Minecraft for Xbox will receive new features and a Chinese Mythology pack on October 4th

The Chinese Mythology Mash-Up will allow players to visit a hand-crafted pre-made world based on Chinese mythology. Huge cities, massive mountains and Chinese dragons will all feature in the mashup, adding 41 new skins and 13 musical themes. It'll be available for $4.99.

Additionally, Minecraft on consoles will pick up a free update on October 4th, bringing a few new features.

  • New mobs: You'll now find polar Bears (and their babies!) roaming frozen biomes.
  • New items: Farm beetroots and keep yourself nourished with some healthy beetroot soup.
  • Banners: Make beautiful banners to hang in your bases and spruce the place up.
  • New terrain generation: You'll find Igloos in Arctic biomes, Fossils buried underground, as well as different village paths and materials.
  • New blocks: End Bricks, Beetroot, Grass Path, Frosted Ice, Magma, Nether Wart Block, Red Nether Brick and Bone Block.

Stay tuned to Windows Central for all the latest news emerging from this year's Minecon!

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Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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