Microsoft's new Azure mobile app is coming to Windows 10 UWP, too

Speaking on stage at its Build 2017 developer conference today, Microsoft showed off a new Azure mobile app for Android and iOS, but it wasn't immediately clear whether the app would be available for Microsoft's own Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform as well. It looks like those worries can be put to rest, however, as senior Microsoft developer Etienne Margraff has confirmed on Twitter that a UWP app is in the works.

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The Azure app lets you easily keep an eye on your virtual machines and web apps while on the go. Detailed health and status tracking are included, as are metrics and the ability to correct common issues from your phone. Best of all, the Azure mobile app lets you run Azure CLI commands in an on-the-go command line, with PowerShell coming soon.

While it's a bummer that Azure mobile is only available for Android (opens in new tab) and iOS (opens in new tab) at first, it's a good sign that Microsoft is also building an app for its own platform.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • He only said a UWP version was coming, he didn't mention Win Mobile at all. I'm gonna be honest: while I'm 100% certain it is coming to the PC, I'd rather wait and see what happens with mobile, because history has shown us UWP does not necessarily mean it's coming to Win Mobile. Call me a troll or a hater, I don't care. Been burnt too many times to assume any sort of progress ever coming to Win Mobile.
  • ^what he said!
  • Windows Mobile is dead. It's just going to be Windows, at least in my opinion. Now that's not to say you won't have Windows on a 6" phone-like device, I think that's coming, but Windows Mobile as a separate thing is done I think.
  • Yep. The only thing I'll miss from Lumia devices, honestly, is the Pureview/Zeiss camera tech.  The know-how and imaging algorithms all walked out the door when Microsoft axed all the remaining ex-Nokians.   There isn't a single one left there from what I've read, and Microsoft no longer has the Pureview tech licensing rights.    I'm curious if it reverts back to Nokia, who then licenses out to some other OEM.....
  • I actually got the impression that Mac and unix shell were more important that Windows.
  • It makes more sense on Mobile - I have the 100% full fat portal with the CLI built in when I'm on my PC - It will come to mobile, possibly only to Mobile
  • I'm not sure the app for pc is really useful, everything can be done through the browser. The app is useful to be able to monitor and start analyzing issues on the go, it will never replace the full web ui. That said, I doubt they'd release a desktop only app. That and the fact the website says "anytime anywhere" and "azure mobile app".
  • Yep this will be for Windows 10 Mobile - Most of the people crying about it and saying "it will only come to PC" probably won't even use the app lol
  • They directly responsed to me on that issue on Twitter that it would be on W10M. 
  • Well man.. You said it. I've been thinking the same. A Mobile app is unlikely.
  • Check out Brandon Le Blanc's latest tweets. He admits, W10M is dead for consumers. They are concentrating on enterprise now. It's done. Sad ☹
  • Will there be anything wrong if they think Windows 10 Mobile first and then Android & iOS?
  • They would be missing the vast majority of users. No one uses Windows Mobile. Supporting it first would be a waste of time and resources.
  • By doing this they are degrading their own operating system and making a statement that even for them their own developed system is not a priority which, in my opinion, is not a company should be doing with its own software no matter how ignored it isby others.
  • Exactly this. As a developer, why would I invest in UWP at all when Microsoft, time and time again, prioritizes the rivals, especially when it happens to something as significant as Azure?
  • This
  • As a developer you aren't going to support UWP because there are no users. Same reason Microsoft doesn't support it.
  • Welcome to the past two years.
  • I was going to say....but then again,  the fanboys have such HUGE blinders on when it comes to windows mobile....the comments they make do not suprise me at over two years now...
  • @Steve Adams Feel good now? When you can't improve youself, you have to bad mouth the other to advance? Bad token. Let other people do their thing and stop acting like you know so well how other people should react. Also lots of negativity involved. Are you doing OK ? 
  • He needs help...
  • Doing just fine.   thank you.  sorry that fanboys cannot take off the blinders and see that windows mobile is over.  
  • True, but don't some of their products like xamarin or the iOS bridge work to get apps onto the windows store?  I guess those tools aren't work the effort even for Microsoft?
  • Lots of brain games are played here by Microsoft. I think there is no way that Microsoft can end support for W10M. Deep down they love it so much. They are just waiting for the right time and conditions to re launch it. But when re launched, it might not look like current generation mobiles.. All I am sure of is Microsoft will not stop fighting Android!
  • Wasn't really expecting it on Win Mobile since their isn't a mobile presence, but what ever floats your boat.
  • EDIT: Never mind. Can I ask a moderator to have this comment removed please.
  • This is due to your ad blocker. Disable it on the site fixes it.
  • Yeah sign that WM is still there but remember when it comes to app, MSFT is always one step forward but two steps backward.
  • I think this is What Microsoft is doing wrong. There should not be any doubt whatsoever about the app appearing on Windows Platforms! It should be Windows first and other platforms after.
  • Agree 100%
  • Android and iOS links are the wrong way around.
