Microsoft now rolling out Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 for Lumia 930

Microsoft has announced that it is rolling out a new software update for the Lumia 930 smartphone, bringing the firmware version number up to 14353 (from 14252) and the OS is now 14157, which is the same as the current Preview for Developers.

For those who may recall, OS 14157 is the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, meaning users do not need to be enrolled in the Preview program. Besides the HTC One for Windows on Verizon, this is the first official, non-preview phone to get Update 1.

Lumia 930 14353 and 8.1.1 changes

  • Improved stability & performance.
  • Imaging enhancements.
  • Enriched display performance.
  • Cortana support added for UK and China.
  • Start screen folders, customizable snooze for alarm clock and other usability improvements

To be clear, this is still the Lumia Cyan update, and it is not Lumia Denim.

If you own the Lumia 930 are you getting this update? We can confirm that our in-house Lumia 930, once removed from the Preview program, is receiving new firmware.

Thanks to sepde and our other readers who sent in tips!

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham
  • Still don't have it on 925 with dev preview. -_-
  • Check this at the end:
  • I don't have the cyan problem I simply can't update to update 1 due to storage issues wtv that means
  • U know what's that mean? Your phone is low on storage. Clear some files . Leave it at least 1 GB or something.
  • Someone please confirm if the bitlock problem is solved. I hear it's fixed but I still don't get the Cyan update.
  • Yup, its fixed! I got the Cyan Update.
    Switch everything to US. It's better.
  • What phone do you have?
  • Lumia 920
  • Well I have
    2x - Lumia 525
    1 - Lumia 625
    1 - 920
    1 - 1520
    All of these are running Cyan. Well I guess you're on a provider.
  • Yeah I have everything US
  • There is now a fix and will be getting push out slowly.
  • I still don't have the official cyan update on my 920... I am still on DPP.
  • Same with my 1020 dp. Cyan released, bit still couldn't get it.
  • Verizon icon is almost the same phone and it's still on 8.0.
  • We are all going be setting here around Thanksgiving asking, 'Where's the update'? I'm tired of waiting, I've been patient. Verizon doesn't care, they have my money and a contract. Microsoft should be on these carriers backs making sure the updates are carried out in a timely fashion.
  • Its not Microsoft. you can blame EVERYTHING on the freaking EVIL crApple. Crapple is the one that pretty much bought all the carries out so they can push their iJUNK devices to bunch of iSHEEP, before any other brands. Apple wants to manipulate the market, and its doing a good job, by buying people out. Crapple is mark of the Devil, and the antichrist, everyone is talking about. just look at the iJUNK6/6+ that bends and catches on fire, but iSHEEP blindly buying it, without even knowing what are the buying. A device that is 3 years behind many brands. many features on these iJUNK6/6+ were available 3 years ago. i wonder how much Crapple is paying all these carriers NOT to realse updates and put iJUNK top priority before ANY brand. If you knew how EVIL crapple is, you would know what i'm talking about.   
  • Still when will Lumia 630 will receive it.
  • Lumia 630 is coming out of box with Cyan update......Next update will be Windows 8.1 update 1 (still rolling date is not yet announced officially).....
  • The only bad thing is after Update 1 everybody will lose the "Tap to navigate" (for location addresses) on websites, before the update you can see the addresses highlighted as hyperlinks on any website and if you tap on any address your navigation app will open automatically (maps or nokia drive).  The same will occur for the “tap to add to calendar” for dates/time/days on websites. That feature will continue working on emails, that means if you receive an email containing an address you can tap to navigate. That’s a unique feature that exist on WP and not available on iOS or Android… but for some reason nobody knows, try it, and lose it with the update 1 :(
  • They'll be happy...
  • Loving my 930, first the free wireless connectivity pack and now Update 1.....awesome
  • enjoy bro
  • Why oh why can't this phone be readily available and unlocked for t-mobile?
  • Because the US has the Icon. Sounds fair, right?
  • The US doesn't have the icon. Only Verizon has it.
  • Epic!!
  • Great.. Waiting for MS to release for other Lumia's.. MS is on a roll now ! :D
  • That's pretty fast. Isn't there still some phones not in 8.1? Priority 101
  • Yup. The Icon. Been waiting a long time too. You'd think they could do the 930 and Icon at the same time. It's the exact same phone..
  • It is except for 1 minor change an extra gsma antenna instead of a cdma one
  • I have the Icon also and it may be the same phone but different carrier.  I suspect the reason Verizon is so slow to roll this out is that they are testing VoLTE on their Windows Phones. Our family also has the Lumia 822 and it hasn't recieved the Cyan update either. Would the functionality of VoLTE for Verizon be part of the OS or the firmware (or both)?
  • Could be both, actually, and never thought about that. Could be the reason why it's been so delayed.
  • Is it Denim?
  • Read the article, it answers your question
  • When the article first published it didn't mention this. Its edited later after they read all the comments if it is the denim update. Please don't judge me rapidly.
  • i don't think you read the article
  • When the article first published it didn't mention this. Its edited later after they read all the comments if it is the denim update. Please don't judge me rapidly
  • Is this denim then?
