Microsoft's OneDrive adds Pokémon Go image detector as part of latest update

Microsoft is rolling out new updates to its OneDrive image and file storage service. It includes a way for people to quickly identify and find any images taken from the Pokémon Go game.


In a blog post (opens in new tab): Microsoft stated:

A lot of players take screenshots of their captured Pokémon to show off to their friends—both digitally and in person. We had to make it easier for you to find all your Pokémon screenshots, so we went to work and partnered with Microsoft Research to bring a Pokémon detector to OneDrive. When you have the OneDrive app on your phone and camera upload is turned on, the screenshots you take from the game are automatically saved to OneDrive and 150 Pokémon are identified for your searching and viewing pleasure. You can also search for your favorite Pokémon by name.


Microsoft is also adding a feature that automatically creates a photo album in a OneDrive account:

OneDrive detects whenever you take a few photos in a short period of time, in a particular location. The highest quality photos are then selected and put into an album. You are even notified when they're ready to view and share on, in our mobile apps or via the Windows 10 Photos app. In addition, to celebrate all of the fun stuff you do over the weekend, on Monday morning albums from your weekend photos are automatically created.

In addition, Microsoft has added search in OneDrive's "All photos" view, along with dedicated view for folders that contain many images. There's also a new "On this day" view in OneDrive accounts:

We love discovering photos we've taken in the past, and this view updates every day with images you have taken over the years on that same day. It's a great way to relive birthdays or anniversaries or to remember old family vacations.

Onedrive Windows 10

Finally, Microsoft detailed some improvements to OneDrive for Windows 10 users:

Now, when you sign in to Windows 10 with your Microsoft account, all of your OneDrive photos show up—including albums that were created for you automatically by OneDrive! You can even upload local albums to OneDrive so that those albums roam with you and are available across all your devices.

Download OneDrive for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)


John Callaham
  • I'm pretty sure it's just so you can use it for your troll comments later. BTW, I'm using Chrome to browse the site at work. We're still stuck on IE 11, otherwise I would be using Edge.
  • That's really cool
  • Guess Satya wanted this for his ******* iPhone.
  • you wanted to say "his iPhone Pro"? xD
  • Only in his moistest dreams.
  • You bet
  • Or it's a sign the game is coming ;)... they wouldn't have been able to get the image data of all 150 pokemon without partnering with the game makers.
  • Sure they would. It's publicly available.
  • There are more mobile Onedrive users on iPhones and Android phones than on Windows Phone. They are just giving those customers all the more reason to keep using OneDrive. Pretty clever business move.
  • It's just insult to injury. Especially if Windows Phone users have that folder automatically created.
  • You didn't know you were buying a second rate platform when you bought a Windows phone? You should have known you were not going to have access to the newest games and apps. This has been known for years. If you want access to this stuff, you bought the wrong device and you should have known. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Have you met my friend, Gophuq Urzelph?
  • Does he buy things with well known deficiencies then complains about them after?
  • No, they did it for all the android and iOS users of onedrive. Sorry to say. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The wonders of modern tech, selling data mining as "you want this, it is helpful." Seems like a great way to help with marketing. MS needs to start a targeted ad business like Google, so its Google-like data mining turns a profit as well.
  • Yes, much like facial recognition in places like Facebook among others. I don't like, yet it is helpful when you need it. So conflicted...
  • We should have just stayed in with Windows XP and that's it. I mean, even this "internet" is all kinds of stupid. On a serious note, this is and will always be the problem with technology and AI. The more you want it to do, the more you have to share with it. No escape from it. You want your photos "in the cloud" this is what it means. Otherwise, you need to put your money under your bed, grab a flip phone, and not worry about it.
  • I miss my flip phone...
  • You think Verizon doesn't have a ton of data on you from your flip phone? Do you trust them more than Google or Microsoft? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The irony is not lost on me, but this is a kind gesture.
  • As kind gestures and goodwill goes, hopefully it will at least have them thinking about porting it to WM. This game will help the platform, much like Snapchat would've. A couple of huge game/apps coming over will help the tide turn.
  • "As kind gestures and goodwill goes, hopefully it will at least have them thinking about porting it to WM. "   LOL I hope you have a really comfortable seat...
