Microsoft's Lumia 950 XL can be yours for just £336

Lumia 950 XL
Lumia 950 XL (Image credit: Windows Central)

Need a new smartphone and are looking at Windows 10 Mobile? As spotted by Neowin, the Lumia 950 XL from Microsoft is only £336 in black at eBuyer in the UK. The premium smartphone is the current flagship from the company and is a superb, capable handset for anyone looking to remain locked inside the Windows ecosystem.

A neat feature of the Lumia 950 XL is the ability to fire up Continuum and transform the smartphone into a mobile PC, connecting to a monitor, keyboard and mouse. You'll need an external dock to connect everything up, but once you're ready to go it's quite the experience.

Do note that the white listing for the Lumia 950 XL on eBuyer is £410, so it'll be worth searching elsewhere should you desire the color.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Got mine for 200€ including case couple of months ago used though but very little use. No sign of scrathes at all and everything works like a charm
  • Same here!!!
  • Wish I can get one with such price
  • Tbh I wouldn't buy it at £200. Worst device I've ever owned.
  • Why?mine was a little rough for December but since januarys update it's been better than my 1520, 1020, 925 or and icrap. What issues did you have?
  • It's not better than the iPhone, stop lying to yourself.
  • Anything is better than the iPhone. Including my wife's LG flip. Which also doesn't have any expandable memory.
  • iPhone is a toy for babies with a not complete brain , cannot compare to an OS, it s kind a test for iDiots.
  • Only thing I can take from that is that you're the idiot.
  • His reply was rather stroke like.
  • I cannot believe you make such comments under your developer business name!!! You sound SO god damn stupid when you say such things....yet I know from the apps you have made that you must clearly be smart. But who are you kidding? The iPhone is far and away the quickest OS (Phone Buff just did a test showing multitasking on the 6S Plus vs the brand new Note 7. The iPhone ran rings around it!). Add in the absolute dearth of apps on Windows Mobile, and you'd have to be completely nuts to say that iOS is a toy for babies. It does many, many things that Windows Mobile will never do (chiefly because WM will never have the app developers). Seriously - go easy with the stupid comments...especially under your developer business name!
  • I agree with you, but it's still nice to see Windows devs being so passionate about their favourite OS.
  • I think there are better ways to express passion. Writing like a fanboy with silly childish comments just reflect badly on the entire community.
  • The iPhone has the fastest hardware on the market while having the smallest resolution screens on the market. No wonder they are the fastest devices available
  • A swift kick in the nuts is better than an iphone!
  • Tbh It is!
  • Oh yes it is! I have an iPhone 6S Plus and my 950 beats the $hit out of it like a read headed step child.
  • Depends on the person
  • Oh snap, here come the Micro$hills. Posted from my Note5
  • Also interested why. I use this little beauty last few months and it is great. No problems at all...
  • Ok here goes. Constant crashes and reboots. No double tap to wake. Very poor build. Extremely poor battery life. That's about it. I'd happily have an iPhone over this but luckily I kept hold of my Lumia 1520 so that is my current daily driver and far more reliable than the 950 XL ever was. People can neg me for it but that's my experience with it and your opinion on it for me is meaningless. A friend of mine has the 950 with exact same issues and says it's the worst device he's ever had too.
  • Once try soft reset
  • Soft reset fixes everything right?
  • No but hard reset does, try that and install the Anniversary Update.
  • Haha no. I sold the phone in March after buying at launch.
  • Sorry to hear about your problems with the device, it's not uncommon, but from reading lots of other comments people who've done a hard reset and are running the latest builds don't have any of these problems anymore. Tempted to pick up one of these as my 1520 is starting to feel a little chunky.
  • Sure right now it isn't sounding too bad. But I wasted nearly £500 on this phone and expected better after four months. Nvm. Just have to learn not to buy MS phones again.
  • Totally agree. I've the 1520 and 950xl. 1520 way above the 950. 1520 my daily phone, 950 to watch how 10 evolves!
  • My L950 XL: I like the build quality, I have double tap to wake, battery life is fine, compared to an iPhone 6S(not +). I'm perfectly fine
