The Minecraft Dungeons original soundtrack now on Spotify, 'Jungle Awakens' soundtrack too

Minecraft Dungeons Landscape Creeper Woods
Minecraft Dungeons Landscape Creeper Woods (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft Dungeons, like vanilla Minecraft, has an official soundtrack that provides atmosphere for the game.
  • Fans of the original music can now find it on Spotify, and listen to it at their leisure.
  • The upcoming Jungle Awakens DLC, coming July 1, 2020, also has an original soundtrack.
  • Like the base game's soundtrack, the music for Jungle Awakens is also available on Spotify.

Like Mojang Studios' other big game (you might've heard of it), Minecraft Dungeons has an original soundtrack composed to provide backing for the game's environments, and it sounds pretty great. People have been asking for the soundtrack to come to streaming platforms, so Mojang Studios has answered the call by bringing the official soundtrack to Spotify.

Even better, the soundtrack for the upcoming DLC Jungle Awakens, which doesn't come out until July 1, 2020, is adding to the game's soundtrack with over an hour of new music. All of that is also coming to Spotify in a separate playlist, so you can listen to all of that musical goodness whenever you want to.

If you want the official soundtrack for Minecraft Dungeons, you can find that here. You can find the official soundtrack for the Jungle Awakens DLC here.

I've never been one to sit and listen to official game soundtracks, but games like DOOM, the Halo series, and Minecraft have always stood out as video games with incredible soundtracks and music, and Dungeons continues that trend. Are you going to be listening to the official soundtrack on your own time? Let us know in the comments below!

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