  • No this is not Denim
  • OS update without the firmware through public channel??
  • What are you talking about? There is a firmware update here, it's just not a full new version, just an update to Cyan.
  • No, this is an OS update, not a firmware update.
  • I guess you didn't read the article either. Illiteracy is really rampant on this site.
  • So is people's tendency to jump to conclusions. That statement did not exist in the article when I commented.
  • Haha annoying right?
  • Yup :D
  • I was responding to the person responding to me, at which time there definitely said in the first sentence that there was a firmware update.
  • Is this Lumia denim update?
  • As it says in the article "To be clear, this is still the Lumia Cyan update, and it is not Lumia Denim."
  • Yes it is, read the article.
  • Someone, please, stop the madness.
  • So they're not calling the firmware Denim?
  • "To be clear, this is still the Lumia Cyan update, and it is not Lumia Denim." Lumia Cyan is still just Cyan, Denim comes later.
  • Jeez, for comments in a row. I feel like I am in an old peoples home. Can I have a milky tea please. Oh and is this denim?
  • If you think really hard you might be able to figure out how 4 similar comments happened I quick succession. Hint: They happened in quick succession.
  • And I think my sarcasm has been a little lost. All four comments could have been very easily avoided by actually reading the article
  • But the article didn't mention this and it edited later...
  • But it has been mentioned many times, the difference between operating system updates and firmware updates. There are phones other than Lumia that have windows phone and get updates. If it had been a firmware update the article title would have specified and had denim in the title
  • In the original article the writer mentioned that the firmware also updated and so people asked if its the denim update or not.
  • Does anyone seriously think that Denim would come out and WP Central wouldn't mention it?
  • Lol yes
  • lumia 930 not apearing on Microsoft availability in Europe page, were it shows the current software update status, like Lumia Cyan, Black, Amber etc...  
  • Because Lumia denim is not available for any Lumia running cyan firmware. 930 came pre loaded with cyan reason why it isn't showing in the page.
  • Nope, still unavailable says my 930
  • lol.  salt on the wounds of Verizon Icon owners
  • -Icon
  • No kidding. Basically the same phone, but Verizon just doesn't care.
  • Not cool :(
  • What year will Verizon finally roll out the Cyan update for it's beleaguered users?
  • I predict it happens within the next Martian year. I love my 928 but even for Verizon this is slow.
  • It really is.
  • With Denim?
  • No
  • No leather and tweed!
  • I hate US carriers.
  • They hate you too.... ;-)
  • They definitely do.
  • S**t just got serious....!
    Hahaha I'm loving it.
    4k support,Hey Cortana and finally FASTER CAMERA,HDR etc etc
    ( I know that its a new app but still...)
  • That only comes with Denim, right?
  • Yeah I knew that but I think the firmware will come to 930 first right? So if the 8.1 update is rolling out, the Denim release is near as the Q4 is about to begin in Oct...!
  • That's with the denim update, not with update 1.
  • Denim update IS Update 8.1
    That is in Lumia style.
    Like Lumia Cyan=WP 8.1
    Lumia Denim=WP 8.1 Update
    If the OS update is rolling out,the firmware is near release as the 930 is an unlocked variant and will be one of the first devices to receive it.
  • I'm not trying to correct you, but you are completly wrong. Color (Amber, Black, Cyan, Denim) are code names for Lumia's firmware. OS versions 8.0, 8.1, 8.1 Update are Windows versions They have nothing to do with each other, other than Microsoft tries to release them both at the same time.  Most HTC and Samsung phones will 8.1 Update, of course they will not get Denim, as they are not Lumia phones. Denim is not Update 8.1, Denim is Denim and 8.1 Update is 8.1 Update.  They used to ship together, but not anymore, as the article clearly says, people are getting 8.1 Update, but are still on Cyan.
  • "I'm not trying to correct you, but..." Don't lie, son.
  • Either way, he's right, and HyperKid isn't. They aren't the same, just released at the same time... Or were. Which is odd.
  • Lumia this lumia that what about htc ?
  • Please keep the comments on topic. If there's any info on HTC phones, you'll hear it here first. ;)
  • T-Mobile sucks, look how long I'm waiting on my 925 smh... I'm just waiting for a better windows phone next year if T-Mobile doesn't get one better handset I'm going to att and get whatever new comes out, if nothing then getting a 1520 and calling it a day
  • Just buy it without contract
  • you can get unlock lumia phones here at reasonable prices    
  • Nothing on my Deutsche Telekom 930. I had it on DP, so I have the latest OS build, but the firmware is still 14252.
    Removed the DP, still nothing. I'm assuming Deutsche Telekom will have to homologate this before I get it.
  • You're right. Just for CV version (firmware directly from MS :D)
  • Well, I got Cyan on my Deutsche Telekom 920 from Microsoft without needing to roll back. So it's kind of weird DT didn't have this for the 1020 too now. Oh well, just like Denim, Cyan brings nothing to the 1020 so I'm not terribly upset about it anyway =P
  • the purple issue has been solved but I feel that the colour is more white where my screen had the bleeding.
