Microsoft workshops starting up on Australia's east coast [Developers]

In Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Microsoft are kick-starting workshops simultaneously today (October 8th) to aid potential and current Windows Phone developers with improving knowledge, skill and experience. The two day training course will sport presentations by the likes of Chris Walsh (ChevronWP7) and Shane Morris (Automatic Studio), feature lunch and a competition provided by Nokia, and will cover the following areas of Windows Phone development:

  • Introduction to the developer environment
  • Navigation and App Life Cycle
  • Launchers and choosers
  • Alarms, Reminders and other Extensions
  • Device Features and Hardware
  • Tiles and Push Notifications
  • Multitask and Background Agents
  • Local Database Access
  • Marketplace tip and tricks
  • Game development with XNA and Silverlight

You may have noticed above that we stated Nokia is running a competition at the workshops, but what's the prize? Whoever can create the most popular app over the next two weeks from the workshop will win Nokia's yet-to-be-released handset - exciting stuff! 

Source: WPDownUnder

Rich Edmonds
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