Minecraft: Story Mode coming to Wii U, first Minecraft game on Nintendo console

It's hard to believe, but while the Minecraft franchise has been released for a ton of different game consoles and operating systems, the series has never been released on a platform made by Nintendo. That will change with the recently announced Minecraft: Story Mode. A new preview of the upcoming episodic game reveals it will be coming out on the Nintendo Wii U.

Minecraft: Story Mode, which is being developed by Telltale Games in collaboration with Mojang, was first announced in December 2014, just a few weeks after Microsoft officially acquired Mojang and the Minecraft franchise for $2.5 billion. Minecraft: Story Mode will offer fans of the sandbox game series a narrative adventure to play for the first time.

According to The Verge:

"Story Mode will put players in the role of Jesse, an in-universe character voiced by Patton Oswalt, who along with his friends idolizes the Order of the Stone, a group that famously defeated the powerful Ender Dragon boss. For reasons that we don't yet know, Jesse and his crew are forced to find the Order in order to stop a catastrophe from destroying the video game universe. The characters are all designed to represent different kinds of players — some like to build things, other like to explore — and Telltale says that the tone of the story will be reminiscent of '80s films like The Goonies and Ghostbusters, which blend action and comedy in a family-friendly way."

In addition to the Wii U, Minecraft: Story Mode will be released for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android platforms. The first episode is scheduled to be released sometime later in 2015.

