll not bother.
  • ->As with Bing Rewards, Microsoft Rewards will be limited to U.S. users.
  • They kicked me out for trying to redeem a $5 Amazon card while being overseas.. now I'm banned for life from the Rewards program...
  • That's ridiculous of them. What about creating a new MS account? I just cashed in $60 worth of points for Amazon cards.
  • I've though about creating a new account just for the rewards... but I've had my e-mail for about 20 years now..  so I'm still kind of attached to that...
  • I hear ya. I lost my old Hotmail from the 90's after using google, isp and work email more, then switched to @Live when the 920 came out. Having one main account is nice.
  • Did you try emailing their support?
  • Yeah, they just said I did something against the rules and regulations... which, I mean, yeah, technically, I tried to redeem while I was overseas...  I guess if you are a US resident you can't take vacations either.
  • You're not alone. Many legit users have been banned for no reason.
  • I don't like that it is changing to a point system in the "thousands". That makes it seems like it will take forever to get rewards and adds unnecessary "math" to the thought process when inviting people to the Rewards program I have had people sign up for Bing rewards due to the simplicity of credits. 2 searches equals 1 credit and it takes 500 credits to redeem a $5 Windows Store gift card for Silver members. That has been easy to understand for everyone as 1-500 credits was though of as achievable and easy to grasp mentally. A lot of users see 5,000 and it reminds them of other rewards programs that people never obtain rewards or that they "have to do so much to get anything useful" simply because 5,000 is a bigger number than 500, regardless of the details. 5,000 creates thoughts of "OMG, I'll never get THAT many points!!!!" The reality of Couse is that if they keep doing what they currently do, they will get 5,000 just as easily as they got 500 but for new people, that is a high number. Explaining to someone that you need 5,000 instead of "only 500" may be a turn off even if the points vs credits change may be actually beneficial and achievable just the same. Personally, I can't wait for the change as I use Bing Rewards daily and have accumulated and used hundreds of dollars of Rewards cash to buy IAPs and Xbox One and PC games. Pro Tip: If you use Continuum for phones, searching in Edge via Bing counts as PC searches and searching with Edge on your phone counts as Moble. You actually can obtain PC and Mobile searches on one device! Seems like common sense? No. Bing could have still counted Continuum searches as Mobile as you are technically still using your phone. I hope this stays the same with Microsoft Rewards as I don't want to have to use an actual PC to get PC searches when currently I can get 50 per day on one device.
  • I've noticed Cortana searches through edge on my desktop are counted as mobile searches. Also, you can switch Edge to grab the desktop page even on your phone. That, too, will count as a PC search. I like that I can use one device to get my points. Although I almost always rack up points just using my phone and desktop like I normally do. Sometimes I forget to get the extra rewards points they email out. I think it's a good program to reward loyalty. I hope the cost of the $5 Amazon and Microsoft gift cards remain the same (or get cheaper).
  • Thank you for the tip about using Cortana on the desktop. I didn't know the searches were counted that way. I agree, it is a great rewards program. I hope Microsoft expands Microsoft Rewards to every country that uses Microsoft Accounts in the future.
  • You know what they should do? It shouldn't be multiplied by 10, but rather give decimals. Then, no mulitiplication involved! 
  • I love bing rewards.  The amount of coffee and music I have earned through the program have been very nice.  Whatever they name it, as long as I can still get it using Bing search (have to use Chrome at work) I'm good.
  • But still doesn't exists in France and other countries...
  • Hopefully that changes soon for all of us. On Microsoft's updated FAQ for Microsoft rewards it says: "Microsoft Rewards is currently limited to the United States. We plan to expand the program to international markets but don’t have a specific date or list of countries at this time." Hopefully a lot more countries will be on this list ad that its in the soon future. Only time will tell :P
  • This statement has been there forever. I dont expect it to happen anytime soon.
