Microsoft's Spartan browser set to arrive in the next Windows 10 preview

The next version of Microsoft's web browser, Project Spartan is expected to hit the next Windows 10 preview release. Microsoft's Kevin Gallo, the technical lead for Windows universal apps, confirmed the news today at Mobile World Congress, though an accurate date of release has yet to be provided.

Microsoft has made some major changes in Project Spartan, creating a brand new render engine called Edge. Gallo demonstrated numerous universal apps today using an unreleased version of the Windows 10 preview.

We'll likely have more details on the next release for testers, and if Spartan is indeed included in the next update, soon enough. What are you most looking forward to in Microsoft's new web browser?

Source: The Verge

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Was fully irritated with waiting for 2nd wave for win10 preview
  • Got the same question. Already noticed improvements with the new rendering engine. (Seems faster.) Be nice to have the full package.
  • IE on phone is pretty bad now. So many pages don't render properly, or give a dated version of a page, or the page becomes unresponsive. I can't wait for this to come to phone.
  • Can't open twitter on IE. Sometimes sites don't load, but its shows loaded, have to reload
  • Agreed, IE on Phone is not a great experience, especially on a small screen like my 520. Zooming results in blank spaces which sometimes remain.
  • Google drive and Deviant art are extremely jittery in WP8.1 IE. Usually crashes the app, so this will be a welcome change.
  • never loads
  • I have not got an issue with nice 3g connection....but at slower connections....i think everyone have this problem
  • Uhoh. I'm on a 4gLTE connection or on (about) 12-25 mbps wifi when on gdrive or DA.
  • 3G is SLOW!..
  • Many mobile sites in general are bad.
  • Bad? I have no issues with it.
  • Yeah IE on my L620 is pretty bad. I SO need this.
  • I beg to differ internet explorer does quite fine for me... No other browser in windows phone currently comes close to it
  • I agree. IE on Windows Phone is pretty good and stable. Sure, sometimes it is somewhat buggy (sometimes! not always!). I my opinion it's the best browser on any mobile OS that I have ever used (when I was an android user I tried Firefox and Chrome, the first one was...really buggy the other one somewhat slow...). Sure, It can become even better, but it's already good enough (according to my experience).
  • You seriously need to try out dolphin browser on android. It is so much better than IE. It puts us to shame.
  • Well..I'd like to try it, but I no longer have any Android phones (even old ones), so it's impossibe at the moment...
  • Excited!!!!!!!!!!
  • Can't wait! Getting tired of using non touch optimized IE on my Surface Pro.
  • ONE QUESTION--When will the Preview come for all the devices..?
  • Yes
  • When? ? ? 0.o
  • When in India?..wait.. I'm not from India
  • Then shoo.
  • Microsdoft deasrest Sir Gentleman,  My family awaits here on small rocky island oustide India and get veeery angrey!!. You will release for us NOW!!! We pay $70 dollar and from that you profited $5.50, that means we own you're! This is the most important market in Worlds, now mr Microsoft release when here? Immediate! We will hang you (some Indian literally tweeted he'll hang Belfiore because they hadn't revealed a release date for the TP...) We can wait no more, we are most important you sir are liar pant on fire when on Sareeshnivanu Island now sir!!!   Sincerely, The average polite and friendly Indian User on twitter
  • Nice crap.
  • Did you really think that thru before you posted it?
  • That's the exact question I keep asking myself whenever an Indian tweets their usual entitled trash and threats at Microsoft employees on twatter.
  • Every odd comment is not posted by an Indian.
  • Thanks for the question.
  • Your Welcome.
  • Chrome extensions...
  • no
  • Please NO chrome anything. Keep Scroogle away from my stuff!!!!
  • Spartan extensions.
  • Spartan Perks
  • Yes!
  • For phone as well?
  • Is it for the Windows PC or phone too?
  • I think PC only for the preview. It will likely come to phone in future builds.
  • I believe universal apps (both wp and dekstops ).
  • They lied about the whole unified platform thingy.. Desktop will always be Microsoft's loved child
  • It's is a process and it is going to take longer than you expect
  • Nope. Desktop is Microsoft's father. They depend on it for pocket money.
  • And WP is the annoying needy adopted son that does nothing but complains so fucking loud everybody wishes it'd just die so they could start over with a new son. The biggest issue with WP is the users, nobody wants to associate themselves with that group.
  • Hmm
  • Vote here to ask Microsoft to move the address back to thew bottom on the mobile version of Spartan.
  • Thank you. I voted.
  • Voted since it was posted. See the admin reply: "...and while we can’t promise to ship every suggestion that gets submitted, we will be sure that our product development team receives your feedback." We will get Jack Isht
