Minecraft Pocket Edition will no longer receive updates for Windows mobile devices

Minecraft Pocket Edition
Minecraft Pocket Edition (Image credit: Windows Central)

Since receiving the tip, we have confirmed with sources familiar with Microsoft's plans that Minecraft Pocket Edition will no longer receive updates for Windows Phone 8.1 or 10 Mobile, but it will still be available in the store.

This will come as a considerable blow for Windows mobile fans of the game, but the amount of users spending time in Minecraft PE for Windows 8.1 and 10 Mobile is reportedly very low, making the development hours needed to keep it up to date is simply no longer economically viable.

At this point, I'd say it's pretty clear that the future of Windows on mobile devices lies with full Windows 10 on ARM, recently announced for future handsets powered by the Snapdragon 835 processor. Microsoft demonstrated World of Tank Blitz running on a Snapdragon 820 with full Windows 10, which implies that the newer 835 would make short work of Minecraft for Windows 10, which already supports touch. I suspect this is where the bulk of Minecraft development will be spent moving forward.

You can still download and play Minecraft Pocket Edition on Windows Phone devices, at least for the time being, using the link below.

Are you a fan of Minecraft Pocket Edition on Windows phones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • What the heck? This is so backwards, Microsoft... We better get MC Windows 10 Edition for Windows 10 Mobile then.
  • Is Minecraft Windows 10 Edition x86/x64 only because it's a UWP wrapper around Win32 code? If so then I suppose it won't come to phones unless higher end models get the x86 emulation later. With third parties I can often understand they may drop an app from Windows, but MS dropping something like this is really surprising. It doesn't worry me as I don't play it but I'm surprised they don't just take the hit on the development time to save a little face. I would have expected by now that Minecraft pocket edition is built from a single code base but I suppose not based on their reasons.
  • Microsoft employee 1: We've a spare nail, where do we put it?
    Microsoft employee 2: We need one last one for Mobile.....
  • Ha..Ha... That cracked me up
  • Im positive it's strictly UWP code, not a desktop wrapper. It was released around the launch of Windows 10, before the idea of porting Win32 apps. Im sure it can run via ARM
  • If they do give Mobile users the PC app once they've got PC Win10 working on mobile, no it wouldn't be a UWP wrapper as the OS would be the PC OS, so running the PC app. However I cant imagine current phones would be able to run it as it would need the new Snapdragon chip, so it would probably only be for the Surface Phone and any phones that are made after that. Unless they find a way to emulate W10 PC apps on other phones, which I cant see being extremely likely. If you're talking about if the current PC app is a wrapper, no it isn't as it took a few months for them to code the app so it was up-to-date with the client. If it was a wrapper. It would have been up-to-date from the beginning.
  • Microsoft likes to orphan the majority of their phone users, repeatedly.
  • I don't understand how that even remotely related to what I said. If you're talking about the Win10 PC OS running on mobile, then you may not understand that if something requires a certain type of hardware, and you phone does not have that hardware, that does not mean the company is orphaning their users. It means people just need to upgrade. Even if its slightly expensive (I myself probably wont be able to upgrade due to the cost. But companies won't sit and wait til majority of users have the money to upgrade.) It's the same for other software. Eventually, software gets advanced enough that old hardware can not cope. Whenever they do get PC OS on mobile. It'll be on their alleged new phone, which probably won't be out for another year, which would mean even the 950(/XL) would have reached 2 years of life
  • Microsoft Windows Edition is not a wrapper around Win32 or Java code.
  • According to Mojang, the Windows 10 edition is fundamentally the same thing as PE. So, having Minecraft PE for Windows Phone is redundant. Removing PE from the store should only affect users of Windows Phone 8 but even then, they may be able to get the Windows 10 edition to run on Windows Phone 8. From Mojang regarding the release of Minecraft Windows 10 edition: "This version IS pocket edition. It's based on PE, it's C++, and we mean to keep it on par forever.
    It is NOT another version of Minecraft!​" https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/3c3e5m/announcing_minecraft_...
  • they have the ios bridge. they could just use the bridge now to give us realms. but they dont want too.
  • So glad I made the jump to Android after my 1520 instead of getting the 950xl. ......so sad
  • I sometimes wish i did the same, it's sad really. We are such a joke. Only my laziness is keeping me here, im heavily invested in Microsoft
  • Me too, that's why I have an iPhone.  They make more apps for iPhone than any other mobile platfom (including UWP).
  • IPhone is for retarded
  • still better than windows phone
  • what a mature thing to say venetasoft - way to go 
  • It's too cliché, too elementary, too lame..
  • I also switch to Android to replace my 1520, still it pains me to read these news :/
  • I for one have enjoyed my 950XL, but now that it's busted and things are going the way they are, I can't justify buying another Windows phone, despite my enthusiasm for the UI.
    It's Android for me now, at least until they release a groundbreaking Surface mobile device...
  • The state of Windows on mobile is such that this comment is currently upvoted when just a year or 2 ago it would've been downvoted to the gates of hell.
  • Ditto, after my 1520 LCD flexed, I got a 650, but wasn't the same. Got me a up, and it's amazing
  • I wish I did the same at this period last year, when I got the 950 ater my 920
  • Hahaha, Jez, should've gone for the pixel rather, not the 950. The phone plus it's ecosystem feels soo useless to me now. I really regret going for the 950.
