Maybe EA and Nokia are in the holiday spirit or maybe they just made a mistake, because the normally priced Mirror’s Edge ($2.99) is now a steal for $0 in the Nokia Collection. It also received an update to version, which includes the new Xbox banner on the Tile and hopefully some Windows Phone 8 compatibility (we did run it on the Lumia 920 with no issues, so that’s good though there are no other features).

Mirror’s Edge from EA is a 2D/3D platformer based off of the 2010 hit console game and although it’s a bit dated, it’s still quite an enjoyable experience on Windows Phone. Nokia and EA evidently teamed up to bring the game to the Lumia line of Windows Phone and evidently they have a permanent exclusive on it. At 132MB, you’ll have to be on WiFi to download this rather large game, so make sure you’re home.

Pick up Mirror’s Edge here in the Nokia Collection for free. Thanks, Chad and Collin, for the tip!

QR: Mirror's Edge