Microsoft's Andromeda device described as 'new and disruptive' in leaked internal email

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Over the weekend, Microsoft's rumored 'Andromeda' device hit mainstream news when an internal email from Microsoft leaked describing its plans for a new "pocketable Surface device form factor." In the email, Microsoft describes its Andromeda device as a "new and disruptive" device category that "blurs the lines between mobile and stationary computing." This is the closest we're going to get to confirmation from Microsoft that Andromeda exists until its announced later this year.

The email also positions Andromeda as "bring[ing] together innovative new hardware and software experiences to create a truly personal and versatile computing experience." We first reported on Microsoft's Andromeda device back in October 2017, and the leaked email finally confirms a few things in our original article, including its pocketable nature and unique form-factor. Andromeda features two-screens in a chassis that can fold over, just like a journal. It also has pen support for inking and telephony capabilities for phone calls.

Andromeda is a big deal for more than just being a new device category however. It's the coming together of lots of projects that have been in the works internally at Microsoft for a long time, on both hardware and software sides. The software is very interesting, as it's Microsoft first port of call for its new Windows Core OS and CShell efforts, which attempt to bring Windows 10 into a more modern era by leaving behind legacy code and focusing on UWP as well as bringing new Windows experiences to device form factors that don't yet exist.

Windows Central understands that Andromeda runs a new version of Windows 10 built on Windows Core OS. It doesn't run full Windows 10, because that would be terrible. Microsoft refers to full Windows 10 as "Windows Classic OS" alongside its new "Windows Core OS." Windows Core OS is what Andromeda runs, with an Andromeda specific experience on top of it. The new Andromeda OS experience is yet to be seen by the public, but we'll hopefully have more to share on this front soon.

Andromeda also has a Continuum mode, which is alive and kicking and has improved two-fold since we last saw it on Windows 10 Mobile. The Continuum desktop is now almost exactly like the desktop you know today, including windowed apps, context menus, a system tray, and even the ability to pin icons to your desktop.

The leaked email is an interesting insight into how Microsoft is pitching this device. Many critics are unsure of why this device needs to exist, frequently asking who this device is going to be for. These are good questions, of which Microsoft are surely even asking themselves. But, this is par for the course for any new device form factor. Who needs something that doesn't exist yet? Andromeda's biggest uphill battle will be with ecosystem. For any mobile device to be successful, it needs apps.

Whether those apps are PWAs or native UWPs it doesn't matter. It just needs apps. Microsoft has already began combating this problem by automatically adding PWAs to the Microsoft Store, and hopefully the company is working secretly with major app makers to bring their apps to Andromeda too.

I first started learning about Andromeda back in 2016, and the project has come a long way since then. However, the project isn't safe from being canceled or delayed. The Surface Mini was killed just weeks before it was supposed to be announced. Mary Jo Foley is also hearing that a delay or even cancelation is possible for Andromeda, but this is pretty normal for any product in development. I worry the fallout of killing Andromeda would be bigger than just another canceled device.

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  • I'm really looking for this. I had to switch to android for a few apps from work, and I have to say, I can't stand android, I really really miss my Lumia 950xl and I can't wait to buy this device even if it fails !!
  • Same here, my 950XL is aging, beside camera, WiFi, mobile data seems slower, calling becomes less reliable. Hope to last at least till Christmas
  • My 1520 is still going strong, but I sure would like something new and fresh. I refuse to buy a crappy Android or even worse an iPhone, so I really really hope this thing succeeds.
  • Anyone ever questions me if I am a Microsoft developer, I took out my 950XL to show UWP apps based on Xaml/SharpDX. The doubt disappears.
  • I loved my 1520...but, I wouldn't get my hopes up about Andromeda... Most likely the decision makers at Microsoft will choose to cancel it... It's least risky path for them...they'll rationalize their decision with how it doesn't fit into their strategy.. software is not ready, etc...They don't have time for what the non enterprise market really wants/needs they have the opportunity to redefine the brand with exciting products like this...but I'm not sure they have the stomach to go for it :)
  • Be patient, be positive, great thing is on the way, may take a longer time
  • That's the problem with the number crunchers at Ms and for it conflicts with the surface team's reason for existence... You can't pre-quantify the price for aspirational devices. The only way ms makes a wave is by releasing/announcing a family of innovative devices together to cause enough of a wave and excitement to be disruptive. It's not disruptive of everyone can see a device coming. Ms isn't the only dual screen device but in combination of hub 2, studio 2, and future versions of core is, it's product differentiating. Ms is going to piss that away; "we missed the market we leapfrogged mobile to create bc we missed the mobile market"
  • Just saw your comment! I hate there is no notification!!!! I share similar view. The short video of Surface hub2 is inspiring. We need soon a short video of someone joining a team working on Surface hub2 with a secret pocketable device [Andromeda]
  • Releasing a "disruptive" product is hard...for any company It's not just getting the HW & SW right..
    but also getting other critical things right in the areas where Microsoft is weak... [1] Having a well though out PR strategy in addition to bold marketing promotion ...
    * communicating clearly with the media, bloggers and fans...
    * strategy to deal with trolls in the traditional media, tech "journalists" in the blogosphere and even the blog comments section
    * having someone with a fun personality to handle the communications
    [2] The product will be pricey...
    * convince customers that it provides enough value to correspond with price
    * come up with some kind of financial innovation to make it affordable I'm not sure they have the capability to do this!
    Product like Courier, Zune Phone even Kin could have been "disruptive"...but they bungled it or retreated too quick....
    Hope they can do better this time instead just taking the easy route of cancelling it :)
  • Perhaps they could treat it like HoloLens and release a "developer edition" so people could start looking at the programming possibilities.
  • Not a bad idea
  • The programming possibilities on a slab of glass? I think they doing that already on Android and iOS. What difference could Andromeda have made?
  • Just read, pls continue with this line of arguments!! Thx
  • Retreated too quickly is the word, I think.
  • I'm still using my Lumia 950 daily. But I think android is coming soon. Even if Andromeda comes out, it isn't going to run all the apps available to android, so I don't foresee it replacing anyone's phones, and thus why should anyone carry two devices?
    The only real way it would be a game changer is if it could reliably run any android app.
  • Surface Phone is not expected to be a mainstream device. It will be part of a line up, and it will have its use cases.
    The issue with Windows Phone was its attempt at becoming an alternative to Android and iPhone. I believe Surface Phone will not be called Surface Phone at all, and will introduce itself as a productivity device alongside other Surface devices...just more portable that any of the current Surfaces. Add that to the fact that PWAs are growing, and you got a viable option.
  • You are wrong this is why Microsoft bought xamrin in first place.
  • Xamarin is Microsoft's pipe dream. No one is going to bother using inferior tools just so they can also release a mediocre app that is compatible with Windows too.
  • Xamarin is at its core an API binder to Java's API, so you can use C# to program an Android App. Furthermore the tooling is the same you'll use with Android Studio (exept for Visual studio, which is undisputable better than Android Studio), therefore its not inferior tooling, it's THE tooling, with native controls and close to native performance thanks to JiT compiling directly to machine code, not ART machine code.