  • Going for the iPixel would be equally a bad idea. The phone s*cks and is overpriced to no end. The only thing it excels is in copying all that's bad about the iPhone and infesting the Android landscape with its presence there ;)
  • I have a Pixel and I can easily say the phone is nowhere near sucks. Yes, it's overpriced but the only thing I miss after moving from a 950XL is the live tiles. Overall I'm very happy I made the switch so chill with the hyperbole.
  • The Pixel will be much more appealing in a few months when you can get a 128GB version for <$500 on Swappa.
  • My brother got a Pixel and tried to get me to buy it off him within a week. Needless to say it's going back to the carrier.
  • I don't really like the android or ios ecosystem myself but I have no other option at least they got the apps I need and even a better Xbox app and some Live games there. There's some hope there that I lack on Windows Mobile. Been part of the Windows Ecosystem since Windows Mobile 6.5 and never been happy. Time to get a new wife, maybe with time I'd love her.
  • You say you don't like the Android ecosystem. Fair enough. But can you explain what exactly is "the Android ecosystem" to you? Because quite honestly, Android is the only OS that really doesn't have an ecosystem. You have a Google ecosystem but that you can perfectly live without on Android (I know it, I kept all the Microsoft services on Android without a problem). So I'm really curious to know what is it that you don't like about Android?
  • For me just chiming its the live tiles. Absolutely love the instant info. Does android rock anything similar?
  • No, they got widgets but they need to be made by a developer for every specific need.
  • For me Android likewise ios os too stale for me, I get used to and fed up with it soo easily. The notification gets too busy with unnecessary info about apps rather than my work life. They got malwares, most apps are not secured and site wrappers. Fragmentation is still an issue on android in 2017, my gf is still hoping to get Nougout or whatever they call it on her S7edge. I could go on and on and on.....not my type of productive mobile OS but what choice do I have. I prayed for Windows mobile to be better many a times but it still gets worse with no care from Nadella and his big team Microsoft. I'm just waiting for a day and time the hit us with the big news of ending support for Windows 10 mobile and introducing full windows with 835 chips. My Lumia 950 has potential even with continuum I get the wows, ooohh, aaahhh all the marvels at work but with no proper OS to power it, ut feels just useless and can't recommend it.
  • For me Android likewise ios os too stale for me, I get used to and fed up with it soo easily. The notification gets too busy with unnecessary info about apps rather than my work life. They got malwares, most apps are not secured and site wrappers. Fragmentation is still an issue on android in 2017, my gf is still hoping to get Nougout or whatever they call it on her S7edge. I could go on and on and on.....not my type of productive mobile OS but what choice do I have. I prayed for Windows mobile to be better many a times but it still gets worse with no care from Nadella and his big team Microsoft. I'm just waiting for a day and time the hit us with the big news of ending support for Windows 10 mobile and introducing full windows with 835 chips. My Lumia 950 has potential even with continuum I get the wows, ooohh, aaahhh all the marvels at work but with no proper OS to power it, ut feels just useless and can't recommend it.
  • For me, it's the security on android. It's pretty poor IMO. Though that might depend if you get a Samsung device or something else.
  • Samsung has security. Knox is available if required.
  • But...but...but the iPixel is "the best" Android ever! It's "the best" camera (despite the non-fixable sh*tty lenses and the horrible software), the "best version of Android" (despite the endeless bugs and features missing) and etc etc etc. Haven't you been reading Googl...Android Central? ;P
  • man you know that since its like 80% of the world they will stick there and say its awesome with nothing wrong, even if my friends android phones will restart or will crush or will suck really hard only when my WP once in 1 year will get stuck they will say the words "Well what did you expect" XD....
  • Nexus up isn't bad. But honestly from a 950 to a pixel, you probably would have loved it.
  • Oh dear 😞
  • I still don't understand why they didn't make UWP Minecraft available for Windows 10 Mobile.
  • It's probably not a true UWP app I would assume - Unless it comes to W10M soon and proves me wrong I think it's mostly a UWP wrapper around an x86 app so probably can't run on ARM right now
  • I can confirm that it's a full UWP app otherwise it wouldn't run on Windows 10 TH1. So there is no reason for them not to compile it for windows 10 mobile. 
  • Not a good example, Microsoft had some non-full UWP apps on the store in the past (Office apps for example)
  • The original plan I believe was that PE and the Windows 10 Edition were essentially the same thing. Except without PE on the phone it doesn't really matter.
  • Yeah I remember them stating this, and AFAIK players on PE for WP could play with W10 Edition players (still can I suppose)
  • They cannot via xbox live, since PE on WP doesn't have the option to login to xbox
  • PE didn't get the 1.0 update on Windows, but the W10 Edition did. So the cross-play is iOS/android only now... Because different versions can't play together :/
  • The Windows 10 edition is based on PE and it is a UWP. Cross play is supported between iOS, Android and Windows 10. From Mojang on the release of the Windows 10 edition: "This version IS pocket edition. It's based on PE, it's C++, and we mean to keep it on par forever.
    It is NOT another version of Minecraft!" https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/3c3e5m/announcing_minecraft_...
