Microsoft has a second Work and Play Bundle with a $60 gift card replacing Xbox Music Pass

Microsoft is now offering a second version of its $149 Work and Play Bundle online on its Microsoft Store website, but with a change that replaces one of the items, the one-year subscription to the Xbox Music Pass, with a $60 Windows and Xbox Store gift card.

That first bundle is still live on the Microsoft Store site However, the company is now offering the bundle with that $60 gift card that lets users download apps, games, movies and music from the Windows Phone Store, the Windows Store and the Xbox Store.

Both bundles still contain one-year subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold, Office 365 Home and Wi-Fi + Skype Unlimited World. Both still offer consumers a big value compared to paying for each service separately. The first World and Play bundle is normally worth $250 in subscription fees, while the second is worth $210 in fees combined with the gift card. Keep in mind this deal is just for US residents.

While one of the bundles will you pick?

John Callaham