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Nokia's Mirror's Edge gets an update and now goes free for Lumia owners

Maybe EA and Nokia are in the holiday spirit or maybe they just made a mistake, because the normally priced Mirror’s Edge ($2.99) is now a steal for $0 in the Nokia Collection. It also received an update to version, which includes the new Xbox banner on the Tile and hopefully some Windows Phone 8 compatibility (we did run it on the Lumia 920 with no issues, so that’s good though there are no other features).

Mirror’s Edge from EA is a 2D/3D platformer based off of the 2010 hit console game and although it’s a bit dated, it’s still quite an enjoyable experience on Windows Phone. Nokia and EA evidently teamed up to bring the game to the Lumia line of Windows Phone and evidently they have a permanent exclusive on it. At 132MB, you’ll have to be on WiFi to download this rather large game, so make sure you’re home.

Pick up Mirror’s Edge here in the Nokia Collection for free. Thanks, Chad and Collin, for the tip!

QR: Mirror's Edge

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Awww.
  • Great game, enjoyed it.
  • Did you say free?!?! You know my motto, download first, ask questions later. I love free.
  • LOL that's exactly what I was thinking and doing right now.
  • Yup! Me and free are lifelong buds!
  • wow that's such a steal. wish i had a lumia
  • Nice. I was pretty close to buying it. Glad I waited! 
  • Same here. Patience always pays off.
  • when will it get released to the rest of the store i hate exclusives
  • I believe he said permanent exclusivity. Which really blows. Guess they don't want my money.
  • Ohh missed that part, that really blows this just makes me like Nokia less
  • Same here. Bad for the os imo. Just think if someone was about to switch to WP, the find out only Nokia gets certain apps and games, and doesn't like the selection of Nokia phones. Just lost another potential customer. Exclusives=bad for WP!y
  • Well they'll either get over it or buy a Nokia ethey don't care about other OEMs they don't pay to bring apps to wp8 why should they enjoy
  • Nokia needs to do anything it can to differentiate itself and draw in consumers - it will not survive without this. You can hate them for exclusives, but if things go wrong, they could be gone tomorrow. Not only would 1,000s of people lose their jobs, but it would be a major blow to the WP platform.
  • still no excuse for the no compromise platform :/ its what made me hate tegra zone exclusives on android...i gotta say apple nailed this part of the platform...loved never having to worry about weather i got a game or app in general
  • I don't think you can say Apple 'nailed' anything here. They only have one manufacturer, so this problem is solved by default.
    The only reason that Mirror's Edge is exclusive is because Nokia paid for the port. If they hadn't paid for it then it wouldn't be on the platform, full stop. There is no reason for EA to port an older game like this. So it's either Nokia-only, or not at all.
  • I'm kind of a Nokia fan but I wish they'd opt for the "free for Lumia, anyone else pays"-model instead of making them completely exclusive to just Lumias, that way people would still favor the Nokias regarding software but others wouldn't be left completely in the dark.
  • I agree, and think this is an excellent idea on how to handle exclusive content.
  • I agree, this would indeed be the best and most logical strategy.  It also helps the WP platform which inturn also helps keep Nokia in the game. 
    Nokia would then be able to continue differentiating itself through hardware and their option to customize WP (if that option is still exclusive to them, considering the whole HTC Signature situation [any news on that btw?]).  
    They already have the upper hand with their own free APPS such as Drive, City lens and Maps etc.
    Either way, I'm always behind Nokia as I simply love their products and quality.
  • WP needs to be in as many hands as possible regardless of the manufacturer for the os to survive. Lets do that, then worry about exclusives to differ our phones.
  • They DO want your money...for a phone. :)
  • Get a Nokia. :-)
  • Very nice deal
    Nokia should also come out with some competing apps to some of HTC's exclusives. 
