Miniclip's Hot Rod Racers speeds onto Nokia Windows Phones

It's time to hop into the hot seat and fire up the engines as Hot Rod Racers from Miniclip speeds onto Windows Phone. The highly popular game has only been available on iOS and Android for a week and already Miniclip has released the Windows Phone counterpart (for Nokia Lumia hardware that is). This is a positive sign of things to come. If you're ready to commence drag racing, shift past the break for more details and store links.

The goal of Hot Rod Races is for players to win intense battles against other drivers. You're tasked with outrunning your opponent in a drag race, which will be decided on numerous factors. It's possible to crash into the competing car next to you, as well as perfecting your gear shifting to get the most out of your engine. Multiple game modes are on offer, each offering unique challenges to overcome. 

Hot Rod Racers

Said challenges include dodging traffic cones, jumping off ramps, racing against the clock and more. Coins can be earned through play that can then be spent on upgrading your cars to form the best racing arsenal possible. It wouldn't be much fun if you were unable to customise your vehicle, which is why Miniclip has bundled a variety of paint jobs and decals for you to choose from.

Hot Rod Racers

The game itself looks great on Windows Phones with the world set in a 3D urban landscape. There are 13 different episodes to race through with numerous characters to encounter, each adding to the overall experience. Hot Rod Racers will surely absorb hours of your time as you perfect your technique, beat opponents, upgrade your cars and be the best.

Hot Rod Racers

Since the game is free to download there are in-app purchases available. You can purchase both crowns and coins. Pricing is as expected from freemium games, so be careful unless you wish to be landed with a £43.99 coin package landing on your credit card. Hot Rod Racers is a fun little game to get involved with, though there's no Xbox Live support but we're sure this wont put off fans of racing titles.

Here's a quick look at the PC version of Hot Rod Racers (the Windows Phone game is identical):

You can grab Hot Rod Racers from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store for free (Windows Phone 8 required - 30MB - works on 512MB hardware).