  • You misunderstood me. I wasn't talking about this. Of course, the Windows 10 Edition is included in this. I was talking about the current state of PE on Windows. W10 Edition is currently on 1.something, and PE on Windows didn't receive the Ender Update, so it's an older version of Minecraft than all the others. And if you try to join to a game, which is running on a higher version number, the game wouldn't let you do it, and would tell you to update Minecraft. But there is no new update. This is what I was trying to express.
  • Makes since because why would Microsoft support a competitor to their platform, no wait... In the end, I'm not going to leave Windows mobile, they left me.
  • This!!! This so much!!!
  • Upvoted. Yeah, I agree with you Humhead. Personally, I love the UI so much more than Android or iPhone. The start screen makes all the difference for me. Windows 10 Mobile rocks, except for the apps. I don't play games on it, though. I need the notifications across devices, though. I like being able to do my lists in Wunderlist on my Laptop, and use my phone when I get to the grocery store to mark items off the list as I buy them. I like being able to get a missed call notification on my laptop and send a text as a response from the laptop. I love the Cortana integration between the devices, and I like having the same UI from laptop to tablet to phone, and mostly the same apps across all 3. If I finally have to leave W10M, I'm going to buy a flip phone and carry my tablet with me. I hate Android and iOS that much. 95% of my phone use is texting and phone calls anyway, with 5% checking weather and stuff.
  • "In the end, I'm not going to leave Windows mobile, they left me."   I like that sentence quite a bit and I feel it's spot on.
  • Spot on. Too bad this echo isn't being heard right now. Their too busy listening to music through Airpods...
  • Has it been announced officially or just checked with reliable sources?
  • Apparently it has been announced somewhere, but I can't find where right now. This info is 100% accurate though.
  • Is the 1.0 Ender Update coming to “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” on Windows Phone? Why not?  The 1.0 Ender Update will not be available on Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows Phone 10. Every Minecraft platform has different needs and our priority is to focus on long-awaited features for as many players as possible.     https://feedback.minecraft.net/knowledgebase/articles/888006-minecraft-p...
  • I think it's already there? Maybe.
  • The only game I play on my phone is Godville; I really hope they start to promote more W10M for game development since I have friends that somewhat care about games in their phones.
  • Your friends care about games in their phones or you care about them? I personally don't play games on my phone very often at all because I always feel like they are lacking too much compared to "real" games. I'm looking forward to Nintendo Switch as the first console that offers a true console experience on the go, even if battery life will only be a few hours I'm sure there will be charging solutions for planes etc.
  • I still don't understand why Minecraft isn't an Xbox Anywhere title. It seems like there's the Xbox version, the Windows 10 version, the regular PC version, the iOS and Android versions, and a whole lot of other versions. They should be working to bring at least Xbox and Windows 10 in line as 1 app if not Windows 10 Mobile as well. It would be less code to maintain and allow for cross platform play.
  • It should of really launched as the first Xbox Play Anywhere title right after Play Anywhere launched. In a similar vein the Skype for Business UWP app should have been completed for the HP Elite X3 launch. These seem like obvious links to make but they obviously have their reasons for not doing it.
  • "the amount of users spending time in Minecraft PE for Windows 8.1 and 10 Mobile is reportedly very low"   This isn't hard to imagine considering the users of Windows Phone are fewer by the day.
  • For once your idle trolling actually isn't trolling ;-)
  • Well in all fairness he has been spot on most of the time.
  • Richard knows that ;)
  • Damn it! I have to try again. ;P
  • Of the 57 Windows Phone users still out there, reportedly only 3 of them actually play Minecraft PE. Yeah, I know, I know, I'm only kidding.
  • The percentage is probably quite optimistic, though. I don't think Windows phones cater to gamers all that much...
  • No, it doesn't cater to gamers. It caters more to business professionals and "fans." Always has, always will I believe.
  • Well this comes as a very hard blow. I can't deal with apps leaving the windows store any longer. Microsoft needs to do better all around. I will start looking a Samsung device and pump my money into that company. Plus they seem to have just as many apps as IOS.
  • Cue COIP threatening to sue
  • off course y"# f/#%#¤g a"#¤%#¤s , because you don't update the f/#%#¤g game on Windows phone 10
  • Well! Only thing to hope now, is that Windows 10 for ARM will be applicable to Lumia 950 / Lumia 950 XL.. Of course, it won't! :(
  • Snap 808 and 810 probably aren't making the cut there.
  • Figures.. :\
  • Yeah, from what I understand that's for 835 and up.
  • well, they had it working on the 820.
  • We are hanging for dear life from the Windows Mobile cliff as Microsoft pries us off into the abyss of Android and iOS one finger at a time...
  • Just kill the damn thing and put us few remaining mobile users out if our misery. This death by a thousand cuts needs to end. It sad to see that MS itself will not support us.
  • This is the chimes of doom for Windows Mobile. It's slowly dying. 😲
  • RIP Windows Mobile.
  • Wow really, this should've been a poster child for uwp. Xbox and a Windows store lead platforms. The whole point of uwp, guess this shows that if they couldn't do it for biggest game in the world it's just not worth doing for any one else.
  • Now when I heard that,I want my money back. WhatsApp will be not available in the future and din, all apps will be the same, in conclusion Windows Phone will be dead...
