Speaking on stage at its Build 2017 developer conference today, Microsoft showed off a new Azure mobile app for Android and iOS, but it wasn't immediately clear whether the app would be available for Microsoft's own Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform as well. It looks like those worries can be put to rest, however, as senior Microsoft developer Etienne Margraff has confirmed on Twitter that a UWP app is in the works.

The Azure app lets you easily keep an eye on your virtual machines and web apps while on the go. Detailed health and status tracking are included, as are metrics and the ability to correct common issues from your phone. Best of all, the Azure mobile app lets you run Azure CLI commands in an on-the-go command line, with PowerShell coming soon.

While it's a bummer that Azure mobile is only available for Android and iOS at first, it's a good sign that Microsoft is also building an app for its own platform.

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