  • All of my problems were from launch up until mid March. Having things now doesn't make any difference to back then therefore my money was still wasted. Should have gotten a working phone.
  • Probably the best I have had, trumps the 1520. I think getting it working and set up issues have improved dramatically since later versions of the OS have been released.  
  • I loved my white 1520 but it was cursed with the screen touch issue! Personally I think the 920 holds a special place in my heart, but the 950xl is superb. Lots of issues ironed out now via updates and got the double tap to wake feature back over the weekend :-)
  • 150 quid will be ideal pricing
  • Yep.
  • Hanging on to my 925 a while longer as it's been great. Once it packs up, I'll definitely consider one of these.
  • You can get it in UAE for $327
  • 299€ i n Italy
  • I was considering to get it over my 930 but I didn't like the flat screen and uninspired design. im holding on to my Black/Gold 930 until 960/surface phone, if nothing good comes then i'll have to start to consider a Android.
  • i was concerned about the flat screen but its actually fine! you get used to it! for this price i would be getting one if i hadnt already! but then my XL was free from MS as i got the free hardware letter back in January :)
  • I got a 930 and am busting to get something new, had it around 26 months now and my wide has the 950 which I really like. But just can't help wanting to wait until I see what is next. Personally waiting for more news on the Alcatel Idol Pro 4. That looks stunning, really hoped they weew just waiting for the Anniversary Update to drop but doesn't seem so :'(
  • Nice deal... Hope this lasts longer
  • Very good deal but I'm content waiting to see what Microsoft unveils next. Hopefully it'll have a 6 inch version.
  • It is a wonderful phone. It does everything that you are supposed to do after your daily job. It can easily handle 2-3 hours of free time of mine.
  • I've been looking out for a dirt cheap 950. In the meantime, I've been forcing myself to use a cheap Chinese Android phone (Ulefone Paris). I have Microsoft Next running as the lock screen, and MS Arrow as the launcher. Those two things are getting updates every other day...and are already functionally better than W10M in my opinion. I don't need to think about rearranging my start screen - it is done automatically based on how frequently i open apps. If i swipe to the other home pages, i have a (MS Account synced) documents list, reminders page, widgets page with BBC Radio buttons ready to go...and another page that shows all my latest interactions via phone/sms etc. In short, Microsoft are making this cheap android phone more compelling than the 950. I'm struggling to see why i would go for a 950 even if it came up for £100... Microsoft have essentially given me every reason not to buy their phones...
  • *phew* been checking windows central everyday since USA's BOGOF deals for something similar, but ended up buying a guys work phone (950xl) for £200 yesterday, I am glad that this will still be a bargain for a while yet
  • I am selling my new 950xl cheaper than this price...nam cv.
  • Why are you selling it?
  • It's an extra phone in sealed box.
  • I want to buy one for like $200... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Good luck!
  • I know... Well, I almost bought one for $280a week or two ago. It not that I am saying it is not worth more... But with its demise and my wholehearted desire to not pay more than 200 for any phone in thr near future... I have not paid more than $150 for a phone in years... 1520 and blue pure one x included... I have .y gimped 640 everyday and a zmax2... Getting tired of Android and miss windows if not only for how it does contacts, makes called, outlook mail, and just all it does at its core... I dont need apps... Per say. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is it listed in thr marketplace? Are you selling a dock with it?! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Love this phone. No issues with current update. Go for it...
  • I bought the phone last week on the B&H deal. Honestly, the phone's been working great for me. doesnt overheat, hasn't crashed yet, does everything I want it to do and more, takes the most amazing pictures (and I have friends using Samsung S7 and iphone agree with me on this). All in all, its been very good, especially after the anniversary update.
  • Still way too expensive when phones like the OnePlus 3 costs $400 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android