    So, apps built using it don't have to be mediocre it depends fully on the developer.
  • I don't know that much about it, but how do you then effectively use platform specific APIs? It really sounds like you need to water down your app if you want to make it cross platform.
  • You don't need to carry 2 devices at all. This Andromeda device will be able to run all the apps from both iOS and Android with not natively experience, but will be close to. If you don't trust me. Go ahead get Microsoft Studio community version and pick Android and iOS ide sdk to test apps create some sample app code, run it and you know what I am talk about.
  • I think I understand u, but u are not 100% correct...
  • Andromeda will not be a device for someone who asks whether a particular app that's on Android will be available for it. Misses the point. Goes beyond the "this app" paradigm. That paradigm won't be part of the future anyway.
  • Just about to repost this :)
  • Oh, how alike are we Windows fans :-)
  • Spot on!! Only the Microsoft apps are saving the transition.
  • hah same here.. My poor lumia hung in there for the logest time, I stuck in there with a cracked screen and a half broken backlight, but when glass started to peel of I had to let it go :/ the oneplus is allright, but I do miss the live tiles....
  • I do miss tiles, but many (most) Android apps have widgets. Some widgets have considerably more functionality than any Live Tile ever had (e.g., VLC, Outlook, ToDo, etc.).
  • Where's the two idiot trolls who said Andromeda didn't exist?
    Now they are putting it down. Make up your pathetic minds.
  • What? Didn't you hear Andromeda won't be out this year? Probably not even 2019. How long are you prepared to wait?
  • Oh the irony!
  • The Era of the not-Phones Commeth...
    This time in 2020 we'll all be saying, remember the old days when people used to carry mobile phones everywhere? Before not-Phones got invented? Crazy days...
  • or we'll be waiting for the new diruptive microsoft mobile device, because andromeda is been canceled like windows phone and windows mobile before.
  • Well, Windows Phone was pretty disruptive you have to admit. Mostly disrupting Microsoft, but disruptive never the less...
  • Yeah, unlike BB OS and others Windows phone and W10M OS stood its ground with iOS and Android even if it's for a short period of time and shorter marketplace. That is something!
  • More importantly, it created an alternative, a viable different angle to mobile OS ecosystems.
  • It was not disruptive at all - hard to disrupt when the product failed.
  • It was disruptive! In some markets Windows Phone 8.1 had reached 10% market share, but then Microsoft messed it all up when Nutella got in. Ballmer, for all his faults, believed in WP unlike Nadella... Had Ballmer stayed it would have survived if not thrived...
  • 10% in price conscious markets selling the cheapest one possible with Nokia's name. Had nothing to do with WP, especially since those people didn't become repeat buyers.
  • Really didn't feel like that in the UK. Being 'price conscious' didn't seem to lead to a lack of premium models being sold here, or to a lack of repeat buying. The real impact on repeat buying was the crazy long period where MS was fannying around not getting the L930 out to customers. We would have bought it, if only MS had got its soldiers in a line and had mastered the whole logistics thing. Instead MS focussed on selling it in the US alone until it finally registered that all there customers lived outside the US. By then, they'd already lost a lot of momentum. Of course, we all then remember how they consciously killed off the system with the appalling W10 release after that.
  • Just look at the total sales. 10% in some European countries didn't move the total sales numbers at all. They were always small. When you see those small numbers were all L520s, it is understandable why Microsoft and Nokia ran away.
  • I still admire how fun each day with the W10M tiles!
  • I’m not sure anyone is saying this but Andromeda is the replacement for Win10 Mobile and that’s enough reason for it to exist. Microsoft needs a mobile play in the market and this will meet my needs. I’m ready to upgrade my smartphone to the new kid on the block.
  • ... If you're willing to pay ~1000+ bucks ...
  • Yeah why not, I do not smoke.
  • :-)
  • A lot of us are. A lot of people do it for IPhones. A lot do it for Surfaces and plenty other aspirational devices.
  • A lot of people don't do it with iPhones, hence the failure of their $1000 line and the refocusing on more sensibly priced phones. I don't doubt MS was watching. No point in buying a mobile device if you're going to get mugged if you try using it on the street. I won't be waving a £1000 device about on the bus any more than I'd wave a £1000 wad about on the bus. Why? Because I'm not certifiably insane (quite yet...). Here's hoping someone at MS is also able to think clearly.
  • The iPhone X was certainly not a failure. You know how much money Apple is making off those things?!
  • People are already paying that for high-end iPhones and Android devices, I wouldn't hesitate for Andromeda!
  • Well, you can use such devices down the golf club but I'd take care never to use it outside the range of security staff. You will regret that decision, I assure you.
  • That's not a lot of money.
  • It would buy a lot of food, so it is a lot of money.
  • Again, Andy, you live in a shithole. If you cannot walk out of eyeshot of a security guard with an iPhone and be safe. The device is NOT the problem, the ****** dump where you live is. As mentioned before I walk out of the bank with 5g in my hand, not in an envelope or anything and feel perfectly safe to walk around if I so choose.
  • I've read this comment like 4 times & I laugh harder everytime I read it 🤣
  • Yes, mobile space and that must just be the beginning of the change we need in mobile phone industry. Heck! Andromeda doesn't even want to fit in that box.
  • Has there been any rumor on what the screen sizes will be?
  • no but this picture from a patent can give some hint:
  • Hoping for 6.66 but bet they will cling to 5.7 of those American inches.
  • The Bible Belt would never allow a 666 phone.
  • "This is the closest we're going to get to confirmation from Microsoft that Andromeda exists" Actually the closest was Dona Sarkar confirming it on twitter.
  • Hmm I must have missed that. But she tweeted something remarkable yesterday and today when her iPhone 7's camera broke: She was basically asking what phone out there has the best camera, and that she will be on the lookout for one in "a few … months".
    Doesn't read as if she's planning to use Project Andromeda as her phone in a few months.
  • Of course she won't. Andromeda is not a phone. I'll be using a dumb phone with my tablet.
  • Andromeda certainly was a phone. If you read Mary Jo's article, it might be back in the future as a larger device that wouldn't be a phone.
  • "Disruptive". I do not think that word means what they think it means.
  • Great reference, love that line. In reality, what they need to do is have a large global release, all the US only business is insane. Cortana still is crippled outside the US. One of the biggest areas they need to sort out to give a device a chance is mobile payments. Microsoft has totally dropped the ball here, if I still have to have an iPhone or Android handset for my day to day activities why would I also have a second OS/ ecosystem to manage?
  • "Inconceivable!!". But...what if the new pocket-sized Surface device had an option to run 'Andro..meda' OS, instead of a windows OS. That would give Devs greater choice in terms of options for both PWAs as well as native UWP-iOS-Android apps through the Xamarin tooling.
  • Cortana may be crippled outside US but even then it does a lot more than Alexa and Google's thing.
  • I tried the new Alexa thing on my PC. Lord knows why people seem to like Alexa, it was truly pointless as far as I could see. MS could take the whole market if it could only get the product over the border. I really wish someone at MS would wake up to the ruddy obvious once in a while.
