Boredom at work is over, thanks to fully functional Tetris within Microsoft Excel, at least for one genius

Robot playing Tetris within a piece of spreadsheet software similar to Microsoft Excel
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What you need to know

  • A Reddit users made a fully functional version of Tetris within Microsoft Excel.
  • The game has a scoreboard and a preview of the next block, just like the full version of Tetris.
  • The shortcuts to move between tabs in Excel are CTRL+Page Up and CTRL+Page Down.

If you're tired of staring at spreadsheets all day, a Reddit user may have the perfect solution. User "MehmetSalihKoten" managed to make a fully functional version of Tetris within Microsoft Excel. The feat brings one of the world's most popular games to one of the most-used pieces of Office software.

MehmetSalihKoten did more than just make blocks fall into place. The game has a scoreboard and a previous of which block is up next, just like the full version of Tetris. The blocks aren't color coded yet, but I imagine that could be solved in Excel Tetris v2, if the user decides to take more time out of their workday. While working on that, they could also make the controls WASD or the arrow keys rather than clicking on a screen.

I Created Tetris In Microsoft Excel At Work from r/microsoft

As much fun as it would be to play Tetris within Excel for a few minutes, this is more of a fun engineering feat than a genuine way to enjoy a game. Getting games to play where they're not supposed to is a fun hobby among enthusiasts. Doom has famously been made to run in a range of weird places, including Microsoft Excel and Notepad.exe. Now, we get to see Tetris grace a "work" spreadsheet within Excel.

MehmetSalihKoten has not shared how they made Tetris work within Excel, so you'll have to wait for more details to play the game as you pretend to work. As a quick tip, CTRL+Page Up and CTRL+Page Down jump to a different sheet within Excel... just saying.

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