  • Arrgh why did they put it on top, it's cool while at the bottom, for 6" phablets' sake should be at the bottom
  • That's incredible how people can blame Microsoft for something they have not tried yet !
  • Seriously? It's incredible people can be such fanboys that they are blind to bad design choices and think MS can do no wrong.
  • Really? I think submitting feedback for a feature you haven't even been able to test first hand is a bit premature and isn't really in the spirit of the Windows Insider program. On other platforms address bar up top seems to be well received. At least give it a fair shot. If it sucks after you try it, by all means let them know.
  • Microsoft did it cause they think it is good for reading on web pages...
    And keyboard is at bottom,you just have to touch the adress bar once....don't be so lazy or don't expect happening of everything at sudden..
    It would be better if they give us both options to choose from
  • #Windows Rocks!
  • Very excited about this update. Can't wait to try it out
  • Hope that they change the position of the input line from top to bottom on phone version.
  • I prefer the bottom too but my guess is that they're going for a uniform experience across all devices, and people prefer it on top on PC.
  • Ahh democracy, ruining it for everyone as usual.
  • The real question is...wen in India? ;)
  • Soon™
  • When microsoft wants to roll out the update for India sure they will. Don't ask when because I have patience and I don't work for MS.
  • Do you really think Callum is an Indian ? :D
  • It's a joke. He doesn't actually want to hear when it comes to India.
  • Next preview will be available over the question "when in India?" not suiting you!!!
  • Even the current preview is available worldwide. If you have a supported phone that is.
  • I'm waiting for them to move the address bar to the bottom
  • Nice.
  • I hope it speeds up sharepoint site access!
  • Why is everyone bothered about the address bar at the top? Does it compromise any functionality? I know that on phablets like the 1520 and 1320 ( and soon on 640 XL) it is a stretch to reach the top, but there isn't any other problem, is there?
  • You just hit the nail on the head. It takes away from one-handed use, which is something most customers like.
  • Most customers - to the tune of 2 billion vs. irrelevant 20 million WP users - actually use the adress bar at the top. It's not an issue.
  • Sounds like a big enough problem to me.
    Even on my 1020, reaching the top bar one handed isn't particularly easy.
  • I think when we are actively using a phone we use it double handed..
    I don't say about some lazy people like you all....
  • It's not about being lazy. Being able to use a phone one handed is ergonomic necessity.
    It is why I wouldn't by an Android phone....and why I'm disappointed with the way WP is going at the mo.
  • No problem just so much easier at the bottom and makes sense to.  That is where the keyboard is at, so it is means less eye movement.  Not huge but way more logical
  • The problem with having it at the bottom is it hides certain controls and normal people are idiots. I'm fairly confident they'll have a toggle option to move it back just like they said they will for the 8.1 style transparent tiles.
  • can we still use the hack trick to get the preview?
  • No.
  • I guess no... Ms patched the windows insider app with last update
  • Its patched by MS with the latest update. Have pateince that's all I can say.
  • Before windows 10 preview when Lumia denim will come for other Lumia handsets like Lumia 530,630 etc?
  • Have pateince. Its not like you,wont get the firmware update. There is nothing new in denim besides Lumia camera for high end models. You,can get windows phone 8.1 update 1 via DP.
  • Denim brings new firmware to the 925 and 1020 that entirely fixes the freeze issues we have all experienced.
    It also sees a welcome return of battery saver brightness (which switches off the nav bar lights).
  • And when is that coming?
  • Read the article. ;)
  • Sorry.. I mean when is w10 next build is coming? Lol not next build actually.. I mean when is w10 coming for the rest of the lumias?
  • Notice how all controls of the phone version are again at the top of the screen? Bye bye ergonomics, welcome unified Windows! :( or :)
  • And that's actually upsetting a lot of people. Thankfully Windows 10 isn't out yet, so still time to improve. :)
  • There is time, but I honestly, I am afarid, don't think such fundamental interaction paradigms will change at this point.
  • They can get scared and try to please the few million WP fans, or they can see their strategy isn't working and try to please the billions of other users. They chose the smart option.
  • I hope it works
  • First release win 10 preview for low end devices.
  • This. So much This.
  • it is, only 6 models can install it so far, most of them are low end
  • So is this for both the Phone and PC version. Though I think I know the answer already.
  • I want possibility to install adblock...
  • Adblock already supports current versions of IE.