  • Disruptive reserves for visionary consumer, who truly understand what was the past, what now, And what will be disruptive NEXT: Andromeda
  • "Continuum on Andromeda is alive and kicking and has improved two-fold..."
  • Triple flexible screen device confirmed. They can market it as "Booklet with an extra chromosome".
  • If it could just work out what mode to be in at power up instead of simply remaining in the mode it was in when powered down, that would be a start.
  • Really interesting sounds like Andromeda is going to become a thing, looking forward to seeing this device come to market.
  • For those not going for the new device but still sticking with winmobile, I really hope they incorporate the Continuum changes for existing hardware
  • Impossible, because existing phones will never get CoreOS or Cshell
  • They were supposed to but then W10M was moved to a support branch with only security fixed and no new features...
  • Well, this one guy just managed to run Win10 for ARM on the L950XL, so, even if MS don't do it we could perhaps be able to do it ourselves if that guy continues the project. At the time it's down to writing new drivers, hard for sure, but he did write his own bios for it, so...
  • Forget existing hardware. Smash it with hammers.
  • With Nokia phones, you could probably use them to smash hammers. Not sure about the other way around.
  • Disruptive is just the start!! We need regular leaked emails till Christmas - if u need my email to leak, let me know :-)
  • I hope I can buy one before,Christmas to give myself an amazing Christmas gift😀
  • I'm curious to see this device, but I'm not holding my breath. I switched to Android from a 950XL a couple of months ago and it's a disaster of an experience. Even Microsoft's own apps are garbage, including Outlook. Here's hoping they are coming up with something that developers will be willing to spend time developing for, but we've seen this movie before, several times, and it never ends well.
  • I really don't understand the hyperbole from bitter Windows Phone fans. I notice how most of the complaints are vague and simply says Android sucks. Android is perfectly fine and the Microsoft apps work great.
  • Voice interactions with Android are crude compared to Windows Phone. Texting by voice in a vehicle requires special setup and only works when you are using Bluetooth audio. Map directions are only read while using Bluetooth audio. Windows phone would break into whatever source your radio was playing - radio, satellite, CD. Can somebody suggest a way around this?
  • The original Moto X used to do that and it was so annoying. I don't want my messages read aloud in the car with other people. They stopped having that feature. It is built into Google Assistant anyways, you just have to ask it to read the message. You can certainly text hands free from Assistant as well. It works nearly flawlessly on my S8, Bluetooth or not.
  • "Voice interactions with Android are crude compared to Windows Phone. Texting by voice in a vehicle requires special setup and only works when you are using Bluetooth audio. Map directions are only read while using Bluetooth audio. Windows phone would break into whatever source your radio was playing - radio, satellite, CD. Can somebody suggest a way around this?" Are you trying to replace Google Assistant with Cortana on your Android? Google Assistant would have you covered.
  • Yep, Darkness690 pretty much nails it. I loved all my Windows Pocket PC/Phone/Mobile devices for the 13+ years I had them. I never thought I'd switch, but Microsoft put me in a position where I had no choice. Honestly, Android of 2018 has been a very pleasant experience overall. Everything just works, works well, and gets support. Frankly, if Microsoft released an Andromeda device today, I would have no problems waiting 2-3 years before thinking of switching back to a Microsoft mobile device, to make sure it's not another Band.
  • For you to say Android is perfectly fine tells me you've no idea what good design is. Android is a hodge podge of half-hearted efforts that don't play well together. Hmm, shall we put options at the top right, under a long press, under a tap, somewhere else? Dead icons from the 1990s. No dark theme option? Nope, gotta go find that elsewhere. Do I swipe horizontal, scroll vertical, both? Ah, let's keep them guessing. Outlook, I have to reset my work account every other day, and oftentimes delete it and re-add it because it won't retain or let me reenter my credentials. My personal account has to be reset at least once a week because they can't figure out how to actually delete deleted items. Shall I go on?
  • Yes please. Go on as much as you like.
  • You are a fool!
  • Killing their mobile platform will come back to haunt them. There are just too many apps that people take for granted now on their phones for PWA to replace when they could have used W10M as a bridge to keep them available. Supreme lack of vision there in their rush to crap on W10M and its users. So that leaves this as a companion device to an existing phone. It will truly have to be something "disruptive" to make an impact.
  • Couldn't agree more. W10M should have been allowed to exist until this "ultimate mobile device" was sitting proudly on store shelves. Killing W10M sent a lot of fans and developers off forever on to other ecosystems. Once you burn people it takes ALOT of work to win their trust back. I hope MS carries through though. Better than the alternative. No Andromeda in 2018 would be a kick in the nards to the MS store and the MS brand in general.
  • Satay was too busy thinking of other "things".
  • Too much time digging trenches, not enough time digging MS products.
  • Too much pizza time.
  • Hey hey hey, Leave pizza out of this!
  • The work put into this device could very easily be for nothing. One has to remember what killed off Microsofts previous mobile phones.
    Consumers didn't buy them, and the lack of good apps got the blame for it. I used Windows Phone and mobile since the lumia 900. My last was the lumia 950. The phones had many good qualities, like good cameras and before Windows 10 mobile, a stable and usable operating system. But then there was the lack of apps and a poor web browser. In addition to these problems, even Microsofts own apps got worse as the nokia legacy was left behind. Especially maps and camera apps. And then we can talk about the store. This is mostly filled with third party apps and web wrappers. I have been testing out some of the apps on my surface.
    Still no good. "attempt to bring Windows 10 into a more modern era by leaving behind legacy code and focusing on UWP" This means that the device will be stuck with the bad apps from the store. It is truly amazing, as even Microsoft must know about the situation in their own store. So in conclusion, if the Andromeda device doesn't run win32 apps, it is more or less a glorified, dual screen flopped Lumia 950, as it will appear to the consumer that it is just another iteration of windows 10 mobile. What lies underneath does not matter if the apps are lacking.
  • Of course it will run win32 apps, if it has a core M3 it will run them natively, if it has a sd850/sd1000 it will run them in emulation on WoA. But as the real Jesus said in Life of Brian: " there's just no pleasing some people."
  • ...
  • link?
  • Is the Continuum dock compatible or does it need new one?
  • If it is USB-C, then it will probably be compatible. I doubt it will have a Surface connector.
  • Dock compatible. But maybe this andromeda device will have thunderbolt connection.
  • What is disruptive about it? We haven't heard anything that fits that description yet. It better have some surprise that wasn't leaked yet. We have heard nothing revolutionary about this device.
  • Just because MS describes it as so, does not make it so. Pretty sure those words were used for WM/WP/WM10 also.
  • Yeahhh MS will show their cards in the wide open months in advance op the potential launch.
    Are you sure you are feeling well?
  • We have heard a bunch, especially from this website. Anyways, Mary Jo is reporting that it was at least delayed if not cancelled.