  • Like I said, only time will tell. I'm not 100% sure on the statement either, just stating what's there. Also, I read the FAQ about it a while ago, and this statement is new. It used to only say that it was available for a US without a mention of other countries being added. It seems this whole new FAQ has been updated from the old one that was around a few days/months ago
  • I happened to see the active browsing rewards option show up in the rewards dashboard a few weeks ago. It said it was available until August 12 or something like that. I made nothing of it and figured I would explore it the next day. Then it went away when I refreshed the page. I thought I was imagining things. Glad to see I'm not crazy. :-)
  • Same here. I saw it and I figured I'd have to remember to check it out later. But when I did, it was gone. Probably messed up during testing or something.
  • Not avaiable in my Country...
  • Not for nothing but this isn't exactly new.... If you pre-ordered certain physical games from the MS Store and if your account email was also signed up with Bing rewards, they would deposit 15,000 points ($15) into your account. I did this for quite a few games last year. They're doing it again with some of the upcoming games.
  • Double post.
  • I'll be welcoming the change to bing rewards with open arms, I just hope that the points don't become to difficult to earn.
  • US only again...
  • Nice name
  • I have a feeling that the end result here will be a dampened rate of reward accumulation.
  • Wen in -everywhere else...
  • In 6 months, they'll rename it MSN Points or Xbox Points.
  • Bill Gates Bucks
  • I'd like to have Bill Gates bucks, I'd be rich! I'm kidding, I'm content being broke
  • If only I live in US, or India...
  • In India, Bing rewards only have 2 claim rewards. I redeemed them both. ie. ₹ 30 & ₹ 70 Freecharge money
  • Anyone else get baned from Bing Rewards? 
  • If you have multiple Microsoft Accounts you need to make sure you use Bing with only one of them. I've seen people get banned when they tried to scam the system with multiple accounts. (Not saying you did this, just that that is one way I know of to be banned.)
  • If you have multiple Microsoft Accounts you need to make sure you use Bing with only one of them. I've seen people get banned when they tried to scam the system with multiple accounts. (Not saying you did this, just that that is one way I know of to be banned.)
  • If you have multiple Microsoft Accounts you need to make sure you use Bing with only one of them. I've seen people get banned when they tried to scam the system with multiple accounts. (Not saying you did this, just that that is one way I know of to be banned.)
  • Can also happen if you try to redeem points when outside of US it seems, according to some other people's comments. Kinda makes sense, but at the same time is extremely frustrating with the limited country issue.
    Also wow, WC app is messing up for a good amount of people today haha. Your post was posted 3 times
  • Can you explain how the multiple account thing can get you banned?  I use multiple accounts for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with bing.  I'd really hate to get banned from the rewards program for some inadvertant activity - I like getting an XBox gift card every so often.  And living in a family of 6 under one roof, each of us with at least one account, I'm not sure how Microsoft can tell the difference between that scenario and one person with multiple accounts.  Can you provide any details?
  • Make sure you only sign up one account with Bing/Microsoft Rewards then.
  • US people are getting everything! Nothing for us. :(
  • Love me some Bing Rewards. Glad to see they are improving the program.
  • Hey this is really cool. I use edge a lot but Bing doesn't always cut it for search.
  • I'm the opposite. I use Bing exclusively, but not Edge.
  • According to the FAQ you can earn 1 point for every $1 spent at the Windows and Microsoft stores up to a maximum spend per year of $20,000. Considering that 5000 points is about a $5 value, that means if you spend $20,000 you'll get about $20 in rewards....WHAAAT!!?
  • Well, it says earn "at least" 1 point for every $1 spent. I guess that means you could earn more than that, depending on what you buy, but it's not clear.
  • I dunno, I'm not gonna say no to an automatic 0.1% cashback for free. You'll be $20 richer than you would be after spending $20k prior to the program.
