Is Minecraft Dungeons a part of Xbox Play Anywhere?

Minecraft Dungeons
Minecraft Dungeons (Image credit: Mojang Studios)

Is Minecraft Dungeons a part of Xbox Play Anywhere?

Best answer: No, Minecraft Dungeons does not support Xbox Play Anywhere at launch, meaning you'll need to buy it for both Xbox One and Windows 10. However, Mojang Studios' franchise-expanding dungeon-crawler will also be available day one on Xbox Game Pass, so you can grab it on both platforms if you have the Ultimate subscription. Get the Hero Edition if you want the best the game has to offer, and two future DLC's.Playing the hero: Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition ($30 at Best Buy)Available day one: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate ($45 at Best Buy)

Available now at your local console

Being a multi-platform first-party title from one of Microsoft's best studios, it only makes sense for Minecraft Dungeons to support Xbox Play Anywhere, the program that lets you buy a game once and play it on both Xbox One and Windows 10. As of now, it doesn't look like that's the case, at least during the new game's debut. If you want to play Minecraft Dungeons on both Xbox One and Windows 10, you'll need to buy it for both platforms.

If you want the best possible experience for Minecraft Dungeons, you'll definitely want the Hero Edition ($30 at Best Buy). This special edition of the game features a cosmetic Hero Cape item and two player skins to customize your Dungeons warrior with, as well as a chicken pet that'll follow you around. Even better, the Hero Edition includes two future DLC's for the game, so when they're released you'll get them automatically. You can buy the Hero Edition for both Xbox One and Windows 10 and just reach the price of most "AAA" games, making it a great value.

Minecraft Dungeons will also be available on Xbox Game Pass day one, so you don't have to commit to buying the full game before trying it out. If you have the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription ($45 at Best Buy), you can download the game on both Xbox One and Windows 10 the moment it's out, and play through the full game as much as you want. This won't include the special Hero Edition content, but it adds to the already incredible value offered by Xbox Game Pass, with over 100 awesome games on both platforms.

So many ways to play

The next entry in the Minecraft franchise from Mojang Studios will be available on Xbox One, Windows 10, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch starting May 26, 2020, making the game ridiculously easy to get your hands on. If you prefer playing on any of Microsoft's gaming platforms, the deal is much sweeter, with Minecraft Dungeons appearing on the Xbox Game Pass on both Xbox One and PC, even if it's not an Xbox Play Anywhere title. Those who want the full Dungeons experience can splurge a little bit on the Hero Edition, and get even more content later on down the road.

Updated May 27, 2020: We've updated this article to clarify that Minecraft Dungeons is not supported by the Xbox Play Anywhere program. Our initial review codes granted access to both Xbox One and Windows 10 versions with a single key, leading us to believe the game supported Xbox Play Anywhere. Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to be the case. We regret the error in our reporting, and have asked Microsoft to clarify the situation further.

Update May 30, 2020: We received word from Microsoft that despite having shared achievements, Minecraft Dungeons is not on Xbox Play Anywhere. Microsoft did not offer any reason for this, but it seems odd given that almost every other Xbox Game Studios title is part of Xbox Play Anywhere. In any case, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you the option of nabbing both for a relatively low price, but there is currently no cross-play or cross-save support, which is slated for a future update.

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