  • Every little bit helps. If MS is not even part of the PoGo conversation, this OneDrive feature would at the very least be a blip on the Niantic radar. At minimum, there's going to be some chatter, even if it is around the watercooler.
  • I don't think so. Let's be realistic. Pokémon Go is a mobile-only game. And when Niantic was developing it, I'm pretty sure they looked at user adoption of WP. And they saw it under 1% worldwide. The chances died there. Microsoft is doing this because the majority of users of OneDrive is on Android and iOS, not WP. And Microsoft, as a business (something people around here forget a lot) has to look for the majority of its users first. If those aren't in their mobile platform, then they'll have to meet them in the platform they are otherwise those users might consider switching services. And remember, it's way easier for someone to drop OneDrive for GoogleDrive than it is for them to drop Android for Windows Phone.
  • Wrong. Majority of OneDrive are Windows Phone/Tablet users.
    Android Windows users are google drive or dropbox.
    Many of them have no idea what OneDrive is.
  • Wrong. OneDrive comes standard on all android phones from ATT at least. DropBox and Google drive have to be installed.
  • There's no AT&T in the entire world except your part of it.
  • Now that's ironic.
  • But there is no pokemon on windows...I don't get it.
  • But OneDrive is everywhere...gotta catch OneDrive....
  • True, though the iOS OneDrive app is lackluster at best.
  • There isn't, but if MS can do a few things that help Pokemon players, maybe Nintendo/Nianticmight notice and warm up slightly to the possibility of porting it. It would be great to know if MS has approached them with their bag of tools to show/help them port it easily. We won't ever know if that's happening until it happens though. One can hope.
  • But there is OneDrive on iOS & Android.
  • "But there is no pokemon on windows...I don't get it."
    Fact: Majority of Windows 10 PC users have Android phones. Followed next by iPhones. Last, probably tied with BlackBerry, is Windows phone.
  • You shut me up before I even opened my mouth to complain. Well done sir. ;)
  • Hi Rubio. Would be interesting to see stats on Windows Central web/app usage. Platforms, devices, browsers etc. Any chance on making article on that?
  • Haven't looked at those in ages, but may take a look.
  • Do you still want to be an editor here Daniel?
    I'm not so sure telling us Windows Phone enthusiast who the majority of Windows users are is good for business of your site.
    Edit: Majority of OneDrive users are not android.
  • I'm going to have to keep drilling this into some people's head. THIS IS A WINDOWS SITE. NOT ONLY WM. If you have a PC, you are a part of this community, regardless of what you use on your phone. If you owned an iPhone, a Mac, and an Xbox, you are still a part of this community. This is a Microsoft site. NOT A PHONE SITE ANYMORE!!!!!!
  • This is not a Microsoft site.
    It is a club of Windows enthusiast who promote the use of all Microsoft services.
    No half efforts, no apologies.
  • "It is a club of Windows enthusiast who promote the use of all Microsoft services."   Except it isn't. Otherwise you'd have to fire the ENTIRE Windows Central staff ;P
  • Poor Dan. It's a thankless job around here.
  • Really Danny boi that's your response. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No you don't. Read Rubino's comments to get the whole picture.
  • Neat feature. Unfortunately, only the OneDrive users with iPhone and Android devices will really benefit from this.
  • So most OneDrive users will benefit then.
  • lol exactly.. he said it like it was android and iOS that have 3% market share.
  • As if Windows Mobile even has 3%. It is closer to .3%. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • In what way did I say, "it like it was android and iOS that have 3% market share?" I stated it was a neat feature. I followed that by lamenting that it was most beneficial to other OS than Windows. I realize OneDrive is used by many people across multiple operating systems. Thanks for commenting though. I hope I provided you an opportunity to feel superior and smug for a while.
  • Yet the app is not available for windows. Oh boy :3
  • We will get it....Patience mode on...
  • Hopefully. Honestly though, it won't come anytime soon. Niantic are struggling to keep their servers up and they only released the game to a few areas. So they won't try to get more players by releasing a windows version. Once their servers are stable and the game is launched in most areas, we MIGHT get it. Android and Apple are their priority. It's sad but true.
  • With
  • We have that mode turned on since 2012
  • Soooo, lets add a feature that someone with windows mobile cant possibly hope to use?
    Yeah, makes sense to me...
  • A lot of the people who play this game on iPhones and Androids probably also have Windows 10 computers. Obviously, Microsoft is catering to people like that, not Windows phone users who can't even play this game.