via: Plaffo

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • I'm a huge fan of Miniclip. Will pretty much try any of their titles.
  • They're great and they always seem to support Windows Phone. Go Miniclip!
  • Ditto on that one, I was a bit disappointed in Gravity Guy 2 though, I was hoping for just more of Gravity Guy and got a heap of stuff I wasn't interested in thrown in. Definitely going to jump on this one though, it's something different.
  • So cool
  • Cool, will try
  • Love mini clip. Love seeing them on windows phone too.
  • How long will it be exclusive to Lumias?
  • A matter of months.
  • One week delay is not too shabby, WP coming into it's own, I think SN is going to do great things with Nokia's devices and services division.
  • Sn?
  • New Microsoft CEO. Satya Nadella.
  • Thank you Rich. :) People will have to get used to his initials.
  • Hello Rich, we want Miniclip's 8 ball Pool, the ultimate online Pool game. Its available in ios and android but not in WP. Really having a hard time to digest that. Please do something to get it on WP as soon as possible.
  • What makes you think that Satya Nadella will put any thought or effort into Windows Phone? Maybe he will decide that it's a venture not worth investing in and see it as flogging a dead horse. After almost 18 months of Windows Phone 8 and Nokia producing some really excellent devices, the general public are still nowhere near as interested in the WP8 ecosystem as they could have been. To me this is a crying shame because I happen to love Windows Phone and find it frustrating that people still go for Android or Apple devices.
    It is then unfortunate that Windows Phone won't ever be in the lead, or even a close second. It will just be seen as something trying to compete. As long as Windows Phone exists I will stay with the platform but judging by what the rest of the world prefer I'm in a minority so I can't see WP lasting for much longer.
    Microsoft are notoriously bad at advertising and promoting their products and now that they practically own Nokia's devices will they be able to promote Windows Phone with any degree of success?
  • I am not Satya, but to me mobile and cloud screams windows phone, rt, surface, onedrive, azure, office 365. He is right, that is the future, WP is picking up nicely outside the US.
  • They cant just ditch it, you know. They did promise windows phone 8 users some support. Besides, dumping wo will lead to a lot many consumers losing trust in the company, and will so turn a loss. WP may not be a major cash cow for Microsoft, but it isn't losing them much money either.
  • Losses more than offset by Android royalties, yeah what appbrain said, Microsoft is in this for the long haul
  • Unrelated, but is soundcloud just blocked 3rd party apps? I used audiocloud today and I can't play anything
  • Mine works. Artists can block 3rd party apps from playing their music if they so please.
  • Kinda of a bummer thats its only for Nokia's, why not all windows phones...
  • May be coz Nokia help them build/recode it
  • Satya, - please bring the normal games to the WP (but not like a looser-Ballmer)
  • Perfect candidate for Xbox achievements, missed opportunity.
  • But a week turn-around from iOS and Android? I think it's a good trade-off. :)
  • I don't. I'd rather have a better version than iOS and Android. Not a one-week-delayed sloppy seconds. Xbox achievements would've made this the definititive version. #SaveXboxWP
  • Yet another company that drops Xbox-Live titles. So, no, thanks. I'll skip it.
  • You will skip all games so...
  • lol
  • If they're not Xbox-Live, yes, I will.
  • Lol
  • Just so you know, none of your iPhone games will be Xbox Live enabled.
  • I wasn't aware I had an iPhone or would have one. Are you offering me one? If so, thanks. I'll make pretty money out of it by reselling it.
  • Thanks for pointing that out.  So what you're telling everyone is that since XBL practically is non-existent on WP, everyone who cares about great games on their smartphones would be better off with iOS or Android since those have larger libraries of games, are typically available before WP versions, and there won't be any Xbox Live extras/options to miss out on?  Is that what you're saying?
  • Same here; no Xbox Live support = no buy.
  • Ditto: No Xbox, No Interest. #SaveXboxWP. It's too bad MiniClip is turning their back to all their fans that bought their previous Xbox titles on WP.
  • You're turning your back on WP8 and MS by sticking to this.
  • I vehemently disagree. I think that Xbox on Windows Phone is crucial for both Windows Phone's and Xbox's growth. Letting Xbox on WP die will severely hinder the growth of both platforms. We discuss this here:
  • As disappointed as I am about the sad stated of Xbox on Windows Phone (and Windows 8 for that matter), the sadder truth is boycotting isn't going to help.     All those developers are going to conclude that the population of WP users are too small and will stop making games for WP altogether.  Its a lose-lose situation for everyone.
  • EXACTLY. ^^
  • Coip thinks he's making a positive difference but really its encouraging others to give MS reason to give up all together. Don't get me wrong, I bought windows phone for a fresh faced OS and Xbox integration. Now the later is slowing down, I'm not ready to try kill it completely. Some people are too narrow minded to see the real consequences of their actions.
  • EXACTLY! (again) ^^
  • You need to finish your thoughts. You make claims but then don't fully expound on them: "Coip thinks he's making a positive difference but really its encouraging others to give MS reason to give up all together." What is 'its'? Encouraging others to do what? And whatever that it is that is being encouraged to be done, how exactly is it giving Microsoft reason to give up all together--and give up on what, exactly?
  • Your so annoying..
  • *You're
  • Case closed.
  • Not yet. Properly explicate your bogus claims above so that they can be rebutted. Then the case will be closed.
  • Wow..dude you need to get yourself laid..
  • I don't see what that has to do with your poor grammar skills and Warren G's poor debating skills.
  • Still waiting for Real Racing 3 :(
  • Same. Why can't we have more true racing games, rather than these repetitive drag racers and vehicle-based endless runners? =/