  • Depends how you define disruptive. Is the electric car by itself disruptive? It's been around for 120+ years. Enters Tesla. Now, is Tesla cars by themselves disruptive? Perhaps in Norway, but not in the world. However, when Tesla launched the S and later the X it did have a disruptive effect on the market. They triggered a change. Outside of Norway they are probably never going to be the most selling brand total, but every single brand are going to offer a range of none ICE models in a short time and during the next ten to twenty years ICE are going to be for special applications only. MS might do the same, merging the mobile and pc space together, even if the most sold device is made by Samsung and runs some OS made by Google
  • New, distruptive, and now "on hold/cancelled"...
  • We'll when you spend two years designing a dual screen device based off a 5 year old Japanese patent, then the janitor tells you all of the competition are about to release flexible folding single screen devices... Here let me dispose of that hideous prototype for you.
  • Dear MS, and everyone associated with them. Media outlets etc. PLEASE STOP USING DISRUPTIVE as a description of said new surface phone. It's GODDMAN ANNOYING. Please find another word to use that is better for this purpose. It's like they are trying to hard.
  • stop your whining and crying and its not a phone fool
  • If it fits in your pocket and makes calls natively it is a phone. Arguing that it isn't a phone is rediculous, Microsoft will certainly not do that if they release it.
  • It's a PDA. The percentage of making phone calls on these devices is the smallest of all tasks made with them. Making phone calls with them is just a feature of the PDA.
  • A PDA that makes phone calls natively is what we call a smartphone in 2018.
  • 'Smartphone' is so 1990's.
  • PDA is so 1980s!
  • And Vinyl is so... long ago and still relevant. But no one says smartphone anymore. It's 'mobile device' more than anything. And that mobile device represents a PDA more now than ever with actual Personal Digital Assistant A.I. built in them (Siri, Cortana...)
  • And not-Phone will be so new millennium? Yay!
  • Not phone sounds like you have no idea what you are talking about. It’s a ******* phone. And as with all Microsoft phones, this one is cancelled... pda. Ha ha ha. I had a pda in 1989
  • Does it fit in your pocket? Yes. Does it make phone calls? Yes. PHONE! Fool. It can do more than current phones. However it’s still a phone.
  • "Disruptive" is "reimagined" reimagined.
  • Never mind. I guess disruptive means cancelled. Got it. Seems accurate since the cerulean moment was the most “disruptive” phone since the original iPhone, according to the flag wavers of the Best Buy crew.
  • Or retrenched...?
  • No no, it's "disruptive" as in the battery only lasts two hours, therefore it disrupts your day to constantly charge it.
  • Disruptive? Hard to say but time will tell. It always does.
  • The crevice in the middle of the screen is disruptive to the touch experience. They suddenly realised this and said, and I quote, "ooohhhhhhh.........".
  • I'll add that no matter how good this device is, if my company, a big Microsoft shop, doesn't port all of its Android apps to whatever this new amazing device will be running, I'll have no reason to pick one up. I know the developer world changes, but developers have been burned so many times by Microsoft that I can't imagine they will be willing to put forth yet another effort, especially since they have been successful on both Android and iOS. This device will have to make Steve Jobs rise from the grave to make any impact on enough people that this does not become yet another Microsoft project headed straight for the recycle bin.
  • The rise of the aids zombie. Don't think we need a third movie to be honest.
  • Hope this is not true.
  • ZDnet saying it's cancelled...
  • No, it isn't. It's saying it's 50 / 50 => possibly cancelled, possibly just delayed. And Mary Jo is probably the most connected MS journalist I know of.
  • It's not cancelled. The team just realised a few things a tad late into the game. New estimated timeframe is sometime in 2020 for cancellation.
  • Damn! I was hoping to wait until 2021 until cancellation was confirmed.
  • Will be officially canceled at a 3rd day Build presentation by a low level MS exec.
  • And, its canceled...
  • Since 2016 demo of ACPC, we all know what to expect, nothing disruptive until Computex 2018, it has become clear the better life and high speed LTE are disruptive and the doubt on Win32 apps will be addressed in upcoming S850 and S1000. Andromeda will additional disruptive on top of that. We all know what are likely coming, few could imagine the impact until perhaps 6 months after release.
  • 'New and disruptive' -Well I heard that one before 🤣
  • Cerulean Knights assemble? Lol
  • This is the best comment sub-thread of the day. I can't stop laughing. Cerulean Knights. Pure comedy.
  • Pls elaborate so I have fun too
  • The indiegogo page is still up, I look at it every once in awhile for a chuckle.
  • Thx for tip
  • I've forgotten about that one lol.
  • I never, I saw a toilet paper roll holder get better backing on indegogo than the cerulean moment. Ha ha. Anyone hear if Greg got promoted to floor manager at Best Buy yet?
  • I wonder if it will be similar to the Sidekick, & Sidekick ii. I use to really enjoy that device. I really couldn't imagine wanting to replace my 950, or 1020 (yup I still have it) with some double screen mobile device, but when I thought about the Sidekick, my enthusiasm kicked in just a tiny bit. :-)
  • We’re the sidekick and sidekick II products you could buy? Then no, this will be nothing like it.
  • Hey Windows central, why don't I get notifications from your app???
  • Exactly!!!!
  • I don't see you on MSPU anymore.
  • Fall too many people spreading fake news at MSPU.
  • Hope it is not canceled, Im looking forward to deleting my Gmail account. And it would look nice next to my surface book2
  • Well, I'm using that account just for YouTube.
  • That's a bit rude using his account for your viewing fetish.
  • You don't need a Google account for YouTube. You can use any e-mail.
  • What email do you use for Pornhub?
  • And then of course there is this, indicating Andromeda has been put on hold and potentially canceled.
  • it would be very stupid of Microsoft if this is not a phone!
    hope WhatsApp/Viber are there when it is launched
  • 😍
  • I just read on MSPoweruser that this mythical device is cancelled. So I'm afraid we are stuck with android or ios for our next Phone. My HP x3 is having more and more problems. The windowscentral apps are as good as useless, quality of Phone calls is getting worse, apps crashing, sound sometimes does not work, notifications sometimes don't work, wifi is getting to be unstable etc. I hope Apple releases something decent soon, preferably something that does not require selling a kidney in order to be able to buy it. Android has the nicest phones, but I have some issues with the way google deals with privacy.
  • It's delayed not cancelled
    best to get the software right before releasing it
  • Like your optimism!
  • Must be a newbie to ms systems
  • This Andromeda device will be able to run IOS and Android Apps, not both at same time but when set up , you get to pick which app parkage to install. It more or less like the way apps developer test their app.
    It will not be as fast as in iPhone devices, but it will be the device can run all the major OSes app out there. This is will be truly the disruptive device.
  • Not to my knowledge. Good try :-)
  • Dude, I hate to break your youthful enthusiasm, but for starters you do understand Apple would never allow any other company to produce a device that can run iOS apps natively, right? Plenty of lawsuits to use for examples going back to the 1980s.
  • Link please, the last time Microsoft worked with Android apps on a mobile device was with Nokia X project but it was cancelled.
  • haha, the front page header only said "device described as new and disruptive in email" I was all, e-mail...? MS is trying to innovate around email?? People don't like email..