  • Yeah this. Also there are people like me who always use OneDrive for photo backup, regardless of if I am using my iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. It's ironic yes but still nice. They didn't have to do this.
  • Soooo, lets add a feature that someone with windows mobile cant possibly hope to use? Yeah, makes sense to me...
    It really boggles my mind how some of you don't get the simple reality: Overwhelming majority of Windows 10 on PC users have an Android phone. Why is this a difficult concept to grasp when you own a Windows phone?
  • I guess many months of frustration has clouded our (windows phone users) judgement.
  • "It really boggles my mind how some of you don't get the simple reality" Much of your readership here believes this site is strictly for Windows phone users. No matter how many times you explain that it's not.  
  • But you also have to realize that a lot of the readership is probably here from when it was only windows phone.  I came to WPCentral, not WindowsCentral.  It just happened to change its name and focus after I got here.  Granted I just ignore most of the non-phone stuff but for some people its frustrating to join a community focused on a particular topic and then just like that it changes into something else.
  • There is a simple reason for the change, WP is basically dead at this point.  They have to pay the bills, which means a change on what to cover.  It's not hard to understand really, folks just don't want to accept the reality of the situation.
  • I understand the reasons for the change.  The official one they gave talked about how with the whole universal bit and the same windows core on everything there was really no WP, W on PC, etc.. but rather just a single Windows and thats why it changed from WPCentral to WindowsCentral.  However, there are still people who are going to go with the opinion of Windows on phone is why they created an account here and they don't care about windows on onther stuff.   Now obviously with the state Windows on phone is in there wouldn't be that much exciting stuff to write about daily so it would get pretty quiet around here (or just a lot of posts about crummy clones of games not available on WP) so they kinda have to post about windows as a whole.
  • "a lot of the readership is probably here from when it was only windows phone"   I'm here since that time. And since then, just like Windows Phone Central died (and Windows Phone died shortly thereafter) and moved on to Windows Central, many of us also moved on to Android. It'd actually be interesting to have some sort of survey to see exactly how many people from the WPC time remained here and with WP and how many of us remained on WC but moved the phone to Android/iOS.
  • Apparently, Daniel, many of your readers failed reading comprehhension. As a high school teacher, I take no responsibility for that. It must have been their elementary school teachers failures.
  • Apparently, high school teachers can't spell "comprehension."
  • Burn!
  • I struggle to see how Windows PCs are relevant here. Shouldn't the real question be whether Android/iOS phones are uploading photos to OneDrive? With how the cloud backup to OneDrive is a staple feature on Windows Mobile it almost feels like this was designed for WM - where it's the most, and least, useful feature at the same time.
  • Soooo, I'm using my 950XL for everything during the day, but use the iPhone 6 to play PoGo and do take screenshots which subsequently uploads to OneDrive.
  • +1 Exactly, for people like you.
  • Adding salt to the wound. Very kind of WC to publish articles on Pokémon Go once a week to irritate people.
    EDIT: lots of downvotes, keep em coming.
  • once a week? how about once a day
  • I may do it every 6 hours just to keep the burn going ;) Honestly, life is not this complicated/emotional. Don't make more of it than it is.
  • I've been reading this WC for a while now, just because mobile nations is my favorite news content creators... But Daniel, since i got here to this place.. I've seen that all of your reply or answers to some user are
    lacking of any kind of professionalism... you sound like a total jerk and do uche bag. Can't you be more like a kind and professional person? Because what you are doing right now is ridiculous and lame. What a shame of editor you are. Thank you.
  • Despite most people's perception of this site being Microsoft fanboy/girl central, they report on all relevant Microsoft news..and guess what, OneDrive exists on non-windows 10 devices too. They don't write articles with the sole purpose of irritating people.
  • Crybaby
  • There's interest in these articles, even if it isn't available on WM. Just look at the comment threads! ...except yours. Your's is just whining about it.
  • Just don't click on those articles, it works wonderful.
  • Nah, it's not to irritate people. It's just to irritate *you*, Pallav. Don't you feel special? ;P
  • Really special.
  • Very cool feature. Microsoft needs to act quickly with small innovations and relevant features like this more often!
  • OneDrive's automatic album feature never works for me. It made a few when the feature first rolled out and those are still the only ones available. Even albums I made myself in Onedrive don't show up on my phone.
