Microsoft's new Xbox controller designed for accessibility leaks ahead of reveal

Microsoft is known for championing inclusion and accessibility causes, bringing gaming and other Microsoft services to those who have various types of accessibility needs. Recently, leakster h0x0d discovered promo images for an unannounced Xbox controller, which we've heard is designed around accessibility needs. It will likely get its big reveal sometime between now and E3 2018.

While we don't have many details about how it works exactly, you can see in the image how it has grooved impressions at the top which represent all of the Xbox controller's different functions, which would help users who favor touch over sight to program different buttons, and two large "A" and "B" buttons which are presumably programmable. It also features a 3 light LED similar to the previously leaked Xbox Elite V2 controller, which could be to indicate when different programmed modes are active. It also looks as though it has a USB port and 3.5mm audio jack on the left side.

Expect more details in the near future, but this is just another example in a huge list of commitments Microsoft and the Xbox team has been making to help those with unique accessibility needs.

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • Damn, I guess I should already tune out Xbox related news, the actual leaks are already starting to come out...
  • Wow, that's a great thing for MS to do.
  • Not just accessibility tho. I think they have partnership with some organizations to bring GamePass to hospitals for kids.
    Instead of purchase or donation, GamePass is easier to manage, and the roaster changes overtime.
    Hard copy can get scratched, get stolen, need a storage space. Digital copy is much more worry free I think.
  • That sounds amazing.
  • Awesome. Accessibility is why I'm still on Windows Phone
  • Awesome gesture by MSFT
  • I already see people with no disabilities wanting to get one of these to experiment. But I think it's really nice by MS that they have these controllers in their line. In fact, it's the only one big company in tech I see doing this kind of thing, like eye tracking support straight into the OS. Ball's on your side of the court now, Sony. Don't let them know you only care about cash.
  • "I already see people with no disabilities wanting to get one of these to experiment. "
    I thought exactly the same thing, and I started thinking what would happen when those with no disabilities starts asking for improvements. (Don't be surprised that their improvements and or suggestions would have zero value added for disability)
  • Would love this for pc.
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    Many sites have this implementation right? ps: UWP and phone apps, your other option.
  • Consider the source and don't feed the Trolls. I mean, look at the user tag......
  • They should allow product designers access to use the hardware. Imagine the controller working with lights or other home automation increasing accessibility. Much like kinect, there's potential cases outside of what it was designed for.
  • Awsome thing for Microsoft to do for people with difficulties playing games. Very positive...and I'm thinking great retro gaming controller.
  • This is really great news! Now Satay can play the Xboxes.
  • This is great! Microsoft helps people wigh special controllers on Xbox! Google offers morse code finally on Gboard for full body paraparesis! Apple? They just want your money.