Microsoft makes selecting the right version of Windows 10 easy with new comparison charts

With the launch of Windows 10 officially beginning in waves on July 29, many people might still be wondering which version of the OS they will need to install on their PC. Microsoft has quietly released a comparison chart, in PDF format, that helps with that decision, along with a more interactive chart on the Windows website.

Windows 10 Comparison

Microsoft has announced seven SDKs for Windows 10, but the PC versions will only have to deal with four of them: Home, Pro, Enterprise and Education. The PDF chart shows which features will be include in each of those four versions.

Most consumers can ignore the Enterprise and Education versions, and concentrate on what's available in the Home and Pro SDKs of Windows 10. The Pro version, which is designed for home and small businesses, will have more features, including the legacy version of Internet Explorer 11 in addition to the new Microsoft Edge web browser.

As we reported earlier, not all PCs eligible for the Windows 10 free upgrade will be able to download it on the July 29 launch date, as Microsoft plans to roll it out in waves.

Source: Microsoft (PDF){.nofollow}, Windows; Via: Neowin

John Callaham