  • Awesome I'll be using it Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes.. Long patience from one and half year.. And now loosing the hope and trust.
    laggy sw = android
    Buggy sw = windows..
    will anyone like to use obsoleted technology?? Apps and technologies?? We need thing when the market is in peak. Last hope in aug 2nd... :( .i love windows phone..
  • iOS :/
    Wait the price is ......
  • I like how people say that Android is laggy but yet their only experience is a budget phone. Lol.
  • Well compared to windows phone 8.1 phones 1GB it is, well most ppl use budget phone
  • Then perhaps you should pick up a budget Android that isn't a Samsung and that comes with anything from 5.0 Lollipop up (and by now, 5.0 Lollipop is 2 years old so if you're buying something with KitKat or, God forbid, Jelly Bean, that's the same as going out and buying a WP7.8 or WP8.0)
  • Get positive. So indicated Microsoft bring Pokémon Go for windows 10 mobile
  • There was a troll found in instagram.
    on marriage proposal...
    Girls mom: My girl don't use snapchat or imo she doesn't spend time to play pokemon go and mini militia...
    Guy asked: Does she uses windows phone??
  • So it takes about a week for them to drum this up but it's taken more than a year for the Photos app live-tile setting to include more than recent photos and single photo.  Rediculous. 
  • Ridiculous ftfy
  • ROFLMAO... 
  • I just wish Microsoft would spend their time trying to make companies make apps for their platform instead of supporting apps that run on other platforms except theirs...
  • They do. A lot of the 'big name' apps now on Windows 10 are due to Microsoft reaching out to those companies, even sometimes paying for or assisting in development. I know this because I know the devs that work on the apps. You have no idea because apps that we do have don't come with a banner saying "Hey, we made this because Microsoft convinced us it'd be a good idea". In reality, you have no idea how many apps installed on your pc/phone are because of outreach. It's not zero, I can tell you that. What you mean to say is you don't have the apps you want, but even there, it does not mean Microsfot has not or is not trying.
  • That's true. MS really pushes devs to make the apps available and it is paying off slowly.
  • But they shouldn't have to push them to make apps for their platform. Developers are always willing make apps for Apple and Google without having to be bribed to make them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • When you have a small marketshare, I'm pretty sure you would be making offers too.. It's like being a startup company asking for prices that are equivalent to Apple. That's ridiculous, you're gonna get flushed out. You have no reputation of any merit. You gotta convince them with either proof (which in this case, marketshare isn't exactly a proof worth sharing), also willing to cut some slack, and so on. You know for energy industries, although solar is very reputable, you still have to increase the coupon rate because investors are unsure of investing in solar versus coal and oil where they know they'll make money. Same thing here. It's the sad life of capitalism. 
  • Agreed... I mean MS doesn't stay doing nothing about it.
  • Lemme start with this first. I am a big fan of you Daniel. All your write-ups are good, worth reading and windowscentral along with bunch of other websites is always open on my work machine throughout the day. Now. For how long, you are going to defend them? how long? hardcore fan to hardcore fan I am saying this. They have let us down from time to time. When I bought my first Lumia 720 when I was in India, I was thrilled. It was such a good phone, different it was colourful and some of its features were unbeatable. Lemme name them: Nokia Music (unlimited music download), Here Maps, Here Transit, Microsoft Office for phone, Here City Lens. Since then, instead of going up it has all gone down. What did they do. They didn't buy Nokia Music, eventually premium thing died and then the whole app died, here maps and here transit is gone. What we have is a crappy maps app with little more than zero funationality in transit app which for some people is of day to day use (it is for me for sure here in Ottawa). they pushed MS Office update last on WP. For a long time, iOS and android fans had better office than us. Even today, skype is much much better on those platforms than ours. I am not saying they don't reach out to developers, of course they do. I was a student and a budding developer when when it all started (Windows Phone 7.0) and I remember how aggresively MS reached out to student developers. But, certainly there is something which they are not doing. Look at the platform itself, they kept changing its course of direction time to time. Leaving fans in lurch time and again. Of course they are not doing enough for fans. I think for a long time (pre 950, 950Xl and Elite X3) they did not even have a solid plan for fans. MS as a company is here, its going to be here till eternity, I am pretty sure about that. Their enterprise and other offerings are unbeatable. They lead in industry for sure. Still, they have let their fans down big time.
