Not every PC with a Windows 10 upgrade reservation will get it on July 29

Microsoft is now less than a month from officially launching Windows 10 on July 29. However, the company has just revealed that even if you have reserved your current Windows 7 or 8.1 PC to get the free upgrade to Windows 10, you might not get it on that launch date.

In a blog post, Microsoft's Windows and Devices head Terry Myerson revealed Microsoft's plans for upgrading consumer PCs to Windows 10 with the free upgrade:

"Starting on July 29, we will start rolling out Windows 10 to our Windows Insiders. From there, we will start notifying reserved systems in waves, slowly scaling up after July 29th. Each day of the roll-out, we will listen, learn and update the experience for all Windows 10 users.""If you reserved your copy of Windows 10, we will notify you once our compatibility work confirms you will have a great experience, and Windows 10 has been downloaded on your system.""If your system is not ready yet for your upgrade to Windows 10, we will provide more details during the upgrade experience. In some cases, we will include contact information so you can follow up directly with an application provider or device manufacturer to learn more. For most upgrade incompatibilities, you may still choose to complete the upgrade, and find alternative compatible solutions in the Windows Store after you upgrade."

For business users, Myerson stated:

"Windows 10 Pro will be available on July 29, along with Windows 10 Home. Volume licensing customers will be able to download Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education on Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) starting on August 1."

Windows 10 Sticker

Microsoft will soon be releasing a version of Windows 10 to retailers so they can help customers upgrade any Windows 8.1 PC in their store. Stickers will be placed on compatible Windows 8.1 PCs to show consumers that they can quickly upgrade them to Windows 10.