  • I think he means on phone and I sincerely hope it does.
  • I actually want to edit hosts file on phone like i do on PC. Adblock has just become a gatekeeper that corporations have to pay to get their ads whitelisted.
  • There was speculation that this build would be available last week. I am excited to try Spartan but I hope this does not delay this upcoming build.
  • If the next Windows Phone flagship could look just like the render in that picture showing what's looks like a Dell XPS 13 next to a phone then I would be happy. Hardware buttons are great and all but lack of bezel is even better.
  • I talked with Gabriel Aul and he said that the browser in windows phone 10 will support Flash player ;) And really my friend watched a Champions league match on internet explorer in windows phone 10 preview
  • I do not condider support for Flash on mobile to be a good change if that is true.
  • What brand of laptop is in the image?
  • Am I the only one around here who just hits the search button and starts typing? I haven't used an address bar in ages.
  • I'm most excited for the new name. IE is already a great browser, but as long as it's called "Internet Explorer" people will continue to experience the placebo effect and trash it.
  • I just want that on my 720
  • This I'm very stoked about. Good move by Microsoft :)
  • I want this more than the new start menue--I can't wait!
  • Pleaseee release it for Lumia 520 as well pleaseee asap.....
  • iVerge the most bias tech blog to anything not Apple, I guess they could'nt drump up some bullshit to write about how much they love Apple.
  • I hope they keep Spartan as the name
  • Waiting 2nd wave for my 930 to support the preview. This is getting frustrating...
  • Move the address bar back to the bottom!!! Please!!!
  • Lastpass integration, day 1 please.  That would be so great.
  • Will it be in the next version for phone aswell
  • I like immersive modern IE though.
  • Why not Microsoft release batch by batch with the new improvements for Windows 10 mobile so we can get use to it instead of experiencing a brand new UI.
  • Well if they're including it then we'll know what the final name will be so I guess that's what I'm most looking forward to.
  • I am very excited by this. I am using the technical preview on my Surface Pro 3 and IE is not touch friendly at all, and since the modern version of IE is gone Tablet Mode despeately needs a touch friendly browser. There are other enhancements that are greatly needed too, but this is one of the top issues for Windows 10 in Tablet Mode.
  • Flip ahead and back. Desktop browsers are appalling on my Surface Pro 3 now with 10. I like my taskbar hidden on my pc and it syncs the setting to my Surface which I like as well. But, the constant need to bring up the keyboard in task manager is a major PITA. Other than that. The browser needs the ability to copy photos to a clipboard. It needs to render websites like correctly so I can tap a header which isn't working on the mobile preview. It also needs to support AJAX and audio.
  • Please include Lumia 525 in next windows 10 preview
  • Awesomeness.
    Looking forward to proper rendering of websites first and foremost.
    It should be fast and fluid.
    Should be compatible with 90% of the mobile web out there.
    Should borrow live web tiles from IE.
    Should also be compatible with social media i.e. live tiles could show status updates etc.
    And finally interactive tiles in general and interactive web tiles for signing in and updating statuses and uploading photos etc. The large biggest square live web tile could play videos right on your start screen.
  • So does this mean the name is permanent? I mean they are releasing it to the public and the name is still Spartan. That's a good sign.
  • extensions.. plzz..
  • Well they put office ribbon on bottom. And that is universal so spartin should have the same consideration. And that goes for tablet mode on surface mode too. Tablet mode should trigger tabs and bar at bottom. Part of continuum or something.
  • ALS pimmed to taskbar is features should translate to pinned live tiles across devices.
  • Try again. Also, pinned to taskbar features from IE should translate into pinned tiles across devices in Spartan. And yea keep the name.
  • Can't wait for HLS streaming! Been waiting for this since Windows Phone 7!
  • You know IE is bad when the Windows Central site doesn't even load correctly on it
  • What version of IE are you referring to?
  • What I am looking forward to the most: Offline reading lists. All these news I am following every day and use time to get back on where I was? I no longer need to worry about that. I just add it to my list and read it then! I can't wait! -- But I will have to :D
  • The only thing I really want is for it to keep the name Spartan. Edge is lame: Energy drink, wrestler's name, suicide hotline, a common lyric in a lot of pop songs, a razor for men that is made by both Axe and Gillette, B rated movie names, 90s hairstyles, brand for skateboard, a Nike shoe that makes you run faster...the list of what kind of crap it will remind people of is ridiculous.
  • I need Cortana on windows10