  • Agreed. I'm a hardcore fan as well. But now I'm disappointed. Windows 10 mobile hasn't had that wow effect. When I bought my Lumia 1520, it was the best windows phone at the time. A top of the line phone with great hardware. Almost 3 years now after its announcement and there hasn't been much. Lumia 950 is a failure. It doesn't even look like a flagship device when compared to the glossy red 1520.
    This is because Microsoft is not focusing on mobile at the moment. Their priority is Xbox, pc, HoloLens and other devices. They are working on the mobile platform just for the sake of it.
    They do have a great plan for the future and it looks promising. But that's the future. The present is blurry. I guess this is the worst time to be a windows phone user. But I believe MS will come strong but that's in next year. This year we could either stick with the boring platform or switch. IF MS deliver what they promised, we could come back.
    I'll be sticking with this phone till the end of this year. If the future looks good, I'll wait a bit more. If not, I'll switch.
  • Agreed on each word you said. I have no doubt MS is a great company and I trust them completely. To give a context; I am a Computer Engineering grad and professional developer in C# and .NET. So, I do understand the technology and industry. IT and computers are large share of my life and by seeing all that, I know MS is great company (when you see corporate), its mostly in profits, it takes care of business and most importantly people trust them. Whatever decisons they have taken or taking right now are all good for business. But they have let the fans down, it is as simple as that.and by fans I mean Windows Phone fans. They have let them down big time.  I am gonna stick with the platform that's for sure. In no foreseeable future I am going to abandon the ship. Now, I just feel more comfortable with it. But, all this won't stop me from agreeing to the fact that MS doesn't have much love for Windows Phone fans now.
  • If I may, I have a slightly different outlook, as a fan of Windows 10/Mobile. I think we get too caught up with MS doing something for It's "Windows phone" fans. If I have been understanding the comments made and quoted on sights by MS, they are focusing on Windows fans. This includes PC, tablets, HoloLens, MS Band 3/4 at some point (possibly), and phone. What they are focused on is creating an OS that works well for users on any device of choice, to include fans, not just for "fans." The actual phone device that MS will eventually create will be fan focused and hopefully be able to fully utilize Windows 10/mobile to It's fullest potential and then some, with future updates to to further push those limits. Time will tell. In the meantime, I think their focus will payoff, at some point in the next couple of years. Wait for point is, Windows 10 will hopefully evolve into something that can be used seamlessly across a multitude of device formats, to include phones, as technology continues to progress. I think their focus on enterprise, as I've mentioned in comments on other articles, is the key. Focusing on something just for fans, at this point will be pointless, if they can't get things right with the majority of Windows users out there. I think this would encourage those consumers to consider buying or even recommend a phone with Windows 10 on it. This is the path MS has chosen and despite the despair of many fans, it's never easy to change direction in business that will - 1. Not disappoint, 2. Seem uncertain, 3. Not please everyone, and 4. outline the bigger picture. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I do understand the frustration of not having certain apps that iOS and Android has. However, I've not found myself in a position that I need or want a specific app so much that I will stop using Windows mobile. Although, I am considering a cheap Android for the purpose of driving with Über. Yes, there is an über app for customers on Windows, but not for über partners. This has been the only REAL time I've ever considered Android, since before Windows Phone was introduced.
  • I competely agree on every bit of the thing you said. Actually my point may seem a little aggressive but I a trying to convey (partially) the same thing you said. Focusing at this point on fans would be pointless I know, for a corporate, focusing on bunch of fans is not a smart decision when we talk business. BUT over the period of time, MS has shown on multiple occassions that WP fans are on the second page of their book of plan of actions. There is no shying away from the fact thay they have made poor decisions, unclear strategy in case of WP. Future is bright (or is it?). I have faith in MS that's for sure and everything they are doing as a company is OK for a company but as a fan I stand disappointed when someone shows me a cool MS app on iOS and I have a Windows Phone but not similar experience of even the MS app. and why I posted this comment was to acknowledge that fact. Every time any fan says he is disappointed here on WC, Daniel comes and defends MS but this doesn't change the fact that the fans have been disappointed and over a period of time people HAVE left Windows Phone/Mobile in favour of other Operating Systems. Things might change but this won't convince me that they have been entirely faourale with Windows Phone fans.