  • Hello Eric, May I know which region are you in? Because, I'm UK and the update is not available for me! Moreover, does this update solved HEATING issues?
  • Hi, I'm from mexico but my phone comes from Hong Kong CV. about the Update: The purple problem isn't resolved completely, in dark areas with automatic brightness appears again, and about the heating in my case I feel that has been solved because before the update my phone has heated with 5-8 minutes of use but now need around 15-20 to begin to feel the heat (but just a little bit )
  • So what's your region right now? Hong Kong or Mexico? I'm little bit confused about setting region?
  • The only region that matters is from where the phone comes (Hong Kong in this case) independent of your configuration, if the Update has started to roll out in HK I will be able to download and not matter if my region is Mexico.
  • better off getting an carrier unlocked phone
  • Indeed! I find it ridiculous that phones are sold by carriers as a part of the contract. Used to not be allowed in Finland. Those were the days, with nothing but Nokias and cheap contracts :-)
  • Sweet
  • Still cant install it on my 920 through the dev preview because of an error.
  • When is it coming to the 920 ?
  • I'm sure they know that, but they just don't want to tell you.
  • Verizon, what's going on?
  • Saw the image, thought it was ICON... :(
  • :(
  • My HTC one has is this not 8.1 update 1? My understanding was that it needed update 1 for the short view case.
  • Update 1 spans a range of OS builds. There is no single OS build for Update 1.
  • Daniel, the purple problem it's gone after that update.
  • Hello Zapella, May I know which region are you in? Because, I'm UK and the update is not available for me! Moreover, does this update solved HEATING issues?
  • Brazil. Sorry can't help you, my 930 it never get hot, or warm :) hardware revision:
  • How about the icon?
  • Just got it here in the US :P on att
  • Waiting the update for the Lumia 1520 ☹
  • Hoping for it to release soon here in Europe! Does anyone know if we will have to wait for the carriers to reuse it like with cyan?
  • Yep im getting it (Bazil)
  • Brazil, you meant. lol
  • haha
  • Just the OS update, the firmware stayed the same
  • My firmware changed. BR.
  • In UK on Lumia 930 and downloading now... 9%...
  • Who's your carrier?
  • Purchased from SIM Free, however on Vodafone SIM.
  • i'm getting it on O2 downloading now!
  • It says my phone is up to date... :/ mine is sim free too... but don't have the update yet!!! Why???
  • Strange, I had mine shortly after this article was published!
  • Is everyone experiencing the purplish hue on the screen and the overheating on the lower right side?
  • Massive overheating :/
  • Yup same, and I'm sure your screen is loose too.
  • What do you mean by loose screen?
  • Not only this but with DP 8.1 Update 1 on 930 the phone happens to switch to airplane mode and then restarts. Major flaw from Microsoft!! Not to count that the Wifi signal is horrible compared to other phones on the same location. Great job Nokia, rushing up to release devices just to catch up with others. Don't do like samsung does, releasing new stuff untested and buggy.
  • Got the update tonight on my UK 930.
  • Who's your carrier? I'm on ee with dp installed turned it off and still nothing
  • You have TO REMOVE THE PFD not un-ticking it (Meaning DOWNGRADE) if you want this version but didn't you read the article? It's the same as that version. Nothing new,
  • Did you not read the article? There is a new firmware update which the dp doesn't give you! That's what I want not the os update!
  • If you have DP then you've probably had this update for months already (I am also on EE, and I've had UK Cortana since I bought the phone and installed DP).
  • But we don't have the firmware update which supposedly fixed the purple tint issues. I don't want to have to downgrade...
  • I'm with Vodafone.
  • The Good F is Verizon waiting for on my Lumia Cyan for my Lumia ICON!!!!1
  • Same here what the hell Verizon .... Waiting on my 928. Verizon can suck my D all I care
  • I am sure they decline your kind offer.
  • That's 2 up from the 928....
  • What about Lumia 630 ugh!
  • 930, T-Mobile, no update so far.
  • Fuck Verizon seriously Verizon come on wtf is the fucken hold up. I guess they don't care about windows again
  • Why you have to be angry about none update from Verizon, get Iphone 6 , the thinnest slick looking phone hardware you can never find from any OEM partners with WP.
  • Fuck apple
  • Yea this ^^^^ best comment yet
  • No way in hell
  • yeah badger8080  and other users are in WPCENTRAL just to get an iPhone.... that makes sense :) I am sure you have never used a WP anyway.
  • +928!!!
  • Pay twice the price for an iPhone 6 with outdated hardware, mediocre camera, new ugly looks, camera buldge. Twice the price! of equivalent Android and Windows Phones. WIth nothing really new except flat icons for iOS 7? Sure sign me up..... Doh. Dumb appletards.
  • But at least you get the update this century not next one
    Dudes really I have had the 928 & now Icon tired of the wait!!!!;! For updates
  • That's my next phone iPhone plus
    I am sick of this waiting game if Apple doesn't have to wait why should windows this something windows needs to fix, when we send an update it will be available for the masses just like Apple
  • Ya idk bro
  • In uk on Lumia 930 and installing now also, 52%
  • Who's your carrier? Did you have dp?
