Microsoft's UK Fan Lounge offers an inside look at exclusive content

Microsoft today announced it's launching a new Fan Lounge program in the UK, offering a chance for members of the Microsoft community to offer their feedback and get a look at exclusive content.

The program will work through a service called Sociabble, where fans can interact directly with Microsoft UK employees. There will also be opportunities to go to member-only events and "exclusive content." From Microsoft:

We're hoping to talk to - the fans - directly in the integrated comments section, invite you to fan-only events and also listen to feedback so that we can make sure that your voice is heard throughout the company!

If you're interested, Microsoft is inviting fans to fill out a questionnaire, with queries about what you're hoping to get out of the program and what types of devices you own. Member will be accepted in waves, with Microsoft selecting from certain criteria. Entries will be deleted every two weeks, but Microsoft says you can re-submit the form once every four weeks if you aren't initially selected.

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There's no word on what the exclusive content for the program will be, but it looks like an interesting way for Microsoft to garner feedback and gauge feedback from its biggest fans on a number of topics.

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