  • Personally, I like W10M more than WP 8.1 even if it's a bit more buggier compared to WP 8.1. I agree with what you said about HERE transit, I liked it a lot even though for me it wasn't always accurate, but I enjoyed the UI. I didn't like that Nokia made their apps into different separate apps though, I like everything integrated into one app. Overall, I prefer the current version of windows 10 maps than HERE maps, but there are definitely some things I miss from HERE maps. I don't think it would've made sense to buy Nokia Music when they already have their own music service going, but I was never a zune pass or groove/xbox music pass subscriber so I could be wrong. MS office is way better currently than on previous versions, in my opinion. I will agree on the flip flopping on various things, I do think that probably set back a lot of progress, like most recently with Skype and messenger going back and forth on how they were going to go forward. At the same time, since this whole windows insider program started, it allowed the general public to help test and influence the direction of their software. I think to a degree we see what normally goes on internally in a tech company, they go back and forth trying a variety of different ideas before deciding what to do going forward. Thus while it can be frustrating from a consumer perspective, it probably is more of a norm within the company. 
  • Nokia Music had a much bigger library and presence compared to Groove. Groove is still not in India and Nokia Music even at that time had biggest collection of songs for download in India. Point 1. I again state, I know their decisions are good as company, it's just that time to time when they could've shown some love for fans they didn't. They launched their own products on competitiors first. They created MS Garage, making apps on other platforms published under MS brand but not on WP. Their startegy with Windows 10 on PC is great, it has been great always but not on phone. and current state of Skype is a shameless example of what I am saying which is rated 2.9 on WP and 4.1 on android.
  • Ah ok didn't know that about Nokia music, good to know. Yeah I understand where you're coming from. They did push mobile pretty hard with Nokia and tried going the keeping features exclusive on wp 8.1 route, but market share wasn't improving enough. Whether they were doing it effectively is a whole different topic, but they did push mobile hard for a while and it wasn't working well enough. That's why now they have have been retrenching and focusing on getting their software everywhere (which can mean putting it on other platforms first) rather than keeping it exclusive, it's an indirect way to benefit W10 in the long run. Of course I would love to have them show more love to W10M, but the reality right now is they have to go where the majority are in the short term, in order to benefit W10 in the long run. I hope I don't sound like I'm just blindly defending them because I'm not. The reality is they are where they are at now whether or not it was their own fault and they need to try other strategies to go up. Again, with skype I also believe they flip flopped too much and that caused a longer development process which ends up frustrating consumers.
  • @Daniel, I'm actually scared to look at this update IF I have even received it yet, lol.   But overnight, I finally recieved the update and 4 more smaller updates, one of which was an update to the People App. Don't know which one caused it, or actually what caused it...but I lost all my contacts profile/avatar pics in the People App right after those updates...all of them!  WTH Microsoft?  I am so ticked off right now.
  • I opted in to keep my 30GBs on OneDrive and nonetheless my storage is getting reduced. OneDrive should make sure it honours its promises first than adding features for apps that are not even in their ecosystem. I get more and more frustrated everyday.
  • I did as well and I am also getting dropped to 5 gigs next month.  Its nice of them to reduce our storage amounts and then introduce all these features designed to get us to want to store our stuff in the cloud.  I would love to MS but I'm already going to have to remove ~10gigs of stuff I have in there.  
  • Simply pay for Office 365. Most adults can pay their own way and don't need charity from Microsoft.
  • Or you know... I could have bought a Windows phone which was touted as coming with 15 gigs of free space for images.  Space that is about to be taken away.  If I am looking to pay for an online service I'll go with google drive.  Their online apps are better and drive is better than onedrive in my opinion.  I used onedrive because of the bonus space I got having a windows phone and the ease of automatic uploading of my images.  I wasn't looking for charity as you imply.
  • If you did, contact OneDrive support for them to fix that.
  • Irony... thy name is Microsoft. Irony is in the day to day life of Microsoft Windows Phone fans. Microsoft just just likes doing this. Doesn't it? It just likes playing with emotions of its fans... this more industry-oriented face of MS is not making me a bigger fan of themselves. Sometimes, I feel they take us for granted. These are the bunch of fans, don't worry about them. They will stick around no matter what we do. Its not like that MS, it's not like that. 
