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What you need to know

  • Minecraft Dungeons is an intense co-op focused ARPG from Mojang Studios, the creators of Minecraft.
  • While the game is a lot of fun, it has a lot of bugs and known issues that dampen the experience a little bit.
  • A new patch, the update, should address some stability issues, according to the Mojang Studios Community Manager.
  • General bug fixes and improvements should also be expected in this patch, but no new features or gameplay.

Updated June 9, 2020: A kind Twitter user (thanks, @Emeraled3452!) managed to find the changelog for this patch, giving us more insight into what changed. Changelog below!

  • Improved stability.
  • Fix for an issue that caused the Corrupted Cauldron boss not to spawn in Soggy Swamp during online multiplayer.
  • Fix for an issue that caused an infinite loading screen when accepting an invite while the game was suspended during online play.
  • Fix for an issue that caused crashing when joining local multiplayer.

The Nintendo Switch also got better data collection for crashes, and has the correct name for various languages now. You can find the full changelog here.

Original post follows:

Less than two weeks after launch, Minecraft Dungeons is getting a decently sized patch on Xbox One that should address some of the stability issues the game has been experiencing. Many players have run into some relatively nasty bugs and crashes, so hopefully the new update fixes a lot of them. The news comes from the new Mojang Studios Community Manager, Mega_Spud, on Reddit.

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While we don't have a changelog to fall back on here, it's safe to assume that the Minecraft Dungeons team also took the time to include some general improvements and bug fixes in the patch while they were at it, hopefully making the game a more consistent experience overall. There probably isn't going to be any new features or secrets hidden in the patch, so we won't get our hopes up, but it won't stop us from taking a look anyways.

We'll update this post if we obtain a full changelog for the patch. In the meantime, go ahead and download the update for Minecraft Dungeons and enjoy all of those delicious bug fixes.

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