  • Hilarious! Cue another jason ward article about how Microsoft is still committed to mobile..... Don't fret, the surface phone will save all!!! /S And as for the future of mobile being Windows on ARM, that's another pipe dream. No one but Microsoft fanboys even care about having full Windows on a phone, another failure in the making.
  • Not even Microsoft fanboys like myself want full Windows on a phone. However, I would like to have full Windows on a Mobile device that doesn't yet exist. Something that could start out the size of a phone and fold out to a much larger screen that would allow me to have a nice tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I could see where that would come in handy, and it is where the tech is leading us.
  • I always thought that one of those tri-fold handheld devices that they used in Westworld would make for a very interesting device. Folds up to the size of a phone for traveling, and then folds out to the size of a tablet for more indepth work.
  • Actually MS is working on BOTs which will play the game and will report the score to the user at the end of the day.
  • Windows on ARM... I want it on tablet. :(
  • What!?
  • Wow....so Microsoft can't afford to support thier game on their own platform. Why not start showing your platform some attention for once?
  • Wow just wow Microsoft. I'm generally on the optimistic side when fanboying over Microsoft but I'm beginning to understand what people mean when they say they have been bitten by Microsoft too often. I mean who strategises these things. First off, why doesn't Minecraft PE and Minecraft for windows 10 aren't one and the same, share same code base, UWP anyone? I mean what's the point of UWP if your own ecosystem doesn't support it? Other day I got a bit rattled hearing Brad Sams podcast regarding Microsoft's plans for UWP. And I thought we we were uselessly getting edgy. And today this. I mean I get that UWP as a platform is still in development. We still need APIs and OS calls for them to work in the same way as win32 programs as well as iOS and android apps. And it takes time. But why give up on it seemingly because of slow early adoption? It was always going to be a rough ride with apps not a necessity for full PCs and minuscule mobile share. Plus huge win32 programs weren't just gonna become UWP in a day. That was asking too much from developers, initially. But the premise of UWP is too big to back down just now. An ecosystem that can not only work across variety of device types as in form factor but also with variety of silicon architectures is a holy grail of computing. And this is what should be the promise of UWP to old developers and new mobile app developers to professional programs developers. That it works with x86-64, ARM, desktop grade GPUs, mobile GPUs, tethered devices, untethered devices, desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, consoles, tv, any touch screen device, any cortana certified speakers, cloud, servers, cameras, camcorders, car infotainment systems, home cloud, iot devices you name it. With the power of ARM and Cortana, it can run anywhere. That's the promise to developers. And while Windows 10 on ARM is a big piece of puzzle of this strategy. This isn't all. Since Snapdragon 835 or higher based devices aren't gonna be $200 or lower pricepoint cheap (that's my assumption I could be pleasantly surprised). And that means any chip that can't run Windows 10 on ARM (low powered ARM chips) will miss out on anything that isn't UWP. And this price point is where the bulk of the computing ecosystem is. That means Microsoft has to be very aggressive with their Windows on ARM devices. And that they need to aggressively push UWP so that the devices which ain't running full Windows 10 on ARM don't miss out on any of the ecosystem that comes with it (remember they are already missing out on win32 ecosystem). And this is where this Minecraft farce looks bad on Microsoft's part. Why isn't it UWP? Why ain't most of Microsoft's own ecosystem is UWP? Just don't give up on it now Microsoft. Be resilient. And you may succeed with One Universal Windows strategy one day. Give up on UWP or anything that isn't full Windows 10 on ARM and you may fail in your quest yet again.
  • I mean yes it is great that Windows 10 on ARM will be able to deploy win32 through emulation but that isn't the solution. The solution is to support native platform, UWP in this case, which is tailor made for x86-64, ARM, Touch, Scalable UI for different form factors, AR, MR, VR, 3D, AI, Digital Voice Assistants and/or Voice interface (Cortana), Security (Windows Hello), cloud computing, iot in mind. And this should be supported aggressively and resiliently. I don't care about the death of Windows 10 mobile as we know today knowing existing devices won't be compatible with that rumored One Windows Shell and definitely not with full windows 10 on ARM with win32 emulation. But as long as the mobile aspect of that One Windows shell remains same as existing windows 10m shell or could be used to update existing w10m shell and supports low end ARM and last but not the least, UWP keeps to thrive and isn't exclusive to Windows 10 on ARM but supports even low end devices based on ARM that may not support full windows 10 on ARM but may benefit through UWP ecosystem then I will be alright. Otherwise, Microsoft might as well have forfeited the computing war to android and may only remain in high end and or midrange computing market essentially becoming the twin brother of their rivals in cupertino. And even cupertino will have more market share then them if you include iOS devices in overall computing device marketshare.
  • I feel like all the dropped support in apps is leading to something bigger that we don't know about yet. I really feel like they are going to drop Windows 10 Mobile and just do Windows on ARM. Especially with the leaked patent with the foldable phone. Clearly MSFT is going for something bigger than Windows Mobile. I know we are attached to Windows Phone, but it's time MSFT moves forward with a bigger ambition and put all their focus in one Windows.
  • They keep working on W10 Mobile because it will be a special 'mode' for the full W10 on small devices. It's sort of like 'tablet mode' when using W10 on a tablet.