  • Sounds like you never worked with Outlook at your workplace, I love Outlook 2016 and Skype For Business 2016, I recently got upgraded from Office 2010 to Office 2016 and it rules for collaboration.
  • I don't think you have ever actually used Skype for Business. That is the worst app ever. Isn't it dead?
  • "The Continuum desktop is now almost exactly like the desktop you know today, including (...) a system tray" Really, they revived the system tray concept ?
    I'm not sure which Windows desktop you use today, but the system tray has been cancelled during the early Windows Chicago (later to become Windows 95) days and replaced with the taskbar most of us use since 23 years.
    Outside of Windows 95 beta testers, no one ever used the system tray and jumped directly from the Program Manager to the Taskbar. (see
  • Microsoft finally caved and finally called the notification what the vast majority have been calling it for decades.
  • I am still curious how it will look. If you connect 2 lumia 950 or 2 iPhone X together, wouldn't that make a phone with square display rather than 4:3 ration? Also to avoid impact while folding, they will need to add some kind of rubber material on both screen. Surface laptop was able to avoid that due to keybord with different material but that wont be the case here. just thinking out loud.
  • The fulcrum hinge was the precursor to the armadillo hinge which allows flexible displays, and they won't touch due to the minimum bend radius.
  • Seems cancelled or postponed again accordingly to mspu source
  • It's also been described as cancelled or postoned by MaryJo Foley.
  • Aaaaaaaannnnnd, it's cancelled.
  • LOL. And now, according to MSPOWERUSER, it's being tabled because A) the OS isn't ready and B) apparently little interest.
  • Given Mary Jo Foley's article (which is a lot more definitive than the last paragraph of this one suggests), it sounds like the one windows device that had caught people's recent imagination won't make it to market after all. That sounds like the MS we know and love.
  • Rather, that sounds like the Mary Jo we're used to.
  • Gonna cry fake neuz fdruid?
  • Who knows what is going on. Never announced product. Wait and see. Better be perfect and delayed than release a half baked product like Lumia 950.
  • We are all assuming Mary is correct. I can not believe that all the work for Core OS is gone. I expect that Windows Proper instead of being replaced by Polaris becomes it and that makes it easier to make AndromedaOS. Also good note on Dell and HP but if there is no Os then they wont build it. Also maybe Snapdragon 1k is to blame too. Either way the PWA's that I have are the apps I use now. For example although not a true PWA LikBook smokes Facebook even on my Android tablet. And I have been using WebApp Maker Pro to convert PWA's and web Apps to apps. And unlike standard webwrappers of old....These work Great...Even on Mobile.
  • If they're really looking for who this device is for, it's a pretty simple answer, assuming the device functions like I imagine it would. Assuming it's WoA, you've got a compelling case for a phone, a tablet, and a laptop/desktop in one. If it runs Win32 apps, things like Chrome, etc., then a person could get a dock or laptop shell and they'd have a phone when it's folded, a tablet when it's folded out (two 6" 16:9 screens equates to roughly a 9" display), and a desktop/laptop when it's docked. This makes it an interesting device to the road warrior who relies on their phone but needs a laptop for their company's old Win32 apps that probably haven't been updated since Windows XP (believe me, these exist) You've got IT Departments that are very much desktop first with mobile being a secondary concern. They could address mobile while addressing desktop instead of tackling two environments. It also potentially allows for the management of a single device for a user instead of 2 or 3. Then there are the Windows phone hold outs who are your "Shut up and take my money!" people.
  • Mary Jo Foley is a good journalist, but she's really confused on this one. She accurately says that " the AndromedaOS, won't end up being part of Redstone 5", but the larger fact is that it isn't directly part of any Redstone development. Redstone 5 is related to the desktop OS, which is separate from Core OS and Andromeda. I wonder how much more of this report is incomplete.
  • Core OS is not a separate OS to be delivered by MS, its how the desktop OS will branch out. and MS has strong MS connections and if she says its close to getting cancelled then it will most likely be,
  • MJF is a good writer but just an okay “journalist”. Have you read her interview with Nadella? She basically gushes, pins him down on none of the tough questions. No follow up questions. No challenges. No tension. That’s not journalism. That’s just fan club.
  • I'm really looking for this. I'm still using my Lumia daily. but I sure would like something new and fresh. Microsoft needs a mobile play in the market and this will meet my needs.
  • I won trust MSpowerUser title. Spiced up for click bait. Andromeda is coming. It is a question of Christmas or early next year. ACPC running S850 are on track. Andromeda is the beginning of the Great journey of Phoenix rising from the W10M ashes. It is the beginning of new category that other OEMs (those who are confident of ACPC) are ready to follow. The Andromeda OS needs to be ready! A few more months more to wait means nothing compared to 2 years since the dark time of mid 2016
  • Do you have a link where it says Microsoft is working on Mobile consumer OS called Andromeda? I just can't find the official link, will this OS be OpenSource like Android or closed like iOS, just curious.
  • Follow Twitter WalkingCat over last few months for the build up of evidence.
  • They won't release business devices for Christmas.
  • It would be great we can pre-order during Christmas
  • Delivered by Christmas
  • Maybe for china, most of their other target markets are not making capital purchases right before Christmas.
  • Few apps and best high end camera would be the best.
  • Well, sadly, Microsoft has "few apps" covered in spades.
  • Cancelling this would be incredibly deflating. Hopefully it's just if anything a delay, but even a delay would be pretty hurtful ... well to us. As has been mentioned, this hasn't been announced so it's not like the world at large would know about it, but man, ... maybe I should just stop reading tech articles and just enjoy hearing about these items when they are actually announced. I can't understand why it would be cancelled now though.... it's not like the market has changed since 2016. It's the exact same market now so what event would have caused it to be discounted now? Hopefully it's just a delay to get things right, but.... the clock is ticking, other companies are getting there by all accounts. YCS
  • Don't worry it's delayed. Supposedly 2020 is when it will be cancelled.
  • Oh dear! Stringing us all on for another 2 years? Ugh!
  • If it is delayed to have more time for more patents or to avoid quick copy of features by competitors, I could imagine this.
  • Yeah but redesigning the entire thing for a flexible display instead of dual screen will take two years.
  • We still talking two screens. One screen is still high liability
  • Can't wait for this to be released so US people can complain about having already returned 3 units for unacceptable light bleeding on the screen.
  • I would be very careful about going all-in with a new MSFT product...their history of abandoned products is quite large...
  • Mary Jo's article suggests the execs might delay or cancel because they're worried it might fail -- it's not ready, it's not that interesting, or whatever. But for an industry giant like MS, not to have anything in the small device market is a failure. So, they're already failing. Put out the damned product and give it a shot. When Ballmer put out the original Surface devices, everyone decried them as not ready for prime time. And in may ways they weren't. But lots of us enjoyed them, and as MS gradually improved them, they became a segment-defining product. Thank goodness Ballmer didn't shelf those devices. Satya needs to grow a pair and start putting out new products. He's becoming the Tim Cook of MS.
  • The Surface line morphed into being just different laptop form factors. Low hanging fruit for Microsoft. Surface has been tame for the most part, nothing "disruptive".