  • IPhone 6 plus is awesome.!c
    WP need to get something like that
  • That's the 1520...
  • Go away, troll.
  • Fuck off apple can suck my D
  • We don't. There is a reason why we don't buy a iPhone: we don't want it.
  • This is nuts. I have an icon with Verizon and i am still waiting for cyan.
  • Nothing for my Lumia 930 T-Mobile in The Netherlands yet.
  • Great. While I'm still waiting on Cyan for my Icon.
  • Update 1 get more lumia?!
  • Does ANYONE at WPC know anything about the Verizon WP 8.1 Cyan update for its 3 Nokia phones?
  • I would love to see some information about that. You'd think someone at Verizon would be willing to talk. WP Central doesn't seem to be able to make that happen though.
  • Nothing in France. I hope it fixes the heating issue.
  • Nothing in Luxembourg either.
    +1 for the heating
  • You got to be the only WP user in Luxembourg :P
  • I know! The sad part is that when I went to Orange to change my sim, there was a guy who asked for a phone like mine. The girl there sold him a Samsung instead. I cried a bit inside...
  • Tip for the heating problem: My 930 heated up a lot while browsing in ie, turned out for some reason there were more than 30tabs open. Once I closed them I never experienced real heat again.
  • What?? I thought that 8.1.1 would be delivered only with Denim :)))) Nice !!! Updating right now!!!
  • Already got it with the dev prev ^^ and I love it so much ^^ one of the best updates so far . Buts its an old update :o I got it like 2 month ago
  • Awesome. Dont even have 8.1 yet. HTC 8x. Verizon. #sickofit
  • It's Verizon some how calling the shots in exchange for selling windows phones (so it windows selling out for the man) unlike Apple they can update anytime they are calling the shots.
  • Ok you're confusing me. Someone answer these questions... I have dev preview on my Icon...will I have to roll it back in order to update anything currently in the works, like cyan or this update?
    If Verizon has the M8 on 8.1 with cyan, why can't they update my Icon to cyan? And finally, can I really make $600 a week working from home on the net?
  • 1. Nobody knows yet.
    2. Nobody knows yet.
    3. Absolutely! The internets said so!!!
  • Were did u here that? Lol
  • Whaaaaaaaat??? Where's my cyan update u baaaskets!!!??
  • hell freezes over!
  • I still don't have the official cyan update on my 920 ! From Tunisia  WTF ???????????????? 
  • I hope they fixed the purple tint screen issue.
  • Does anyone know if this fixes the purple tint issue that is STILL present on the Lumia 930? I have 8.1 update 1 through dev preview but was kinda hoping that the consumer update 1 would be newer and contain that fix? Can anyone confirm? :)
  • I got my unlocked 939 a couple of weeks ago. The update was available then for me. In new Zealand
  • 939??
  • I don't get a purple tint guys
  • what's your region? is heating issue solved?
  • Sweet
  • Verizon, Verizon, Verizon.... Come on Verizon.... One thing I can say far as signal strength goes on Verizon I have NO complaints... But this update welllllll
  • Yep same here +928
  • Dear Mr. Gangnam, when the fcuk am i gonna get 8.1 for my gaddam ATIV S? And if you not plan to update, pls at least fcukin tweet it!
  • Installing right now. Switzerland, swisscom branded device
  • Release a NA version of the L930!
  • They have one. And have for 7 months. It's called the Nokia Lumia Icon. It just happens to be attaches to a piss poor carrier that refuses to support it.
  • Ya, but I don't want that damn Verizon logo right smack on a $600 device. I want a 930.2/.3. I'm not sure why they can't lease one.
  • Well, then buy an unlocked version (International) on Amazon. That's what I did. Hell to the no with butt ugly ass carrier logos.
  • I need T-Mobile's HSPA+ and LTE bands. (AWS) the 1900mhz is not enough. I can't warrant spending $600 on a device that isn't fully compatible. What network are you using the L930 on? I may pick up a L830 from Rogers provided it has AWS.
  • purple and heating issue solved?
  • Just got it on my 930 :) that was fast.
  • Oh ... anyone noticed that "MS" released a Firmware update instead of Nokia?
  • No, still no update for me.
  • Hmmmm, I have a 930 on the Preview for Developers.  Although the OS is at 14157, the firmware is still back @ 14252... No sign of 353 nor of an impending update.  Maybe that firmware is for a certain region???  (mine is from HK, although it's running in Canada)
  • You have to disable Dev Program as Daniel did.
  • So, to get the latest firmware I have to COME OFF the Developer's Program???  That doesn't make sense. I'll give it a try tonight, but I would think the developers would always get the latest firmware....
  • Let us know if you try it as I'm on dp and unticked the box and still now firmware update!