  • But the aren't really working on it. They only added features that HP needed with the Anniversary update. We've had very few insider builds. The builds we have had haven't had any major updates or improvments. There have almost no new features. NONE have been announced. MSFT's Creaters update has only been spoken about reguarding Windows proper and we've gotten some Xbox stuff. The lack of news reguarding mobile is still news. There is a shift in focus on OS, not form factor. MSFT is still committed to mobile, but the OS running on mobile, I think, is going to change over the next 6-12 months.
  • There is no such thing as a separate Windows Mobile 10. It is Windows 10 already and they are dropping mobile part of it (that's like dropping tablet mode from W10 due to low use)
  • Yes, you say that, but WM10 IS a special wrapper on the One Core...that will be dropped.  The new 'Adaptive' interface will replace it...that will be a part of Win10's One Core.  They can, and will drop the Mobile wrapper.  It'll morph into the Adaptive interface sure, but that only works on a Snapdragon 835 or higher.  The current version is a dead man walking...
  • This just shows ms will be rebooting AGAIN to win 10 arm your 950s will be junk. Im sure ill get well i can still make calls with it....so can my zazor flip phone lol, so glad i decided not to buy a 950
  • What's the over-under on success of Windows 10 on ARM? Hate to throw any doubts on a platform not even released yet, but for Heaven's sake, give us mobile users a bone. I'm sitting here with a 950 and Band 2 without a glimpse of what I "should" wait for from MS.
  • I'm in the same boat as you. I even bought special glue to keep my band 2 straps from ripping completely apart. I'm grasping into this tech that I feel is the best out there. I wish they would give us some teasers or something to build some hype. The only hype I get comes from rumors which is not the best place.
  • What kind of glue? I've resorted to carefully placing black electrical tape across the two sides to "hold" them together (pre-tearing, thankfully.) Doesn't look too bad. https://1drv.ms/i/s!AsevQsfgLgt-o491FFSn9QcxpaAQTA
  • Mine actually tore, so I used this brand. It looks ugly but it works. https://m.kmstools.com/bsi-ic-2000-cyanoacrylate-glue-1oz-7452
  • Cover the ugliness with electrical tape and you may be good even longer...
  • you can get coloared electrical tape mines orange did the whole band looks cool. :) isnt tore just prevenative measures.
  • Exactly! Good luck. Here's to hoping our Bands survive until another MS fitness wearable is released. (Cue music to Celine Dion's music from Titanic...)
  • Want mine? I am about 99% ready to move on to something outside the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • I'd say enjoy your 950 and Band 2; I'm sure they'll both serve you fine for at least half a year, maybe even one, considering/assuming you're ok with them now.
    After that, it's going to be exiting to see what'll turn up on the Surface front...
  • It seems like the future of Minecraft on Windows 10 Mobile lay with the Windows 10 Edition, on newer devices...Culling support for older devices though would leave a sour taste in the mouths of those who still use older Windows Phones. Not that I am affected or anything by this change as I am an Android user.
  • "the amount of users spending time in Minecraft PE for Windows 8.1 and 10 Mobile is reportedly very low, making the development hours needed to keep it up to date is simply no longer economically viable"... Who cares? It's YOUR game MS, keep it up to date on YOUR platform... You're really starting to piss me off...
  • Yeah I don't understand it either! And if you check the comments on the store, there are a lot of people buying it currently 🤔
  • You forget...Microsoft has recently killed two fairly big Xbox titles that were exclusive to its platform. And let's face it...people are going to play a game on an Xbox likely in bigger numbers than on a Windows phone.
  • I didn't forget, I just don't care... Those were games in development, that didn't even come out yet. But Minecraft is out for ages now, and doing well. There's a difference between canning something you work on internally, and f*cking over your users... And believe me, if they would announce that Minecraft won't get any future updates on Xbox, I'd be just as pissed as I'm now :D
  • This is what I was afraid of. I was pretty excited for the Ender Update, but it never came. I guess I'll have to wait until full W10 comes to ARM, and new devices come out in order to enjoy the new updates. I actually started to learn to code so I can make games for Windows Phone. I love this OS and I feel it is lacking in the types of games I would like to play.
  • I don't play this but I use runtastic a lot, these are bad signs I guess. After all I think is time to go ... :\
  • FMS
  • Another piece in the big "How to kill belief in Microsoft"-puzzle. A small piece though, but I really need to rethink my next phone soon. And if I get an Android, why should I keep using Windows? And if I don't use Windows anymore, why should I use Azure? Ok, I'm thinking too far..
  • Okay this is beyond bs and I don't even play this game, but Microsoft owns Minecraft and if they won't develop for their own OS why would others be inclined? I just got one of the latest windows phones and I need to get in touch with nadella to see if he is shutting windows mobile down in favor of iPhone......so I can move on if there isn't a future. I mean what the hell with those alleged UWP apps...
  • Waiting for other MS apps to drop WM support (Groove, Weather, OneDrive, Word/Excel, Outlook etc). That will be hilarious to read their excuses.
  • They own Minecraft and killing It in on their own platform...
  • Imagine buying Halo and Gears of War IP and then making them exclusively for Nintendo and Sony consoles. That's not how this works, that's not how any of this works. This story cannot be real.