  • Couldn't agree more. Microsoft has NOTHING in the way of mobile devices presently! It's inexcusable in a mobile world for a software company of MS' size, especially given that MS specializes in "personal" computing. Personal computing means mobile! Without a mobile device there is nothing for UWP developers to target, since there is nothing "universal" about an app that runs only on laptops and laptop-like devices. While MS can afford to pay thousands of devs to re-write its own apps on top of iOS and Android, many small devs can't afford to just up and re-write two or three years of work to port their stuff over to Apple and Alphabet ecosystems. Get it together MS. And give us something... anything... and do it in 2018! Mary Jo had better be wrong on this one.
  • Today, over in Zdnet, Mary Jo Foley noted that her Microsoft contacts claimed that Andromeda won't be coming this year, and, possibly 2019. Could Windows Central check with their contacts to see if this is true?
  • Give it a couple of days, the dusk will settle
  • my Lumia 950 XL works even better than when I first bought it. Itis the many updates. Not seeing myself spending $1K on some tech with Surface brand on it right now. Beside that then it seems to be canceled according to mspoweruser. Not really a surprise when we see how Microsoft went all Android the last two years. I guess that Lumia 950 XL came with great hardware specs is a good thing as it gotta last for at least 3 years more..... Oh I did buy a Samsung Galaxy S8.... Perhaps I should use that as well.
  • According to zd news there will be no andromeda thisyear , hopefully the end of next year or even later !!!
  • Agreed that the fallout of canceling this device would be an ugly thing. I think many developers will give up forever on the MS ecosystem if 2018 doesn't see a Surface branded mobile device of some sort. And very agreed that MS needs apps! As for the major "app gap" apps PWA would suffice just fine, since they almost all have web sites people frequent. The most critical apps MIA: * Mint, Citigroup, Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, Venmo, Square Cash, PayPal, MS Money
    * eTrade, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, Fidelity Investments
    * Southwest, Alaska, Delta, United, Jet Blue, American Airlines, Expedia
    * Voxer, IMDB, Pinterest, Yelp, Starbucks, Food Network, StubHub
    * Twitch, Mixer, Monument Valley, Sky Guide, ESPN
    * Google Photos, Google Maps, YouTube Microsoft should beg... cajole... bribe... pay... discount Azure/Office 365 subs... basically do whatever it takes to convince these companies to go PWA and even better to specifically "package" the PWAs in a UWP store wrapper. It would be in these companies best interest to standardize on a device-agnositic platform like PWA anyway, since they could cut development and maintenance costs by not having to write their apps 2 or 3 times for every platform. MS needs to evangelize PWA... and zealously!
  • I can honestly say that not one of your 'must have' apps would ever be used by me. Most were local to the US and I don't live there, so not interested. And why would I want Google products when there's MS equivalents? Interesting how our individual perceptions and priorities can be so different...
  • I did think about Binging non-US banks, credit cards, and airlines, but honestly I've never lived outside the US and wasn't about to try and fake it. You're right though, and I completely agree that MS needs to do more outside the US, at least from what I read in other's comments. That said, my point is that Banks, Credit Cards, Online Brokerages, Airlines, and the other apps I mentioned are all considered essential apps by MOST people. I realize that there are always outliers. And if you can live without them then bless you my son! :0) But not being able to have your boarding pass with you on your Andromeda won't fly with most people.
  • Having choices is great.
  • PWA is future
  • So ChromeOS is the future? You don't need Windows when everything is PWA. This is exactly what Chrome was built for. Google's Trojan horse and Microsoft is bringing it right in.
  • Google has created many excellent ideas, products and services. PWA is one of them. Microsoft is prudent to leverage the potential.... So should I... It makes good sense...
  • I think for this device to be disruptive it would have to work seamlessly with you current mobile device. This means being able to respond to texts or mirror your phone display etc... just crazy stuff that I don't think it will do. Since Microsoft was so quick to give up on W10 Mobile they now have to rely on heavy integration with existing mobile ecosystems and that will never happen with iOS because their system is so locked up... maybe with android..
  • Imagine Andromeda and Surface Hub2 co-define new category - definitely not crazy but disruptive
  • There's a new feature coming to Windows 10 that will do precisely that. You're not reading this site a lot, are you?
  • Why would you carry this and another phone? That would be like carrying three phones!
  • Wish they would make sort of Snapchat spectacles, hololens or flagship intelligent glasses cost a lot. We need also that kind of device, as thats future. Phone like devices are nearing its end anyway...
  • Good suggestions
  • Yes everyone is wearing Google Glass today.
  • We have at least another good decade of modern smartphones. It will be awhile before technology to replace them is available.
  • Per Mary Jo Foley - likely delayed to 2019 if then.
  • God forbid consumers have something to be excited about. We can't have that. So a day after we had some excitement, literally less than half a day later, MS has to ruin it and take a crap on our faces again. This will be it for me. If they do not release this product I am done with them. I wouldn't be surprised if Nadella cancels this because he thinks there is TOO MUCH consumer interest in it. Regardless of what some certain people on this site say, outside of Xbox, Nadella does not want to be in the Consumer space. I hate Google and Apple equally but for very different reasons. Having said that, they actually want me as a consumer. They want to be in this space and they want to provide products that consumers will buy. It's a lot less frustrating to support a company that actually wants your support. MS just doesn't. Their eye is on enterprise only and releasing something that has too much interest from their fans, the consumers, actually goes against the direction they are headed. Seriously where there is smoke there is always fire with MS. Always. So this thing is probably dead. Just wonder if they have told Panay yet because just a few days ago he was hinting at the device and LG making the screen.
  • I hope you're wrong, but I fear you're right. Nadella scares me. In the course of 3 years for ONE man to be able to ruin almost 40 years of personal computing history is scary. He's so very uber focused on the enterprise that you can almost see the pain on his face to address anything Consumer. But hopefully Panay and any other sane, non suck-ups left at MS can convince him that a Surface branded mobile device is good for morale.
  • Let us imagine more upward Microsoft share with Andromeda delivered
  • Or let us stop imagining and instead face the reality that has been smacking us in the face for the last 3 years.
  • :-)
  • Love the direction Microsoft as whole is going. More involvement on a single platform will and has proven to be the functioning and Exological way of our futuristic world whether cars, homes, phones, games, manufacturing or sciences. Attacking from one view point and building from there. Since the early versions of Windows, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten that. With core landing on a phone and not just a single platform like XBOX it prove how large of aspect our phones are. How well they connect to the things around us even, the most important cars. Like an automatic switch your phone calls are being relayed directly to the speakers and screens in the car with you. If windows can pull that off there is no reason we can’t always be connected, with out needed to have more device changes in mind. One System, all the (Meta)data stored right where you can always find it within a single system. I think that system is Core OS. #Windows2018 #Microsoft2018 #BrightFuture #HugePotential #NeverWasted
  • This will be canceled for sure.
