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What you need to know

  • MinisForum has a way for those in North America to get their hands on an AMD 4700S Desktop Kit.
  • It comes inside the EliteMini CR50 PC.
  • The mini PC starts at $679 and is available to preorder now.
  • It will come with an adapter for the U.S., UK, or AU, depending on your store page selection.

If the AMD 4700S Desktop Kit rings any bells, that's because it's known for being called an imperfect version of the PlayStation 5 APU. Specifically, it's been branded as using "defective PS5 silicon," though the folks over at Tom's Hardware can tell you more about that. We're here to talk about the machine that currently packs the kit and makes it available to North Americans, an audience that hasn't had easy access to the aforementioned AMD offering.

The desktop kit was available in China and made its way to Europe after the fact, but North America never got easy access to it. Now, however, the EliteMini CR50 may change that. Available for preorder, you can snag the AMD 4700S-equipped machine for the starting price of $679. However, though it'll pack 16GB of RAM, that version won't include an SSD.

For $729, you can get a 256GB SSD thrown in, and for $759 total you can get the EliteMini CR50 with a 512GB SSD. These are preorder prices, however. If you try to buy once the pre-sale period is up, the "no SSD" model will be $769, 256GB SDD version will be $819, and 516GB variant will cost $859. The EliteMini CR50 will come with Windows 10 Pro, but MinisForum says the PC is upgradeable to Windows 11.

Of course, this interesting machine isn't the only mini PC on the market. You can check out our roundup of the best mini PCs to see what alternatives are available.

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Elitemini Cr50

EliteMini CR50

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The EliteMini CR50 isn't your average PC. Not only is it incredibly small, but it's also packing a piece of hardware that's been referred to as a repackaged PS5-reject APU.