  • I also have Lumia 930 but it says up to date but when i see firmwire it still says 52 should be 53. How can get this update? Is it because i live in some poor country state lol ? What i have to do to get this update 
  • if i have disabled the program, do i also have to restore the software to the official 8.1? or will just removing it from the program be enough?
  • When is gdr2 coming?
  • Anything new about Glance support on L930???
  • Forget it.
  • No, no news.
  • Doesn't have required hardware
  • Neither the 930 nor the Icon/929 have the display memory required for the Glance screen. They opted for a higher resolution as opposed to the 928 which has a lower resolution but has the memory.  One thing that they will be getting is 'double tap to start', which is a not really Glance but is often associated with it.  I figure that when we get Denim and voice activated Cortana, the lack of Glance won't hurt as much.  :)
  • double tap was there from the start (Lumia 930) Its not new.
  • "I'll be right here waiting" Staind
  • For the love of God, I hope as this one, new updates became more fast as before. (CV version of course)
  • Nothing yet on my 930 (UK, o2, running non-DP Cyan). Any update is welcome - especially Cortana - bit I'm really looking forward to the imaging improvements that Denim will bring.
  • Maaaaan 1520 where is the update 1 :'(
  • UK. Updated
  • How big ist the update ?
  • It's pumping in on my phone right now! Norway.
  • Well, first Brazil ... now Norway. It is getting pretty close to The Netherlands then.
  • Ukraine. No update yet. Unlocked
  • I've just got my update once removed from preview programme
  • Didn't get it in the U.A.E.
  • How big is the update? No WLAN here :/ thx!!!
  • I think Microsoft is in the process of discontinuing WP. If not, they probably should.
  • LOL?
  • That actually made me laugh.  You may be partically correct though. They may be disconinuing with the name Windows Phone and just calling it Windows.  But I don't see the OS going away anytime soon. :P
  • I just want to know if it fixes the purple hue issue. Hope so. Anybody?
  • Nothing available for my Lumia 930. (Germany, without branding)
  • Unsubscribe from the dev Programm :-)
  • Yeah I did so but he still tells me that my phone is up to date.
    Maybe tomorrow. =)
  • Still siting here on my flagship icon with 8.0. Way to go MS and Verizon.
  • Verizon is holding the balls dude
    Microsoft doesn't have any so switch to iPhone 6 when you can dude they update there phones without balls being Helded
  • Weird move.
  • Nothing in France for the moment :(
  • Nothing here on 000-FR with DP.. I have removed from DP
  • Update ready to install on my Lumia 930 but WiFi :(
  • Not yet
  • Want it as soon as possible! Fixes!! Lumia 520 India!
  • Guess the minor quirks that 930 launched with have been fixed
  • Just installing now... Hoping to have a go on Cortana finally! (Not a euphamism)
  • Nothing on my 930 on T-Mobile Germany. I hope this update includes a fix for the purple tint issue! Can anyone confirm that?
  • Denim is coming with update 2
  • Nothing yet in Italy (930 on TIM)....damn it !
  • Yes mine is updating now (UK Lumia 930) :)
  • Is this Lumia Fuchsia?
  • No, just WhatsApp.
  • Yep update here on Lumia 930, Denmark
  • Maybe to soon to ask but: Does the Update Fix the overheating?
  • I have it on my 930!! Having great fun with Cortana!!
  • Did anyone get it in Europe? I'm on a free Lumia930 with DevPreview. Deactivated it like WP Central had done before, but haven't gotten the Update. Do i have to downgrade first?
  • UK, Denmark and Norway.
  • That's what I want to know!
  • just finished installing no noticeable pupleish tint but got cortana at last and it sounds like jen taylor to me!
  • How about T-Mobile let us have Cyan that'd be great
  • The purple problem it's gone after that update.
  • Not available on EE UK......yet!
  • So not just me then!
  • give them time.  As its EE probably about 6 months!
  • Purple seems to be gone
  • I'm on O2 in the UK with Lumia 930. Was on developer preview and got update 1 but then opted out and I'm getting this update
  • How to opt out from the preview for developers? I unticked the box but don't get the update.
  • Mmm that's odd...I don't know tbh. I unticked the box and hit done. But that was like a few weeks ago and now I have this update. Try a restart or uninstalling the preview app. Or go to the developers website logging in and see if it says you are still enrolled there? Can anyone help this person because I'm not too sure what will work.
  • Thanks for the reply. Maybe I just need to have patience. I will try again tomorrow.
  • Purple is gone here, but still 14157 after updating? (Lumia 930 in Norway)
  • Downloading atm here in Swe. Sweet! Love my 930...
  • Still not fixed the scrolling bug with this update (reported by Brandon Paddock) of Tweetium. Was hoping for the fix ! But not to be. Maybe the next time...
  • So the 930 gets a new update and the ICON that is pretty much the same exact phone is still on verizon
  • Verizon aren't very good to be honest. Or that's what I have heard..
  • Anyone in Germany got the update yet?
  • Im assuming if your phone is carrier branded (Telstra, Australia) they will need to approve this firmware update first?
  • Will Nokia Lumia 1520 HK get the 8.1.1 update?
