Minecraft Dungeons full Xbox One achievements revealed

Minecraft Dungeons Beta Screenshot
Minecraft Dungeons Beta Screenshot (Image credit: Windows Central)

Minecraft Dungeons is an upcoming dungeon crawler for a number of platforms. In the past, we've reported that it takes the dungeon crawler formula built by classics like Diablo and places it in the Minecraft Universe. You can team up with friends to explore, take down creepers, and recover the best loot. There's a lot of replayability because the levels are procedurally generated.

Minecraft Dungeons was recently delayed to May, but that hasn't stopped Microsoft from posting the Xbox Achievements on the servers. You can take a look at them below thanks to TrueAchievements.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Life of the PartyRevive a downed friend 20 times.50
Wooden SwordDefeat 50 mobs.10
Diamond SwordDefeat 2,500 mobs.30
Passive AggressiveDefeat 50 passive mobs.10
Break the SpellDefeat 50 enchanted mobs.30
Scrappy ScoutReach Level 10.10
Apprentice AdventurerReach Level 25.30
Expert ExplorerReach Level 50.100
Fancy That!Find and open your first 'fancy' treasure chest.10
More For MeOpen 100 treasure chests.30
Cha-ching!Collect a total of 1,000 emeralds.30
Oooh! Shiny!Collect a total of 5,000 emeralds.100
Om Nom NomEat 200 food items.10
Happy CamperComplete Squid Coast and set up camp.10
Out of the WoodsComplete Creeper Woods.10
The Plot ThickensComplete Pumpkin Pastures and Soggy Swamp.20
Built On Sand, Set in StoneComplete Redstone Mines and Cacti Canyon.50
High and DryComplete Desert Temple, Fiery Forge and Highblock Halls.80
Saved the OverworldDefeat the Arch-Illager at the Obsidian Pinnacle.100
High TreasonDefeat the Arch-Illager on Apocalypse difficulty.100
Blast RadiusKill any 10 mobs at once with TNT.30
Maxed Out and Geared UpEquip a gear set consisting of fully enchanted items (3 enchantment slots upgraded to level 3).100
Worked like a CharmEnchant an item and upgrade the enchantment to Tier 3.20
A Friend in NeedUse artifacts to summon the Wolf, Llama and Iron Golem allies at least once each.30

Are you excited for Minecraft Dungeons? Let us know. It seems like the achievements are quite easy to get so it won't be too much of a grind, for the majority of them, that is.

Just like every Microsoft Exclusive, Minecraft Dungeons will be part of Xbox Game Pass.

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