Minecraft for PC headed to Japan and Korea as prices increase in some countries

Mojang has announced that prices for the PC version of Minecraft are going up in some countries on May 23 in order to better align them with the U.S. Dollar. In addition, the PC version is also available in Japan and Korea for the first time.

A chart with the pricing changes for Minecraft can be seen below. Mojang says:

If you haven't bought Minecraft yet, it might be worth purchasing in the next week if your pocket money allowance isn't aligned with the United States Dollar. You could end up saving yourself a pretty penny.


It should be noted that these price increases are just for the PC desktop version of Minecraft. They do not apply to the console versions of the game, nor to the Pocket mobile or Windows 10 beta ports of Minecraft.

  • Nice that Brazil has been included. I am happy for them though I don't play games. #Yoruba_Love!
  • Emi Mimo what has Brazil got to do with Yoruba ? Just asking.
  • Descendants of people that were forcefully taken there from Yoruba regions of West Africa? The Yoruba spirituality found in the Brazilian lifestyles? Yoruba cookings that have found their way into the mainstream Brazilian kitchen?
  • Makes sense...but there will still likely be people who think this is a personal attack.
  • Of course. Wouldn't be Windows Central without people complaining about the cost of things from one country to the next.
  • Funny thing is, these changes are being made to reduce the difference in prices internationally.
  • I have never ever seen sale or discounts on minecraft... That's bullshit.
  • I'm at a loss. It's already pretty cheap as-is, why would they discount it even more?
  • Lol. It's a great game, wonderful staff who actually have listened a great deal to players since the early days. The game is cheap af and doesn't make you spend all the money getting DLC. So complaining about it requires some degree of grasping at straws...and sadly, some people have to complain about things.
  • Minecraft is a sales machine--on pace to become the 2nd best-selling game of all time in just a bit. They have no reason to discount it. Pocket Edition is only $7, Windows 10 edition is only $10,  you can get the Xbox version for $15 (physical) to $20 (digital), or the PC version for $27 (which also includes the $10 W10 edition for free). Most big-name games cost $60.