  • Waiting on Telstra now :|
  • Got it here. Unlocked 930 in UK
  • I have the Icon and it been a long wait for an update that been out for a month or so
    I am thinking of going back to iPhone just for the fact Apple has to wait on no one to release an update boom it's there ready
  • Wish AT&T would offer the 930/Icon.  Really would like to replace my 920 :/
  • Successful update, uk on Vodafone via Carphone Warehouse (unlocked).
    Live folders are a nice touch, screen seems a bit crisper/sharper or something, on auto brightness it def looks a little different. I didn't have the purple screen issue, but this update may attend to that. Cortana is nice, but need some time to get used to using it.
    Nice update all in all!
  • I hope we get the Denim update early.  :)
  • Just updated my 930 (unlocked) in UK.
  • and the very first thing I notice (looking at the keyboard whilst posting to WPC) is that purple hue has gone!
  • Hmmm... seems to have made the screen much brighter. I know this sounds good, but....
    I was reading Wpc and updating this phone while in bed in a dark room with brightness on lowest setting. The new bright screen has lit up the room and woken the wife - busted.
  • Wonder if that means the Icon will be getting it soon too.
  • Yay denim! :p
  • Got The 930 for 1 week now......god ITS SO MUCH BETTER than lumia 925 mot even funny. Smooth as shit
  • Not yet here in Malaysia
  • Unlocked 930 from Harvey Norman Australia but no update yet. Hoping this fixes some performance issues I'm noticing and also low light images to get it on par with the 1520.
  • Yeah I have the same problem! Are u getting overheating as well?? It's not too bad but it sometimes get's hot when only going lightweight stuff. I also got mine from Harvey Norman
  • yeah i get the over heating while playing a game mainly. i've had other phones heat similarly so i've never been over converned with it. hopefully this firmware update will fix it too.
  • Hopefully. My 925 gets hot but only when playing graphically intensive games but my 930 gets warm when just surfing the web
  • Not getting it in Australia yet. My 930 is saying it's up to date so maybe sometime tonight or tomorrow
  • Same here. Just opted out of the preview program so will check again later.
  • Yup Just got the Update on my 930
  • What country??
  • Any news on Verizon and the Cyan update....I know I know, why bother asking, but I have to, my contract run until mid 2015 and I want Cortana.
  • I'm in the same boat.... Idk yet I try to ask them threw twitter but nothen
  • Please can people getting the update give information? Like what country, if is a carrier locked or unlocked.. You can see the mobile operator on extra & info. My is 000-FR .. No update yet
  • Why the fuck can't they just release the gosh darn the at the same freaking time like apple
  • so denim is for 8.1.2 i
  • Got it on my 930 here in Brazil :)
  • Send it on my 1520
  • Not getting it yet on ATT. I have (preloaded) the OS version 14157 but the firmware is still 14252. Wonder if this will update anyway. Oh, have the 000-FR.
  • Why the update comes separate without denim it was early heard to be a single update available from q4 of 2014..whatever may be pls bring update to other models as soon as possible waiting for it......
  • I hope it fixes heating problem
  • Can anyone confirm!!
    I'm on uk ee with dp installed and i have gone to do app and unticked the check box and clicked done but not getting any sort of update! Does just unticking box work or do we have to do something else or os it the fact that the update not available on ee yet?
  • You have to wait on EE
  • and wait and wait and wait and wait on EE they don't give out updates unit at least 4 weeks after everyone else at the earliest!
  • I already have dev preview on my Lumia 930, so will I get the bumped up firmware or will I have to wait for my carrier to do that?
  • iPhone 6 is out and I'm still dreaming of Windows phone 8.1 update 1 Nokia 930
  • I'm downloading now (O2, UK)... Very exciting, this is how updates should be deployed; quickly and out of the blue!
  • O2 in the UK also and no update for poor old me *sadface*
  • 930 - no update found (Germany)
  • What about other phones???? Mr. Joe belforie
  • 930 - Germany - nothing yet
  • I have L930 but no updates were shown for me? :-( United Kingdom, CV
  • If you on preview for developers. Untick the box. If not try again
  • No battery improvements yet . Bad microsoft
  • Battery improvements? The battery on my 930 has always been great. 
  • Belgium - no update available
  • Australia, purchased outright.  Nothing yet! :(
  • Same here, purchased outright from Optus. Using region US, should I reset to Aus?
  • Yep my 930 updated last night bringing cortana.
  • My 930 Country Version in Germany (Not Enrolled to DP) shows no Update... :-( A Update Page like for Cyan would be Great MS!
  • Forgive me for off topic... What about 1520 darn Its been ages since i got this 8.1 where is update 1!!!
  • When we can expect the update for lumia 525 eagerly waiting for live folders
  • how about Lumia 1520????
  • Love the update & welcome CORTANA you UK guys
  • Got the update, start screen folders are there but no cortana?? UK on ee.
    Edit. Needed to turn it on. Doh!
  • You won't be the only one. In fact, in the excitement, I assumed that this was Denim and called out, "Hey Cortana"!!
