Microsoft's Portable Power DC-21 battery charger is finally on sale for $49

The Microsoft Portable Power DC-21 smartphone battery charger, which was first announced in October, is finally on sale on the Microsoft Store website for $49.

The 6000mAh battery can charge a smartphone — such as a Lumia Windows Phone device — two times before the charger itself needs to be plugged in again. It can also hold its charge for up to a month if needed, and can be plugged in and charged while also charging a smartphone.

The DC-21 is available in green, orange, and white and is the perfect complement for anyone buying a Windows Phone for themselves or a friend.

Source: Microsoft Store (opens in new tab) Thanks to Ryan for the tip!

John Callaham
  • Well,not in India..
  • My L620 can be charged 4 times. Not bad :)
  • Is it available in India?
  • Still pretty expensive
  • Overpriced.  I have a 10000mAh that I paid $30 for.
  • I'll top that... My MI (Xiaomi?) powerbank has 104000 mAh and it costs about 14 bucks..   I really like the new design of this puppy, but 49$? What ^^ said, overpriced..
  • I have a Mi powerbank too, but I don't know why the power button is provided, it turns ON and OFF buy itself right
  • That company edited whatsapp internal code for their phone, stole user data, hacker hacked their company, I won't use their product
  • True but mi powerbank 10400 is tooooo big sizewise can't be carrying an external HDD sized power bank around
  • This is a TERRIBLE deal. You can get a battery pack with twice the capacity or more off amazon for $20-30, every day.
  • All I can say to that is you get what you pay for.  I bought the Lumsing 10400mAh battery WinCentral recommended, and it is garbage.  The first one stopped working, and I returned it to Amazon.  Lumsing contacted me directly and sent me another one.  That replacement worked once and now won't charge my devices despite being at 75%.
  • I can assure you that Anker batteries will perform better than anything Microsoft Mobile can churn out.
    It is what Anker does...their glowing Amazon reviews are testament to that fact.
    I've never heard of Lumsing - but as ever, go by reviews....and don't take Windows Central as gospel. They have to pay wages, and as such will perhaps sometimes recommend products that are not nearly the best in the market.
  • I got an oil change last week and Acura gave me a free battery pack. At Frys you can get them for 5-10 bucks. These things are ubiquitous now and 50 bucks is a joke.
  • One plus announced 10000mah power bank for $14.99 yesterday
  • What is the need .. You have to pluck to charge in your life .. Waste of money
  • Why do you even bother commenting? Your comment is barely comprehensible - and you clearly haven't used your imagination to work out why such batteries may be useful....
  • I like the style of this charger, almost bought it, but I was able to find an Anker 6400mAh charger on Amazon for $26.  The Microsoft and Anker chargers look similar and are both about the same size and will fit nicely in a pocket and aren't too heavy. My wife keeps this charger in her purse while I carry around a 3200mAh lipstick style charger which is about half the width but still has plenty of charging power.
  • I was going to say this looks very similar to the Jackery charger on Amazon, which I love. Charges very fast.
  • Are we going for capacity at the expense of quality? #crybabies.... cheap is expensive for those unaware
  • What is your definition of quality? If it (cheaper alternatives) charges my device, why spend more? for brand name and shocking colors? The point is to portably charge my device and not damage my battery, if $15 does that then I'll go cheaper (which by the way doesn't always mean lower quality).
  • Stupid comment.
    Just go and look at the prices of Anker batteries on Amazon....then look at their glowing reviews.
    You are misguided if you think you have to pay more than $25 for a quality backup battery.
  • I have a coupon for $10 off $50 -_- this costs $49
  • Isn't this the third time that this thing has "finally" gone on sale? What was with all the delays?
  • Great, I need this for Wednesday.  I doubt they'll ship it to me in time.  I'll hold off until 2015 then.
  • I was waiting for this but dayum it's pretty expensive...
  • I posted about it going on sale online in the forums a month ago...
  • Extras+infos telling me to buy the app or uninstall when I tried to open it. If you don't believe it check the image in(tweet) posted by me
    Pls check it
  • You shouldn't set date over 2050 years, it will active the "debug" mode
  • For $35 amazon has 22000 mah battery. Oneplus has 10000mah for $15 Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Too much money
  • I bought a used car battery for $45 and its much more powerful than this, I can run a car and 6 devices as long as I'm converting my movement into energy (this is what some people think like in these comments) :P
  • I carry a nuclear reactor in my pocket.
  • Simply Costly!
  • Cool just wish it will be available here in my country Nigeria
  • Too expensive for what you get. And what happened to the DT-903 charger? It's still not out even though I read it was supposed to be out in October.
  • I know. I've been waiting for it since I picked up an 830
  • Can I use this for my L635 ?
  • So when can we get that new wireless charging plate? I thought tha was supposed to be out 2 months ago, but I've not seen it available.
  • I might need a new charger. My patriot charger mini USB port is getting flakey, feels like I have to bend it to get it to charge now. Plus it never seemed to carry the advertised amount.....
    Oh btw I am starting to shy away from cheap.... Because you get what you paid for. Alot of cheap things I have purchased ends up breaking, failing, or wearing out faster than they should
  • Holding a charge for a month is crap - poor batteries with a high internal discharge rate.
  • I won this back in the giveaway Microsoft had, and I gotta say this is a neat product! Even though my 930 has pretty good battery life, this is a nice thing to have, and I think Microsoft has done a good job on this one. I'm no expert on these, but it gets things done.
  • Crazy price...
  • Seriously overpriced. Have a 6000mAh Targus thingy that cost me $10. Works like a charm..
  • Need a cree!
  • If Microsoft come up with this price half a year back maybe nice but theres abundance of cheap powerbanks with great quality out there. Xioami one of it.
    I used their 5200mAh and it also fits nicely in my pocket and just cost me less than 10bucks.
    I win!
  • Is this available in the Philippines already? Thanks!