Windows Live Mail 2012 will no longer work with accounts after June 30

Microsoft says that users of the free Windows Live Mail 2012 on Windows 7 who have an account won't be able to send or receive emails from that app after June 30.

Windows Live Mail 2012

Microsoft explained what is going on in a blog post (opens in new tab):

To provide you an email experience with enhanced performance, security and reliability, the new has been built upon our latest Office 365 infrastructure. Because the Windows Live Mail 2012 email application doesn't support the protocols used by this new infrastructure, you will not be able to send or receive email from Windows Live Mail 2012 after your account is upgraded. This means the time has come for you to upgrade to a new email application.

Microsoft says that Windows 7 users of Windows Live Mail 2012 will be able to use the included Mail app to keep getting their messages if they upgrade their OS to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. If they don't want to upgrade just yet, they can still access their emails via a web browser in Windows 7. Microsoft will also provide those users a free one-year subscription to Office 365 Personal. It includes Outlook 2016, which can send and receive messages.

  • Meh.... it was pretty clear since Windows 8.0 that the UWP Outook Mail & Calendar app is the free app going forward.
  • Sadly most of those ppl don't know anything about that but hopefully will see if they upgrade... =s Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • Wow they are really stretching for ways to force people to upgrade to the new broken windows. Couldn't they at least fix the basic problems with the new apps before they force people to abandon the old working programs? Will just be more reason for them to be dissatisfied with w10 (and there's already enough reasons!)
  • My mail app on Windows 10 doesn't sync. The app blows in comparison to Live Mail.
  • Mine either, I tried forever with my server settings and it just sat there "synching" for hours before I gave up. Reinstalled WLM and poof messages came right in.
  • A 2012 app that's old and broken AF. Even back then, I just used the more functional Its 2016 and 2012 is ancient in tech years.
  • The windows mail app is from 2012. It's always been the most broken mail client. Microsoft again goes with the worst software they have just because it "fits better" into the broken w10 ecosystem.
  • As far as I can tell Windows 10 works fine for me?
  • Still waiting for that UWP app on my SurfaceRT
  • Well until then I'm sure you can use Windows Live Mail 2012 instead.
  • RIP in piece
  • You've just RIPIP-ed the RIP.
  • Perhaps, the poster meant the peaceful rest is broken up into pieces
  • A pretty easy way to force people to upgrade to W10.
    Can't say I like these strong handed tactics - but business is business.
  • I don't find this strong-handed tactics at all. It's called technology moving forward. I just had to tell a customer why our app didn't run on Windows XP, that it was because the platform didn't support the technologies we needed (newest version of the .Net Framework) and that we wouldn't rewrite it to use an unsupported OS with an unsupported framework version. Same thing here, ancient app, newer Office 365 protocols = won't work anymore and we won't update it. No big deal. Not to mention they are giving out Office 365 Personal to these users, giving them a free app that will work with the new protocols, Outlook 2016. Let's not forget that Office 365 works on Windows 7 still as well. That's more than fair to these customers.
  • Ask yourself the question why Microsoft didn't make the newest version of the .NET framework available for Windows XP.
  • They haven't made a .net framework build for xp since 4.0, let alone I use 4.6.1. Your question isn't as clever as you think. Building out the framework for xp isn't just adding a download option, they have to develop the OS to support the features the framework offers. XP was probably around 10 years old when 4.5 came out, I don't blame them one bit for ending development on xp. Someone does not get the point I made. Someone likely isn't a software developer...
  • Feel free to try other operating systems, such as Mac. They will never force you to use whatever they give you, quickly depricate their existing software and only support new versions on the latest OS. Oh, yeah, that is sarcasm. Apple frequently throws away old versions of their software, creates new ones, and only support the new versions on the latest version of their OS. But you know, Microsoft, according to you, is the only one using "strong handed tactics"
  • There are many other free alternatives besides paid outlook
  • I wish Microsoft would make a new version of Windows Movie Maker. The current version included with Windows Essentials like this Outlook App, works fine and all, but it could use a new version with newer features.
  • or Go Universal with Movie Creator Beta. :)
  • That's only for mobile devices though. I can't run it on my PC.