  • Regarding the heat "issue", when the update was downloaded all the apps were then reinstalled. While this was happening I don't think that the phone got as hot as it did when doing similar things when it was first activated. Subjective, I know, but that was my impression.
  • I had the overheating issue, and it was resolved by removing the cortana tile from the start screen...
    That was the problem for sure
  • Only if you're using the Jen Taylor voiced Cortana. The regional version are far less hot than the original and the best.
  • I'm sure that the voice actress for the regional version won't be happy to learn she is far less hot!!
  • havnt got the update yet on my 930 in australia yet :(
  • Update is available in Sweden. 
  • Lumia icon is basically the same, just give it to us already!!
  • Double comment. Sorry..
  • Nokia Lumia 930 user from Pakistan. I am still at version 14252. Just tried checking for updates and my phone is already up to date. No update available here. Any idea when will the updates be available for users from Pakistan?
  • I have the 930, and received my update
    I don't see the difference yet
  • Well you got folders now for one.
  • Do we have to wait for carrier to release this or is it direct from Microsoft. I'm on EE in UK.
  • i just tried in Portugal and no updates yet... someone from Portugal that got it?
  • Ie works better now and it renders pages better and you can now sidescroll on pictures embedded on the sites. Awesome!
  • has anyone from Germany received an update for an unlocked 930?
  • Sadly, No :-(
  • Damn. :( Still nothing for me.
  • Not yet
  • I have a Lumina 930 with preview update 1 on it, disabled the preview program and still can't receive this update !! Any thoughts?
  • so...just to make it clear...if i have a lumia 930 enroled in the preview program, do i have to restore it to the official 8.1 version in order to get the update 1? or will just removing it from the program do it?
  • Updated my lumia 930. After the update Youtube desktop site wont show me videos eny more... Before the update I watched a 1080p videos on my phone and everything works fine. WiFi connects only from third try. Have tried Thomson, Linksys and Buffalo routers in different networks. How to roll back this BS update?
  • It's stays in checking updates for a long time...... (930
  • Denmark reciving the update - #930
  • Just to clairfy (as others have asked) when you say "once removed from the Preview program" do you mean: 1) open Preview for Developers app and untick "Enable Preview for Developers or 2) use software recovery tool to roll back to official version and not a dev preview version?    
  • Option 1. Untick "Enable Preview for Developers". Worked for me. Note: speed of rolling out of updates is dependent of the country your in (i.e. server location). Don't get your panties in a twist guys, give a few more hours/a day. It will come.
  • Ok, just got the update in Brazil (unbranded). The purple display issue is finally GONE!!! :D ...but i still get some weird fuc*ing stripes on my display on blacks and grays. My 925 display had much better darks than this piece of sh*t flagship device. Yet, i love it! :S
  • On second thought, the purple issue remains. I had my settings unchanged from the previous setup, that's why i thought it was gone. I'm calling Nokia for a replacement. I don't want a HD display that doesn't show its colours properly. Its just wrong.
  • Is just UK or other countries too ? like Ireland. Cant wait for Cortana on my 930
  •  Got the update! (Sweden, Carrier: TeliaSonera) Not dev preview.
  • The Purple-screen problem has been fixed! I got my Lumia 930 two weeks ago~ The screen is so perfect now :-D
  • Received my €299,- 930 today (only black :'-( ) - updating now. Perfect timing :-)
  • It hasn't arrived yet for me either. Unlocked and unbranded (000-DE Germany) without the Developer Preview
  • What is the big deal?  I think the 930 sells in what 4 countries?  Also the 830 has Denim why not role that out to the 930.  WP is starting to be like Andriod......fragmented.
  • The update bringe back the xbox music live tile. Thanks! But is messes up my dispay, blurring effects ans strange color temp bother me now. Fix it please!
  • why not send the update out for everywhere?? why just some countrys?? WTF... i just spent a lot of money like all the others.
  • Lumia 930 in Denmark, not in the Preview program, has just received this new firmware.
  • Funny Microsoft doesn't release the schedule for their updates. It keeps people anxiously waiting to get their devices update. I'm from Malaysia & i'm one of the users still waiting for it
  • Still no update here in Austria (CV-DE). But "A1 Telekom" already pushed it to their brandend 930s.
    How do the unbranded/unlocked devices get their updates? directly from MS? (its my first Windows Phone - loving it)
  • Yes unbranded Lumia Phones get there Updates (Formware and OS) Directly from MS.
  • Received the update on my Vodafone Germany branded 930 after unrolling from the Dev Preview. Besides fixing the purple tint, it now allows me to automatically sync the date and time, even with a SIM installed :D
  • What's in this update? Is this the so called GDR 1 update? Will we be able to have Live folders with this update? I need answers!
  • yes. its the gdr1 update with live folders
  • France unbranded and still nothing...
  • Ireland, No update yet.
  • BULGARIA No update yet!
  • Keep on showing errors......
  • Has anyone in Ireland gotten the update yet?
  • I dont have lumia cyan in my 925 because i am on tmobile, it did not send update yet> I am very disappointed.  