  • Irony... thy name is Microsoft. Irony is in the day to day life of Microsoft Windows Phone fans. Microsoft just just likes doing this. Doesn't it? It just likes playing with emotions of its fans... this more industry-oriented face of MS is not making me a bigger fan of themselves. Sometimes, I feel they take us for granted. These are the bunch of fans, don't worry about them. They will stick around no matter what we do. Its not like that MS, it's not like that. 
  • Fans are free beta testers. No other group "complains" better. This wouldn't work for Apple. Their fans mostly wouldn't think of complaining.
  • What? MS made an algorythm that detects pokemon in images? Or just knows when an image is a Pokemon Go screenshot? In any case, this is a great move by MS, capitalizing on the success of the game. And yeah, before compaliners open their mouths, it's not their fault PG is not available for Windows. So they're just doing good business with what they can. Nice move!
  • I think it just knows. Like I went to a baseball game last year and turned off location for the pictures I took. I was poking around in my OneDrive a few months back and I was surprised to see that it auto tagged baseball for some of those pictures. 
  • I'm guessing in order to get that kind of image data of EVERY pokemon in the game, they must have had to partner with the game creators to obtain that.  Which in that case, they may have also been in talks with bringing the game over.  They wouldn't have name-dropped the game so many times now and brought this feature if it wasn't a high-possibility.
  • Well it seems to me MS just needs to bring those (stupid missing) apps to WP and that's it. If they need to pay up for them to be ported to WP, then make it so (MS invested in way more stupider things, and invested millions of $); ppl want pokemon go, snapchat, native youtube app? Well do it already... It's the apps general public considers, do it for them.
  • You're right about Microsoft's ability to pay up for missing apps's development, and in game changer's cases, like PokémonGo, they definitely have to be aggressive in that pursuit.
  • Im also disappointed with microsoft at the moment but im hopeful they will make windows mobile great again.. And invest in developers that will attract other users to windows mobile.
  • Another sign Pokemon GO might be coming to Windows :)
    ​The company has name dropped Pokemon on a lot lately, and now this.  It's very likely they had to be in talks with the company in order to get this sort of data to recognize all 150 pokemon.. meaning they must have been in talks with them... hopefully to bring the game too!  
  • Lol, they introduced some other very important new features but they are completely overshadowed by the Pokemon coverage. They should have split the news release so those features get the attention they deserve.
  • What good is this when OneDrive users are windows phone users???? Surprise surprise The game is not available for windows... Think I should change as windows apps are seriously crap.
  • How ironic...
  • Don't have a flip phone and don't use Verizon.
  • It seems like this was meant to be a reply to my comment. It doesn't matter what carrier you are on. They see everything you do, including text messages, calls and your location. Even if you have a flip phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's great! Now pay nice with Niantic and get the game on Windows mobile. I'm looking up cheap android phones to connect via hotspot to my 950XL. My iPod touch doesn't have gps, and the hotspot gps on AT&T doesn't work in any suburban park I've visited.
  • That wuold be a hint for the commingpokemon go app
  • I'd like it if OneDrive had facial recognition so I could tag my photos easier....then Pokemon stuff....
  • They got to be part of the hype some how. 
  • Is this a joke?! I can't tell who's trolling anymore.
  • Pokémon GO is truly massive.
    Everyone once again Riding that Nintendo Wave. MARCH 2017
  • March 2017, when Microsoft announces they have suspended development of Windows Mobile as they see no viable path forward. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • RS2 update will be targeted for Mobile
  • Not if they kill it first!
  • is this a joke on the face of windows users? wtf!
  • Haha
  • I mean, really, not interested in such games..even COC, or apps like snapchat..(tried age of Empires, still not convinced why people like those strategy games, or this stupid pokemon finding game either)..but this is just like a humiliation of those who are yearning for this game..but stuck with windows.. the new app "Prisma" is sort of interesting, but as usual, windows will catch up when another set of apps come to iOS and Android. the recently added imo app is a waste, even if added to the store.. nevertheless, new apps are welcome..
    Microsoft, grow up!
  • As if ios and android users actually use onedrive. They use icloud and or google cloud. The only people who uses ondrive are us windows mobile and windows 10 pc users (because onedrive is actually a folder now in file explorer). As if ios and android users would actually take the time to download the onedrive app or upload the images to their computers. This function is almost useless. God damn microsoft doesn't know the meaning of the word priority.