Microsoft has a big day next week on October 6. Many new devices are expected to be announced, and while the Lumias and new Surface will be on the stage, we are also expecting numerous accessories to come around too to enhance the ecosystem.

One of those accessories is codenamed Valora (WS-20) as leaked by back in July. Valora is a follow-up to the current Nokia Treasure Tag that helps users either find their phone or find their keys (or whatever object they attach it to).

Now, the first photos of the half-dollar sized device are exposed by the FCC no less in some authorization letters and test reports from the government agency.

There is not too much else to the documents although it looks like there will be support for iOS and Android as well implying a Device Hub app for those phones. Needless to say this finder accessory, however, is geared mostly towards the Lumia line and will evidently work on current Windows Phone 8.1 devices with Bluetooth LE enabled.

There are likely other enhancements and improvements to the device that Microsoft will detail next week. One noticeable change is the design, which drops the plastic toy-like appearance of the previous version for a more professional metal and black look.

Source: FCC (PYWAS-20); Thanks, Javid M., for the tip!

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