Is Microsoft's Surface Pro 7 available in different colors?

Surface Pro 7
Surface Pro 7

Is Microsoft's Surface Pro 7 available in different colors?

Getting a colorful body

The Surface Pro 7 only has two color options for the main body of the device, platinum, and black. These are relatively conservative, but at least there are two options now. At one point in time, there was only one color option for each Surface Pro device. Early generations of the device were only available in black, and Microsoft later switched over to a metallic greyish color. Luckily, both options are available now.

Adding some colorful accessories

The Surface Pro 7's body might only come in two colors, but the Type Cover has a wide range of color options. The Type Cover also serves as a protective layer over the device's screen, so it's a great accessory to make your Surface pop.

Microsoft announced two new colors for the Surface Pro Signature Type Cover, Poppy Red and Ice Blue. Additionally, Surface Pro Type covers from Surface Pro devices dating back to the Surface Pro 4 work with the Surface Pro 7 (except for the keyboard for the upcoming Surface Pro X). That means you can grab a Signature Type Cover in Black, Platinum, Burgundy, and Cobalt Blue.

You can also grab a Surface Arc Mouse in a variety of colors that will bring some more flair to your travel setup. Microsoft recently announced the Lilac and Sage versions of the mouse as well as the Ice Blue and Poppy Red versions of the mouse.

Skinning it

If you want to add some flair to the body of your device, you may want to wait until DecalGirl comes out with skins for the Surface Pro 7. Decalgirl has a wide range of skins, including Eclectic Wood, Atlantic Marble, and White Velvet.

The dimensions of the Surface Pro 7 are identical to the Surface Pro 6, but the newer Surface has a USB-C port. As a result, the side panels of the skins will not line up correctly. If you can't wait to skin your Surface, the back panel and kickstand cover of skins for the Surface Pro 6 should line up well.

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