The 'Jungle Awakens' DLC for Minecraft Dungeons drops July 1, 2020, included with Hero Pass

Minecraft Dungeons Dlc Jungle Awakens Leak
Minecraft Dungeons Dlc Jungle Awakens Leak (Image credit: u/zozozrobv2 via Reddit)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft Dungeons is a co-op focused ARPG looter from Mojang Studios.
  • The base game is great, but a little light on content, which DLC promises to fix.
  • The first paid DLC expansion, Jungle Awakens, is coming July 1, 2020.
  • It'll add new enemies, gear, companions, and three new areas to explore.

Minecraft Dungeons has proven to be a fun and exciting expansion to the Minecraft universe, but it was a little lacking in deep content at launch. Mojang Studios has promised at least two DLC packs to add to this, as well as free updates sprinkled in between. The first DLC will be Jungle Awakens, and it's officially coming July 1, 2020, which is less than a week away!

The DLC will add:

  • New gear, including weapons, armor, and artifacts
  • New enemies, including mobs like the Leapleaf and Whisperer
  • Three new areas to explore
  • A new boss known as the Jungle Abomination
  • And more

Releasing at the same time as the Jungle Awakens DLC will be a free update available to everyone which will add some new items, balancing tweaks for the game, and the Lost Temple dungeon, so everyone gets in on the fun just a little. Those who purchased the Hero Edition (or the Hero Pass upgrade for the base game) will get the new DLC for free on day one, so you don't have to do anything else.

If you're interested, you can check out Mojang Studios' announcement post for more details.

I for one am super excited, as the base game has been a little lacking when it comes to long term engagement. I'll be jumping back into the game day one with Jungle Awakens to check out the new additions. What about you?

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