  • No update. L930 saudi
  • I still don't have any update to my Hungarian Lumia 930... Is is only to US phones?
  • No its for all lumia 930 phones. But they are rolling it out gradually. Some users in Europe got it already, others dont. Im also waiting for it (Austria CV-DE)
  • Thank you, Captain
  • Australia, Optus branded unlocked, still no update. And did I read correctly that Cortana is still not going to be available for Aus, but it is for China?
  • update received this morning! And Cortana works!
  • Still nothing in Singapore, SingTel set Lumia 930
  • Holland nothing yet!!
  • My 930 is unlocked, not branded and version 02061.00066.14252.51001. I live in Greece, and I'm currently on DP, latest update. If I use NRT am I going to get the official 8.1.1? Or is it being out only in UK or US? 
  • I´ve learnt that all unbranden/unlocked lumias get their updates direclty from MS - so yes, you will get the official update if you opt out of the DP. Some users in Europe already got the update.
  • Thank you for the response!
  • I unchecked the DP option, checked for updates, and BOOM! There it is...firmware version 14353.31002 from 14252.51001 that used to be! Perfect!!!
  • Where is the option to uncheck? Do you have to uncheck on the App developers website? Or in the DP app?
  • I have the 930, but no update yet in the Netherlands though. (t-mobile)
    Still on firmware: 14252.51001 and hardware Do we even know when it will be released in the NL?
  • You can try this page: but that is for unlocked devices. For my country it says it is available, but because I've got my 930 from Vodafone I haven't received it yet. I've contacted the carrier and they confirmed that the update is in testing but couldn't provide a release date.
  • Update is available in Croatia. Unbranded device
  • Just got the update 000-FR FR-CV
  • Germany, nothing.
  • Austria also nothing... starting to annoy me :) Is there any reason why MS cant handle updates like Apple? I mean, say what you want but the way apple pushes updates to their phones is great. I know that there are more differente devices on WP then iOS, but at least the lumia phones should get updates faster. Some users still dont have cyan ....
  • Haven't got it it on my 930 in australia yet!
  • Just got my black 930 (from BASE Germany, but the device is Polish) and got the update right away. I have the DP release on my 820 and the battery duration has improved dramatically. Will monitor how the 930 does, but this is some cool piece of phone! Now need to "adjust" my SIM to nano format. Will try to cut it myself - anyone has already done this and can share a tip?
  • It says my phone is up to date... :// but I don't have the GDR1...
  • <p>
  • I have a lumia 930 originally from Columbia in branded and working in Canada. I had cyan via the PD and yesterday it promoted to update. After update I'm on firmware 14353 and OS 14176. Which it says is 8.1 update. I didn't have to uncheck the PD and I'm now higher than this version. Never had the purple issue but once it got hot and I did a hard reset - power and volume down and it fixed it. Now waiting for denim so I can shout "Hey Cortana"
  • Tha latest latest update which is 8.10.12400.899, 8.10.14176.243, 8.10.14147.180 annnd 8.10.14157.200.....  RUINED MY PHONE cause i get them all together .... did allll soft and hard rest and finally to these updates and and took 4 days to wait and then had to flash it out. also i have DFP. 
    soo any helppppp???
  • I've just received the update on my 930, carried locked on Vodafone Romania.
  • Still no update for me - Unlocked/ Unbrandend CV-DE.
    Anyone with CV-DE who already got the update?
  • Also have an unlocked/unbranded CV-DE device, nothing yet :/
  • I´ve just registered for the DP and installed the latest preview version. Didn't wanted to wait any longer for the official update
  • Did you also get the latest 14353 firmware as well as 8.1.1?
  • Firmware is still 14252, OS is now 8.1.1 version 14176
  • The update is only for uk based i think i live in singapore and i don't see any updates.... :(
  • Downloaded the Update yesterday morning :) (Netherlands T-Mobile)
    Current firmware: 14353-31004
    Hardware still at
  • Ireland still no update 
  • Where are these updates for other Lumia? How long more to wait?
  • . my lumia 930 firmware is still at 14252 and its says that the phone us up to date what can i do to update it to the newst update? 
  • When windows phone 8.1 update 1 will be available in India for Lumia 925 ??
  • Just bought the Lumia 930 two days ago and phone was definitely a good surprise. After setting up the phone, I saw 24 updates including the update 1. As an iOS user for 4 years, shifting to windows phone is a very pleasant surprise. i look forward for the next update and hope to see useful changes.  
  • Make sure you have your battery at 100% before you update. Mine was at 60% and even charging it used up all the battery and phone shut down. Had to let it charge for a while before it finally installed   Nokia Lumia 930 | Windows Phones
  • Hi I have had the 930 for almost a month now but I'm still running on the old update firmware 14252 and os 12397. I'm in South Africa
  • Is this Update will roll out in India too !!?
  • i just got lumia 930 in india.i was expecting it to come preloaded with denim as had read on the web but sadly was disappointed.does the lumia 930 come with denim or is my phone the only one not getting the update!!
  • wow o2 have already given denim to their 930s what hasnt vodaphone, does anyone know why?