  • Just wait for few Wsheep to jumpin they will even defend that saying MS is first a software company and how this decision makes business sense
  • Lmao that wouldn't be too hard to believe nowadays
  • Hoping that an SD835 Windows 10 Mobile is released and the Windows 10 PC version adds support for mobile emulation. That folding screen (phone-to-tablet) concept would be nice.
  • Lumia 950 and 950 XL were for the fans. These fans got the honor of helping MS troubleshoot the OS by reporting bugs and feedback over the last year. MS says thanks by not even supporting their own mobile OS with their own apps, citing the same reason that all the other developers have. What they probably don't realize is that moves like this have not only drove off many of their biggest advocates, but it makes UWP even more toxic. WOA will only further that problem, since there will be even less reason to go UWP. The company tried to lead with hardware in Surface, but they aren't doing the same with UWP. The tired 2016 headline was "Windows Mobile is dead." Will 2017's headline be "UWP is dead"?
  • I never bought the PE for windows anyway as I have the windows 10 version (for free as I have the Java version). I always assumed they would drop it and enable the windows 10 version on mobile but it never happenend. I wonder if it will.
  • Apparently the 4 people still using Windows Mobile do not play enough Minecraft PE. I switched to iPhone (6S Plus off of Swappa) but don't play Minecraft there.  If I'm going to play Minecraft, I prefer the full Windows version.
  • There are more than 4 people still using Windows Mobile. There's me, my wife, my mother-in-law, my father-in-law, plus someone I saw in town the other day. That makes 5. I think the one in town is the only one playing Minecraft PE. As far as games go, I don't play games on a phone. I prefer to play on a PC or 12" tablet for games.
  • Makes sense with full Windows 10 phones later this year.
  • Dream on... :-)
  • Omg!!! We are truly at an all time low!!!! Wow!
  • I'd normally say that a game doesn't make or break an OS with its presence or lack thereof, this one however, kinda does, I wish my 950XL could dual boot android, the best phone on android (google pixel) is still horrible and iPhone are just so boring to use.... What are we actually supposed to do, like really, what does Microsoft want its fans to do??
  • The Pixel is certainly not the best phone on Android...!
  • Users "biggest complaint app gap on microsot phones"
    ​microsoft response "hmm not enough users lets not support our own software"
    Users "are you serious?"
    Microsoft "where did all the mobile users go?"
  • Let me ask you all? Will you buy a phone with full windows 10? So is anyone surprised with Full windows 10 on ARM now a reality that Win 10 mobile is going bye bye? Smartphones are dying. Mobile PCs are the future. Makes sense with full Windows 10 phones later this year.
  • Mobile PCs are the present.
  • They could create a UWP app that would work on W10M and full Windows. If Microsoft doesn't believe in UWP, what chance does WOA have?
  • The nail is driven deeper.
  • Either this is more of a sign that Microsoft has some great plans coming soon for their Mobile efforts or that they have completely given up and just won't say it. Grabbing my popcorn.
  • This is why this CEO sucks all sorts of ballz. If you are out, ******* SAY IT ALREADY. If you aren't, ******* SAY IT ALREADY. This loser of a CEO knows most of us a have a lot of money invested in this ecosystem and are just hanging on. To let us just teeter here for his entire term is disrespectful as all hell to loyal customers. I cant stress how much this CEO SUCKS.
  • 1.- ​Pretend Minecraft Pocket Edition will be developped side by side with Windows 10 Edition
    ​2.- Make users buy a phone-specific version instead of a single UWP version
    ​3.- Wait for enough people to buy the beta based on promises
    4.- Kill off the project before reaching 1.0 (current version is 0.16.2)
    ​5.- Keep the money without delivering the completed game. Not a good way to gain back consumers' trust...
  • 6.- ?????
    7.- Profit!
  • there and back again
  • They could at least be waiting for the Surface phone before killing the updates on Windows 10 mobile. They really have no mercy for their fans.
  • It's because they know there pretty much arent any fans left at this point. What do they have to lose? .1% market share?
  • I don't agree. There are still an unknown number of people waiting in the dark (Android or iOS), spying Microsoft, and ready to jump on whatever reliable wagon they could offer. It's that negative kind of publicity, reiterated so often, that will keep those people away from Microsoft, even if they finally come with the best of solution one day.
  • I am intrigued. Now elaborate.
  • I can't. It was the best I could think of 😶
  • This is no. 1 bullshit.
  • LMAO.... WORST TOKEN CEO OVER. Nutella sells us these phones and about six months in starts ditching any type of support he can for it and officially goes full FU just after a year of its initial sales. Gotta love this idiot.
  • My wife once worked for a company that was dying. Walking through that place near the end with 80% of its cubicles empty and the eerie silence gave me such a creepy feeling. Seeing all this stuff about Windows Mobile gives me almost that same feeling again.
  • Man that iPhone SE is lookin better day by day..
  • The OS formally known as Windows CE, POCKET PC, WINDOWS MOBILE, WINDOWS PHONE, WINDOWS MOBILE. Byebye and so long.
  • I told you guys. Getting a WP for Xmas is like getting a lump of coal.
