Minecraft Dungeons adds 10 new Achievements worth 250 gamerscore Gold in Creeping Winter DLC

Minecraft Dungeons Landscape Rune Room
Minecraft Dungeons Landscape Rune Room (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft Dungeons just released the Creeping Winter DLC, adding new content to the game.
  • Creeping Winter also adds new Achievements to the game, giving Achievement hunters reason to revisit the title.
  • Not only does Creeping Winter get new Achievements, but it backtracks to the Jungle Awakens DLC as well.
  • There are 10 new Achievements worth a combined 250 Gold or gamerscore.

Minecraft Dungeons is having a big day, with the Creeping Winter DLC, which adds loads of new content, rolling out to the masses today. However, the new expansion also adds something that's very important to some players: new Achievements to acquire and add to their growing gamerscore collection.

Creeping Winter adds ten new Achievements, worth a combined 250 gamerscore or Gold, and includes challenges not just for Creeping Winter, but also for the previously released Jungle Awakens DLC. This is great news, as a big point of contention for fans was the lack of Achievements with Jungle Awakens, which exemplified the rather light amount of content on display. Creeping Winter aims to fix both of those, and reward players for their time in the process.

The new Achievements include:

  • Abomination Domination. Complete Overgrown Temple on Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty - 50G.
  • Pandamonium. Complete the Panda Plateau secret mission - 20G.
  • Leader of the Pack. Wear the Ocelot Armour and complete any mission featuring ocelots without killing any of them - 10G.
  • Survival Skills. Complete Dingy Jungle without using a healing potion or losing a life - 20G.
  • Jungle Fungus. Defeat the Mooshroom Monstrosity using only gear unique to the jungle - 30G.
  • Lone Champion. Complete Lone Fortress on Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty - 50G.
  • Lost in the Snow. Complete the Lost Settlement secret mission - 20G.
  • Chill Out. Defeat 5 mobs with a single Ice Wand attack - 10G.
  • Smooth Operator. Slide a total distance of 500 blocks on ice - 10G.
  • Frozen Fists. Complete Frosted Fjord without having a melee or ranged weapon equipped at any time - 30G.

The new Achievements are available to complete the moment you've installed the new update, so be sure to check them out. None of the new Achievements seem particularly difficult to complete, so committed players should be able to knock them out in a few hours or so.

Are you happy new Achievements have been added? Are you planning to go back to Minecraft Dungeons now that these have been added? Let us know in the comments below!

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