  • Like what? The only thing I can think of is Beats Audio. Nokia can't get Beats, but they have Dolby. The think I miss most from my HTC days is the flip to speakerphone. That just made so much sense to just put the phone face down during a call and it's on speakerphone. Pick the phone back up and it's in your ear. Brilliant.
  • I thnk you got it wrong. HTC should make one of the Nokia made +23 apps features for HTC. 
  • Thanks for the tip!  My Lumia 920 just keeps getting better and better.
  • Thank for the game Nokia!!!
  • Bought it months ago on my Lumia 800, can't access it on my HTC 8X... real exclusive (at least for now... But this new price tag makes me think it could change)
  • Dang! Would've been nice if it worked on my HTC Titan
  • yes sir! i saw this just now and pulled out my old lumia 710 for  a download
  • Yay whahaa
  • Bought it a few days ago and it was worth the 2,99.
  • +1, has me wanting to play the 360 version again
  • Now if only Nokia would make a cool phone and put it on Verizon, I might stop bitching about Nokia!
  • Oh yeah! :-)
  • I wouldn't complain about this exclusive bs if nokia would stop playing these carrier games. They are deliberately locking out potential customers and if they think that's gonna fly in the long term they might as well close up shop now. They've already lost mine, and thousands of other verizon customers' business to HTC for another 2 years.
  • Well that's just USA and UK. Rest of us have no such problems.
  • May be now that it is free on Lumia, they can offer it for sale to others.
  • Reason why my next Windows Phone will be a Nokia. What does HTC or Samsung has as cool stuff/apps!? Nokia is the only WP manufacturer that puts money and effort in their phones and OS.
  • I thought it was mentioned before Nokia exclusives are 12month exclusive. That was definitely mentioned before for Espn and their PGA tour apps. Maybe the games are the same.
  • Seems like it might not be available in Canada, not seeing it in the Nokia Collection on my Rogers Lumia 920.. anyone confirm?
  • I see it fine and I'm in Vancouver.
    I downloaded it through the WPCentral app. Though, I just did a manual search in the store and it shows up for free on my 920. It just doesn't show up in the Nokia Collection page.
  • Search in the store.
  • 36s after Canada-bacon and he also had a better more informative answer.
  • Free? Damn. Oh well, still works fine on my Samsung Omnia 7 even despite having of lost my developer unlock for now.
  • Free is a good word.
  • And I downloaded it !!! Yeayy !!! It is cool to get such a game from EA sports as free.
  • Finished the game on IOS but downloaded on my Lumia 800 anyway :D
  • Too much exclusivity in WP, its crushing its own ecosystem.
  • I agree. It's not good for the ecosystem. But my guess is that Nokia is paying the devolopers to port to app to WP, which they otherwise wouldn't bother to do. WP install base being 1-2%, porting an app to Windows Phone still makes little or no money compared to android/ios. Its just not worth the effort to them. In my opinion it should be MS paying the devs for the popular apps, not Nokia. Anyway the exlusivity usually last for some months only, so its not that big of a deal in the end.
  • Nice! Already played the trial and this deal is shweeet!
  • Me and free are lifelong buds!
  • Thank you Nokia!  You guys rock!   This solidifies it.  My next WP will be a nother Nokia.  They do treat their customers great!
  • Good deal for this game, but the achievements are very hard
  • Arg bought it yesterday for $3!
  • I don't see it in my Nokia collection?
  • It's just me ir or is anybody else having problems downloading apps in wp7.5? All the latest apps here I got a message saying that this app is not available for my phone, that it needs to be updated. Using lumia 800...
  • Nokia over 9000!!
  • Nice game, but what about the other EA games announced for nokia in January, like dead space? Does anyone have informations? Hope we don't have to wait WP9...
  • Awesome!
  • It hasn't been updated for a high res screen. But free is free.
  • Queued it on my focus just have to get to a WiFi connection.
  • Nokia always looks out. The won my manufacturer loyalty. They even leak 7.8 info to keep us satisfied.
  • Not only is it free, but also a pretty addictive game.