  • Don't know of the future is on ARM processors or something, but first Cortana left the exclusive title on Windows, then apps that doesn't exist on Windows Phone appeared on other platforms, now this with Minecraft. Even I am not a fan of Minecraft games that's unfair for people that pay and play this game. Also its a well known game and if i remember correct Microsoft bought this game a few years ago. They want us out from the remain 1%. Don't know what else to say. Its unfair for all of us. Till we see that Windows on ARM, or that Surface Phone they said that the platform of mobile will still remain till 2020. Seeing Microsoft drop out one of their "kids" like this, it makes me think I should not trust em anymore even on software updates.... Microsoft forgot what is exclusive... Dont know what to say... P.S) Mobile first, cloud first....
  • Yeah, this is a bit gutting, I really enjoy my MineCraft, and when they updated "all mobile versions" to 1.0, I figured they were finally going in the right direction and I might be able to have Realms support on my Lumia 650. I still really enjoy my 650 with the Mozo case, and the current version of MineCraft otherwise has most of the features, but to cut it off on the platform hurts, especially when it's still supported and updated on a device like my Playstation Vita handheld... I can't go Android yet though, I've tried some very good Android Lauchers to create Windows Start Screen/Interface style that get it very close...but still they can only update "notification #'s" on the tiles, not the full tiles I've come to prefer with Windows 10.  
  • Literally ARM is windows phone 7 to windows phone 8 all over again. It'll be a great update but at the cost of all users.
  • Well, after four years I was planning on upgrading to a Lumia 950, but stuff life this (and all the other things) means I'm just deciding which Android device to get. And I don't go happy, or willingly. Thanks Nadella, for forcing my hand. Thanks a lot.  
  • That limited, un-moddable, IAP-ridden "Windows 10 Edition" had no added value to the original game on tablets/ desktops, except for the fact that it should potentially run on phones as well. And apparently that never happened, instead they pull the plug on the even older version without making the successor (actually merely a rebranded version) portable. Impressive.
  • Anyone miss Balmer yet? Even his mistakes had MS above iPhone is some markets and more than one phone a year....i have a 950 just sitting here, along with my 950xl. Wife moved on to the iPhone 7 because well....MS just wasnt courting devs and carriers.
  • There is nothing worse than selling you a device for hard earned money that they decided they weren't really going to support...and stuff like this was known for a while. Eventually Panos is going to become sick of working under this idiot, Nutella, and leave for someone like Apple.
  • Most likely
  • I'm not going to sound all dooms-dayish and such. However, sometimes you invest back in your own platform despite the low numbers. If MS would just lock in a platform and stick to it (instead of all these midcourse corrections) maybe they could then focus on some real marketing tactics to attract people. I never see any real advertising efforts from MS. Last good one I saw was Alcatel's ad for the Idol 4S. Maybe more people would come if the (potential) users had some confidence that MS had their backs.
  • I don't really play games on phone but man. This is shocking. It almoust feels like a hint.
  • It is well beyond hint at this point.
  • I similarly don't game on mobile (although I did purchase Minecraft PE) but this is next level trolling by Microsoft. My Surface Pro 2 is due for replacement, my 950XL contract needs fulfilling, and then I'm seriously thinking about extricating myself from this ecosystem, both services and hardware. MSFT have been consistently terrible at communicating with consumers, and it seems developers and enterprise partners too. What an absolute pile up of a non-strategy, veering from one restart to the next and haemorrhaging users, trust and marketshare along the way. If you bought a Windows phone you knew what you were getting in for, but I couldn't anticipate this level of chutzpah.
  • I'd play it if it was the uwp version and could connect to my world.
  • Minecraft is one of the most popular games. It works across a number of platforms and his own by Microsoft. Given the current state of windows mobile where every week an app is withdrawn or no longer supported by various developers, Microsoft has decided to join the party; kill their own, but embrace it on other platforms. If this is the stands Microsoft is taking, then developers won't stay either, and windows mobile will be officially dead. But wait Microsoft always have a solution, we will be focusing on unifying our platforms and will be bringing full Windows to phone in 2018. But what about customers who stay with the OS, believing that Microsoft had a plan. When will Microsoft learn they can't be rebooting and bringing major about turns and expect persons just to grab every piece of crap they throw at you. Every darn time, they come and keep ******* off users more and more. Ok, windows 8.1 mobile is the way to go,  Windows 10 mobile that is quite recent is the way to go, no full Windows on your phone is the way to go, this is the way to go?????????????? *******#####$$$$or whatever they come up with after full Windows 10 on the phone. Next thing if they go that route with full Windows 10, the hardware that is needed to power this beast will be so expensive, my guess they will price themselves further out of the market
  • This kind of flies in the face of Microsoft claiming how easy it is to port iOS apps to Windows 10, no?  Why not just port the iOS version if it is such a simple task.