  • I always tell people that WMM is like the MS Paint of video editors. I use it for quick video editing and it almost ruined my ability to use more advanced editors because I forget sometimes after using it so much! I wish MS would give it some love because it really is a nice feature. Heck, make a free basic and then a "Pro" one and charge for it. I'd just hate to see it die. Also, what alternatives to Windows Live Mail do they give me in the kindly email they sent out? Either to use the web version of Outlook or.... That piece of crap that is included with Win10... UGH... Thanks, MS... You sure know how to make a guy feel really special... NOT.
  • What about W10 users that are still using Live Mail because the current Mail app is crap? Just release an updated Live Mail version MS!! Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile BETA
  • I don't particularly like the mail app either but have no problem going to with Edge. You shouldn't use such old software on Windows 10.
  • The "old" software is much more robust than anything out there. Same with how Windows Live Writer went "open source" ... the alternatives do not exist. Windows Live Mail supports multiple accounts, backups, html signatures, calendar syncs, saving and opening eml files, offline use, new feeds, news groups, contact management, message import and export. I find it even more robust and lightweight than the outlook 365 client. And it looks pretty damn slick. This is a sad day
  • Excuse me, but it's not like it's an isolated piece of software used by some people here or there... They basically just said "Use a web browser" (THIER web browser works best, of course) OR... Their piece of crap software built into Windows 10... That, my friend, is BS... MS still hasn't quite learned it's leason as far as thinking that it can still bend the will of the public. They learned the hard way with how the handled Windows 8. Ugh... I'm thinking I might use Thunderbird or something... :/ FU, Microsoft... F right the F off.......
  • Its also old as ****, and there are newer alternatives. Its clunky and antiquated, and there are newer alternatives. Thank god Microsoft finally is switching over to a more secure infrastructure that can extend functionality in the future.
  • since you had to say "newer alternatives" twice... what might they be? aside from an office subscription that is "Its clunky and antiquated, and there are newer alternatives"
    for users it is by far the best email/calendar software out there "Thank god Microsoft finally is switching over to a more secure infrastructure that can extend functionality in the future"  
    please explain...
  • I suspect you've never used Live Mail 2012 since is utter crap compared to it, they're not even in the same ballpark.
  • Just migrate to Thunderbird and the great thing about Thunderbird? It's a lot easier to back up and re-install plus it's free ;)    
  • Will thunderbird still work after June 30th? Might go that route if it will  
  • I second this.  Microsoft keeps relacing older apps that work well, with unfinished crap that never works as well or with nothing at all.  All of these modern apps are unfinished crap and forcing users to use them only serves to alienate and push people out of their ecosystem to find working alternatives.
  • Yup.
  • This is very annoying to me. No problem personally (I use Outlook 'desktop version'), but my folks can't handle the lack of a built in address book in the new mail app. Plus they're older so not too quick on the uptake. Ugh, and just now that I got them switched over to from their old crappy pop provider. Turns out they should have used their pop provider so they could still use WLM... Time to switch them back to another mail provider?!! 
  • Make a shortcut for them that goes directly to Problem solved.
  • Apart from the fact that things will still work differently than in WLM, but does allow the use of contact groups? 
  • OK, if the following is still true then it's double outrageous. Is it indeed still the case that the outlook app doesn't allow the use of contact groups? See here: So if my non-tech savvy parents want to send emails to groups of friends, what do they do? Make a list and manually copy and paste them into the mail app? That would be pretty terrible.. Sending a group of pictures has also become much more difficult. They use to be able to select a bunch of pictures in picasa, and then picasa would compress the pics (optionally) and open a WLM mail with the pics attached. This doesn't work with the outlook app. Why the F doesn't MS make sure that at least such basic things work? I know Picasa is now a google thing, but if Outlook Desktop can understand whatever mail request picasa generates, then why can't MS make the outlook app deal with this as well?  Horrible, or at least very annoying to have to think about how to make things work somewhat smoothly for the folks. :(
  • I think you might not be able to do groups yet it People and Mail apps, but you certainly can in Outlook (the desktop application), which they're providing for free for the first year. Perhaps after that year they'll either give away Office 364 for another year or have added that feature to the Mail app.