Source: Microsoft

  • Kind of disappointing
  • But also expected. They need to roll out out in waves and ensure their servers don't buckle under the strain. Additionally, OEMs may need to release day one drivers. Besides, imo it's wise to wait till the dust settles so that one can see how well everything is going.
  • I could swear The "Get Windows 10" app said it would actually pre-load the files before that date, which I had assumed would be the way they were going to deal with demand. It would be nice if it picked up that my Microsoft Account is a Windows Insider and then rolled it out to our other computers first. I have Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3 for a long time now, but not on my desktop.
  • With this latest build, I'd say get Windows 10 on your desktop, or any other computer that you might be worried about.
  • To be fair you're right, these latest 2 builds are amazing. I was looking back at some screenshots from old builds last night and remember using some of the earliest builds - It's came a long way
  • this!
    really disappointed it won't be preloaded and instead install afterwards. the whole reservation process makes less sense now.
  • It's a marketing stunt to raise awareness of the new OS. 
  • Yet Apple manage it whenever they release iOS updates ...
    And they don't claim to be a cloud enterprise company!
  • Yeah, but then you have to put up with the shitty Apple software, just saying :)
  • A)iOS is a very different animal. It's a lot smaller so download times are greatly shortened and server hits are minimal.(This is the biggest factor) B) there are less iPhones than PC's. C) not every iOS device gets the update at the exact same time either.
  • Agreed, even iPhones have staged roll-outs. Last time they fired up the updates worldwide their services came crashing down as well.
  • I was going to say the same thing. Apple definitely uses phased roll-outs-- not every user receives the update at once. Sometimes I would get an update right away, or sometimes 24 hours later. Also, pretty much every time I had to update my iPhone, the servers would either crap out OR the update would take forever to download, regardless of the size.
  • If MS will do so then their will be strains on servers and Secondly if they rol out in parts then it will be helpful for every one if their is some problem in certain situations during upgrade then they can pause at that step..... And after Steve Jobs every one knows how apple's updates are full of bugs.... Correct me if I'm wrong
  • MS has Azure which can auto scale to meet demand so there should never be a server full. This is what MS sells and tells customers. Do they not have faith in their own products?    
  • That's not how server scaling works. They'd probably have to increase capacity by adding servers or else leasing. Besides, a staggered rollout would be best in case of problems.
  • Actually it is. In Azure you "can also set a target CPU load for every one of these servers. Once a web app needs more CPU capacity — or if the storage queue gets too long — it can then spin up a new server." That is how it works the only downfall being that it is costly but since MS owns Azure the cost would be a wash. That's why i believe they are staggering the update for other reasons and not due to load/capacity.
  • Thats assuming you have another server for it to fire up, every server has its limits, no exceptions, this is what ddos atrtacks exploit, no matter how smart the software, if you overload all available servers, it will crash.
  • Do you realise that this is one of (if not the) largest software rollouts in history? Every single PC with Windows 7 and 8 can upgrade. That's a massive amount of server load. It's also not just server load but risk mitigation. They want to be able to catch issues before they've affected too many people. This is basic software rollout procedure that users just don't understand.
  • And Apple had only a handfull of devices to support, and has no dependency on OEMs driver support except there own. You can't compare Microsoft's Windows with Apple's iOS or even OSX, completely different animal!
  • Precisely. Far fewer potential devices to upgrade immediately.
  • There are not nearly as many people using apple as are using Windows. You're comparing apple(s) to oranges here.  
  • And they also have a lot less people to put it out to...
  • Pretty ignorant comment. iOS is rolling out to controlled hardware. Windows 10 is rolling out to (majority) third party hardware. This is about server load and compatibility. Don't be a fuckin' chump.
  • I think it's okay. MS's server is not God.
  • Yet
  • There is a reason I'm sure
  • Just release the ISO and let us download
  • That's not too far from what they are doing. Server hits are the issue. You can't have too many people accessing the servers before they get full.
  • I must be confused. I thought one benefit of reserving the upgrade was that it would download in the background early (to avoid server congestion) and then be ready for install on the 29th. There are going to be some upset people who expect to do the upgrade on the 29th and can't.
  • You're not wrong, it's Microsoft who are altering their promises. Not the first time they're doing it tho, and it kind of expected, it's not possible to roll out W10 exactly at 29th if there are alot more of people reserving, more then their resource can handle.
  • Apple manage simultaneous worldwide upgrades....
  • Who cares about Apple when your getting Windows 10.
  • i think windows has more users :)
    will be a bit tricky to serve everyone...
  • Again.. not nearly as many people using Aple produacts as use Windows products.  
  • Is that even true? Do you have numbers to back that up? I don't think the difference is much if at all. iPhone and iPad have been selling quite heavily the past 8 years. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Here you are again, troll. You earlier mentioned iOS. Tell me, genius, what is the size of iOS and what is the size of a Windows distribution. And I'll also reiterate, MULTIPLE hardware profiles, OEM's etc. Compatibility needs to be ensured, and server loads need to be managed. Not to mention that there are more Windows users than both iOS and MacOS. Get a clue.
  • I think this more of a compatibility issue. I have windows 10 on a couple systems and it runs great, but when i tried it on an acer aspire ultrabook, it was horrible. It could never upgrade through fast ring and always crashed. Driver support was just not there. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Makes perfect sense. This will help Microsoft ensure everybody's upgrade experience is a good one.
  • Probably to prevent their servers to be overloaded
  • So basically we should become insiders so we can get it first?
  • Very smart!!!!
  • I think it's to ease the surge on the Microsoft servers.
  • Do we still have to reserve it if we are insiders?
  • No, as they already are on Windows 10...
  • No once its available you can just update your computer like you would noramlly for a new build of windows 10
  • In other words, US first, everyone else... whenever.
  • +929
  • Not necessarily. They could be hosting the update servers in data centres around the world and still release it in phases within each region in parallel
  • But basically, if we reserved our upgrade we will still get it, right? Eventually?
  • Yep.
  • Great, thanks :)
  • In coming months.
  • I doubt it will take months. This isn't a Windows Phone update that can be held back by carriers after all
  • 2017 is looking bright :)
  • Stop it lol
  • Not bad
  • Does not the reservation tool check your device for compatibility before July 29? Why wait until after that date to disallow users from upgrading?