  • Please Mr. Nadella, discontinue yourself! 😞
    The reason? Low Windows Phone usage😭
  • I don't understand how some people are fine with using Windows phones nowadays. The only smartphones I've ever owned have been Lumias and I loved them, but I'm no longer optimistic for the platform. I've owned Lumia 1520, 635 (as a backup when my 1520 fell out of my pocket and broke), and my current phone: the Lumia 950 XL. There are tons of apps that people NEED for work and/or school and they simply aren't available. I know this is just a game but it is a game that Microsoft owns and yet they still don't consider it worth updating for the platform. This is probably a fairly simple game to keep updated as well because it has most (if not all) of the same code base as the Windows 10 Edition on the desktop Store. I really want Microsoft to succeed with phones but I don't see how it's possible. A Surface Phone running full Windows 10 will be nice when it likely comes out but it won't solve the app gap problem for phones. A Surface Phone would only be good as a desktop replacement in a small form factor with calling and texting as extra features. I fear there is no other option for me but to switch to Android. 😭
  • What the hell ?? I bought this game for no updates... Pls refund
  • Yep!  Sure sounds like a company that wants to keep Mobile alive.   Lets face it folks, Microsoft does not care about apps on its own devices why should any other developers?  No apps means no Windows Phone.  There is literally no reason to keep your windows phone anymore.  The company has pretty much given up.  And even if they have not, they sure are not going through the motion of a company that cares.
  • In a strange way, this may be good news. Minecraft runs on Windows 10 on your home computer. If they have designed a new 'mobile device' running Windows 10 that can run the x86 version of Minecraft, there would be little incentive to support the Mobile version. It seems like Microsoft is just getting more focused on where to put their resources and that is a good thing for everyone.
  • Yes, but this game was not free, I want a refund since I no longer use my Windows Phone (my phone was stolen) and now I'm on Android.
  • No wonder more and more people switching their Windows phone to Android or iOS.......
  • I purchased this game when I had my Lumia 625 2 years ago, and for my bad luck, this game is not available on Windows 10 desktop, glad Microsoft is finally axing this game, but now I want a refund please.  
  • It is probably worth noting that the Windows 10 and PE version is fundamentally the same thing. They are probably getting ready to extend the Windows 10 edition to include Windows 10 Mobile. Or, you could just FREAK OUT and assume the worst. From Mojang_tommo on Reddit regarding the Mincraft Windows 10 Edition: OK, since the confusion is already waaay too much:
    This version IS pocket edition. It's based on PE, it's C++, and we mean to keep it on par forever.
    It is NOT another version of Minecraft!
    Also, we're aiming for feature parity! We won't have mods for now, but the important thing is that you know it :)
    Also, both PE and Win10 support all controllers :) Xbox Live is not required. It's compatible, but the 7 people limit is only there because it's PE! It's just that there isn't a dedicated server right now. https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/3c3e5m/announcing_minecraft_...    
  • Microsoft should buy Mojang so things like this don't happen. Wait... Awww dang.
  • They are really simply PATHETIC.....
  • Ehhhhh whatever. We already know MS is going to be pushing full windows 10 on ARM and the UWP version of the game will be there I'm sure. This really won't affect anyone, and the few it does need to move on anyways. A windows phone isn't worth it until MS sorts out the Windows on ARM stuff or a proper surface phone.
  • Well as soon as i finish paying my Lumia Brick XL im definitely moving to iPhone...The most stupid thing its that i have said that i never would have an iPhone but thank you MS, you achieved successfully in taking away a 100% percent loyal fan with a lot of faith in the platform 😒👎😡
  • Makes sense.
  • Kek! Poor WM users. End the suffering and get something else.
  • Are you ******* joking me? I literally bought the thing 2 weeks ago! I hope they do reimbursements because there's no way I'm paying for a dead mobile game
  • No one is to blame for you being that stupid to pay 10$ for a game on a dead platform.
  • All this great mobile news from the last week surely needs a Jason Ward editorial to tell you why everything is gonna be awesome real soon!
  • :) 
  • So full windows on arm actually isn't windows 10 mobile anymore or what?
  • :)))) FFS this is the best joke ever! The best page in history: "How pathetic can a company be?" :)) and page number 2: How naive people can be to still believe in it and buy it's products :)))
  • Just in case nothing else was, this really is Microsoft announcing to the world "We don't have users, stop making apps for us" ​Surface Phone... it's going to have to do a lot of things right, because it's going to have to stand on it's own feet without any apps.
  • OMG, I want my money back, I bought it and i was unable to play it, because there is still missing Import map button (same version on desktop have it). I'm waiting only for that button to I can play it. I'm starting to hate Microsoft after I bought my Lumia 950 XL. It's alll only about problems, bugs and support endings. It will go to ebay. No more mobile Windows.
  • I guess I will start looking for a new phone. I guess there is no app to export my contacts and calendar to android.
  • I am seriusly considering switching back to 920 and calling it a day. 
  • no realm on my phone. why did i buy a windows phone?
  • Microsoft won't update MC:PE for Microsoft Windows Phone! Good job! #MovedToAndroid
  • Thanks Satya Nadelia for kill windows mobile , will move to android soon , was nice the dream during the time of promises of official apps and improvements on it thing that never was fullfiled
  • I must assume smart people are making the decisions, but it is hard. I always justify to people Windows 10 Mobile is the best phone OS, it doesn't have a lot of apps but has the major, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram apparently at parity. LinkedIn is abyssmal as is Kindle, but the hardware is awesome at the price. However, how long are third parties going to continue if Microsoft doesn't? I understand that the platform doesn't move the overall compnay revenue needle like the Cloud focus, but has goodwill got no value now?