  • Typical. 3 days after I pay for mirror's edge it goes free. I certainly have a knack for timing... Still, it's a great game; worth the money
  • buying window phone?  must get nokia.. here is how it rewards its users.
  • +1
  • That's BS!!!! Lol! I'm not going to buy this game...
  • Ughhhh paid for it already.... Great game though.
  • Awesome game, made for touch screens. Hate the ones with the joysticks but this is great thanks Nokia.
  • Nokia obviously feels they can't go head to head on hardware with the other OEM's. So Nokia uses gimmicks like this.
    Just build a phone with a removable battery, a sd slot and a larger screen. Then more people might buy Nokia phones and they could drop the gimmicks.
  • WHAT??? LOL.
  • (sounds like denial)
  • This is one of the main reasons why I decided to with a Lumia. I'm not a fan of exclusives but if I want these kinds of apps then I gotta join them at their game. 
  • Wishing Angry Birds was FREE & would Update.
  • Bought this on launch day back in July. Can't recommend it enough especially now that it is free.
  • For anyone who can help. I'm on the Lumia 810 and I am searching in the marketplace and it shows no results. Any know why that is?
  • I'm on an 810 and it's not on mine either.
  • And on a side note.. Dies anyone know why the WWF app is such sh*t?
  • Does**
  • It still listed as paid games on my Lumia 710 (market region: ID). So, does this deal exclusivity also goes to certain market only or it will propagate to all market region (as long as the user using Lumia)?
  • Downloaded on my Trophy...thank god for Marketplace changers :)
  • oh shit, I was just looking at the like two nigths again. glad I waited
  • I can't download the game. Says that he is not available in the store anymore.
  • I can't find this on the UK windows app store. Anyone else?
  • Is there a way I can connect my phone to my computer and somehow download it? My WiFi is broken and it won't let me get it over cellular =(
  • I was seen on the store this morning, so clicked the download button. But as I was on my job Wifi I stoped the download at 3% and when I got home I can't restart the download. And now when I open the Nokia Collection the game is not listed anymore. And now when I open the windows phone site and go to the purchase history, it display the game as not availble anymore.
  • I just went to the Marketplace on my Lumia 900 to see if I can find the game. It is under Nokia Exclusives but the game is not listed as free - the price is $2.99. Could this have been a mistake?
  • READ THIS: It looks like a mistake as it is now 2.99, even with the link in the post. However, if you managed to "buy" it when it was free, and you couldn't download it, cancel the download and go to it and click buy again. It will tell you you already purchased it and you can redownload(I just did this). So in conclusion: it seems to have been a mistake, but a few of us got lucky(unless they decide to bill us or take away our license to own it). If you can not find it in the Marketplace/store by searching, make sure you include the apostrophe in the title.
  • Thanks for the tip!!! It's back on the stroe and it count's as already bought!!! Back on my download queue!!! 
  • I stumbled upon this by accident Tuesday evening, bought it for free and downloaded it.  Wednesday, I told my wife (who has her own Lumia) about it.  When she said she wanted it, I spent quite a bit of time looking for it in the Store.  When I couldn't find it anywhere (seems like there should be a feature to take any installed app and go to its page in the Store, so you can get to the "share" button easily), I searched the internet and found this article, and clicked the Store link.  It launched Store and brought up the product, but it had that message about it not being compatible with my phone.
    Then I tried this morning, and that message was gone.  I hit the Share button and used Tap to Send to send my wife's phone to that app (first time I've used that; couldn't help grinning like an idiot when it worked), but it brought it up with the $2.99 price tag.
    I guess this was a pricing mistake, which is why it went down and back up later.  I got lucky.
  • nope. it is not free in Indian market...!!!
  • Not free for me in Australia... :(
  • Is its still free? Just installed it on Lumia 920, but it still asks me to buy it.
  • Guys, This post is from 2012. It's no more free!