  • With autoscaling on Azure server overload should not happen. So Satya hasn't been able to improve communication amongst internal teams I see. Azure has scaling and load balancing that the more people log in the more it will scale to meet demand. Sure its expensive but Microsoft won't charge itself lol  
  • It's more than just servers to worry about.
  • May be out of topic :
    But I still have a Doubt that.,
    While installing OS for PC
    It offers some options..
    * Keep Personal Files only
    * Keep Nothing..
    My Question is
    " Will Keep Nothing Option Erases All PC Drives ( C , D , E , F ) ..
    Or Only ' C Drive '..
    Pls any one clear me this Doubt..
  • Keep nothing only hits your system drive but it's a good idea to back everything up anyway.
  • Previously it looks like we would all get it on day one according to Joe Belfiore....Of course things do change:    
  • Was there ever a 100% solid answer on whether we would be able to re-enter our key if we do an upgrade from 8.1 to the latest Windows Insider build? Basically I'm thinking about putting the latest build on my desktop PC, but if I do that and stay on the insider preview for another 12 months after release, I want to know if I miss out on the free upgrade (As I will be using insider builds which will always use an evaluation key) I've been running it on my Surface Pro 3 since the earlier preview builds, and the last two are absolutely superb. Tempted to just put the preview build on my Desktop PC, assuming there are no issues with Nvidia drivers at this point (With a month left to go, I'd be surprised if there were many issues left to iron out for gaming purposes)  
  • Aww man, 2 days of waiting for Enterprise! (first world problems)
  • Everyday we keep hearing something new!
    Microsoft Lied!
  • Yea. Now go buy an ice cream.
  • Paul Thurrott's response is going to be gold.
  • I'm already looking forward to it.
  • Meh. I don't care when it launches as long as Cortana works on day 1. I am in India and though Cortana is supposed to work here ( alpha status) with language set to English US, in reality that doesn't happen. I will be happy only when Cortana works properly in India with all features enabled and none of the "I cant help you in this language" shit. Its time that Microsoft increase the number of countries where Cortana is available.
  • The only thing I can do with Cortana is opening the apps... I f**king hate microsoft for things like these.
  • I hope you realize that Cortana isn't some kind of software update that they can stick on any PC and everything is there for the end user. It doesn't matter if you're from India, Botswana or any country outside North America, it's gonna be a long process, even in Canada it's still alpha and in the US it's beta. It's not like they have the finished product and they're holding out on a release.
  • Cortana has been the slowest implementation of any virtual assistant, it's incredible how long it takes for Microsoft to get settings and features out.
  • Sounds like a pragmatic way of saying "if we can see that some apps/devices you have will cause the upgrade to bork we won't let you upgrade until we've fixed it". Or in other words Microsoft have run out of time to finish Windows 10 for all users and is only going to let people who can complete the update start the process.
  • i think this is more device based... for example my HP Stream 7 hasn't had the notification for Windows 10 yet, neither has my Aus 8" tablet... but 2 desktops and a notebook have it.... its probbaly more about OEMs needing to mark up they are ready with drivers before offering it up
  • Nor has my SP3
  • Such a typical Microsoft announcement isn't it. Always followed by an asterisk *. 'You will get it, oh wait no, you won't actually get it'
  • If everyone's gonna download Windows 10 at the same time, then no one is gonna get it on time...maybe.
  • Still not received notification
  • More surprises coming™ your way.. Stay tuned..
  • I'm not complaining. Allows me time to see how the first wave(s) are doing, how long it takes, bugs etc. I was probably gonna delay it until I had enough time to install without fear of it running over into the night as well, so I was never going to be upgrading on July 29th. Plus, this only has to be done once, so I'm okay with waiting a few more days/weeks for it.  
  • Ahh!! It's a kind of mess...
  • I am insider member and as I made my reservation, but I work with Windows 7 as the primary operating system. Even so, I can get Windows 10 on July 29? What I want to know!
  • As far as I know here insiders means those who are on windows 10 IP, and If I am wrong then their servers would identify the MS account registered for insider preview and upgrade those PCs
  • My netbook is enough for upgrade to Windows 10 but i don't get "Get Windows 10" app from Windows Update. Why?
  • really to contact device manufacturer, what are they going to do will they release software and driver update for computer that are 2-5 year old or more. Once device go past  2-3 years they don't provide update at least from HP. My HP stream 7 still haven't receive the notification upgrade and my old netbook already have the upgrade notification which is weird because HP stream 7 is way faster than the netbook I have.
  • My Stream 7 has had a notification. Might be wise to check your updates because I had a load to to before I got my notification
  • Maybe not the right article to ask this in. I have a windows 8 tablet that will get windows 10. But will I be able to use the same sample of windows 10 on my old computer that is curently running Windows 2000? Yes it has the right specifications, but I almost never use it, but with win 10 that could change, for example if I want to stream my xbox one games.
  • you can get an extra copy of windows 10 onto your old computer simply by installing the insider preview ISO onto it.   I dont think you can run a system upgrade on older versions of windows, you will likely need to run a clean install.
  • All the glitched launches I have witnessed part of this year means I might wait a week or so just to see how it rolls
  • so from what i can tell with this article, if you want windows 10 on day one, just install the latest insider preview on your device and it will be upgraded before the reserved copies.
  • This is already mentioned in a windows 10 blog , I guess it was the support , really don't remember , read it two or three weeks ago
  • I still haven't received the update to book my Windows 10 copy on my hp stream 7, I'm starting to worry
  • I have something to ask, could be a little stupid but that's the thing: ''Starting on July 29, we will start rolling out Windows 10 to our Windows Insiders'', in that context, Windows Insider who keep using the beta until July 29 or Windows Insiders who are registred on the Program? If be Windows Insiders who are registred on the Program, they will receive the Windows 10 on a Machine who the reserve was done. Am I wrong?      
  • This is just BS, it's obvious that Windows 10 won't be ready by July 29, and Microsoft is coming up with this ridiculous story to save face. 
  • I have windows 8.1 pro and reserved my copy of Windows 10 as well. I don't think there is any problem if MS rolls out the update in phases. I would like to see users experience with upgrading and after installation of Windows 10. May be there is some ealry glitches on 29th July launch and don't want to break my PC and laptop.
  • I would like to install/upgrade it on 1st August and 2nd August (On weekend) to fix any issue.
  • This is really disappointing ! The Reservation programme turned out as shit! Moreover it looks like if someone is using Preview on a PIRATED copy of 7/8 they will get the upgrade BEFORE us FREE of cost! Amazing!