Microsoft's upcoming RemoteEdge will stream Edge browser on Mac and Linux PCs

Microsoft wants to expand the development of its Edge web browser to developers who are not yet working on Windows 10. During its Microsoft Edge Web Summit, the company announced plans to release RemoteEdge, which will stream a virtual version of the browser to Mac, Linux and other devices.

Microsoft Edge

RemoteEdge will use Microsoft's Azure cloud service to stream its virtual Edge to other devices. It will use an HTML5-based client, which means that developers on Mac and Linux PCs won't have to download a client specific to their OS. Microsoft demoed RemoteEdge during the summit by showing how it could even work inside a Chrome browser on Windows 10. RemoteEdge will officially launch later in April.

Microsoft also announced that new virtual machine images for Edge are now available to download; one for the current stable version of the browser that was first released in November, and the other for the more recent Insider preview of Edge.

John Callaham