  • All the love for iOS and Android made me shut off the stream.
  • everyone did this in my group! shame on Microsoft I'll definitely switch to android first instead of windows first
  • That this article needs to exist...
  • Why would any developer make Windows a priority when Microsoft itself doesn't?
  • Microsoft is making windows i priorty....just not mobile....why bother with mobile they lost because of mis management by nadella....done over,  move on and buy something else....Keep using the awesome windows 10 os on computers....Its awesome there!
  • Soon it's the same. Looking at your comments you're feeling pretty unsure. Are you OK ?
  • What?  your comment made NO sense.   I am very sure that microsoft has completely bailed on windows mobile.  
  • Why are UWA always last?
  • UWP.....does it really mean it's coming to Mobile? Guess the few W10M fans wouldhave to close the chapter after BUILD; they are not even looking at our direction.
  • Again, Again n Again. Why even introduce windows 10 s ?? Frustrating times to be invested in MS platform.
  • What happened to Xamarin and the idea of developers targeting all platforms with with one code?.. Or, at the minimum, targeting UWP first and then using bridges to convert to iOS and Android?.. I fully understand that Apple and Google's ecosystems are murdering Microsoft's right now but they don't have to advertise and endorse this ideal with every "our new service app is up and running on iOS/Android!! UWP version coming soon.." announcement.. it's no wonder devs aren't taking UWP seriously, even despite the 500 million Win10 announcement..
  • It's stupid and frankly, unnecessary. It's like self-sabotage.
  • Good investment in xamarin huh?
  • I have two comments…
    1. Why aren't they using Xamarin to build the cross platform application?
    2. When they do build the UWP app I'm pretty certain it'll be in mobile as well, because quite frankly, why would I use an app on my PC when I could just go to the portal?
  • Lots of brain games are played here by Microsoft. I think there is no way that Microsoft can end support for W10M. Deep down they love it so much. They are just waiting for the right time and conditions to re launch it. But when re launched, it might not look like current generation mobiles. I am sure that Microsoft will never stop fighting Android! One has to go to make room for other and it does not require Einstein's brain to understand. It's common sense!
  • What i the problem here? 99 percent of the windows user can manage through the great website. And I am sure those 99 percent have an Iphone or Android for on the go. MIcrosoft analysts must have fount out the same when they made their roadmap :)
  • This is the sort of stuff that makes developers shy away from UWP. If Microsoft themselves treat it as an afterthought, why shouldn't they, if they think about it at all?
  • It's difficult to understand why Microsoft doesn't get that point
  • Microsoft isn't some small startup with limited resources. A UWP app should have been developed concurrently. Hell the bought Xamarin, who's selling point is write once run anywhere... If they don't use their own tools for apps what confidence does that give the rest of us in their Xamarin and UWP vision. I know the world changed, but Ballmer/Gates always put MS stuff first.
  • just not feeling it.
  • Typical MSFT messaging!  It is really getting comical! MSFT comes out and re-messages UWP to not be tools but a process or vice versa.  Who knows because the message is so confusing that WinCent has follow up articles saying how UWP really should be working. MSFT holds an Education event and with W10S being tied to the store.  The OS is very affordable and then MSFT unveils a $1K laptop as their competition to a sub-$200 Chromebook.  I know other vendors also had announcements but MSFT botches its messaging. Now they develop Azure for mobile and only IOS and Android are mentioned.  MSFT later has to later add that it will be coming to W10 UWP app. Does anyone else not see the mixed messages with the real take away being, "Hey cool stuff my MSFT!  They have deployed it on their competitors platforms first.  They have to later add that it is coming to W10 UWP but no one knows if it will be desktop only and not W10M.  Geez, UWP must be a lot harder to develop for if they can knock out the IOS and Android apps so quickly and have to later add that it will be coming to their own platform.  I'm really glad that MSFT is showing some leadership in that it is much easier to develop for their competitors and that UWP (tool/service/playtoy) is much more difficult!  I'm going to skip UWP. Very smart folks at MSFT.  However, the leadership needs to go to common sense school!
  • Thank you, LaVike! "Retrenchment" doesn't mean losing your *common sense* too. You are the one doing the messaging, MS! No one is holding a gun to your head, telling you to promote apps on iOS and Android first! Just push for launch parity and hold off the iOS and Android until you do, irrespective! This kind of messaging reinforces the impression that your platform (mobile, desktop, etc.) does not have all apps the others do! Especially since you say it's "One Windows". I can understand rival platforms de-marketing you, but not you de-marketing yourselves, and choking your own mindshare!!!
  • My gut feeling is Windows and UWP are being thrown under the bus this time around.   Mac and .net core seem to be the replacements.  (Not a fan of that move BTW)
  • I am disappointed that we had to wait on a tweet to clarify what was happening in regards to UWP app for their own platform. They could have announced it at the event. Furthermore it should have been a priority release, as Satya Nadella was referring to the opportunity about the Windows Store at beginning of the keynote event. Totally undermines that message.
  • soon(tm)
  • IMO this sends the wrong message regarding Microsoft's support and commitment to their UWP.