  • Because EA is the worst company.
  • So I guess it's official. Miniclip and Gameloft are no longer interested in Xbox LIVE. Thank you Microsoft for making it hard for developers. Stupid Xbox certification process...
  • And Rovio has also dropped it.
  • Be sure to tell Miniclip and Gameloft and Microsoft your feelings:
  • Another release that Miniclip doesn't make available here in Brazil...
  • No XBox Live support = no download from me
  • Keep this up and soon games will be hard to reach on WP8 and then XBL will see even fewer releases then it does now.
  • Not really following your logic here. The only way to get Xbox games back on WP is to tell companies (via Twitter, #SaveXboxWP) that it is a necessary feature for a significant number of gamers and that omitting it will result in fewer sales and downloads. Microsoft also needs to be cajoled into streamlining the counterproductive certification process.
  • If you don't understand my logic then you're the wrong guy/girl to lead the cause of what you're trying to do.
  • You didn't delineate it yet so it's not possible to follow it. Properly delineate it and I'll shred it to pieces.
  • Warren Dance took the words out of my mouth. (Read his comment above) Your approach is all wrong. We want XBL as much as the next guy but you take it to another level with this "NO XBOX, NO BUY" even when its free of charge.
  • Warren Dance's nonsensical post above is just as vague as yours was earlier. If you're going to make causal arguments you have to draw out the entire causal path. As it is right now, both of you did the equivalent of pressing the button on Jeopardy and then shooting off confetti without giving an answer. If you actually delineate your causal argument like you should, I promise you I can undermine it.
  • FEEDING THE TROLL ;) btw its not an argument hahaha OVER AND OUT! HIT THE LIGHTS!
  • No one is obligated to buy or download any game that lacks features they are interested in. Maybe for you XBL integration is an extra feature, but for others it is the main course. No one is telling you not to download a game you're interested in. They are simply relating that they are not interested in games that don't have XBL, and that's a perfectly valid position to take: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You're operating under the mistaken assumption that these gamers want this game but are boycotting it because it doesn't have a side feature they like. That's not the case. They are interested in games with XBL. If a game lacks that, then they aren't interested in it. And anyone telling them they're wrong about what they like is patronizingly imposing their own beauty standards onto other people and then judging them based on those externally applied, subjective standards.
  • I'm honestly don't bite my head off. Why does this matter? I don't get it?
  • People love imaginary points.
  • Yes I like to be able to "achieve" when not at home - I am not actually interested in playing the game - i don't get enough time!!
  • Call me an achievement whore because that is exactly what I am!!
  • You slut
  • Lol
  • Me too ;) but I don't whine about not having XBL support for a game that probably wasn't going to get it in the first place. Every game that comes out they expect to have XBL support.
  • MiniClip, until recently, was a supporter of Xbox Live on Windows Phone, so people are justified in complaining about their change of heart.
  • Actually there is a rewards function for Xbox so they do matter to some people
  • For me, xbl was somewhat a seal of approval early on in WP. But now there are a lot of quality games without it. Never hurts to keep Xbox branding front and center on I feel like that is diminishing. And if it means delaying certain titles longer, that's not good.
  • This thread explains the benefits of Xbox Live integration:
  • You're just ranting and in my book you're starting to become a troll.
  • Well, you should take that book back and exchange it for a more accurate one. I'm trying to save Xbox gaming on Windows Phone because it's hugely important to many people. Many people literally switched over to Windows Phone solely for Xbox gaming and they're rightfully frustrated. And what are you doing, exactly? Condescendingly calling other people trolls for liking something that you don't like? Classy.
  • You may have started out as good but you've strayed from the path.
  • Thanks Jago, but perhaps you should save your philosophizing for taking down Ultra Tech.
  • Doesn't work. The screen flimmers at start and track or city select option if you go back start button stops flimmering but still doesn't work at all.
  • New Captain America game for Windows 8, by Gameloft!   (sorry, Windows 8, not WP8 :D )
  • I don't see where they say its coming to WP8
  • Its there at the end of the video where it says coming soon, you see apple, play store and windows phone
  • Ahh, thanks. They left that out of the description..
  • Imangi stupid ass learn from miniclip how to make games compatible and smooth.
  • It made my Lumia 620 restart :(
  • I can download because my internet is very slow
  • I love my racing games. Thanks!
  • Hate in game purchases
  • Me too. I've downloaded it to try but I certainly won't do any iap's.
  • Miniclip used to be a supporter of Xbox gaming on Windowns Phone. If you miss having a better version of MiniClip games than iOS and Android, join the #SaveXboxWP movement:
  • Satya seems like a very smart guy, and therefore he knows that mobile is a sector that simply can't be ignored. So what wp its not growing as fast as they want it to. Only a moron wound quit now that its picking up pace. He will most likely redouble Microsoft's efforts. To say that WP won't ever be in the lead or second place is incredible ignorant and just dumb as you can't possibly know that. Its very likely that it will be in second place in a couple of years or less.
  • Those are some pretty slick graphics. Too bad I don't have enough space after installing Asphalt:Airborne
  • i downloaded the game played 1 game and remembered that gameloft took away that mini plane game wp7 so i erased it did not like and got me Angry. also mad at Microsoft for taking away and not updating hydro thunder and that tentacles game which was awesome.