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Minecraft Adventure Figure Series 1: Perfect toys for display — and play

Bring the Minecraft adventures to your desk with these cute toys.

J!NX, makers of fine gaming lifestyle apparel, is joining the toy game with its new line of Minecraft Adventure Figures. The first series of six Minecraft figures features both heroes and monsters, and they all look like they stepped straight out of everyone's favorite sandbox game.

Minecraft comes to (still) life

Minecraft Adventure Figure Series 1 from Jinx

The first wave of the Minecraft Adventure Figure series consists of six figures. Each one comes in a window box measuring 4.5 in. x 2.5 in. x 2.5 in. That means you don't have to blind buy in hopes of getting the figure you want, and you don't have to take the toy out of the box to display it.

These three-inch tall Minecraft Adventure Figures are officially licensed by Mojang and designed by J!NX. They're not articulated, which means you can't pose them. However, each of them comes in a dramatic pose that will be instantly familiar to Minecraft players. The poses lend them a real sense of motion and personality.

J!NX plans to follow up with another series of Minecraft Adventure Figures in the future. As long as they keep selecting memorable characters and posing them well, these toys are going to be lots of fun to collect. I'd also like to see a backdrop or diorama for displaying the whole set, though it shouldn't be too hard to make your own.

You can learn more about J!NX at

Adventurous figures

Minecraft Adventure Figure Series 1 from Jinx

Included in Series 1 are the following figures. Each one costs $9.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab), GameStop, Target, and Walmart.

Diamond Steve

Steve is the lovable bearded default protagonist of Minecraft. This figure sports a full four-piece set of diamond armor as well as the coveted diamond sword. He's stepping merrily forward towards his next adventure.

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Enchanted Alex

Minecraft's second default protagonist is poor beardless Alex. We wears a full set of enchanted armor (it's up to you to imagine which enchantments were applied) and wields an enchanted bow in his left hand. From the look of her, Alex senses danger off to the side.

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Minecraft Adventure Figure Series 1 from Jinx


Perhaps Minecraft's most distinctive enemy is the phallic green creeper with its frowning open maw. Creepers chase after players and explode when they catch them. This particular one has two of its four legs lifted as it creeps towards an innocent hero.

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When the sun goes down, skeletons are one of many dangerous monsters that emerge to harrow the citizens of Minecraft. Skeletons wield bows, such as the one this guy carries, pulled back and ready to fire. He stands atop a cheerful Jack-o-lantern, the only Series 1 figure to include such an environmental detail.

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Every Minecraft players has battled these common undead enemies. This particular zombie is on fire, with three translucent orange flames adorning his decaying body. The orange is a bit dark for my tastes. Despite the fire, the zombie shambles ever-forward. Perhaps J!NX will release a flame-free zombie in a future series.

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Minecraft Adventure Figure Series 1 from Jinx

Zombie Pigman

These monsters appear in the Nether, Minecraft's hell-like dark dimension. The Zombie Pigman wields a golden sword, has a molded decaying face (so the skull is recessed beneath the remaining flesh), and a pig's cloven feet.

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Over to you ...

Which Minecraft Adventure figures do you like best? Do you own any other must-have Minecraft toys?

Minecraft Adventure Figure Series 1 toys provided by the manufacturer.

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  • How many different lines of Minecraft figures do we need? Not counting Lego, this is at least the 4th one. I'd rather have a richer single line than see the same basic Steve, Alex, & Creeper over and over again in slightly different sizes and styles... :(
  • It's surely up to the individual licensee whether they produce versions of underrepresented characters or not. This particular line has another series coming, so I'm sure they'll get to at least a few semi-obscure ones.
  • I think these seem like very nice quality.  I think I might start buying some for Christmas, or even rewards for the kids.  They still play Minecraft more than any other game.  I just love that you know what you are getting too - hate the blind boxes haha.
  • I love this Paul i need to purchase one for display especially me being a fan of Minecraft