  • From the FAQ: "Microsoft Rewards will continue to offer gift cards from third parties, like Amazon and Starbucks, on a promotional basis." The wording seems to indicate that they may eventually eliminate the majority of the third party vendors and focus exclusively on Microsoft stores and platforms. I hope that the Amazon gift card offer remains permanent. The "promotional basis" phrase has me concerned that third party offers will only be available sporadically.  It's still a great feature and I'm thankful for the rewards that I've garnered over the years.I guess I'll just have to frequent the MS store more often.  
  • Hopefully we get a new app
  • app for what?
  • Well the Bing rewards app hasn't been updated since 8.1. Since they are changing it to Microsoft rewards hopefully we get a new UWP app
  • Still not in Canada.. probably never I suspect.
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2? Gold and silver are quite clear.
  • Bing's probably being phased out, MS seems to go all in with Cortana.
  • I don't care what it's name, I just need it support my region! (HONG KONG)
    Cortana, Groove, Bing Rewards (now Microsoft Rewards) None of them are available in Hong Kong!! WTF Microsoft ?! Did I pay less than others? No. I bought every products at day-one, that means I bought them at FULL price. XBOX, Surface Book, Band 2, 950XL etc. Will you give your FULL service to me?
  • Still only US :(
  • Maybe I'll start using Bing when they add more redeem options in India as I've redeemed both the freecharge cash rewards
  • So the new MS points will be 10x the Bing credits. What saddens me is that the email included an example of the conversion. Have we really devolved so much as a society that we need someone to show us an example of 1 * 10?
  • I'll check in with it later (I have an e-mail from them). I'm curious as to whether or not the rewards will be different/better than before. It seems the initial look has them as worse, since Gold in Bing Rewards got you a sweeping 10% discount, but Tier 2 in MS Rewards only gets you a discount on MS stuff, which is lame.
  • Microsoft closed my account and when I contacted them,I get this generic response that "after careful examination" they determined that my account violated the terms of Bing Rewars program. I asked them for the exact reason and I am waiting for a reply.
  • Will Xbox rewards be integrated under the Ms umbrella?
  • When I look at the current Bing Rewards available, there is one for $5 off at the online Microsoft Store, but it says a limit of one promo code per transaction. What I want to know is, with the new Microsoft Rewards will I be able to keep turning in my points for credits that I could use (like to turn in for multiple store credits) to buy something from the store? Or will it still be limited to one per transaction?
  • Oh damn I smell Cortana Search coming. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (LG V10 or Nexus 5x)
  • Microsoft is constantly changing names for its services, products etc. I'm really bored with that.
  • Just much control MSFT has over us...What is on my desktop, which app is highlighted/opened, mouse clicks, keyboard presses, full screen much time I kept my PC open... What do I do with apps....nice. I loved their weekly activity email too.
  • Oy vey... I like Microsoft, but ...... Next year it will be another rebranding:  "We will now be known as One Rewards." A year following that:  "We will now be known as Windows Rewards." After that:  "We will now be known as Holo Rewards."
  • Surprised they didn't name it: One points
  • I cashed out all of my Bing Rewards for Amazon gift cards. I have no use for anything from a Microsoft Store, and I get the impression that all of the other rewards are going away. Posted via my Moto X Pure Edition using the Windows Central App for Android
  • Will they still ban you for redeeming your rewards?
  • Lol, guess that explains why other members in my household weren't able to redeem for gift cards after I had a major splurge of credits the night before.
  • What will it come to Canada!?!
  • The fact that just for using their web browser has netted me gift cards her and there is awesome, just hope it's still as easy to earn/redeem as before.
  • Just cashed in on $130 worth of discounted Amazon & Starbucks gift cards. As soon as I got the email I knew it was time to use up those credits....
  • So far so good. I earn 70 points within an hour. I"ma stay sign in and browse the internet everyday 24 7 lol so i can earn points and double up. I am playing on shopping in the store, and watching videos. another way how to earn points. I wiill update again very soon.