Microsoft working on new Windows 10 screen clipping experience

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Microsoft is working on bringing a new screen clipping experience to Windows 10. We've seen previous hints from Microsoft leaker WalkingCat that a new experience was being worked on as part of the Redstone 5 update, but's Rafael Rivera has now shown off a preview of the experience in the latest Skip Ahead Insider build, 17639.

As it currently stands, the revamped tool is accessed from the Action Center as a quick action labeled "Screen Clip." When clicked, an overlay pops up on the screen with a selection of buttons that allow you to choose how you want to take your screen clip. There are options for either rectangular or free-form clips, along with a fullscreen clip button, and the option to close out of the overlay altogether.

Redstone 5 Screen Clip


According to Rivera, indications are that this new experience may replace the current Snipping Tool, along with the Win + Shift + S shortcut. There are also apparently hints that it will work with Cortana Insights at some point in the future, potentially allowing for detection of certain elements within a clip.

There's no indication of when the feature may be available for testing, but it will presumably be enabled for Insiders testing the Redstone 5 update at some point in the future. Since it's a work in progress, it's possible Microsoft still has more features to add as well.

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  • If they want to replace Snipping Tool, it must have delayed clipping.
  • I agree. Since this feature is very early in development, I assume more features will come along.
  • Awesome
  • Always good to have more tools, but I just use Greenshot, been using it forever on Windows. That's the ultimate screen clipping tool.
  • I use ClipMate (or PrtScn if I just want to capture the entire screen), though its screen capturing function is very rudimentary (which is generally all I need).
  • Something like this is available via the Ink Worksapce > Screen Sketch > and then crop and copy or save. Also available through OneNote: Windows Key + Shift + S I'm not sure how this improves on either of those.
  • Maybe its replacing it? Not sure, Microsoft is bad at unified features and tend to fragment things along the way then later scrap other ones. Though compared to Screen Sketch, this new one allows you to free-form select areas, and maybe have features that Screen Clipping Tool already has, which is due to get replaced maybe. Screen Sketch for now is really meant for pen users who will annotate screenshots, while this new screen clipping tool is eventually will replace the Win32 version. But the Win32 version actually a combination of Screen Sketch and Screen Clipping. So, Microsoft has to unify these two.
  • Don't get rid of snipping tool, lol! Work doesn't like or use of 3rd party apps so I stick with the OG. it's plenty useful in 10 as it is
  • This new feature would be built into Windows 10 though, so it would be first party...
  • Nice! If microsoft is smart they would also work on supporting screen recording in paralell to screenshot via action center.
  • This is reminiscent of the recently-discontinued "Snip" utility that was part of Microsoft Mix. Snip had better features and was much easier to access and use than the Snipping Tool. Hopefully we'll see most/all of what Snip offered appear within this new Windows 10 feature.
  • I still use Snip .. a Mix project that is awesome but yet will apparently stop working in May. MS making things I like then taking them away...