Source: The Verge

  • Good. Surprised it hadn't come to Nintendo consoles earlier. Perfect fit.
  • Not too surprising. Notch was kind of an asshole and hated Nintendo for no good reason... Now that he is out of the picture, things like this are possible.
  • I'll glad someone said this. He absolutely was a Nintendo hating prick. I don't care which console you like best, the games industry would be a far poorer place without Nintendo.
  • Ios and android. What about windowssssa
  • What?
  • PC....
  • That might be rolled in with PC now that phone and PC share code
  • This is pretty big. It's be similar to Nintendo releasing a Mario game on the PS4 and Xbox. I think this is the first time an active console manufacturer has developed a game for all of the competing consoles on the market at the time.
  • Call of duty?
  • What does cod have to do with anything on here?
  •  @that guy 69    A game that was usually on just PS and XBOX that came to a Nintendo console....duh
  • Microsoft isn't developing this game, Telltale is.  This is part of a deal Mojang and Telltale Games made before Microsoft acquired the former.
  • Yeah but Microsoft didn't stop after they purchased. Posted via Lumia 520 XL
  • "In addition to the Wii U, Minecraft: Story Mode will be released for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android platforms. The first episode is scheduled to be released sometime later in 2015."   Where are we? Why not make it a Windows 10 app and we play everywhere?
  • What part of "PC" did you miss? Given that everything Microsoft has been releasing has been universal apps, I think the only change the blogs need to make is stop calling it PC and start calling it Windows.
  • I see the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the PC mentioned. Do you see "Windows Phone/Mobile" mentioned? Neither do I.
  • So you think Microsoft is going to release a game for the PC in late 2015 that will only be available via Steam and not in the Windows store where Universal apps are standard while developing an entirely Xbox-Only game rather than building a universal app to hit the Xbox and Windows at the same time? Okay...
  • You never know. Only Microsoft knows what it has planned out. I wouldn't be surprised by either way this game goes.
  • Then why even bother with the inital comment? You just admitted it could go either way, so why make a big deal out of it till you know for sure?
  • Because it's pretty clear that it has been unambiguously announced for every major platform except for Windows 10--particularly Mobile. Even if it does come out on Windows 10 / Windows 10 Mobile, the fact that Microsoft hasn't announced it as such is asinine.
  • Is it? Or is it that they are working on just calling it a single platform? Can't know until things are released. What seems to be more asinine is passing judgement until you know all the details for sure. Hell for all we know, this could be outside of WP capabilities, or could have been mostly developed before the Microsoft aqusition and it was too late to reprogram. You just plain don't know until you are told.
  • A single platform would be win 10 devices, not pc. He wasn't jumping to any conclusions. He was going by the statement, otherwise what's the point of companies putting out statements? Your making a lot more assumptions than anyone else.
  • You're* The only thing I am assuming is that no one knows what they are doing until they release it and officially say what platforms it isn't on. I didn't say calling it one platform is absolutely what they are doing, I offered multiple other posibilities that point out it doens't have to be all doom and gloom because there is no way of knowing until you are told. Nothing states that it is not coming out on Windows Phone, so you cannot say with 100% confidence that it won't happen.
  • Doesn't* I never made a big deal out of this, and no one knows many things for sure. Half the things we read are rumors, speculations and assumptions. I'm just giving myself the benefit of the doubt and waiting to see what happens.
  • That we don't know all the details is asinine. That's the point. There are two options here and both are unacceptable: 1. This game is coming to every single platform except Windows 10 / Windows 10 Mobile = unacceptable 2. This game is coming to Windows 10 / Windows 10 Mobile but they have yet to advertise that fact and are instead promoting all of Windows' competing platforms, like iOS and Android, instead = unacceptable Either way, Microsoft is wrong.
  • @Axmantim - didn't look like he did make a big deal out of it. He just questioned why it wasn't a uwp app, as everything else was said but w10m wasn't mentioned at all. Even if it is in windows store it doesn't make it a uwp app. And no pc doesn't cover phones, same way it doesn't cover xbox one.
    Pc = pc, tablets, 2 in 1's.
  • The game is made by Telltale Games, not Microsoft or Mojang. Chances are Telltale wants to release it to PC's through Steam, rather than through the Windows Store.
  • Microsoft owns the IP, they get to decide what is doen and how it's released.
  • The deal was probably well underway before Microsoft finalized the purchase of Mojang, so they might not have a choice.
  • They get paid for the use of the IP. But this is business, and you don't strong arm your way into getting what you want. Besides, the deal was almost certainly from before Microsoft purchased the company (in fact I'm pretty sure this game was first teased over a year ago).
  • What about Windows platform first?  :) Well, we know why.  This project was probably way into the pipeline for Nintendo ahead of the Microsoft acquistion.  Additionally, it is another market Microsoft can reach into in order to increase visibility of their ecosystem; perhaps by micro-transactions, or something.  How much visibility they exert with this acquisition, who knows? I guess we'll find out.  Personally, I think Nintendo should get out of the console business and just make games.  Maybe hang onto the hand-helds, but only maybe; with the arrival of phone/mobile gaming I'm not sure as it seems like they will need to undergo some sort of transformation to compete successfully.  I would hate to see them go the way of the WalkMan and DiscMans.
  • This doesn't say anything about any platform getting it "first". So I'm confused. I haven't read that anywhere.
  • It is a little confusing when reading the title fast ;)
  • What's a Wii?
  • the most popular/best seller home console of the recent history.
    but the article is about the Wii U, not the Wii.
  • Windows Phone? I don't understand?
  • You're the in-universe character voiced by Patton Oswalt? o.O O.o
    Jk ;)
  • Lol
  • Could be universal and run on all platforms.
  • nice I hope nintendo push SuperMario to XBOX :)
  • There goes the only competitive advantage Nintendo ever had
  • Can the Wii U even handle Minecraft? This game is resource intensive...
  • Have you seen the upcoming Xenoblade Chronicles X? Or some other recent games? -.-' Yes, WiiU may be not as powerful as One or PS4, but it can do a lot. Really.
  • Ps 3 Xbox 360 and mobile devices can so considering the Wii u is stronger then those then theirs no reason or can't
  • Who said that Minecraft was coming to the Wii U.... this is a Telltale game not Minecraft.
  • The Wii U is fantastic, it amazes me how people love to just shit on it when they've clearly never touched it, or maybe it's not good enough because while it operates in 1080p it isn't 60fps. Assassins Creed Black Flag and Arkham Origins are my current playthrus, and they both run fluid smooth, so yeah, I'm fairly certain it can handle Minecraft.
  • I agree 100%, I love my WiiU. And yes, I also am an MS fan, it doesn't have to be one or the other. In fact, my dream is moving to Redmond and working part time at MS and part time at NoA (never gonna happen, I know).
  • Hopefully Nintendo repays this back when they released games on the phone. One could only pray to get achievements in Pokémon shuffle.
  • You're welcome, Nintendo fans.
  • What about windows PHONE?
  • It will probably come to windows phone as microsoft own mojang! But the reason I bought a ps3 instead of a wii u was because wii u had no Minecraft!
  • Patton Oswalt? I'm in. And I don't even like Minecraft.
  • Awesome. Might buy it if it gets some good reviews. Don't even like Minecraft, but I don't have many Wii U games.
  • I simply do not understand why it has taken so long to have an MC game on a Nintendo console. Nintendo consoles are the most kid friendly devices out there (IMO). It not only seems like a great way for conpanies to make money, but to push their product out in the hands of more consumers. I would imagine that something relatively simple like the Pocket Edition would run well on the Wii U or even the 3DS. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Always good to see Minecraft on more platforms,in some form. ;)
  • I'd like it if Nintendo released pokemon shuffle for wp, it's already in ios and android so...
  • Japan exclusive, atm
    And there's an high possibility that the game remains a japanese exclusive...
    And there WP marketshare is at about 0.5%
  • Its really the first Telltale game released on Wii U. Its just very inaccurate game to call it a Minecraft game.
  • Not exactly...
    Telltale has already released his CSI Series (i think there are 4/5 games) for WiiU's predecessor, Nintendo Wii So the title is correct, first Minecraft game for a Nintendo console
  • What about windows phone?
  • So they are getting Story Mode, but not the actual Minecraft? Poor Nintendo...
  • Hi when is this be released? And is this a Nintendo wii u game pad?