  • Done as we speak kadcidxa
  • The rumor that Google is entering game console to compete with Xbox suggests Microsoft is doing well at consumer game space with upside potential
  • Great looking device but just like the surface pro tablets are for business or "more productive" people, no you tube app stoped me from ever at this time owning one and i really wanted one for that awsome kickstand.. No point releasing any consumer product that doesn't have the you tube app cause most people need the you tube app. metro tube, my tube and many more i have tried either brake too often or keep asking you for donations even with their basic look and controls. I wish this was not the case as i loved windows mobile, as i love windows 10 dektop, well minus the edge browser, which i like but no default home page on a new tab= no use. Honestly new tabs in edge and their restrictive nature along with no control over the updates and x to shut windows no longer shuts windows(it puts them in taskbar lol) Are my only grips
  • Man, people sure seem to get something out of seeing MS fail. Just look at those negative, hurtful comments. My god.
  • Surface line and "Best on windows" through co-operation... as Jason Ward put it... The picture will not complete without Andromeda. So relax, Microsoft needs a bit more time to complete the painting, - never rush a visionary painter Surface line Does not mean defining individual new category... "Best on Windows" means = together we are strong! Combination of two separate surface lines define additional category. ANDROMEDA is key to combine with other surface lines to co-create more categories. MICROSOFT - the multi categories defining company Good wine takes years to mature, so should Andromeda, after 2 and why not 3 years
  • Most significant point is that MS (Nadella) killed surface mini 3 weeks before launch. Still time for Nutty Nadella to shoot Andromeda in the foot.
  • here's his email if anyone wants to tell him NOT to cancel the bloody thing... agreed that he's probably contemplating canceling the release. he's extremely risk averse, so he might very well be worrying himself silly that Wall Street will punish him for doing anything outside of azure.
  • Andromeda is the missing piece to complete "Best on Windows" BoW
  • Andromeda will never happen... Ever
  • Why?
  • Simple, because: Microsoft.
  • Here's the thing. This whole situation has been diluted over arguments for why w10m failed, or how MS will screw us again. I've got a much simpler question. Why not open the phone API (the new one, or a cross platform binary for the old one) to developers. I don't need cshell. I don't need ARM support. I need to use the phone app and the telephony api in the desktop OS. The future is in device convergence. Allow us to converge it ourselves. Allow us to realize true convergence and give us the ability to turn a pc into a phone using W10 x86.. Theres plenty of handheld options for x86 computing these days.... It's all right there, we just need them to unlock the front door.
  • Good point
  • I have a 950XL...and waiting for a new device that can replace it from MS... I will be at the door of Microsoft Store when is available.
  • So as many of us, queuing behind u
  • Sure, I bet you're gonna have a hard time finding an empty spot there :))))
  • I camp there one day before u :-)
  • Looking forward to Andromeda. I'm still with my 950 but a new fresh device would be great. The 950 is still as good as any other phone with it's camera and core functions, hopefully the PWA/UWP's help update apps to be on the same level as Android (Twitter on Windows 10 is a great example of this).
    ...just hopefully I can afford it, haha.
  • Bet you can't. It's gonna be well above 1000$.
  • It going to be launch in October now. Zdnet article did make any sense.
  • Yes, zdnet article did make any sense.
  • So, did it make sense or not?
  • The "andromeda" device is a good idea, but microsoft's mistake was made when they switched to snapdragon processing, arm cpu's/apu's are not powerful enough to run windows legacy code i.e win 32 programs, so they are slowly doing away with this platform. It's bonkers, intel now have reduced the die size of their x86/64x processors so they can fit inside mobile devices, so Microsoft should have stuck with intel processors. Back in 2015 a developer posted on xda developers site an atom based zenfone 2 running desktop windows 7, with. some programs running on it too, there were also reports if some users doing the same but with windows 8 and 10 on their mobiles. So since Intel have reduced their latest cups. down to 10 nm and Amd following soon, it seems pointless that Microsoft. should stick with these measly snapdragon processors. If windows 7
  • Perhaps like HP, both ARM and Intel variants. A task to be shared among OEMs.
  • Mary Jo Foley isn't saying a delay is possible. She says the delay is for sure, and to expect the device after 2018 if it ever comes. So ... maybe it's still a pipe dream.
  • Microsoft needs new management.
    The pull out of the phone market will be remembered as its stupidest mistake.
    And it didn't have to. MS should have kept W10M alive until it could have replaced it with something better.
    I guess a flip phone won't be too bad after all.
    I installed MS Launcher on my droid.
    It looked really nice.
    But there's no way I'll sign into it using a droid.
    Watching all the efforts Google is making to play nice with MS is really a joke.
    A really sad joke.
  • Because of data grabbing?
  • Yes......I simply don't trust the os.
    But more importantly, it's the universe of products that work good enough for me on W10 M. Word, Power Point, etc.
    I think Nadella is a brilliant and humble person/would love to meet him.
    I just think he's wrong to abandon phones. Unlike some, I don't think Microsoft phones were a failure. Sure, marketing was.
  • "However, the project isn't safe from being canceled or delayed. The Surface Mini was killed just weeks before it was supposed to be announced. Mary Jo Foley is also hearing that a delay or even cancelation is possible for Andromeda, but this is pretty normal for any product in development. I worry the fallout of killing Andromeda would be bigger than just another canceled device." From this paragraph, how good is the email leak? The article's last paragraph conflicts with the meat of the aritcle and its backbone which is the leaked email. So, who is wrong? MJF or Leaked email?
  • Mary Jo says these leaks are from internal people at Microsoft who do not want it cancelled. The leaks are an effort to drum up support. Makes sense.
  • Did anyone actually expect them to describe this device as old and boring?
  • It is not about the email or Znet articles. It is not about shutting down Surface mini 3 weeks before release. It is not Microsoft having a cold feet. It is the Last chance Microsoft has to get it Right!!!!!! Relax n wait for good news
  • keep dreaming...:))) sorry but between Zac's delusional writings and Mary Jo from Zdnet, I choose reality: Zdnet. Andromeda is done! Already abandoned :)))
  • Peace...
  • It is about stone age WC comment system. I have to scan through 210 comments here the primitive way u to see if anyone here is waiting for further comments. I am a Microsoft user, I do not deserve This.
  • As a Microsoft user, you should have seen this coming over 10 years ago! They were already dropping the ball on cloud services then. They didn't even have a decent answer to Gmail until fairly recently, and even then it isn't quite as good. Windows is fine (mostly because there aren't any other options right now), but everything thing else by Microsoft can be ignored since there are much better options out there. Microsoft services are only used when you have to, mostly for work purposes. Their widespread appeal will continue to decrease. They will still be strong on the backend and likely make a ton of money for the foreseeable future, but they certainly will have few exciting things coming for everything else. They are out of ideas.
  • I refer to Windows Central App lacks of comment notifications when someone replies.... As a self claimed visionary Microsoft customer, I feel empowered by existing and yet to come Microsoft technologies... The existing multiplies with the yet to come to create Even More new possibilities..... There u go...
  • The existing get canned or wither and die because the competition is superior and future services eventually meet the same fate. Using Microsoft's platforms or services will only continue to bring frustration.
  • U are not totally wrong, things are getting better...
  • Lol wow lol
  • Might want to take this entire post down. It's getting embarrassing.