  • Not only all this, but the Windows 10 Mail app is not even compliant with basic E-mail standards! The "reply-to:" header is ignored. This app always replies to the adress in "from:" header. Reply-to is used by many webforms, distribution lists, etc... But this behaviour is not obvious to the standard user. This was reported 10 months ago through Microsoft feedback, but got only few votes as people just don't know and in the meantime, MS did of course nothing to correct. I guess testing for compliance with basic internet standards is less important than pushing Windows 10 at all costs...
  • Basic things and polish seems bot even their priority either... Its perfectly reasonable and no problem if the replacement is on-par or better than the old app, the problem is that replacement lacks some things even basic and some features that it should've been implemented in the first place are still missing after a year of release. Its like getting a new model of your car with fancy new cruise control but lacks handbrake. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Good reason for people to migrate from Outlook email then. Just another sad attempt to force customers onto MS's useless UWP apps.
  • In other words, this headline should read "Despite users not wanting to go that route and never learning its lesson with Win8, Microsoft keeps storming ahead hoping to force users to do things that they would rather not":
  • So.. Ms sucks futher into oblivion? I start to have some questions about this guys. You won't rule the world fu*kers!!! So start being friendly Aproved by me!
  • Aproved by me!
  • Is this implying that MS outlook will also break any 3rd party mail client software that aren't being actively upgraded? If not, then MS is just trying to kill Live Mail.
    I do feel that Live Mail 2012 is more powerful compared to the current Mail App. I'm content with just the Mail App though. Live Mail had this weird bug that would double up on messages for me. Still, I agree with ppl here that MS should get at least the same level of functionality on UWA before killing Live suite programs.
  • People are still using Live Mail 2012 after all these years? If you're that concerned about your email or conducting business from that software, then you need to get real and buy Outlook or another serious email client (like Thunderbird or something else). That application was an afterthought back in the Windows 7 days and it's still one now.
    Everyone loves to complain when these ancient programs that they paid nothing for our these services that they paid nothing for try to keep progressing forward...
  • Well having used Live Mail 2012 for years while sporadically testing out Thunderbird and em client, Live Mail 2012 always worked better and did everything I needed it to... so that "ancient" program worked best for me. Live Mail isn't trying to progress forward... it's dumping its users to try to get them to upgrade to office subscriptions... it's not progress it's profit... which Microsoft is certainly entitled to but don't try to portray it as progress.
  • As they've stated in the past, they have been upgrading the backend to new standards, with better security. This 2012 client doesn't support 2016 standards, and even if it could, the userbase must be small enough it's not economically feasible to pour money into a stagnant product when it could be invested towards better enterprise and personal email clients. Even is being updated to catch up to Gmail standards, as the web client is old and outdated by modern standards.
  • that was a paragraph of nothing... the web client has nothing to do with the protocols for Live Mail 2012... and of course Live Mail 2012 doesn't support the new sync standards... how else would they encourage people to subscribe to office 365 when they already had a perfectly fuctional email client?  
    This is simply about forcing people that have been using a free product into one they have to pay for.
  • It's about an old product not supporting new standards. And I doesn't make business sense to invest & update an old outdated product with a small user base. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • in the browser destroys both Live Mail and the Mail app. No need for those crappy apps.
  • Just use IMAP
  • Not too surprising... Microsoft is obviously trying to push everyone to office subscriptions, hence why they're doing away with Live Mail 2012 which is a nice app and giving people the option of the windows 10 mail app which is garbage or a free year or outlook to further hook you.  I just switched to em client (their beta 7 app is pretty awesome), hopefully they'll be updating to to work with the new protocol, if not I'll explore other options... no freaking way I'm paying for a yearly office subscription just for email.
  • So Mozilla Thunderbird on a full time basis it is then, instead of splitting use between that and Windows Live Mail. Gotcha.
  • I'd be mad, but its just in time for when I finally install Windows 10 on my desktop. I've been lagging behind on doing it for too long.
