Miniclip's Hot Rod Racers speeds onto Nokia Windows Phones

It's time to hop into the hot seat and fire up the engines as Hot Rod Racers from Miniclip speeds onto Windows Phone. The highly popular game has only been available on iOS and Android for a week and already Miniclip has released the Windows Phone counterpart (for Nokia Lumia hardware that is). This is a positive sign of things to come. If you're ready to commence drag racing, shift past the break for more details and store links.

The goal of Hot Rod Races is for players to win intense battles against other drivers. You're tasked with outrunning your opponent in a drag race, which will be decided on numerous factors. It's possible to crash into the competing car next to you, as well as perfecting your gear shifting to get the most out of your engine. Multiple game modes are on offer, each offering unique challenges to overcome. 

Hot Rod Racers

Said challenges include dodging traffic cones, jumping off ramps, racing against the clock and more. Coins can be earned through play that can then be spent on upgrading your cars to form the best racing arsenal possible. It wouldn't be much fun if you were unable to customise your vehicle, which is why Miniclip has bundled a variety of paint jobs and decals for you to choose from.

Hot Rod Racers

The game itself looks great on Windows Phones with the world set in a 3D urban landscape. There are 13 different episodes to race through with numerous characters to encounter, each adding to the overall experience. Hot Rod Racers will surely absorb hours of your time as you perfect your technique, beat opponents, upgrade your cars and be the best.

Hot Rod Racers

Since the game is free to download there are in-app purchases available. You can purchase both crowns and coins. Pricing is as expected from freemium games, so be careful unless you wish to be landed with a £43.99 coin package landing on your credit card. Hot Rod Racers is a fun little game to get involved with, though there's no Xbox Live support but we're sure this wont put off fans of racing titles.

Here's a quick look at the PC version of Hot Rod Racers (the Windows Phone game is identical):

You can grab Hot Rod Racers from the Nokia Collection on the Windows Phone Store for free (Windows Phone 8 required - 30MB - works on 512MB hardware).

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