  • Makes you think what kind of source WC has access to. Sounds like someone has beem feeding Zac bullshit on Andromeda being out this year for about 8 months.
  • I have a Blackberry KeyOne with Launcher 10 and all Google services disabled except the Play Store... This will keep me happy until MS release something remotely pocketable... Not holding my breath, the world moves on with Google and Apple improving and tweaking their established platforms while the rumour is MS are trying to build something new which will probably be bug ridden ala Windows Mobile 10... Got to wonder if MS did a deal with the other two to pull out of mobile as long as they promised not to make serious inroads into enterprise...
  • Now it is going to be announce in August with new 10 inch surface. Come to my sources.
  • Go ahead, Microsoft, cancel it, so that Samsung can beat you to it and then Apple can make their own version and claim they "invented" it, as usual. Hahahahah
  • Its been cancelled NO ANDROMEDA DEVICE IN 2018 OR EVER
  • lol The article says delayed lol
  • Delayed in that it might come out later in a much different form. The current iteration is supposedly dead.
  • People who keep posting cancel show lack of creativity and simply following others. Get a life. Tech is an exciting place. Pls try to be interesting than just blind followers
  • And how is Andromeda not just following others? We have heard nothing new or exciting about it. This is one of the reasons Microsoft is supposedly canceling it. Not exciting enough.
  • Right! Before ACPC was made available, most think there is nothing NEW! Like the failed ARM surface RT. Now, it is clear a new category. Microsoft, Qualcomm and OEMs have done the marketing research and knew that and persist. Likewise for Andromeda.... except there is no previous failed product for reference. This alone already makes Andromeda Extremely interesting.... There u go...
  • It is just a different processor with more downsides than advantages. Doesn't change anything. Still just another Windows laptop. It isn't a new category in anything but Microsoft marketing. There is a previous failed product like Andromeda: Windows phones.
  • W10M is very limited in CPU and GPU. Andromeda with full W10, Snap850 or Snap1000 open new possibilities not possible with W10M.
  • Except it doesn't even run legacy software, not even in emulation. Store only. One of the reasons they killed it. It brings nothing to the table. iOS and Android have the same functionality if not more.
  • now it going to be announced with the 10 inch Surface in August. that is what my sources Tell me
  • I think it's gonna be launched in October
  • Apparently, this has been canned. See Mary J Foley on ZDNet.
  • Next....
  • Yes you mean the article that says it's delayed or possibly cancel just saying.
  • a pocket surface with telephony/messaging and use existing Win 10 apps. gimme
  • Folks Mary Jo Folly a great Microsoft insider says Andromeda devices are put on whole
    one of the reasons Andromeda devices are in hold is Microsoft's execs have no
    imagination. they cannot see why building an Andromeda device. here a few reasons
    Andromeda devices are needed 1= some People want to use a good 7 to 9 inch
    Windows 10 Mini Tablet there are too few for sale these days. 2= some People who use Windows 10 have already seen the advantage of using a 2 touch screen device and
    want one. 3= Some People want a Windows 10 Mini Tablet with a built in Cell phone so
    they do not have carry around 2 devices. Since Andromeda can work on Intel CPU's
    devices they would have a lot of desktop PC Programs as well as the Apps in the
    current Windows 10 store. This is a big plus because the programs and apps People
    use are already available for an Intel CPU Andromeda device Owner to use.
    The Andromeda does not have to be a device you can put in your pants pocket
    a folding 2-7 inch screen device like th original Courier device was is best.
    Microsoft's CEO Nadella said Microsoft would make phone but they wont look like
    any out there today. Andromeda devices were to do that it looks like Microsoft
    CEO Nadella can't keep his word
  • If sales of previous Windows phones and tablets are any indication, very few people want such a device. Very few.
  • All new product has to start from very few.....
  • Right. They start with a few. Those end up being great devices, so they show their friends and they buy it. Then they love the experience and show their friend and they buy it. It starts with a few then snowballs. This hasn't happened with any new Microsoft products. They continue to just sell the same old laptop and desktop software while everything else flops.
  • Microsoft pioneers 2 in 1 category, some believes this is the reason there is a resurgence of interest in laptop/desktop.
  • I read the Mary Jo Foley article. Her point of view was NOT to bring a device that is NOT ready for "Prime Time" or "Half Baked". I guess the concern is getting something out before Apple or Samsung does, and then when they do, why bother, everyone will buy the Apple or Samsung(Android) version and that fills 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of the market, and well, there you go and they both will have the bazillion apps ready to roll out on day one.
  • When Surface lines were released, no one believed it would last. But it does, so well Andromeda....
  • Microsoft started just selling slightly different takes on laptops. They haven't released a radical surface since the original Surface RT. They have all been low hanging fruit.
  • There are some videos by Microsoft engineers explaining the extra excellence put into e.g. Surface book Pro with LTE, this combined excellentce attract top customers who appreciate excellence that differentiate with other OEMs. Good luck..
  • "I worry the fallout of killing Andromeda would be bigger than just another canceled device." This is too true. I think it would be the last straw for a lot of folks.
  • Soon we will have an article that will try to tell us why the cancellation was a good thing.
  • Sleepy........
  • Well, think I just saw confirmation its not dead. A fellow on Twitter announced he'd got a job with Microsoft to work on PWAs (I think Dona liked it). Someone asked him if he was now part of the Edge team - he said no, Surface Devices.
  • What do people think? Follow the hololens model as suggested by a user here? Let developers to have access to Andromeda to develop niche applications, not possible with W10M due to more powerful CPU, GPU, and AI chip, longer battery life. Let this head turning combination of sleak hardware and niche software to slowly define niche use cases.
  • Why can't they do the same with Android or iOS? Why would a developer waste time on an app for a platform with no users, especially when it has no advantages over currently available platforms that have HUGE user bases?
  • Do it like hololens but with perhaps 30% of the price, make Andromeda more affordable for institutions/companies to organize hackathons/innovation events to speed up customer engagement & creativity while pushing marketing niche use cases.
  • Huh, Foley said yesterday I believe, that this device probably won't see the light of day...
  • Anything else????
  • ARM powered - continuum - It doesn't run full Windows 10, because that would be terrible.
    I am out.
  • Pls stop coming back here. Peace...
  • Let u have it!, Let us add value to the Andromeda vision
  • I wonder if the MJF info was to find the mole that is leaking info? They tell one person that and see if it gets out.
  • Good try! Another conspiracy is to let competitors to relax pushing foldable device while Microsoft delivers this Christmas
  • Since it will be a dual screen device, it would be nice if they sold it as two separate devices. To get the full experience you have to buy both but you are able to only have one piece (Surface Phone side) and save up money for the second screen.
  • The number of comments on this subject shows that interest in Andromeda far outweighs just about any other subject concerning Microsoft. Hopefully someone at MS notices. In that spirit I noticed that a guy named Zach H. started a petition to show support for Surface Andromeda on today. If you're at all pro-Andromeda I say sign it, chip in a couple bucks to advertise it, Tweet it, share it on your Facebook page/Pinterest/Instagram. I did...
  • Show Support for Andromeda