  • I'll just switch to grabbing my Live account mail through IMAP. Live Mail 2012 still supports that, thankfully. Every time I see one of these Microsoft Blog posts, I notice that the VPs of the various teams are behind them, and it makes me wonder if there's someone sabatoging the company to go against the users.
  • I will keep using it, I will just use the IMAP feature. The windows 10 mail app is not good enough yet for me to switch.
  • Microsoft think that they will easily force people to get Windows 10 by such tricks but they are not thinking other way that many users are now shifting towards OsX or Linux because small users need only basic apps like ms office, email app, multimedia player, browser etc and all this are easily available in all OS.
    but Microsoft making it complicated now.
  • It's an old outdated application that doesn't support new standards. And there is zero business sense in investing time, money, and resources into an old application with a small user base. It's not some devious plan, dude. This is common in software development. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Mail (and Calender also) are dummed down and crap so I use the web version anyway. Above posters who say the syncing in the app version is still broken are correct - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Bit like the entire operating system, imho
  • Good Idea...
  • It was a pretty feature-packed desktop mail client, we have a desktop PC in our home that is heavy on using it. I guess this means I have to upgrade that PC to Windows 10. You win, Microsoft.
  • It has become increasingly clear me to me over the last several months that Microsoft can do whatever the hell they want to do that fits their basic bottom line... enterprise and revenue. First they kill off Windows Live Messenger for a lesser app in the "hot mess" that is Skype, they still don't have a decent stand alone messaging app, and now Windows Live Mail 2012...and for what? An email app that doesn't even have the most basic functionality of most email clients, but rather a bare-boned skeleton that barely sniffs email's basic functions? If Microsoft finishes killing off the remainder of the Windows Live Essentials 2012 programs like Movie Maker, and Photo Gallery for example and other programs without full featured alternatives after decades of Microsoft usage I may be forced to look for an OS that actually cares about their consumer users. (And, no the Photos app isn't a decent alternative to Photo Gallery in case you were wondering.) Microsoft does what they want, consumer be damned, indicative of a company that has lost its founding principles. Case in point, Microsoft open sourced the code for Windows Live Writer and resurrected it from Windows Live Essentials 2012. Why not the remainder of WLE programs, it isn't like they weren't popular?  Windows Live Messenger was extremely popular with over 600,000 users when Microsoft killed it off in favor of Skype and we all know Skype is much more efficient and offers more functionality than WLM?  Yeah right!  But Microsoft won't open source any of the other Live Essentials programs, probably as in WLM's case it would compete with Skype and probably lose ground, lol.  But Microsoft would be wise to re-think that, as messenging is becoming the most popular communication platform these days. Microsoft has fallen behind in having a stand alone messaging platform, and it is a shame because they had a perfectly fantastic option in WLM, but when they killed it for Skype they gave no other alternative, so ppl fled elsewhere...majority to FB.  It seems as if Microsoft has conceded the messaging platform to FB.  What OS that prides itself on  enterprise and consumer productivity doesn't have a decent stand alone messaging app these days? That is asinine!   Microsoft, I have a revolutionary idea for you...everyone that uses your OS isn't an enterprise client! Consequently, everyone doesn't need Office 365 either. But if it is your aim to push away the consumer user you are doing a bang up job!!! You are correct, maybe it is getting time to move on, from Windows Live Mail, and from Microsoft period!
  • Accidently found a way to activate Windows Live Mail past the June 30 deadline. Just disconnect your network cable and start Windows Live Mail client, then close Live Mail client reconnect your network cable and restart Live Mail once more. The client will then pull your emails from the Outlook server into your PC as it did before the June 30 deadline.
  • Have used WLM for some years (first 2011 then 2012) and always found it worked fine. When MS started advising about the June 30 change, I did some research and could not find any other free client that suited me. I agree that the Win 10 Mail App is very basic particlurarly when handling mail folders or sub-folders. I changed one of my two hotmail accounts in WLM to use POP and kept using that with no problems. Now after June 30 I checked both my hotmail accounts again to see what may have changed and while my POP account still works, as expected, my first account, which is still configured in WLM to use DeltaSync, also still works with no configuration changes.I am not really sure why after the notice that MS sent out.