Hands-on with the Minecraft Xbox One S Limited Edition Bundle

Xbox One X preorders recently went live as a part of Microsoft's Gamescom 2017 live show, letting eager buyers secure a limited edition Project Scorpio console prior to its November 7 launch. And while the focus lays mostly on the upcoming 4K flagship this fall, those buying the lower-tier Xbox One S still have something special in the months to come.

An Xbox One S for Minecraft lovers

The Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle is one of the most creative consoles in the platform's history, offering some unique tweaks to styling only seen on this unit. Designed straight out of Minecraft's blocky world, this variant is a stylish option for those investing in the Xbox One S – especially for fans of the Minecraft franchise. After its unveiling, we got the opportunity to take a look at the console and what it offers for its $399 price tag.

The main draw of the limited-edition Minecraft Xbox One S is its overarching design, which is heavily inspired by the voxel textures seen in-game. The upper half of the console is colored in various shades of green and brown, and when standing vertically it is designed to look like the grass block from Minecraft. The second half of the console, which is often black across standard units, is shaded in gray, in the style of game's stone block. This design manages to offer a clean and sleek look, while still providing an iconic design any Minecraft player will recognize.

When stood vertically, you also get a look at a somewhat hidden aspect of this console's design – a translucent base lined with "redstone." Inspired by the in-game material, redstone trails across the underside, with some form of layering between the frosted plastic base. The Redstone also appears to be designed using some type of foil, allowing it to glimmer under certain lighting conditions. We've also been told parts of the console – especially the redstone – hold some secrets for fans, although it's currently unclear what exactly this means.

More than just a Minecraft Xbox console ...

As a part of the bundle, you also get an Xbox One controller, designed with its own unique Minecraft theme. Inspired by the game's iconic "Creeper," the front-facing plate is styled with green and black squares in the shape of the mob's face and a TNT image on the rear battery door. The thumbsticks, directional pad, and buttons have also been given a makeover, even with a unique font on button faces, inspired by the game's user interface (UI). There is no rubberized grip on this controller, however, it has minor grip texture and Bluetooth connectivity, like other Xbox One S controllers.

Inside the box, you get a range of additional bonuses not included with a standard Xbox One S console. A black stand is included to prop the device up vertically, due to the asymmetrical design of its body. The console also comes with an amped up 1TB internal hard drive and digital codes for both Minecraft and the Redstone expansion pack. One month of Xbox Game Pass is included, too, providing access to Microsoft's Netflix-style subscription service for digital Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles.

If you're still eager to pick up even more Minecraft merchandise, a second limited-edition Minecraft Xbox One controller is on the horizon, stylized to look like the game's blocky pigs. This controller comes with a similar low-pixel design, to look like your porky friends seen in-game. It even has a tail on the battery door! Although not available as a part of the Minecraft console bundle, both the Pig and Creeper controller can be purchased separately for $74.99 each.

The Minecraft limited edition Xbox One S console bundle, and both standalone controllers, are all currently slated to launch on October 3, 2017, in select territories. The console bundle is currently set to cost $399.99 at launch. What do you think of the Minecraft Xbox One S console? Let us know if you plan to pick up any in the comments section.

Matt Brown

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